At least twenty years ago, my entire family went to my mom and dad’s house for Christmas. We decided to play some games to keep the children entertained, so we turned off all of the TVs and just enjoyed each other’s company. We played a game called PASSWORD were you can give out clues to a secret word, and everyone has to guess what the word is. The way that the game was played was that you had a sleeve that had an open slot in it. You inserted a long card that had lots of words written on it, and then you would slide it up to get the next word. Since there were so many of us playing, we took one sleeve and just passed it from person to person until we needed to insert a new card of words.

I think that my children were relatively young at this time, and I am going to guess that my youngest was around 8 or 9 years old. My son had just finished with his word, and then he passed it to the next player. I can’t remember what all of the clues that were given out for the secret word, but I’ll never forget what the word was, or the person that answered. The hidden word was “jaunt,” which isn’t exactly a word that is used regularly. And, the person who guessed the clue was my youngest son, who didn’t use that word at all.

We were all amazed and awe-struck that he guessed the word. We couldn’t believe how smart he was. After lots of bragging on him and lots of questions, he finally confessed that he had sneaked and looked at the next word that was coming up after him. Lol! We laughed and laughed, and I couldn’t even be mad at him for cheating because I was laughing so hard. He had totally fooled every one of us.

I was thinking about that story this morning and remembering how much fun we had during that time. It was a time where time seemed to stand still. We weren’t running from place to place, and no one was checking their phones to see if they had missed a message. We were just enjoying each other as a family and sitting still for a minute.

I know that all of us have heard the phrase “stop and smell the roses.” I know that it means to sit back and enjoy what is in front of you for just a minute before you hurry off to your next destination. However, that is not my nature, and I bet it isn’t many of yours either.

Fast is our middle name. We want fast-food restaurants where we don’t even have to go inside to order or sit down to eat. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t have 20-30 minutes to sit down for a few minutes to eat? It isn’t that we don’t have the time; it is that we don’t want to take the time, which is an entirely different thing. I even have a 5-minute makeup routine that I do when I am in a hurry, and recipes that can be on the table and ready to eat in 15 minutes.

We speed through commercials when we are watching a movie, we hit the skip ad button as soon as possible when watching a You-Tube clip, and we buy pre-prepared and pre-packaged foods instead of making our own. I know that I am guilty of doing all of those things to some extent, and I bet most of you can also relate.

Boy, has everything changed in a blink of an eye. I’ve seen things in specific industries slow down, and I’ve seen countries go through rough periods. But, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the entire world come to a grinding halt. The breaks have been applied, and everything is slowing down for the vast majority of us. Trips have been canceled, appointments are called off, and we find ourselves looking for ways to earn and income or keep ourselves occupied.

Jeremiah 2:25 (MSG)

25 “Slow down. Take a deep breath. What’s the hurry? Why wear yourself out? Just what are you after anyway? But you say, ‘I can’t help it. I’m addicted to alien gods. I can’t quit.’

In the NIV version, it says: Do not run until your feet are bare and your throat is dry. Wow! The questions, “what’s the hurry,” and “what are you after anyway” make me stop and pause. But, the answer of, “I am addicted to alien gods” got me to thinking. Are we addicted to being busy? Are our phones something that we are addicted to? How many of you take your phone to the bathroom with you?

I know that every day is not going to be a good day. Our stress levels are high and are tempers are getting shorter and shorter. But, if we take each day, and look for something good, we will get through this a much happier person. Slow down long enough to count your blessings, don’t go for a jaunt.

Have A Blessed Day!

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  1. Patti Smith wrote:

    Great post, very important during this time of isolation

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  2. Kathy wrote:

    This is a perfect post for this time in our lives. I was thinking today about how much I’m getting done at home because I’m not running around like my hair is on fire… Contemplating projects to undertake, without a rush. There’s no hurry. Cooking every meal, mostly from scratch. Setting a new routine and asking God for his guidance during this time. There is a message for all of us in this unique time and I believe you’ve captured it today. At least for me. Blessings and Thank you.

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  3. Caroline Kramer wrote:

    So true!! These “modern conveniences” can cause so much anxiety! I was much happier and less anxious overall when I didn’t have a steady stream of Bad news (deaths, economy crashing, unemployment!) or texts or cell phone calls… I didn’t have to feel available all.the.time ! But I don’t have to have that now either—- I just have to slow or stop the input! I’m going to leave my cell phone in the kitchen and answer texts a few times a day, phone calls too. I’m going to look at. The news twice a day and not too close to bedtime. No more. Maybe even less. I am going to make this virus Improve My Life! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  4. Marilyn S. wrote:

    Loved this post Tania- definitely Holy Spirit inspired. Thank you for seeking the Lord, being sensitive to what he’s saying and then so clearly sharing it with us. That scripture is soooooo true and one that we seem to just skim over – I’m sharing it and your post with others. Such a perfect message for these times.

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  5. Judy wrote:

    Thank you for these words. Scripture tells us “Be still and know that I am God”.

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  6. NDD wrote:

    Tania, I just started following you and love this post. Thank you for reminding us to slow down and smell the roses. Also very interesting the addiction to alien gods…a good reminder. Blessings and peace!

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  7. Deborah Broughton wrote:

    Thank you for this wondeful post!

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  8. Becca wrote:

    Your post today ties in so perfectly with what we will be talking about in our Bible study group today (by video conferencing online). The “foreign gods” that we love only cause us to work, strive and get stressed out. But Jesus said in Matthew 11:28-29 that we can come to Him and He will give us rest. Thank you, your comments encouraged me to stop and think – am I chasing after foreign gods and gaining only stress and discouragement, or coming to Jesus who gives rest and peace of mind.

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  9. Kathryn wrote:

    Thank you Tania, always blessed by your Sunday posts. Jeremiah 2:25 not a scripture I was familiar with but oh so true. Those foreign gods….anything or anyone we put before God. Scrolling through the responses Judy’s caught my attention she quoted one of my favorite verses, Psalm 46:10.

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  10. Elizabeth wrote:

    Thank you for a great message.

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  11. Sherri wrote:

    Amen, If we slow down and look for the good in this craziness, we will find it. Thank you for this great blog.

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  12. Eileen phillips wrote:

    Very well written and timely. 🙏🏼 😊

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  13. Cindy wrote:

    Tania your story of playing Password was hilarious. A great post about slowing down. I loved it.

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  14. Eve wrote:

    I am enjoying the sounds of silence. No airplanes overhead, very little traffic. I can hear the birds in my woods and a faraway sound of a lawnmower. I know there are people who are desperately hurting because of this but there are others who are learning valuable lessons. Pray for our healthcare workers. Our police officers. Parents who are worried about their elderly parents. Look out for each other in any way you can. God is still in control but he uses us to accomplished that work. Answer the call.

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  15. Sue Epling wrote:

    Wonderful message, lots of meaning behind the words too. Eve your response really spoke to my heart as well, especially the “answer the call.”

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  16. Jes wrote:

    Thanks for reminders we are to slow down, pay attention, be aware of what is good around us. I keep asking myself (as in any crisis), “What is God trying to show me, What do I need to be learning”? Have a good week.

    Posted 3.29.20 Reply
  17. Sharon wrote:

    Really good word, Tania! I look for the change in scripture (at the bottom of your posts) like I look for the change in clothing. I appreciate that you clothe the inside as well as the out. Blessings!

    Posted 4.1.20 Reply
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