50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN METALLIC TOPHi everyone!!! Happy Thursday! I can’t believe the weekend is almost here. This week seems like it has lasted forever. Do you have plans made for the weekend? Have you started going on vacations yet? Some people always go on vacation at the same place and at the same time every year. We are not those people. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN METALLIC TOPSince we work together at a lumber company, it makes it a little more difficult to take vacations in the summer. Those are the busiest times of the year for the lumber company. However, we occasionally sneak in a 3 or 4 day vacation when we can. I take care of the payroll for the company, so we always have to check to see if it is payday weekend. Haha50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN METALLIC TOPWhen I bought this linen metallic top, I envisioned taking it on vacation/resort with me to the beach. I love the gold metallic sheen in the top. I really love that it was on sale for $12.00, marked down several times, at TJ Maxx. It is by a brand by the name of St.Tropez, and it is 100% linen. I was afraid it would be horribly wrinkled when I got it out of the dryer, but it looks about the same. Whew!

Metallic Linen Top: J. Crew (tank)| J. Crew (t-shirt)| Plus50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN METALLIC TOPI have on a mixture of jewelry, from Stella & Dot, Chloe & Isabel, and Plunder. You don’t have to stay with the same brand. My earrings are from Chloe & Isabel, and I have loved them ever since I got them. My DIL, Kayla, likes them too and borrows them occasionally. Lol! (We live right next door) The single bracelet is the Edith bracelet by Plunder, and the two with the Michael Kors watch (Gift), are the Christina Link and the Renegade, both from Stella and Dot. The long necklace with all the charms is the Adrienne necklace by Plunder, and the short bling “T” is by Monarch Inspirations.50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN METALLIC TOPI have on my much beloved Marc Fisher wedge sandals. This pair looks perfect with capri pants, shorts, or a dress. They are very versatile. I also pulled out my turquoise patent leather Dooney & Bourke satchel. It seemed to go with my vacation/resort theme.50 IS NOT OLD | LINEN METALLIC TOPThe navy pants are a pair of pull-ons from Cato Fashions. I have several navy pants, but they are all made a little different.

Navy Pants: Similar (Petite) | Similar (Plus) | Similar (Misses)DSC_0112 - Version 3

I’m all set for a vacation. I just need a place to stay and a way to get there. Haha If any of you have a condo at the beach you want me to come and test out for you, just let me know. Lol!

And now that I know you can leave comments (that is the most I have EVER had) I will be expecting them from you daily. Hahaha?

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  1. I absolutely love your post! I am 50 yrs old and like to dress up. I have tons of cloths (which I buy at bargains)but sometimes draw a blank on pairing. You give me so many ideas and I can find a lot of similar items, if I don’t have them, at Ross or TJmaxx. Thank you again. I look forward to your daily pics.

  2. Rebecca Purdie says:

    The top is very pretty. My hubby and I are at Kure Beach, NC vacationing. So peaceful and beautiful!
    Much needed time away since I am a teacher.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. LOVE the Plunder necklace!

  4. Melesa Garrison says:

    Cute as a button as always!

  5. Linda Lennon says:

    I love when you post your “finds”; it’s amazing what some styling can do to an outfit! We travel with 3 to 4 other couples every summer for the past 18 years. They’re all waiting for me to retire from teaching so we can do these trips in any month other than the summer. This year we’re headed to Yellowstone/Mt. Rushmore so I’m shopping bandana, jeans & skorts. Love your inspiration!

    1. Linda, that sounds like a wonderful trip. I think Joe and I are going to be going to the Greenbriar soon. It sounds like a fun trip.

  6. I have stepped up my style game since I started reading your blog, and I’m having a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks Kathe, that makes me VERY proud!

  7. Love this look and the top!!
    I enjoy all your blogs!!

  8. Gurl, what can I say, but you just know how to put an outfit together!!! Love the top with the color of pants. Love the necklaces with the top.

  9. Connie R. says:

    Unfortunately I don’t own a condo but we rent one every year on Hilton Head Island S.C. We are vacationing the week before the fourth. I can not wait!! I must say I am an under the umbrella do nothing relaxer at the beach. Our grands join us at the end of the week. We love making those memories with them. Your outfit is pretty. Top looks so cool and comfortable for any resort. You show us how not to get in that fashion rut. Even with your jewelry. Enjoy your day.

    1. Maria Clark says:

      Recently found you on Pinterest and love your style. I am 58, heading to my 40th class reunion in August, and I’m finding your blog so helpful in choosing outfits to bring with me. You are an inspiration and lovely inside and out. Thank you for telling the world that 50 is not old ??❗?

    2. That sounds like a wonderful tradition Connie ?

  10. Linda Rigdon says:

    Love, love, love your posts. I look forward to finding them in my inbox everyday❣ It’s been difficult transition for me as I age…body changing (eeeeuuuuu) and trying to stay stylish. I’ve really treasured your style and stories❣❤️ Have a great day❣

    1. Me too, I look forward to your blog – makes me smile!! And can’t forget your fun, great styling!!

    2. Transitions are hard on everybody, but they don’t have to be the worst thing that ever happened. Embrace it, and adapt. You may end up looking and feeling better than you ever have.

  11. Great outfit! and those shoes…. I see they are a very reasonable price on the Amazon link so I’m going to try them. Do you think they run true to size or should I go up a half size? A little higher than I normally wear but time to mix things up in my closet.

    Sounds like you both work for the same company. So do we. Sometimes too much togetherness…. Ha, ha…

    Have a great day!

    1. Audrey, I bought them in my normal size, so they should run true. You may only want to wear them for short periods, if you are not used to wearing the higher styles. After you get “broke-in” you will love how they make you look and feel.

  12. Anne Green says:

    Love your top! (And blog)?

    1. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

      This tank top is gorgeous! What a fun and unique take on a tank top! And I love the patent turquoise bag!

      Come check out my new On the Edge of the Week Link Up starting tomorrow and every Friday!