You didn’t think I would travel to a pumpkin patch and only take one set of photos, did you??? You should know me well enough by now to know that I would take full advantage of my location and grab as many photos as possible. In the end, I only took enough pictures for four posts, even though I had a lot more outfits with me. I got tired, and threw up my hands, and said…enough!

I think that I might have a case of the “can’t help its.” That is when I don’t feel good, but I don’t feel really bad either. I just feel “off,” and I am such a baby that I don’t like not feeling my best. Joe took pity on me last night, probably because I looked like a trainwreck with no makeup and un-fixed hair, and picked up supper for us. If that little trick works, I’ll use that more often. Lol!!!

I am wild about this Loden Green Merino Wool-blend Turtleneck!!! The sweater is a slim fit, but it doesn’t compress you and cause lots of rolls. I ordered this in a large because of the “slim fit” description, and I think the fit is perfect! I am not usually a turtleneck fan, but this one was so nice that I went in and ordered SEVERAL more because I know that they will be great layering pieces for years to come.

The long wooden tassel necklace is probably five years old. A shop on Etsy named Kay and Star sent it to me, so you can check out their page to see if they have anything similar that you might like.

You don’t even see my back fat, so you know that I will get more of these. Lol!

As the weather drops, then this navy puffer vest will sure come in handy. I have been looking for a navy vest with gold details for a while. I ordered this one, and I have another one on order from another company. Once it comes in, then I’ll decide which one that I am going to keep. I like that this vest has slit pockets where I can slide my hands to keep them warm. I am wearing a medium, and it fits me great.

The other one doesn’t have gold details, and it is a lot more expensive, so I am leaning toward this one. But I’ll wait and give the other one a chance.

I carried two different handbags with this outfit to give you an idea of how that changes the look. This oversized slouchy tote handbag is great for bringing a lot of items with you. When I left the house, I used this as my tote for all the accessories I would need with my outfits. So, it is full of jewelry, hairspray, a hairbrush, and other small items.

There is one large pocket on the outside, but there are many smaller pockets on the inside. This canvas bag has faux-leather trim, and it is part of the messenger bag trend this fall.

The half-calf clutch is an old one that I bought years ago at North Myrtle Beach. I love the muted neutral colors, and it is perfect for carrying with my cowboy boots. Here are some very similar ones that I found for you.

These jeans are fantastic!!! I love the wide legs, but it is the button-up sides that grabbed my attention. These jeans are perfect for wearing with boots, and they are great for the western trend that is everywhere this fall. These jeans are from Target, but they were a designer launch, so they are selling fast! The sizes fluctuate, though, because they didn’t have any 10s available when I ordered mine. So, I ordered an 8, which turned out to be perfect. This morning, they had all sizes, and this afternoon, they were sold out of 6s and 8s. Maybe they are restocking quickly, so just keep checking back if your size is sold out. But, grab them soon if you can!

I have looked for over two years for a pair of cowboy boots that I like. I didn’t want lots of colors or crazy designs, but I wanted them to look fancy. I guess that is why it took me so long. But, I finally found the pair for me with these Junk Gypsy harness boots by Lane.

They look broke-in even though they are brand new. Plus, they have just enough details to make them look fancy, but no bright colors. It is funny that I didn’t want colors on my boots since I am a color-loving girl…go figure! I am wearing my usual size 9, and they fit perfectly. They are very limited in sizes, but I saw a few more by the same company, and I’ll link to them below. If you love colors on your boots, then be sure to check out Lane Boots; they have something for everyone, even fringe!

I needed my Ray-Ban sunglasses because the sun was so bright. It played hide and seek most of the day, so I tried to grab photos when it was behind a cloud. Unfortunately, it was windy also, so it didn’t stay hidden very long.

I told you that my tote was crammed full! Haha!

Today is the first day of October, and I want to remind everyone that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month! I will be scheduling my mammogram this month; it makes it easy for me to remember.

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  1. Linda Stupke says:

    Love the olive green knit sweater, the vest caught my eye and the jean with the snaps down the side of the jean, real classy. Love it all. Thank you for showing how to dress and feel good at our age.

  2. Cowboy Boots are always on fashion!
    They are amazing!
    Great Looks!😍👌

  3. I too love a good puffer vest. I can tell you I looked closely at both the one you have on the other one you ordered. For me the pockets on the Talbots vest are way more flattering.
    Sunny and 80 here today…..long time away for vest and boots!

  4. Such a cute look! I just ordered the jeans, and am thinking about the turtlenecks.

  5. Great fall outfit! I have a cardigan in this same color and I love it. Your pictures make me think I should order the turtleneck too! It is definitely time for the annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Great pictures!

  6. Ginger Hiller says:

    The pumpkin patch was a great location to take lots of outfit pictures. You look ready for Fall in this outfit, with and without the vest. I really like your cowgirl boots. I have a pair of Tony Lamas that I’ve had for years. I need to start wearing them more or replace them.

  7. Yee Haw! Greetings from Southern Alberta, Canada. Look at you all decked out in your cowboy boots and jeans. Love the clutch. I own a couple purses similar to yours that I bought off etsy.

    Always enjoy your posts!

  8. Good morning from the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. You knocked it out of the pumpkin patch. This is a great look and I love the vest. Turtlenecks not so much. Those cowboy boots are great looking but the pants steal the show, Would love those,

    1. Out of the pumpkin patch!!! Lol! I love the pants too, but the boots are also a big fav for me!