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Huge New Arrivals Holiday Try On Haul From Talbots

I rarely go into a store since I order everything online. However, the other day I had some time to kill, and I know how much you gurls love a good try on haul, so I ventured into Talbots. OH MY WORD!!! I could have scooped up everything in the store. I had to limit myself, but I still managed to do a huge new arrivals holiday try on haul from Talbots, and it only took me 1 1/2 hours. Lol!

In case you missed the last try on hauls I’ve done, here are those posts.

The great thing about these previous try-on hauls is if the items are still in stock, they are probably on sale! For sizing reference, I am 5’6″ tall, weigh around 150 lb., and I’m usually a size 8 in bottoms and a medium or large in tops.

New Arrivals Holiday Try On Haul From Talbots – Plaid

You probably saw this outfit in my 2023 Winter Holiday Fashion Trends I Love post yesterday. But I didn’t get to show you all of the outfit and how I styled some of the pieces differently.

Here is a look without the blazer. You could style this fringe wrap skirt many ways. I think it would look great with tights and ankle or knee boots. I added the turquoise blue sweater, but I saw it in the store with green, and it looked great. It runs true to size.

New Arrivals Holiday Try On Haul From Talbots – Straight Leg Jeans

I love a cable knit design, but they can be bulky. I love this beautiful blue sweater since it was lightweight, and wasn’t too heavy or bulky. It is available in a TON of colors, but I’m partial to all the bright colors to help keep the winter blaws away. I couldn’t resist getting the Indigo Blue Velveteen Blazer. It can be dressed up or down, and it looks festive for the holidays.

I like to do a mix and match when doing try-on hauls. It gives you at least two ideas on how to wear something like the blazer and sweater. I switched out the fringe skirt of a pair of Straight Leg Jeans, and I love the casual elevated look.

I kept on the jeans (I had to have these too 😆), and switched out the sweaters. I’ve included this sweater on the blog before, but I styled it in a couple of ways, so I wanted to include it in this post. This sweater is a beautiful print and color, and it is a heavier weight than the blue one above. This is not a sweater for those who live in warmer climates.

Layering is one of the keys to looking polished and put together. Adding the Ombre Puffer Vest to the look shows that I put thought into creating the outfit.

I love, love, love this entire look! The purple ombre vest is gorgeous and looks fabulous with the zigzag sweater. The vest is down-filled, so although it is fairly lightweight, it will keep you warm and toasty.

New Arrivals Holiday Try On Haul From Talbots – Ivory

Ivory, Ecru, Winter White, Cream, it doesn’t matter what you call this color, it is perfect for the holidays. I kept on the zigzag sweater but switched out the straight leg jeans for a pair of ivory pants. From a casual look to a dressy outfit by changing one item.

I think wearing a tonal outfit is sooo classy and chic looking. The Pearl & Rhinestone Sweater looks fabulous with the ivory pants and would look so pretty at a holiday party. While everyone else is wearing red, green, or gold, you can stand out by wearing this simple outfit.

Here is a closer look at the Pearl & Rhinestone Sweater. This sweater can be worn any time this winter, not just to a holiday party. It even looks great with jeans for a dressy/casual look that I would wear to a friend’s house or on a date night.

This, on the other hand, is pure glam! I love the look of the Black and Ivory Sequin Jacket with the Ivory pants. The pants are dressy and elevate anything you style with them. I didn’t have different shoes, but I would wear a pair of heels with these ankle-length pants.

Yes, yes, and yes! This is gorgeous!!! It is such a pretty classic Chanel-esk jacket. I love the pearl buttons down the placket and on the faux pockets. Watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in this jacket would be amazing.

New Arrivals Holiday Try On Haul From Talbots – Black Velvet

Is there anything more elegant than black velvet? Here is another tonal outfit, but this one is black on black instead of all ivory. The black jacket isn’t as deep a black as the pants, but they still look great together.

Note to retailers…clean your mirrors in the dressing rooms daily! The black Velvet Wide Leg Pants do NOT have speckles on them. 🙄 I almost didn’t show this photo, but I wanted you to see the width of the pants. Once again, I would wear them with heels, but you can see that the length is fine for wearing with flats.

Here is a way to wear the velvet pants for an everyday occasion. I would wear this look for a date night, to work, church, or anywhere I wanted to look festive and dressy.

I LOVE this adorable reindeer sweater. I shared this sweater on FaceBook, and someone commented that anyone over the age of 10 shouldn’t wear such a corny look. I knew 50 is not old, but who knew I was only 10?!? I say the sweater is adorable, but we can still be friends if you disagree. The sweater is so soft, and it found a new home in my closet.

I rarely take the time to wear a button-up shirt under my sweaters, but it elevates the overall look. I Foil Snowflake Shirt is cute enough to wear by itself with a pair of jeans. But, wearing it as a layering piece under the reindeer sweater made the outfit look complete.

Look how cute the little reindeer sweater looks with a pair of jeans! You could wear this sweater all winter, not just at Christmas. That would be a different story if the reindeer had a red nose. Lol!

I shared this Metallic Puffer Vest in yesterday’s holiday trends post since gold and metallics are trending this time of year. When I put the reindeer sweater and the gold puffer together, I kept hearing “Silver & gold” by Burl Ives in my mind.

The gold metallic puffer is also downfilled, lightweight, and warm. I love the fur collar, but it can be removed for a different look. This is something that can be worn all winter, and I think it would be cute styled with a flannel shirt.

New Arrivals Holiday Try On Haul From Talbots – Caramel

I guess I am back to being 10 again since I’m styling another adorable animal sweater.

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling a Huge Holiday Try On Haul from Talbots28
Owl Sweater (Medium) | Straight Leg Jeans (Size 8)

Just looking at this cute little owl makes me smile. The world can be a stressful place, but this little guy brings me joy. I’ll take joy over stress any time. I have this corduroy skirt and riding boots that would look perfect with my feathered friend.

I’m switching the look up slightly and styling a pair of Stretch Corduroy Demi Boot Pants with the stylish owl. This is another tonal outfit, but this one is casual looking.

I switched up the sweaters and chose something a little less whimsical.

This Chain Link Sweater reminds me of a Ralph Lauren style sweater. I love the chains, and I think they give the sweater a classic vibe. Plus, since I’m a University of Tennessee fan, I love the BIG Orange links. Lol!

What do you think about the demi boot pant look? I would probably wear them with boots. I’ll link to a few below that would work.

Did you stick with me all the way to the end? I told you this holiday try on haul from Talbots was huge. I love hearing which were your favorite items and where you would wear them.

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  1. I love everything you showed today. I already own a few of the pieces. I love the whimsical sweaters and own the Demi corduroy pants and love them. Think I’ll order another pair while they’re on sale. I shop Talbots a lot and their sales are great too

  2. I like all of the outfits, especially the glittery navy and black jackets/tops. And, I, too must be 10 years old because I like the reindeer sweater and the snowflake button down shirt.I have a lot of corny winter clothes, but that’s just how I roll at this time of year.

  3. Robin Pickett says:

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE Talbots and I love everything in this post. Especially that plaid skirt and blue sweater!
    I just bought the purple fit and flare taffeta skirt. It’s lovely.

  4. Kathy Callahan says:

    Very beautiful outfits. I shop Talbots all the time.. but the pointed toe shoes look very uncomfortable and outdated (1990ish)

  5. Kathy Moreno says:

    All of these outfits are so classy and smart looking. Each piece looks fantastic. I love this store.
    Thank you for sharing.
    God is Good.

  6. Pam Turrill says:

    l LOVE the straight leg jeans with the longer sweaters!!! Very smart!! l am not a fan of wide leg pants( adds 10 lbs)or velvet outfits…..they stretch out and look sloppy.

    1. Pam, everyone is different. I like both of those things. Lol!

  7. Mary Ann Kinney says:

    Love the Talbot’s try-on! Lots of inspiration!!

  8. Donna Ingalls says:

    Talbots is my favorite store.
    I love all the blues and white colors in their winter clothing this year.
    That owl sweater is calling my name.

  9. I love the reindeer sweater and straight leg jeans ❤️

    1. I am 80 years old and Love the reindeer sweater. Does that, hopefully,mean I just lost 70 years?

  10. I love the reindeer sweater. I guess I am a child at heart, too.

  11. Susan Weston says:

    Gotta say I like the straight leg jeans more than the flares in previous posts.

  12. Talbots is my absolute favorite, like Joe. Great selections. I am not a fan of the owl, but the reindeer and the plaid skirt were beautiful.

  13. There are some gorgeous items in this post!! I love the ivory pants with the zig zag sweater a lot too.

  14. Maureen C Bowers says:

    I just love all the looks in this post. Thank you, Tania for doing the “legwork” for all of us. I can see that I would love to add some of these items to my closet. The only problem is choosing which ones, although I would LOVE to get them all, but that might just put me over my budget! I am going to add the ones that will go with what I already have to complete my holiday wardrobe.

  15. Wanda Evans says:

    The fringe wrap skirt with sweater is by far my favorite although you look amazing in all the outfits! God bless and have a beautiful day.

  16. Alison Penty says:

    you look amazing in whatever you wear. I have had both knees replaced so flats, or a small heel is what I have to wear. I love the tassle wrap around skirt, so unusual. 😍

  17. The velvet pants and reindeer sweater would be just my style!

  18. The ivory pants are so flattering on you, perfect fit!

  19. I just love all your outfits. I used to love shopping and trying on clothes but now it’s too exhausting. Thank you for letting me have fun while you do all the work. God Bless!

  20. Those all look great on you!

  21. I hope you got the blue sweater in the first photo. That is beautiful on you. Definitely one of your colors!

  22. Nancy Moss says:

    I would like it if you told us what you bought.

  23. Diana VanWinkle says:

    I think the reindeer sweater is super cute and not childish at all. The blues and purples are also a nice change of pace for the winter!

  24. I love those sweaters; the zigzag is my favorite, especially with the cream pants. Beautiful outfits!

  25. Roberta Schwandne says:

    I really liked all of these outfits.

  26. Great Talbots haul! I was there Thursday and all the winter items were out. The store was so full of nice things and the quality was more like pre covid. I bought the gray deer sweater. It was so soft and the fit was perfect. I guess I’m just a 10 year old at heart!❤️

    1. We can have fun together.

  27. Linda Shearer says:

    I love the reindeer sweater and the snowflake shirt. Doesnt look likea 10 year old to me looks elevated. And all are nice picks.

  28. Oh, my, I want one of everything! And I love the reindeer sweater!

  29. I LOVE the reindeer sweater!! Especially with the gold vest. Lovely!

  30. I think you look wonderful in every single outfit! I love the reindeer!

  31. You can always count on classic looks from Talbots!

  32. I agree the reindeer sweater is adorable and I’m ordering it. I’m 70 not 10. 😍

  33. Blue velveteen pants!! purple puffer vest, then everything else in the first section of this blog.

  34. What a lot of work you did at the store. It’s exhausting trying on so many clothes. I’m glad you can do it for us. I like the straight leg jeans and the cable knit sweater. I love that it comes in so many great colors. Talbots is a bit pricey when it’s not on sale, so I will have to wait. Plus, I want to lose a few pounds before I purchase any new clothes!

  35. Such adorable outfits
    Question: what’s your opinion of our age bracket wearing over the knee boats?

    1. Debra, if you want to wear them… wear them. I used to have a pair, but I’m not sure where they are now. 🤣

  36. All of these items are gorgeous. Great job of mixing them up.
    How do you find the jeans compared to other brands?

    1. As far as stores brands, I like Talbots and J. Jill’s jeans the best.

  37. All outfits look good on you. My favorite is fringe skirt,so pretty colors. Definitely buying it
    I’m going to add more colors to my wardrobe this winter. Thanks for this post.

  38. Lisa Tharp says:

    Oh my gosh! Your Talbots try-on haul is awesome! I love everything! The straight leg jeans look like a must for my wardrobe!

  39. Love the reindeer and the owl top!

  40. The blue plaid skirt and the blue sweater are gorgeous!

  41. I loved everything! I love the animal sweaters also!

  42. Strange. My comments never show up on the feed. I get the message that says it’s awaiting review, then that’s it. I never say anything offensive, so I don’t understand; but I’ll stop wasting my time, I guess 🤷‍♀️

    1. Lol! Nancy, all comments go through moderation. I promise you, your comments will show up, they might take a while though.

  43. sue koren says:

    Love the white crepe pants – so polished looking!

  44. Glada St. Clair says:

    What a blessed surprise. I like the white pearly sweater with the black velour pants. That says celebrate.

  45. Love the zig zag sweater paired with the ombre puffer jacket and jeans. I could wear that outfit every week during the winter.

    Thanks for such a great haul. Talbots is such a great choice, especially their sales. I hate trying on clothes, so glad you’re the opposite!

    1. I prefer trying them on at home instead of in the stores. That way I have my jewelry, my shoes, my handbags, etc.

  46. Christine Curtis says:

    This post was informative and fun to read. Thank you! I love the skirt, and all of the sweaters. I like how you paired the white shirt with the reindeer sweater. Love the owl sweater (It’s cotten and acrylic. Who knew!) and chain link, Ralph Lauren-style sweater. The only things I’m not crazy about are the velvet pants. I think they get too stretched out in a short while.
    You rocked in every single one of these!

  47. Beautiful winter styles. And I am a fan also of the OWL!!

  48. Tamara Kennedy says:

    You look beautiful in everything! Talbots is your store! Amazing. Thank you for your blog.

  49. The all winter white is my favorite, but there are such cute things in this post!!

  50. I’m happy cable knit sweaters are back in. Although I have 2 black ones that I’ve had forever that I always take out for winter. The blue sweater looks perfect for our cold temps here. This blue sweater makes me think of the scene in the Devil Wears Prada where Meryl goes on and on about Anne’s blue sweater: “But what you don’t know is that that sweater is not just blue, it’s not turquoise, it’s not lapis, it’s actually cerulean.” LOL!!

    The clip is on YT called Devil Wear Prada – Cerulean Sweater.

    1. I remember that scene. It was fantastic.

  51. I can’t stand how cute that plaid fringed skirt is!! Would probably wear green on top but that turquoise looks great too. The lilac sweater is really pretty too, so unexpected. Love the huge try on hauls…thank you!

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed this post! Thank you for commenting! 😊

  52. Stella Gustafson says:

    Love the indigo blue and lavender colors

  53. Jody Youngbauer says:

    That Cyan Blue really is your color!
    I may have to go and get that one!
    Thanks for sharing!

  54. My favorite was the reindeer sweater. It looked fresh and whimsically sophisticated. I would wear it with jeans. Winter white outfits always catch my eye but I’m too fat to wear!

  55. Sheila Sanders says:

    I thought that black and ivory sparkle jacket was adorable.

  56. Love the reindeer sweater and the snowflake shirt! Beautiful with the gold vest. I also loved the ombre purple outfit. Talbot’s should hire you because the outfits look so much better on you than in the marketing pictures on their website. I just made and order using their 50% off with an extra 15% amount off for over $150! Score

    1. That’s awesome! 😊

  57. I LOVE the reindeer sweater and see nothing corny or childish about it! It’s very tasteful and sophisticated; and pairing it with the snowflake shirt was genius. So chic! BTW: I purchased the Zuvi hairdryer that you wrote about yesterday, using your coupon. I hope it will help to repair my frazzled hair.

  58. Happy Veterans Day. I love the demi bootleg corduroy pants. I’m going to keep my eye on them for their clearance sale. I like chain prints too. Are you going to have an ugly Christmas sweater post?

  59. Love all the outfits Tania!!
    Does Talbots offer a “ tall” option???? I’m 5’9 and a hard time finding any kind of pants with a longer inseam! (34 inseam)

    1. I know they do petites and plus size, but I’m not sure about tall.

  60. I went to Talbot’s too. The staff member who helped me find a few tops in the petite department handed me the reindeer sweater first. Well it came home with me as well as some other tops.

  61. Tania you are hands down the best blogger for try on hauls!! Love that you’re doing a mix and match to give us an idea of how to change the look. I’m with Joe – the blazer, sweater and plaid skirt should be in your closet.
    I’m also loving that you’re at UT fan! Wondering if you attended UT Knoxville? If you were there in the seventies we might have crossed paths!

    1. Sonja, Joe has never complained about a single purchase from Talbots. He loves their clothing. No, I was born and raised in Tennessee, but never went to UT.

  62. The fringed skirt is gorgeous!

  63. Stephanie says:

    Really enjoy your try-on haul posts. Definitely loved the reindeer top. And the owl top was just as cute. I am short so I think the Demi boot cut look would not be flattering for me. Seems like it cuts the leg instead of elongating it. And I need all the help I can get to look taller.

    1. Stephanie, you would need to add heels to the look to make your legs look longer.

  64. Ok Gurl, Crumbl cookies are the best and you are so right about the quarter size portions although no judgment on eating the whole cookie as sometimes you just got to go for it:)
    Love the outfits, those corduroy pants are so cute and classy.

  65. Laura Garrett says:

    Those ivory straight-leg pants are a must-have! They look so gorgeous with all the sweaters you’ve shown us, and will be something I’ll wear year-round. Love all the fun animals and vests, too. Yay for Talbot’s this season!

  66. Every outfit looks gorgeous on you! My favorites are with the ivory pants.
    The blue sweater is such a beautiful color.

  67. Tania, I love the owl and deer sweaters.i wear alot of dog print clothes because i have pugs, daschund ,and chiuahuas .so im guessing im 10 too. I thinks these outfits are so stylish. you look great.

  68. You are as cute as a button! Love these outfit and LOVE those flats!

  69. Love every single outfit!!! There are a couple (or several) I may have to order. I gotta wait until my husband goes to work to seriously look at my faves – ha.

  70. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Really like the fringe skirt and purple ombré vest!

  71. Lisa Astor says:

    I love it when you do these try on hauls. I buy most of my clothes from Talbot’s. It has definitely prompted me to buy certain clothes. I’m not a fan of the short pants. I love my straight leg jeans and have a pair of velveteen pants coming today. I love all the teal colors this year! Thanks for your inspiration!

  72. Ginger Hiller says:

    The cookie you had sounds fabulous! Even though I am not a Talbots customer, I like all of the outfits you shared. And I really appreciate you showing us how some of the pieces can be worn multiple ways, giving us more bang for the buck. I love wearing tops with a graphic on it that reflects my personality and/or beliefs. You know, as a woman over 60, I’d much rather see a mature woman wearing a top with some sort of graphic on it, than seeing them letting their boobs hang out and their buttocks be exposed. We don’t need to always be so serious. Life is way to short; have fun and laugh more.

  73. LOVED seeing the gorgeous colors and holiday styles! SO much better than the catalogue pages! Thank you!

  74. I want it All!!!! Thanks so much for doing this Have a Blessed day!

  75. Love the all winter white look. So elegant.

  76. Susan McMillan says:

    Loved everything! Just wish I could afford to shop there, LOL.

    1. Susan, jut wait…they have fabulous sales!

    2. The reindeer and owl sweaters are my favorites, but everything looks great on you! Happy Saturday❤

  77. All of these are beautiful! Thanks so much for styling the pieces in several ways—makes me appreciate how versatile each piece is, increasing the value of the pieces since they will be worn more. Talbots has also been giving great sale prices lately, too. Guess I’ll be ordering. 😀

  78. Mary Beth says:

    Love all of these outfits! Especially love the reindeer sweater, I am 68 and I would wear that! You put together some great outfits Tania!

  79. Theresa Q says:

    The plaid skirt and ivory outfits are Stunning on you! Also love the cursory pants – equally awesome!

  80. I love Talbots and would wear every single one of the try-on!! The reindeer sweater is so cute and would definitely wear!

  81. First of all, the reindeer and owl sweaters are adorable and show off your cute personality. Bless you for not paying attention to the naysayers.
    The black sequin jacket definitely makes a statement. I have never seen a vest with a removable fur collar-great idea.

  82. Jayne Finkbohner says:

    Absolutely love the classic black and white sequin sweater with the creamy white pants. Looks amazing on you!

  83. I loved everything You featured today. The white Pearl sweater outfit looked stunning on you!

  84. Loved them all, especially the velveteen blazer! Talbot’s just can’t be beat; it’s my favorite store.

  85. Dana Smithmier says:

    Love every single thing❤️❤️

  86. Love Talbots! And these were great looks!

  87. My favorite. Is the reindeer sweater and that owl!!!! Call me 10 yrs old!!!! Love them. Fun.

  88. Ann Browning says:

    The blazer is gorgeous ! I love the fabric, and with jeans and sweater underneath- it looks great on you.
    It’s fun to see your ideas!

  89. Loved the owl sweater. You pairing it with the denim jeans made the owl pop. All outfits look amazing! Thank you for todays blog.

  90. Talbots clothes are really nice

  91. WOW – so many cute and beautiful items. Love the ombre and gold puffer vests and the owl sweater are adorable. So nice for you to have a surprise family visit!

  92. Loved the slim leg jeans myself and bought the size 12. A tall gal at 5’10”, the regulars were perfect ankle length. I was surprised. The jeans look fabulous on you. Loved the all white ensemble on you and the black jacket with white trim jacket were perfect outfits for the holidays. Sadly, Talbots has not had many pants in longs for we tall gals. A 30” length looks like a pant that is too short. The leg must be tapered or slim.

  93. Oh I love this post, the clothing just looks beautiful. Now just what do I need or should I say want.

  94. Christal Yowell says:

    The Talbot haul is such fun.I am just going to have to drive to Winchester (the closest store) and schedule a fun day soon! They never disappoint.

  95. I love the chain link and deer sweaters they are adorable! They make you look like a 10 not 10 years old!

    1. Haha! I love that response.

  96. Thanks for the try on haul! It’s exhausting putting on and taking off clothes for an hour or more! lol. I love all your outfits. I only started shopping Talbots a couple years ago but they’ve become a fast favorite of mine. I don’t think I ever walk out without buying something! They make coordinating outfits pretty easy. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. It is exhausting trying on all those clothes. Plus, my hair ends up looking like I just woke up. Hahaha!

  97. I love the way you alternated changing tops and bottoms showing various looks of one item. Thank you

  98. You look adorable in the reindeer and owl sweater. And I love your response. The sweater and vests and so pretty too! You looks great in them.

    1. I think the owl and reindeer are adorable, and I would wear them proudly.

      1. As you should! Very cute! If ya can’t say something nice – don’t say anything at all! Great post!

  99. Julann James says:

    Of all the store try ons and pictures you post, you always look like the Talbots items were custom made for you! I can understand why it’s your husband’s favorite!

    1. He walked by me working on the post and saw the photo of the plaid skirt. He said, “I love that outfit, it looks great on you.” I laughed and told him I wasn’t surprised that he liked it since it was from Talbots.

  100. Louise Logan says:

    The dark blue jacket, sequin jacket and owl sweater!! Perfect for the holidays and beyond!!

  101. Beautiful! Loved all the outfits!

  102. Wow nice especially the ombré puffer vest!

  103. Hope the blue sweater and plaid skirt as well as the purple sweater and ombre vest came home with you. They look fabulous on! I think the owl and reindeer sweaters are so cute as well. Looks like Talbots hit it out of the park this season.

    1. They did hit it out of the park with this collection!

  104. Adorable sweaters, and the gold vest is great topper! Outfits are not over the top and look comfy for holidays. 🎄

    1. That is usually my style. I want to be festive, but be able to wear my clothing more than once or twice.

  105. Wow I’m exhausted just scrolling through this post 🤣. I don’t know you do it but thank you! These are some beautiful outfits.

    1. Hahaha! I told you it was a HUGE post. After I got finished in Talbots, I walked next door to J.Jill. That try on will be on the blog soon.

  106. Adorable sweaters, the gold vest is cute topper! Outfits are not over the top and look comfy for holidays. 🎄

  107. Ann Pavlicek says:

    Tania, you look especially beautiful in the all ivory outfit! You look so slim, too. Make sure you keep that sweater and pants.

    1. Lol! I didn’t keep that outfit. I already have a pair of Ivory pants that I bought last year, so I left without them.

  108. Wow. Everything looked great on you!

    1. Thanks! I loved everything in the store!