Joe and I seem to have always done things differently, including how we got married. I don’t think there was even a marriage proposal; it was somehow just assumed. He moved to Texas to take a job, and a month later, I flew out to see him. I’m not sure how it came about, but I remember telling him I would arrive on Friday, and he had better get a wedding band by the time I landed. Lol!

He picked me up when my plane landed, and we headed to the courthouse to get married. We got married, bought a new car the next day, and  I flew back to Tennessee the next day. Weren’t we a romantic couple? No engagement ring, no honeymoon, and we didn’t even live together for another 3 or 4 months.

We got married on November 14th (our anniversary is Tuesday), and Joe flew home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I saw him every few weeks. When we went to his mother’s house for Thanksgiving, she mentioned that I didn’t have an engagement ring. She told Joe that she had a vintage emerald cut diamond ring that he could give me, and I fell in love with that ring. I love vintage jewelry, and this was perfect for me. However, Joe is not a fan of vintage jewelry; all he saw was an old ring. So, he politely refused and said he would buy me a ring instead.

On our trip back to my house, Joe made a quick stop at the jewelry store to look at rings. We had just gotten married, he had just gotten a job, and we didn’t have much money. When he saw the prices of engagement rings, I think that he almost fainted. When we left the store, he sheepishly asked me if I would “settle” for the vintage ring, and I couldn’t say YES fast enough. He thought I was settling by taking the vintage ring. He had no idea that buying the new ring would have been what I saw as settling.

I proudly wore my vintage engagement ring, which I still wear to this day. It symbolizes our love, our commitment, and all of our struggles. The ring is the first thing everyone wants to see when you announce that you are engaged. You see tons of photos of a hand held up proudly for everyone to see the ring. The ring is just a piece of jewelry, but what it “means” is the actual value. It is a tangible item showing the world that HE loves YOU.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we show OUR love for the LORD. There are many ways to show your love, and they don’t have to cost money. You can show your love through your thoughts and your words. Maybe for some, it shows your love through your singing voice or through teaching a Bible class. Showing your love for the Lord is personal, and many people might not see a tangible item of your love.

When I started the blog and publicly talked about the Lord on Sundays, it was a way to show my appreciation for what the Lord had given to me. Everyone does not like my Sunday posts, and I’ve had many people message me that they didn’t come to a fashion blog for a religious message. Some people have been almost ugly, and many people have unfollowed the blog because of them. I feel like every email or message I receive like that is just the enemy trying to make me quit openly declaring my love for the Lord.

The enemy tries to make you stop what you are doing when you are putting the Lord front and center. Instead of listening to the enemy, I added daily Bible verses to every post. Instead of only showing my love for the Lord on Sundays, I show my love daily.

I wanted the enemy to know he wouldn’t win, so I also purchased a gold necklace with a cross charm that I wear daily around my neck. To me, this necklace was my “ring” that I could show others of my love, commitment, and struggles.

Matthew 27:37-39

37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

You don’t have to show your love for the Lord in the same way that I have chosen. The way that you show your love should be personal to you. Wearing a cross for “others” but being a mean and cruel person doesn’t help you in any way. That would be the same as a married person wearing a ring but still cheating on their spouse. The adornment is just a piece of jewelry; it is your heart that makes the jewelry a symbol of commitment.

So, commit your heart to the Lord daily! Declare your undying love for Him, and proudly let His light shine in you.

To GOD Goes The Glory!

Have A Blessed Day!

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  1. My husband & I started out about the same way yours did. We got married at our church the only people there was the preachers wife & little girl & then he went to work & I went to do delivery for my parents store. That evening they had already had it set up to do a wedding shower. My aunts went to our apartment & left a few things laying around. They turned the chairs upside down. They thought they were hilarious but I didn’t. We have been married for 56 years.

  2. Great post! Keep openly voicing your love for Christ. It is a blessing & truth!

  3. Kathy Moreno says:

    You are a Blessing to me. Don’t stop sharing about the Lord. ❤️🙏✝️

  4. Mary Anne Merritt says:

    I love your Bible verses and actually look forward to them,even more than the clothes! In this crazy world we need as many reminders as possible as to what is truly important in this life.❤️

  5. I love your daily verses and Sunday posts. You’ve helped me to become closer to God. Thank you.

  6. I love the tshirt with “chosen” on it but I love, love your hair!

  7. Christine Molineux says:

    I love this stand of faith. I almost wasn’t going to subscribe and then I read this post and it resonates so similarly to my story, even down to the marriage proposal. I too take a daily stand through a tattoo I have on my arm and wearing a pendant cross daily. This is the way I show that I love God and I am committed to Him. After reading this post I have subscribed to your blog and I look forward to reading it each day. God Bless you.

    1. Christine, I’m thrilled that you liked the post. I hope you enjoy the blog.

  8. Darla Michaw says:

    Dearest Tania,
    This is a beautiful post! I hope you never allow any negative comments to change your love language for the Lord. I feel sure you have made and will continue to make a difference in the lives of many. Let your light shine no matter what! God bless!
    PS Love your pic with the “Chosen” shirt! Super cute!

  9. Antionette Linna says:

    Thank you so much, I really needed this today 💗 💕 💓

  10. You go girl! Continue to lift up JESUS! You will never regret it!
    Tania, I love your sense of style, your Joe stories, your sense of humor, your transparency, but most of all I love your faith that you

  11. Cindy Phipps says:

    Funny that some people would mind the Sunday posts and daily Bible verses; I am in my 60’s but continue to follow you BECAUSE you love the Lord and openly talk and share about it!

  12. Hi Tania, I love this message and your commitment to the Lord. We will not be bullied by a few that have not found the best daddy ever. Even tho some may leave your blog, you never know what seed was planted. Thank you for posting! Debbie

  13. Don’t stop your Bible verses and Sunday messages! That is WHY I follow you ♥️

  14. That vintage ring is fabulous, and I would wear it proudly, too. I’m sorry you’ve gotten comments on your Sunday posts. I’m proud of you for being willing to put your faith out there.

  15. Oh thank you Tania! I love these posts on Sunday as much as any of the fashion posts. It seems the enemy has been a LOT more vocal in the last few years but you just keep being you!

  16. Thank you for the monthly recommendations. I ordered the eye cream for circles and I am
    trying the Victoria Secret gloss. Can’t wait to get them!

    1. Beverly Walley says:

      Some days I don’t have the time to read the daily posts but I always take time to read your Sunday posts. Thank you for standing firm in declaring your love for God!

  17. Michele Perruchon says:

    I love the fact that you share your Faith with your readers! Keep doing it! Sometimes it’s a gentle reminder to me of my Faith and that my belief in God has carried me through tough times. I have a cross that I haven’t worn in years but I am going to start wearing it again. Thank you.

  18. Thank you for standing up for the Lord and not caving to be politically correct. And you’re right it is the enemy’s voice coming through the naysayers comments!

  19. Nancy Sullivan says:

    Amen! Amen! Amen!

  20. I truly enjoy reading your Sunday emails.

  21. Karla Turner says:

    I absolutely love your posts. I look forward to reading them everyday!

  22. Tania,
    Reading your blog is always a pleasure.
    I love your stories, your sense of humor, your sense of style and your Sunday posts.
    Please keep doing you ❤️
    Happy Anniversary!


  23. Beautifully said, my dear!

  24. Mary McKenna says:

    I Love The Choosen! Can’t wait for season four.
    I also love your fashion sense.
    Thank you Tania, I read your blog everyday.

  25. Melinda Mason says:

    Thank you for sharing your faith! I greatly appreciate your Sunday devotions.

  26. I love that you share Bible verses daily! It’s so encouraging to read your blog! Especially appreciate your Sunday blogs. Don’t stop sharing your love of the Lord!

  27. I like your Sunday posts. Good for you for not listening to the enemy. Your marriage story is romantic.

  28. Keep sharing your faith!

  29. Wow I love your Sunday posts. It’s always positive and uplifting.
    The story of your marriage is one for the books. What a great story to be passed on to your grands.
    Have a great week!

  30. Charlotte says:

    I love yours and Joe’s story. Like you, I love my rings because they are beautiful and most of all for what and who they represent. As far as you sharing the Lord with us and others, don’t stop sister! If someone doesn’t want to read it they don’t have to, but it’s always there if they need a little bit of Godly encouragement. Thank you.

  31. I look forward to your Sunday Posts. You are an excellent writer. The Sunday Posts always have an inspirational message. Good for the soul. Thank you.

  32. I love your Sunday stories related to your faith and your daily bible scriptures. Don’t stop.

  33. Barb Hain says:

    Love your postes and fashion sense, but even more so that i know you’re a believer! My cross I wear daily is my commitment to the Lord. I work with children and they love to tell me that they like my cross necklace!

  34. Deborah Evers says:

    God bless you Tania!!!

  35. I look forward to your daily scriptures, as well as your Sunday note. Just ’cause we’re thinking about clothes doesn’t mean we can’t take a few minutes to praise the Lord.

  36. It’s strange how some people are emboldened to speak or act so unpleasantly when they disagree with your faith. I love that instead of backing down or providing a “vanilla” Sunday post, you held firm to bring us these beautiful, thoughtful stories that enrich our faith. Thank you.

  37. Please never stop ending your posts with Bible verses. They are beautiful. If some people don’t want to see the verses they can simply skip over them. No complaints are necessary.

  38. Marti Ambriole Woznicki says:

    Love your Sunday posts!

  39. Lisa Tharp says:

    My cross necklace is my favorite piece of jewelry showing my love for my Lord and Savior. Beautiful post!! I have the engagement ring that my dad gave my mom. It’s a beautiful Ruby. Last year I decided to gift myself a nice gold ring for Christmas. I ended up at one of our local Jewelry Stores and went right for their “estate” jewelry where I found a Ruby and Diamond ring to purchase. Vintage and Estate jewelry is some of my favorite jewelry.

  40. Love your blog, Tania! You keep doing you! Love your Sunday messages!

  41. Monica Valadez says:

    What a beautiful story.
    I really appreciate your commitment to the Lord. This world lacks this acknowledgment and it surely shows.
    Your marriage non-proposal sounds a lot like mine but we are going strong and will be married 25 years next March. Happy anniversary and many continued blessings to you and Joe.

  42. Love, love, love! You may never know the impact you have made by your unwillingness to stay silent.

  43. I love this blog post!
    Thank you!

  44. Thank you for your Sunday posts! Please don’t stop. Enjoy your daily posts too. Thank you for all price options.

  45. I love this message of love for the Lord! Well said! Your commitment is visible! Thank you!

  46. I absolutely love your posts about the Lord and I appreciate the fact that you didn’t let anyone discourage you by what they said!! You just kept posting and adding more Biblical material to your blog! I especially love to hear from a lady cause so often we’re feeling the same way with the same struggles!! Keep up your work for the Lord!

  47. rene perry says:

    I love this and am glad you include a daily bible verse in each of your posts!

  48. Cari Kasson says:

    Thanks be being authentic and and wearing your heart around your neck.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  49. Great personal story! I love your blog and how you have incorporated your faith into your daily message including daily scriptures. Your fashion sense is also amazing!

  50. Mary Carol says:

    I love your stories, your love for the Lord and your fashion sense. It’s a breath of fresh air to see someone sharing these uplifting message.

  51. Michelle Calhoun says:

    Keep doing what you are doing!! This is the platform that God has blessed you with. I look forward to your messages and thoughts. There’s an old song “the Lighthouse”, shine your light!! Thank you.

  52. I love your daily posts! Keep posting! You never know who will be touched by Our Lord’s words. It could be life changing❤️

    1. Thank you for commenting! ❤️❤️❤️

  53. Sheila DeLaup says:

    Happy Anniversary! I too did not receive a diamond ring until we were married 18-months. We were young and didn’t have the money, but we have been married for 43+ years and are in love more now than ever. I love your post about the Lord! Now, if you started getting political, I might have a problem 😂😂

  54. You are amazing. Don’t ever let the enemy win. We are strong in Christ and your blog touches people everywhere. Those that have ears will hear and have eyes will see. God is the judge not man. So girl you just keep on spreading His message and let Him take care of those that harden their hearts. God bless you🙏💕

  55. You go, girl! Haters gonna hate. I love your sense of fashion AND your fearless sharing of our Lord!

  56. What a good word. I appreciate your Sunday posts.

  57. Barbara Ringhausen says:

    I LOVE your Sunday post and I find them very inspirational. 🙏
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  58. Mary Carol says:

    Thank you for sharing your love for the Lord, your fashion choices and your beautiful stories. You set a great example for all of us.

  59. Gardeningmama says:

    I love yr Sunday messages Tania! I think they show how YOU love US by sharing yr faith & hope for life. And I love the engagement ring story: everyone’s story is different & my hope is that people will stop the compare-&-despair cycle, value the blessings right in front of them & look for ways to be a blessing to others 🙂

  60. I always look forward to your Sunday posts! Happy Anniversary 💖

  61. I enjoyed your post. It was almost the same thing our Pastor spoke on this morning. Don’t let the devil try to dictate how you live your life. I think it is nice to see a scripture at the end of your post.

  62. Lorraine Stuccio says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more ! Well said and God bless you and your lovely family this holiday season

  63. Roeli Lutz (Canadian) says:

    Love your message, keep looking unto Jesus. HE is all we need
    daily, hourly. HE is so faithful to the ones who put HIM first in
    their lives.
    Keep it up Tania, God Bless YOU and JOE richly.

  64. I normally don’t read your Sunday blog because of the religious theme. I’m not religious at all. I think you should think about what you said about the “enemy” of someone who voices their objections to the religious theme/quotes. Why should I be your enemy just because I don’t read the bible quotes? I am gently reminding you that there are a lot of people in the world who don’t read/believe in the bible. that does not mean that we are the enemy! It just means we have a different view that you do! I don’t admonish you for what you believe or write for your blog. I feel that it is your prerogative to do what you want on your blog. I genuinely love your blog. I just chose to read it the way I want to read it.

  65. Tania, your posts on Sunday are something I really look forward to reading. These posts encourage me in my walk with the Lord. I appreciate you honouring the Lord!

  66. I absolutely LOVE your Sunday posts and recently I find myself scrolling through your daily email to get the the scripture! Thank you for showing your love to our Lord this way!!!

  67. Beth Cutler says:

    Love all the daily bible verses and your Sunday posts. I often jump to them first. Thanks you!

  68. Tania,
    Thank you for another great Sunday post.

    A few months ago I decided I was watching too many bloggers. The criteria I used to select the ones to keep reading was: are they a Christian?

    Posting about your faith is really important to me.

    Thanks again for all you do! May God richly bless you!!

  69. Diane Schexnyder says:

    I always look forward to your Sunday posts. They’re so real and meaningful. Keep doing what you do and Happy Anniversary to you and Joe!

  70. Diane Holley says:

    I want to see the ring. I love old jewelry! Have a blessed Sunday!

  71. Cindy Wasrud says:

    I love your Sunday posts! Keep them coming.

  72. I love your Sunday posts ❤️🙏🏻 I can always gain from others sharing their love for the Lord

  73. Ramona Baron says:

    I love your Sunday posts and the daily Bible verse is one of the first things I look for. ❤ Food for the soul!

  74. tHi Tania!
    That was another great message…and good for you that you keep writing the Sunday blog. I for one really look forward to them! I also loved your marriage story! thanks for sharing!!

  75. Love this! Don’t be discouraged by any negativity. God made you unique and this blog reflects your obedience to his calling. So thankful for your courage AND your help with fashion!!

  76. Love this! Don’t be discouraged by any negativity. God made you unique and this blog reflects your obedience to his calling. So thankful for your courage AND your help with fashion!!

  77. Jacque Abell says:

    I love your Sunday posts. Keep them coming!

  78. Thank you for sharing your love for God with us.
    I look forward to your encouraging posts every day and especially on Sunday!

  79. Yvonne Oerther says:

    I come to your site because you declare your love for Jesus. If we deny Him, He will deny us. Our church is doing a series on Revelations. It has been great. If you would like to listen, it is on line at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.

  80. This is my favorite Sunday post!
    I have enjoyed all of your posts
    but this is my favorite. I think your true self shines through ❤️

  81. Lois Schumacher says:

    I LOVE that you share these posts! I know it takes courage & boldness to do this. But I thank you that you do!

  82. A beautiful post. Happy Anniversary. ❤

  83. The first thing that comes to mind is, AMEN and Alleluia.
    What a great story, give GOD the glory.
    Happy anniversary!!

  84. Thank you for your commitment to the Lord. The reason I read your blog is partly for your scripture. I so enjoy reading it daily. God bless you!

  85. I needed to here that amen. I struggle we depression I have lost an abundance of loved ones and lost my little brother in June I couldn’t get out bed sometimes I don’t think if the Lord wasn’t we me.

  86. Mary Rasmussen says:

    What a beautiful message. Please keep loving the Lord out loud!

  87. Jan Lawrence says:

    Thankyou for giving our God the glory everyday! You are such an inspiration to me!
    Happy Anniversary ❤️

  88. This is a great lesson today! Thanks for sharing your love of God.

  89. Julie Pratt says:

    Happy Anniversary to you & Joe! Keep being you Tania, it’s what keeps us all coming back. I love the fashion side of your blog but your personal stories and commitment to your family and to our lord is special ❤️

  90. Glada St Clair says:

    sweetie, you go ahead and declare the Lord. I look forward to your messages. Share the Lord with the world. They don’t like your messages. they can go somewhere else. It just makes them feel guilty. that’s what it is. Love the Lord with all your heart and keep sharing. I liked your story too. it’s not that different than mine but my husband and I were in the Navy had to get married quickly before he shipped out or I wouldn’t have been able to stay. be stationed with him. The only difference is I didn’t have any family ring.

  91. Great post! I love your story about how you and your husband got married. Sometimes we just know! I really enjoy your Sunday posts! Please keep them coming.

  92. Happy Anniversary. Love your sharing of your real life and how so many things relate to your love of the Lord. I love and look forward to your Sunday posts and your strength. Keep doing as you do.

  93. Happy Anniversary! Great story and message today! Love your blog and love your Sunday posts! Very inspirational!

  94. Absolutely beautiful! That had me in tears! Your Sunday posts are my favorite! Happy Sunday, Tania🙏❤🙏

  95. Happy Anniversary. This is your blog and you can write what you want. People have the choice to read the Sunday blog or skip it.

  96. I love that you openly honor God and so glad you continue to do so! 🙏🏼❤️

  97. I love your Sunday posts and how you tie the word of the Lord in with your daily life. My husband and I also started our marriage with zero money but it didn’t matter – we were so young and happy! Plus we appreciate everything we’ve built together in 39 years of marriage just that much more. I’d also like to see a photo of your beautiful ring!

  98. Keep doing what you are doing! Praise Jesus! Don’t let the enemy dim your light! Shine on sweet sister!

  99. Deb Dopson says:

    your Sunday posts inspire me each week, bur especially love this week’s

  100. Thank you for honoring our Lord everyday! That (and of course your crazy, funny stories and gorgeous clothes and ideas) is why I love this blog!
    You are correct in saying “ to God goes the glory”.

  101. Karen Nau says:

    Happy Sunday and almost anniversary. Love your blog, please don’t stop the messages, it got me through a pandemic. A lot of people talk about love language, how we show our love in different ways. We all give and receive love in 5 different ways: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. These can certainly be applied to how we love the Lord. Being Catholic, my whole life, we don’t pray, preach or speak aloud about God & Jesus. But being a kind person, helping others, giving back to the community is how I learned to show my love. Did you know that Nov. 13, is World Kindness Day?
    The theme of this year’s Kindness Day is ‘Acts of kindness start a ripple of change that can transform the lives of children, families, and entire communities’. Just think of the possibilities, if every one did that!

  102. Liz Osborn says:

    Tania, That’s precisely why I chose to follow your fashion blog…because you “let your light shine…”! And, while I appreciate that you are the queen of fashion, the most important part of who you are, in your innermost being, is in knowing the Lord is king in your heart. You are an encouragement to many!

  103. I love your Sunday messages Tania. I look for them every Sunday and I’m grateful you show your love of the Lord in your blogs! Have a beautiful day!

  104. Loved your post today. I’m so glad you are staying true to your love for God and your faith. Thanks for sharing the Word with us. I appreciate it. Have a blessed Sunday ❤️

    1. Have a blessed Sunday! ❤️

  105. I love your Sunday posts!

  106. I just love your marriage story. Perfect. ❤️ God Bless and happy (early) anniversary!

  107. Thank you so much for putting God first! You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside! Great post, great blog, May God richly bless you 🙏

  108. Gail Harrison says:

    I am a fan of yours and I follow you daily! I am in my 70’s but find many beautiful things from your website that I love and sometimes order!
    Everyday you have a nice Bible verse that makes me smile! Sundays are extra special!! Please keep it up!
    Love the stories about you and Joe and today’s was extra special!
    God bless you both! Happy anniversary!

  109. Beautiful post. I appreciate you sharing these devotionals each week. Fashion is fun, but this helps me get through the week.

  110. Good morning,
    I am a recent subscriber to your blog and just wanted you to know I subscribed BECAUSE of your Sunday posts. I found you by (fortunate) accident one Sunday morning and the message spoke straight to my heart. So, accident? Or the Lord guiding me to your site? I believe it’s the latter. I do also enjoy your fashion posts but I love your stories and humor and feel as if I am getting to know a new friend. I admire your openness and your strong faith, it is very inspiring to me.

  111. Thank you for always giving God the Honor and Glory not just Sunday but every day!!❤️

  112. I look forward to your Sunday posts so I agree with what you said about Satin trying to get you to stop them. It makes my day brighter. Thank you for all you do.

  113. I love your Sunday posts. They always give me something to think about and can turn inward in my own life. The daily passages start each of my days, as well. I do not comment everyday but know that you are read everyday.

  114. Happy Anniversary!!!! Love the story of your proposal and the way you share your life. And yes, that you share your faith. Keep on sharing!

  115. Happy Anniversary! Great post.

  116. Tania I enjoy your fashion tips for us “mature ladies” however, your love for our lord is why I look forward to your posts! Please don’t stop your daily verses & Sunday posts! God bless you & your family!

  117. I love your Sunday post.

  118. Shari Himmelberg says:

    I LOVE your Sunday posts and I will support and lift YOU in prayer, stay strong in your faith walk with the Holy Spirit and know our faith in our Great God and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will carry us through this life victoriously. I rarely post on social media but feel the need to share with you how blessed I am by your
    daily walk and shared Faith

  119. Laura Miller says:

    Thank you for sharing this today! Your love of the Lord is one of the main reasons I read your blog! Keep up the great work!

  120. I absolutely LOVE your Sunday religious thoughts!!! Thank you for continuing to show your love for the Lord using your platform!

  121. Vicki Majercin says:

    Love this and I love your messages. You are solid in your faith and not many are!! Keep up the Lords work!!

  122. Well said, Tania! Love your blog and keep on loving our Lord!

  123. Connie Watson says:

    Good morning, Tania,

    I enjoy your post and that you are not ashamed to declare you love for Our King! Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.

    You keep being you and know in ways large or small, Jesus’ love shine through you.


  124. Ginger Hiller says:

    Happy early Anniversary to you and Joe! I love your Sunday posts and really value them. I have started back wearing my gold cross necklace and often find myself reaching for it and just holding it in my fingers for reassurance. It makes me feel even closer to Him.

  125. I look forward to reading your “TO GOD GO THE GLORY “ verses. 🙏

  126. Tania – what a beautiful message! It not only shows your commitment to the Lord but also your commitment to Joe and your wonderful marriage. Happy Anniversary!

  127. Linda Shearer says:

    I love your Sunday posts. Makes me see things in a different positive light.

  128. Amy McFarland says:

    I couldn’t love this more. I like to support like minded ladies ~ values of the heart are as important to me as value to my fashion/style budget. Keep sharing 🥰

  129. Patricia Lewis says:

    I enjoy your Sunday posts and how you link them to everyday occurrences. Please keep up your good work.

  130. Linda Conner says:

    Amen and Amen! 💕

  131. Great message!! You keep shining for Jesus! Also loved the story of how you got married!

  132. Caron Riley says:

    I love that you love the Lord! I do too! Thank you for sharing that love with us!

  133. I LOVE your Sunday posts!!!

  134. We are such a fallen society – Jesus smiles knowing you are risking the loss of followers, monetary gain, and maybe even friends by being bold enough to teach His truths! I love your sweet Sunday posts! Please never stop!

  135. Love your Sunday posts! Keep sharing your love for God. The world needs some positivity!

  136. Great post and Happy Anniversary Tuesday!

  137. Joyce Cushing says:

    I have recently found your blog and love your Sunday posts especially this one! Keep doing what you are doing! Love and blessings!

  138. Dana Smithmier says:

    I don’t know why i am still surprised when people are so mean-but i am(: We all have our own way to show love and dedication to our Lord. I am sure you have other ways but i know your blog is one and i believe you reach people that need it and you dont even know❤️. I cant get enough Jesus in my life and i consider your Sunday posts a weekly bonus🙏

  139. Kim Thompson says:

    Love this story Tania❤️ Thanks for the reminder of what’s important on this Lord’s day.

  140. beautiful, true, funny wedding stories, and now I’m crying. You touched my heart.

  141. Genevieve Carlisle says:

    Your Sunday blogs are always a blessing to me and an awesome witness!

  142. Your Sunday posts are the first thing I look at Sunday morning. They are always inspirational and down to earth! Keep up the good work. And I love the daily Bible verses too. Is it my imagination, or are they missing from some of your sponsored posts?
    Your Joe stories are the best!

  143. Lisa Bagci says:

    Thank you for your Boldness! I look forward to the Sunday post and so appreciate the spirit in which it’s written. Happy anniversary and blessings for so many more.

  144. Etta Petit says:

    Thank you for your Sunday posts showing love for the Lord, and the Bible verses on the daily posts. They are always an encouragement to me.

  145. Tania you have created a blog that sets you apart from others . Your personal stories, fashion advice, retail opportunities and , yes, your Christian insights offer much more than the run of the mill blog. You do you! It’s refreshing!

  146. Well, I personally love you sharing the love of the Lord each day. I have never understand how people can be so rude and ugly about someone else’s choices. How easy would it be for them to simply not follow you if they find it offensive. And I love your love story with Joe. Clearly, you were meant for each other and the Lord has blessed both of you with true love.

  147. I just want to say that for every person who stops following your blog because of the daily bible verses and Sunday devotions, there are many ( including me) , who follow you specifically BECAUSE you remind me daily where my focus should be. Even if the fashion part doesn’t interest me, I always scroll to the bottom and reflect on the verse. So thank you! You are a blessing to many!!

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    Love your Sunday posts and love your story of how you and Joe got married. So refreshing. Keep up shining your light.

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    1. Lisa D Koelsch says:

      I love that you put the Lord first. Please continue to follow hard after Him , and let those who are foolish to scoff at you for it , move on.
      We will have the eternal reward some day praising Him for all His abundant blessings.

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    Please don’t stop your Sunday posts, it’s refreshing to see someone else love and talk about God. The world today needs more of God’s word in it.

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    Such a beautiful story about you and your husband. I can see a hallmark story that could be done on it.

    I love that you infuse religion in your blog. It makes one think and see other aspects of life. You do it in a very comfortable and meaningful way. If someone doesn’t like that they can move along.

    I think one should open their mind to others ways of life that are for the good. That doesn’t involve all the complaining and bashing that you see online.

    You can’t make everyone happy. You just have to be true to yourself.

    Enjoy your day!

  157. Tania, what a sweet store for you two getting married. I love vintage rings also. This is something that can also be passed on. I feel that I try so hard to keep God in my life with pray each day. I pray for different things and for God to show me but as I tell him each day sometimes I can’t tell if that is you God or is that the devil. I have a hard time with that.

    But I enjoy your Sunday posts each week, they are so inspiring and real.


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    For some women reading your blog, that may be the ONLY time they see the word of the Lord. And, the message on any given day, may be exactly the one they need at that time. Just one woman! And, that may be the soul purpose For me, they are affirmations and reminders of how to live my Christian life. Keep on sharing your love for God.

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    Thank you Tania🩷

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    1. lol! Joe and I will be married 37 years this year.

  174. Sweet story. Ours is similar – no proposal and a tiny diamond ring that we could afford at the time. 43 years later many things have changed, but we are still happily together. Wouldn’t change a thing. Happy Anniversary!!

    1. We always say that we would do it all over again. 🥰

  175. Good Sunday morning,
    I always make sure I have time to read your Sunday posting before going to mass because your words and scripture readings helps to prepare my heart for the words I will hear and read at church.
    Thank you for sharing your love story with Joe. Don and I have been married for 58 years. Our story was much the same… so poor but so in love. I learned to cook “Spam” from the can in many ways. Don said recently, “How about cooking some Spam for dinner”. Haven’t done so yet but should look for that in the grocery. Guess we have fond memories of those beginning years!

    1. Helen, I’ve fried lots of Spam sandwiches. I even taught my mini-me how to make them for herself. 🤣

      1. I noticed the beautiful ring before in one of your posts. Do not be deterred by negativity. You are shining your light and using your gifts. As many have said I love your Sunday posts. A dear friend and I were shopping together yesterday and discussed how we love your positivity 😘🙏.

  176. Amen !

    Thank you for your Sunday posts Tania

  177. Robin Alion says:

    Thank you for openingly and proudly sharing your faith with your readers. Gods’ word says if we deny him before men, he will deny us before his father. (Matt 10:33) Sometimes it is a struggle in this world to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, people can be so unkind. You keep planting seeds of faith and I’ll keep praying for you and the success of your “pulpit” fir sharing Christ.

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    Ps I’m like you I have a funny wedding story too.

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    1. I’ll try to take a photo of it and share it on my email.

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    1. Fear is something we all have to deal with. That’s why it is mentioned so many times on the Bible.

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    I also have an unusual engagement story. We are the same age. Sign of the times? 💍

    1. We didn’t have elaborate proposals back then. 🤣

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    One of the most important reasons I read your posts is because you share your faith with us. Thank you.

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    What a sweet story Tania! Sometimes it’s the little things between a couple that reveal their strong connection. Love knows! I’m sure it was difficult at times for you two being apart but look at you now! You have such a beautiful family & of course, that vintage ring! Passed down from twp people who share that same love that you & Joe have today!
    I love your stories! Have a blessed day!

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    1. It is a much older photo.

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    You will be blessed for making these decisions..

    Have a blessed Sunday

    Joyce VK

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