I Tried Anthropologie’s Best-Selling Styles…

My friends have been shopping at Anthropologie for years, and they often tell me I “need” to give this retailer a try. They suggested two of their best-selling styles for me to start with. Anthropologie pieces are both beautiful and well-made, although they do tend to be on the pricier side of items that I share here. I knew I had to give them a try. Keep reading to see what I thought about their popular Colette Pants and their Somerset Maxi Dress!

Anthropologie Collette Pants

First, I am wearing the Colette Full-Length Wide-Leg Pants by Maeve. The gorgeous rose pink caught my eye immediately. I love the vibrant color and the flowy, wide-leg style. When I tried them on, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they were.

I was sold immediately by the review section on this product. Women LOVE the flattering fit of these pants, and review after review labeled them the “Perfect Pant.” I have to say, I agree! They fit so well, and I’m wearing my usual size 29. You can also grab these in a cropped version, which will be great once warm weather arrives!

I paired the pants with a Striped Cotton Button Front Shirt for a casual and dressy look. The pants could pair with so many different tops, like a navy or neutral-colored sweater while it’s still cool outside, or with a flowy blouse or tank this spring and summer. I wore these recently with a white tee and cardigan, and I got several compliments on them! The pants were perfect for my height (I’m 5’6″).

Anthropologie Somerset Dress

Next up, we have the Somerset Maxi Dress. It comes in several color ways, but I selected the turquoise. You gurls know I love bright, happy colors, and I thought these stunning colors would be perfect for both spring and summer. I love maxi dresses for their comfort and versatility, but if maxi dresses aren’t your favorite, you can grab it in a shorter length.

When I tried on this dress, I was obsessed with the fit. You don’t usually see me using the word obsessed, because I’m only talking about clothing. I’m ruler-shaped, so I don’t have many curves. Plus, I hold my weight through my waist, so I don’t gravitate toward items with an elastic waist. This dress gave me curves and made my waistline appear smaller than it is. The material was light and airy, and the empire waistline was flattering. The dress also had pockets, which is always a plus. It looks stunning with heels or sandals, or you could even wear a cute pair of white sneakers to dress it down!

I can’t wait to wear this dress more as the weather warms up. I think it would be a great addition to your suitcase for a tropical vacation, perfect to wear to a wedding, or just a great piece to add to your wardrobe for church or dinner dates!

My conclusion…I really don’t like my friends right now. 🙄 They introduced me to a retailer that will be getting more business from me, which I’ll like, but my bank account won’t. Lol!

Shop More Styles from Anthropologie:

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  1. Antonietta Dantonio says:

    You make everything look beautiful and I love the colorful 👗 dress! You’re right it would be great for vacation. Thank you for sharing about the in house oil change, who knew! Hope you have a great day:) Sincerely Antonietta

  2. I loved the bible quote. So many times I just repeat ‘The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want” and it gives me peace. Thank you!

  3. Marilyn Byrnside says:

    I love those hot pink pants, so I went shopping for a less expensive pair. I found them at Talbots as part of their Red Door sale🎉. They also had them in a Beautiful wine color, and I opted to get those instead, figuring I would get a lot more wear from them. I think that sale, which was awesome, ends today. If anyone is interested in these pants, be aware they run large and long. I went from my regular size 12 to a 10 petite.

    1. Yes, I have these in black, and they are fabulous.

  4. Vickey F Vaughan says:

    The dress and pants look very good on you. I am wondering if wide leg pants and tiered dresses make a person look bigger?

    1. I think it depends on your body type. It will on some, but not on others.

  5. Katherine says:

    I love the dre$$ ! I wish it wasn’t so expensive. Since I only wear dresses to church. it doesn’t make sense for me to spend a lot.

    1. I’ve found a few similar versions. I think I’ll order those in to see how they look.

  6. Kathleen Ognibene says:

    What fun for spring! I sure do love those pink or red pants for the sunny days to come. Thanks for featuring them.

  7. The pink pants are my favorite! I like the style and price! The dress is gorgeous! I think the bright colors liven up the dreary months we’re in! I wouldn’t wait until spring to wear them!

  8. Anthropology also has nice home decor you look so pretty in the dress!

  9. I love the pink slacks, I think I’m a little short for such wide leg pants though.

  10. Stella Gustafson says:

    I am loving the rose pink colors. A friend and I was window shopping this afternoon and I saw several outfits in this color. I will probably go back tomorrow and get the pants keep your fingers crossed that they are still available

  11. Those pants look like they fit really well. I’m not sure how I feel about the dress. Maybe in a different color.

  12. Lynn Watson says:

    I love the new hair. It’s funky and very flattering

  13. Susan Mitchell says:

    Love the dress. It is so cute!

  14. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I enjoyed the bright colors. January has been a gray dismal month so I was happy to see the bright colors.

  15. I have been following you for several years. You look great and have looked better as each year goes by! Everything you are doing keep it up because it is working! You are an inspiration and I am motivated to work on myself even more. Your brows do look great and I may try having it done myself! You are an inspiration!

    1. Thanks, Betty. When you put your picture daily on the internet, you try to take care of yourself. Lol!

  16. Julie Crighton says:

    I love the look of your new eyebrows! The color is really well suited to your complexion & hair color! I’m thinking about having mine done.

  17. Diane Holley says:

    Did you find out what left the paw prints in the snow at your house? Maybe there is a big dog in your neighborhood. Like the look as always love your clothing ideas. Keep them coming and stay safe.

    1. Diane, I’ll probably never know for sure. Several people had guesses, but the snow is gone, so if it comes back, I’ll not know it.

  18. Love the pink pants, not a fan at all of the dress. Maybe the bold print, but I don’t think the colors work well together. Not for me….

  19. Your eyebrows look great. I love Anthropology but my bank account does not. Lol. I have the maxi in Moss. they are super flattering and comfortable. This store has beautiful clothes that have an edgy style to them. I bought some really cool outfits last year that I brought for a Vegas trip. They also have cute stuff for your home. Just got the cutest valentines day mug.

  20. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Lots of fun styles!!

  21. Linda Williams says:

    BTW, I love Anthropology. Love the pants and the dress. -Linda W.

  22. Linda Williams says:

    Whoever did your eye brows knew exactly what color to put in them. They really look nice. Mine are so light my bangs cover the up. I would love to do something with mine. Have a great weekend! I hear we’re getting more rain in NC. 😊

  23. Allison Jenkins says:

    I like the pants on you. I love the dress – mainly because of the colors. I went in to the closest Anthropologie store, but they didn’t have my size. I’m too scared to do anything semipermanent to my brows…but I think they look great on you.

  24. I have loved the Somerset dress for years from afar but not the price. I finally tried the Quince version, which is much less costly but only came in two solid colors. It was an easy way to figure out that the style felt wrong for me, as I lean toward things that are more classic and sporty. But it was worth a try, and I still love those dresses on others, including you!

  25. I like the dress in the shorter length. I am only 5’2″. I am like you, as I carry my weight in my waist.

  26. I think your brows look great!

  27. Janice Gleisner says:

    Those pants are adorable and I now know I’m going to have to find one of their stores to try them on. The pink if fabulous also. Bright and cheery, but pairing it with the navy really keeps it work appropriate. I’d love to see a Loft post some time although my husband may not want me getting ideas.

  28. I like the pants a lot. I have the same style in natural color from JCrew factory and navy ones from Loft at more affordable prices. Anthropologie does offer more colors that I like. I’m going to keep checking for sales. The pink outfit looks great on you. Your eyebrows look good too. I get mine colored when I get my hair colored every month. The dye stays in the skin only till I shower and wash my face.

  29. Love the maxi dress. Your eyebrows look great

  30. That’s one of my favorite verses.

  31. I am obsessed with the Somerset dress. It is perfect. I have 3. I am 67-5’6″, 129. Size small.
    I have the black eyelet, blue/purple/silver shimmery, and a colorful print. All for my son’s summer tropical wedding. They are flattering and well made. And pockets!
    I first found the dup on Quince-which is very well made, and comes in silk. I wear a medium in the Quince brand. Quince only has solids. But I love everything from Quince. I got my husbands entire wedding wardrobe from Quince-all linen, blazer, pants, shirts and shorts. Perfect for a tropical beach wedding.
    Anthropologie is great quality and return policy. The Somerset dress has been copied by many labels, but Anthro tops them. Many patterns, and watch for sales-I got all of mine on sale at great prices. Cannot say enough about the dresses!

    1. I’m thrilled to hear you like it so much. I messaged my friend and told her I didn’t like her very much for turning me on to it. Lol!

      1. My sister turned my into a Quince addict-I shame her all the time for that. Ha-we both love quince. And Anthropologie…a quality store-just watch for sales and you can catch a great bargain. Cheers!

  32. Love the dress! May have to order it, but I like several of the patterns 🤔

  33. well darn, Tania, I’m kind of feeling the same way about you right now, because both of those pieces are awesome! Thanks for the heads up, i guess!

  34. I love the dress from Antho.. It looks wonderful on you Tania

  35. You can tell your brows are darker and they really pop! Good decision, in my opinion.

  36. Your brows look great! That dress is beautiful but to much fabric for my 5’ 100lb body!😂

  37. How do you feel about the eyebrow procedure? Was it worth it for you? I love the dress and pants, but they are probably too much fabric for a shorty like me! You look great in them.

    1. It is too early to tell. I’ll know more in another week.

  38. Beautiful!!! The thing about Anthro, they have a fabulous sale section…I think your brows look great!!! Happy Friday❤❤❤

  39. Gena Everitt says:

    The Somerset dress is fabulous!! And I love your brows!! Very nice.

  40. What procedure did you get done for brows? Have you ever had a lash lift?
    Love Anthropology ❤️

    1. I got lamination and tinting on my brows. I’ve not done the lash lift, but my daughter has and loves it.

  41. Cute dress… how is the cotton? Stiff or soft? Does it require ironing?
    I purchased 3 valentine tees and gave one to my daughter… so cute!
    I don’t a dramatic difference in your brows, but if they stay in place and no hassle, yay!

    1. The cotton isn’t stiff, but I wouldn’t say soft either. It is cotton. I assume it will need ironing, but I steam almost everything I wear, so that’s not an issue.

  42. Jennifer Detweiler says:

    Your brows look fabulous Tania! Love the floral dress! Have a great weekend!

  43. Anthropologie has been one of my go to stores for years for my more dressy clothes! I don’t mind paying for the quality. Also, I find their clothes to be a bit more unique in style. The turquoise dress looks beautiful on you! I might buy the short version,since I’m only 5’3”. I can see a slight difference in your brows. The “now” brows look a bit darker.

  44. sue ann koren says:

    If you ever go into the actual store, it always smells so good.
    I have bought a couple candles there – because I love they way the store smells!

  45. Anthropology also has great home decor. I love their candles, glasses. Also check out their jewelry. Love the maxi dress on you.

  46. I love the clothes that you show. Especially the pants. But they are so expensive. After 50 you start getting to people that are on a fixed income and have no way to pay for such expensive clothes.

    1. Karen, I showed Kohl’s clothing yesterday, and that is very affordable. I try to have a good mix of prices because everyone has a different clothing budget.

  47. Your eyebrows look Great! There a little darker but not too dark. Makes your eyes stand out! You look Fabulous!

  48. Linda Shearer says:

    Really cute clothes. I always thought a little young for me but I do like those pants.

  49. Love this dress, and it looks terrific on you! Thanks for the reminder that your body type is a straight/rectangle, I have same body type so I know if it looks great on you, it should be flattering to my body shape. Have a blessed day!

  50. Your brows are darker, but I think it looks very nice. Makes your eyes stand out.
    Have a great weekend!

  51. Love, love, love the Somerset maxi dress, don’t like the price. I especially like it in the ivory and blue print. You look adorable in it.
    The wide leg pants look like too much fabric for me. Next time I go to the mall I might try a pair on to see if they will work for me.

  52. Donna Robinson says:

    Your procedure looks great. It made your eyes pop! As always you look amazing!

  53. That dress looks gorgeous on you! I do not know if long skirts are in but I love those. I feel comfortable in them but need to get more dresses. It’s hard to believe a couple months we’ll be looking for something to wear for Easter!! Your eyebrows look great!

  54. I don’t tend to wear long dresses because I’m only 5’1” but LOVE the pink pants!

    1. They have a shorter version I’ll have to try.

  55. I have been looking for resort wear for an upcoming cruise vacation so this post was perfectly timed for me. I wouldn’t have thought of this brand because I always thought it catered to younger women but I love both these selections and they look great on you. I see a trip to Anthropologie in my near future! Both these pieces would be great additions to my vacation wardrobe.

    1. I have a resort wear post coming up soon. 😊

  56. the dress looks great on you!!

  57. Phyllis Martin says:

    This might be a good choice to try on. I will be traveling soon where there is is a store.

  58. Tania,
    I think your brows look great. You are beautiful. Inside and out. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  59. I like the short dress, but the maxi looks really nice too. It is feminine which is nice!

  60. I love the dress, and that color scheme is totally the one I would choose, too! 🩷

    BTW, I purchased the Valentine earring set and one of the Valentine tees you showed – excited to wear them to class! Also, I purchased a black and white scarf from Chico’s that you featured a while back . . . and accidentally ordered two! 😂 I gave the other to my sister – we love them! Thanks for all your recs! 💛

    1. Cindy, thanks so much for sharing. I love hearing when things I’ve mentioned work out for my gurls. 😊

  61. Carol Jablonski says:

    Looking at the product materials, I wonder if they wrinkle easily.

    1. Carol, I’m sure they will wrinkle, but I’ve not washed them yet. Since they are a best seller, there has to be a reason.

  62. I typically do not shop Anthropology, but may have to check out those pants and maxi dress. Both are so cute on you.

  63. The pants outfit is stunning! Pink pants 😊! (But a bit too pricey for me.)

  64. Dana Smithmier says:

    Love the dress!!!

  65. Very pretty dress so colorful!

  66. All so pretty. As you said, about your brows, I do see a slight difference.

  67. Anthropology has beautiful clothes! The two outfits look great on you! 💗🌸

  68. The silhouette of the pink pants and navy jacket is perfect for you – the width of the pants – the length of the jacket – the belt on the pants – perfect. The pumps are perfect with the length of the pants. I see a difference in the brow color in the second photo. It has lightened and I think looks nicer on you. Softer.

  69. I like the pink pants!

  70. The dress looks perfect!

  71. Jane Martin says:

    I think your eyebrows give your face a nice lift. They do not look dark to me.
    It’s interesting that you tried on clothes from Anthopology. I always thought their clothes were to young and trendy for me, but I really liked the Collette pants. Thank you.

  72. Fern Sutton says:

    Pretty dress! You may be interested to know Anthro has some petites on line too.

  73. I have to try these pants. So many great colors and the look so comfy.
    Great post.

  74. SandhillJane says:

    I love browsing Anthropology, so it was great to see you feature that beautiful dress. I’ve been looking for a dress to wear to a class reunion this summer. I think the Somerset maxi could be the one!

  75. Lynnette Davis says:

    Beautiful, flattering pants and dress! I love going into Anthropologie to look, but normally talk myself out of purchasing due to the price and only splurge occasionally. 🙂

  76. Lisa Clancy says:

    Was wondering what color lipstick or gloss you’re wearing in your eyebrow before pic. Such a pretty shade!

  77. Beautiful dress – very flattering and so feminine.

  78. I’ve never tried Anthropologie either but this makes me want to go! Oh and your brows look great!

  79. Kelly Brooks says:

    You look really good in both of those.

  80. Wow do I love anthropology! Oh my goodness. I can see why it is a new favorite for you. Me too!