Signs of Aging (Series)

Age is an attitude. That is my motto, but that along can not keep you from looking older. I do firmly believe that your attitude does keep you acting and feeling younger, but  Mother Nature eventually takes her toll on all of us. So, what can we do to “trick” her?I am going to do a series on the signs of aging, and the tricks we can use to “fool” the eye. We will be starting at the top of the face and moving down. So, up first, the eyebrow.  Did you know that as you age you start losing hair? This is due to hormone loss, and unfortunately it can really age us. You loose your eyelashes and your eyebrows, as well as the hair on your head. IMG_0062_2There are products on the market for regrowing hair, but I am talking about just fooling the eye with makeup tricks. The eyebrows frame your face, and are one of the most important beauty enhancements. Please tell me that you already pluck unwanted stray hairs. Good, now let’s move on. If you look in the mirror closely, you will be able to see the follicles where the hair used to be. IMG_0074_2I use short strokes, (to resemble hairs) and go just a smidgen on the outside of that line. Take the time to not only fill in any gaps that might be happening, but also “draw” the shape of the eyebrow you want. IMG_0075_2The trend is to have fuller eyebrows. Think Brook Shields, not the thin one’s of Pamela Anderson. I use Anastasia of Beverly Hills brow wiz in the shade taupe. Your brows are supposed to be lighter at the first, and then get darker as you get to the arch and tail. I will use a carmel shade to go darker.IMG_0083Use a spoolie to move your existing hairs over your drawn hairs, and then “glue” them in place. I use Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Gel, but you can use something else.IMG_0087_2IMG_0086_2







IMG_0089_2To make the eyebrow more defined, I use a cream colored pencil and go right underneath the eyebrow.
IMG_0092_2Then take a small flat blending brush, and blend out the line. You do not want to see the cream line.
IMG_0095_2I highlight the inner corner of the eye, and the top of the eyebrow bone where the cream line is, with Shimma Shimma by makeup geek.IMG_0097_2Pretty drastic change, huh? It might look a little much, but with both of the brows done, it looks right.

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  1. Linda wrote:

    Hello Tonja, I just discovered you and darn good too. I am later fifties, smoker all my life and a striver after three bouts of the bugger we cancer. I have no natural hormones after 30 so my face is “old”. How can I gracefully wear lipstick please as my lips have lost their colour and only a third of my brows grew back.. I would genuinely enjoy some critical advice as I have rarely used makeup in my life. Lol, no challenge, eh!! Thank you, Linda

    Posted 3.18.17 Reply
  2. Tonja wrote:

    Love your brows. Definitely going to try improving my technique. Can you tell us how you keep your eyeliner in place? What product do you use? Usually 3 hours after applying my eyeliner is migrating to the inside and outside corners of my eyes.

    Posted 10.16.16 Reply
  3. Jess wrote:

    I used to have Brooke Sheilds bushy eyebrows as a teenager. Then, I didnt get them waxed or tweezed. I never liked them then.Now, I like a thicker eyebrow ( natural) and find those drawn on ones can look scary. I like how you used the Anastasia brow wiz, and I have tried to get hers, but they dont have my ginger shade. I get my eyebrows threaded, which is amazing, as they remove the hairs from the follical. Waxing irritates my skin. Very nice examples and pics, Tania. Will continue to check out your makeup series too
    jess xx

    Posted 3.19.16 Reply
  4. Deborah wrote:

    Tania, I just found your blog today. Your brows are beautiful, thank you for telling us what you use on them. I can never get mine just right, maybe the gel is the trick. I am really enjoying your style posts, you have great taste!

    Posted 1.22.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks Deborah! I am happy you found my little blog, and I hope you come back.

      Posted 1.22.16 Reply
  5. Lisa wrote:

    Yours looks great. I’m always afraid that mine will look obvious. Thanks for sharing so bravely!

    Posted 11.6.15 Reply
  6. Sandy wrote:

    My daughters turned me on to eyebrows. They told me not having any was aging me. My one daughter brought me some tools and fixed me right up. Now I’m all about the “brow”.

    Posted 11.4.15 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      It is amazing how one little “tweak” can help out. I need all the “tweaking” I can get! lol

      Posted 11.4.15 Reply
  7. Nancy wrote:

    Thanks so much for the post. Your suggestions are great and I’ll be using them when doing my brows. Wish I’d never seen tweezers, oh well.

    Posted 11.2.15 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I’m right there with you, Nancy!

      Posted 11.2.15 Reply
  8. Monica wrote:

    Ooh boy you are brave however I am with ya sista. I have to fill in my brow and what a difference it makes I tell my daughter not to pluck thin brows. It was all the rage in the 70S and now I’m suffering for it. Thanks for the tutorial.

    Posted 11.2.15 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      It was soooo hard Monica????

      Posted 11.2.15 Reply
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