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Makeup Monday – White Eyeliner

It has been a wonderful, but tiring weekend. I love, love, love going to the vintage fashions shows, but it is also a lot of work. There is the setting up of all the products, the pre-sale on Friday for 2 hours, and then the day of the show. On show day, there is another hour for pre-sales, (merchandise you can buy right then), then the show. In the show, models come out wearing vintage clothing, jewelry, coats, and hats. They also carry vintage items, such as purses, umbrellas, cigarette cases, sunglasses, and more. A brief description is given of each item, and then the prices for each item is read. You raise your paddle to bid, and if more than one person wishes to bid, it will go to auction. I managed to snag two winter coats, (one with a matching hat), a beautiful pearl bracelet, several purses, and some miscellaneous jewelry. You will see pictures in the upcoming weeks.We then have to pack up everything and load the vehicle, not to mention drive for 6 hours to get back home. All this, just to tell you I am tired. Not only am I tired, but I LOOK tired. Now, we are finally coming to the white eyeliner, or white crayon. If you read my Signs of Aging post, then you have seen me mention using a white pencil before. For the eyebrow  use it to “clean up” the underneath of the eyebrow. But on the eyes, I line the bottom waterline. After you have your eye makeup completely finished, then take the white pencil and color the waterline.whiwatI know this looks a little crazy, but doing this one simple trick will make you look wide awake. Not only will you look more awake, but it makes the whites of your eyes look whiter, and your eyes appear bigger. Sometimes as we age the whites of our eyes tend to appear more yellowish, so lining your eyes helps you appear more youthful. I don’t use a white, white pencil. I like using one that it a little more subtle. I use a Mac NC15 pencil. It is a little more beige or creamy, and I think it appears more natural than using stark white.

If you have not already commented on my post, 5 of 5 in the poncho series, to be entered for the giveaway of “Last in a Long Line of Rebels”, go here and leave a comment. I will announce the winner on Friday.

I hope to see you tomorrow. And you know I will at least LOOK wide awake. Hahaha

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  1. Is this the Mac Studio Fix Perfecting Stick NC 15? I looked it up and it shows it’s a stick and not a pencil so I wasn’t sure. Thank you!