Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a ivory turtleneck sweater with a navy plaid coat with a fur collar, washed gray jeans, and black fur booties

Have y’all started taking down your Christmas decorations yet? I am almost willing to bet that the vast majority of you have already taken them down, packed them away, and redecorated your houses. So, all of you who fall into that category, will you come to my house and take down mine? I love Christmas lights, and every day I turn on the lights on my tree as I walk through the living room. It makes me sad to think about taking them down, but that is on my agenda this weekend. (Insert frowny face) I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day, so what do you decorate with to fill the space left by all of the Christmas decorations?

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a ivory turtleneck sweater, washed gray jeans, and black fur booties

Normally, I would leave my tree up until it is time to put out spring decorations. I don’t put up spring decor until late March, so that leaves several months of emptiness. Maybe I should take this time to do some spring cleaning, organize my drawers and cabinets, or clean out my closets??? Now I remember why I have left up my Christmas tree for years at a time; I don’t like the space that it leaves behind. So, gurls, what do you do once the tree is down?

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a ivory turtleneck sweater with a plaid coat with a fur collar

I just opened the mail yesterday to find this gorgeous plaid parka. I was surprised when I opened the box because I had forgotten all about ordering the coat. I think that I ordered this in late November or early December, and it just now arrived. I know that deliveries have been wacky this year, but it is almost crazy. My sister’s family still hasn’t gotten their Christmas presents that I mailed to them on December 18th. I couldn’t wait to try on this parka and take photos, and since it was flurrying snow, I enjoyed the extra warmth. I thought that the coat’s photos turned out great, and I was so excited to show it to you so that you could grab it for yourself. Well, that’s not going to happen since it is now sold out. I almost chucked the entire blog post, but I decided to keep it instead and use it as a learning tool.

So, let’s say you saw me walking down the street wearing this parka, and you wanted to create the same look. You would either cross the street to ask me where the coat came from, or you would go to Google, Pinterest, or Instagram and start searching. That is what I also did so that I could find you some similar options. You can look for coats that are navy only, green only, or striped instead of plaid. I will do a post in the future, showing you how I took a photo as an inspiration and then recreated that look for myself. Would that be something that you are interested in seeing?

Those are very similar coats, but you could achieve a similar look by picking a navy parka and adding a plaid scarf. Check out these suggestions:

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a ivory turtleneck sweater

I know that some of you are sick of seeing neutrals, and for this color-loving girl, I am starting to get tired of them also. However, there is a great reason for wearing neutrals… they go with anything. If you want to expand your wardrobe, you buy neutrals and spice up the look with accessories. Accessories like statement jewelry and scarves can take a blah top and draw away the attention. You probably wouldn’t even recall what the person was wearing, but you would remember the accessory. The accessories that I am wearing here are more for every day than for a statement. The Jack Multi-Strand necklace is on FINAL SALE, so it is at a great price. I have the necklace turned around backward to show the solid gold back instead of showing the crystals on the front. The Fallyn hoop earrings are also on sale, so this is your lucky day.

This turtleneck sweater is one that I’ve had for a while, so it is no longer on a website. Think of this post as a shop my closet post. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing an ivory turtleneck sweater, washed gray jeans, and black fur booties

Yay!!! Something is in stock and online. This is cause for a celebration! This washed gray color is a fantastic color for jeans, but it can be hard to find in stock. So, I was shocked to see these were still available for purchase and on sale too. This color has been a favorite of mine for a while, and I think it looks great when worn with a plain white t-shirt.

This pair is high-waisted and has a two-snap closure. I tried to get an up-close photo to show you the details. Most of the time, I will have a long shirt or sweater covering up these details, but some of you skinny-minnies might want to tuck in your shirt. I am wearing my usual size 10 in these jeans, and they fit me really well. These come in regular and petite, and the inseam is 32″ on the regular and 27 1/2 on the petite.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is leaning against the door in an ivory turtleneck sweater, washed gray jeans, and black fur booties

Take a deep breath, Tania. It’s all good. I ordered these cute fur-lined boots a couple of weeks ago and decided to show them off today. Yep, they are all sold out, EXCEPT for size 6 1/2. I was so excited to show these boots to you because I got a message from someone who was asking me about the UGG boots. She wanted to know if she was too old to wear the classic UGG boots that we all see all of the time. I immediately replied with a NO!!!! But, I understand what she means because you see younger women wearing them all of the time, not as many mature bloggers. So, as soon as I get finished typing this blog, I will order a couple of pairs and style them for you. I’ll hop back on and link them for you just in case you want to grab them so that you can style them with me.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a ivory turtleneck sweater, gray jeans, and black fur booties

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Am I a believer in Rodan and Fields? See for yourself.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a ivory turtleneck sweater with a navy plaid coat with a fur collar, gray jeans, and black fur booties

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  1. Cindy wrote:

    I made a “Winter decor after Christmas” Pinterest board last year, and have been adding to it this year: https://www.pinterest.com/croth2etsy/winter-decor-after-christmas/ I looked at your Pinterest feed and was surprised to find you didn’t have one, though I didn’t find a lot of these last year, so I started one.
    My husband is always in a rush to get the decorations all put away when the tree comes down, because he wants the storage bins all put back. My 21 yr. old son commented this year, why does it all have to go away? Snowmen and snowflakes are winter (which we don’t really get to feel here in CA). I made a storage box just for the things I want to keep out longer or use flat snowflakes etc., so I can store with my candles. And I kept the wreaths with white glitter and red ticking ribbon up in the house. They make me happy.

    Posted 1.16.21Reply
  2. Molly wrote:

    Your question about how I/we decorate after Christmas? Well, I put away all the obvious Christmas decorations (stockings, Santas, etc) but I leave WINTER appropriate decorations out like twinkly lights (these I leave up year-round), pine cones, evergreen branches, snow balls and could include items like snow skis, sleds, etc…I want to feel cozy in the winter so I put out texture-rich pillows and lots of blankets, plaids included. Sort of a wintery cabin vibe. Clear as mud?

    Love your blog.

    Posted 1.12.21Reply
  3. Diane S. wrote:

    Merry AFTER Christmas Tanya! I enjoy the space that’s left by our Christmas tree! Although this past summer we made a “conservatory” out in our garage for our teen–she didn’t like the name “teen hangout” so thus the dubbing “conservatory”–we put the tree out there this year! I also hung mini sparkle lights and our cast iron stove from our torn down ancient garage is in there–so I light candles in the stove and my husband and I love it! We drink our coffee there in the morning and the cat thinks we are crazy,….but we somewhat are! Anyway, the tree is still up in the garage because we are still enjoying the lights,….what’s the rush? There is NO RUSH according to me,…and when Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!

    Posted 1.9.21Reply
  4. Janet wrote:

    Love the black boots. As Nancy M said, I am also a seasonal decorator. Winter decorations stay up now and in February it’s Valentine, March St Patricks, April spring – tulips, etc etc. It’s fun and visitors love it.

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  5. Manu wrote:

    Great outfit post today, however not sure if your psalm words are wisely chosen today, for the one who spoke yesterday did not had a peaceful language (hope this would not offend someone here or you… oversees in Europe we speek quite frankly and open)

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  6. Christine Simpson wrote:

    Love the plaid jacket!!
    I haven’t taken my tree down I just want to keep looking at it longer this year. Usually I take it down by now but this year I just want to leave it up longer. I took down everything else besides the tree though 😂

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  7. Cynthia wrote:

    Love the plaid coat. “UGG” boots! I thought I was “too seasoned” (old) to wear them too. Got my first pair at 53 (7 years ago) and I have 6 pairs (UGG, Koolaburro, BearPaws) that I wear all winter. My feet stay toasty and dry and they are extremely comfortable. Age is just a number and if you’re comfortable in a style – go for it. You’ll know if its “not for you”. Happy 2021!

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  8. Deanna wrote:

    I love what Nancy M. wrote in her comment about after Christmas decorating. I think I have some of the items she mentioned. I love your blog Tania. And the comments where I pick up even more inspiration. Thanks for all your hard work putting your blog together daily!!

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  9. Linda Gist wrote:

    You are so clever! Your suggestion of the scarf with a navy coat (or anything navy) is perfect! I LOVE the plaid coat you wore today but have a closet of coats which I rarely get to wear because I live in Houston. Have ordered the plaid scarf and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can wear it – even if it’s with a long sleeved navy tee. Thank you Tania!!!!

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  10. Marla Hawkins wrote:

    I love christmas lights! I add lights to my fireplace mantel once the tree comes down. I use bethleheem lights from QVC. They have a timer and a remote! I also use the flameless candles in big red lanternerns to add a little more festivity to the rooms after Christmas.

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  11. Nancy M. wrote:

    After we take down the tree, a thorough cleaning is in order! I strip everything off of surfaces and clean, clean, clean. Then I decorate with Luminara candles, warm gold and brass accessories such as a large hammered gold vase with gold branches in it, a bit of greenery here and there and as Valentine’s Day gets close, I bring out the red!
    I love seasonal decorating and it’s a constant rotation in this house! Not sure if my family even notices, but I enjoy it, so I do it.
    I like your idea of fairy lights. Warm lighting is so key in the winter months…oh, and don’t forget the soft blankets and throws scattered around!

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  12. Jan wrote:

    You look great. How are you losing weight?

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  13. Arna B Bronstein wrote:

    Never too old for Uggs! I have a pair of the taller ones in dark brown (for snowy days), but I inherited my mother’s shorter ones in the lighter color. She worn them until she went into memory care (she doesn’t go out anymore), and so that means she was wearing them when she was in her 80’s. (She always dressed so stylishly, classic pieces.) I was hesitant at first to wear them, thinking they were for a younger person than I am, but I love them. I throw them on all the time when going out (which I haven’t done much of since last winter). I am definitely taking them to North Carolina when we move.

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  14. DJ wrote:

    Love the plaid and the idea of inspo photos/ideas. Please do that!! Thank you and your gurls for saying we aren’t too old to wear Uggs.
    I took down all my Christmas decor except one slim flocked tree which only has clear lights. It helps me transition to the holidays being over!

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  15. Patti wagner wrote:

    I think showing us how you go about getting outfit inspiration and putting an outfit together is a great idea! This is the saddest time of year for me. I really enjoy the Christmas tree lights and hate taking down the Christmas decor. I leave some smaller trees out and some with just white lights. I decorate with some pine garland and pine cones too. Winter rustic. I’ll come help you decorate if you come help me with my clothes and styling. Lol! P. S. I’m still waiting for my J. Crew plaid scarf you styled with the Talbots green sweater. I ordered it the same day you styled it. Early December? I’m bummed!

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  16. Gayle wrote:

    Love the coat, very cute! I really like the idea of you showing us gurls how to recreate a look from a photo. As far as decor, I have some Christmas specific decorations and the rest are winter themed so they can stay up until I’m ready for spring items to come out of storage. This way, I only have to put up the Christmas specific decor.

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
  17. Michele wrote:

    I would love to see how you go about getting outfit inspiration and putting an outfit together. I am not a user of Pinterest, but I have a feeling I need a tutorial. So if you ever wanted to do a post on how to navigate Pinterest I, for one, would be interested. Great coat, by the way. I am on the lookout for a plaid “shacket” and have yet to find the “perfect” one. P.S. I live in, and love, my UGGS and I am 62 years young. I have the “Kara” and the “Amie” which are slimmer profiles and don’t look so bulky on your foot. For a fun sneaker profile I have the “Mika”. As you can see, I love me some UGGS.

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Michele, it is funny that you mention the Pinterest tutorial. I was just talking to my sister about this yesterday, and we decided that we are going to put together a Pinterest and an Instagram tutorial for everyone. Thanks for the suggestions, I ordered some last night to try, and I’ll see if I can find the others.

      Posted 1.7.21Reply
    • Angela wrote:

      I have a Pinterest account but like Michele, I struggle in finding things that I want to look at. A little lesson on navigating Pinterest would be awesome! Maybe I should ask my 16 year old. Ha!

      Posted 1.8.21Reply
  18. Laura wrote:

    LOVE this look! I have been looking for grey jeans for so long so I bought this right away this morning. My tree and decorations stay up until the Sunday we celebrate as the Baptism of Jesus. I hate to see the lights of the tree come down too..they bring much calming to me.

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I think the lights are calming also. I like going to that room and sitting with nothing else on but the lights.

      Posted 1.7.21Reply
  19. Carla Parham wrote:

    Loved the plaid coat. As far as decor goes I put away put away my tree, lights, nativity and Santa but leave out my snowmen. I now have a whole collection. Not as nice as Christmas but still enjoyable.

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I know several people who collect snowmen, and they are perfect for the winter season.

      Posted 1.7.21Reply
  20. Monica Ercanbrack wrote:

    I also have my Christmas decorations up longer than usual and I also have a small tree that I leave out all the time it is frosted tree next the fireplace I think it looks rustic and cozy and leave my snowmen out and love what Chris said about leavng out the other things and I also decorate for Valentine’s cause it is also our anniversary. By the way I like the neutral’s you have styling.

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Monica, happy anniversary a little early. I love Christmas decorations, and I hate putting them away.

      Posted 1.7.21Reply
      • Monica Ercanbrack wrote:

        Thank you.

        Posted 1.7.21Reply
  21. Chris wrote:

    Love the plaid coat! I am also waiting to take down the Christmas tree this weekend! I love the lighted tree especially in the mornings!!! I remove the Santa’s and things that say Merry Christmas and replace with winter decor like snowmen, deer decor, winter greenery, pine cones…… it works and makes things still feel cozy !!

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      That is kind of my plan, but I still want the lighting. I am thinking about adding some fairy lights to my mantle so that I can turn those on in the day.

      Posted 1.7.21Reply
  22. Susan wrote:

    Yes! I would like to see more posts on how you took a photo as an inspiration and then recreated that look for yourself. Thanks!.

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Susan, that sounds like fun. I’ll see what I can do to start making that happen.

      Posted 1.7.21Reply
  23. Lori wrote:

    Love the plaid coat!! Would you please share what R and F products you use in the am and pm, and in what order? I have products that don’t get used because I am unsure. 😩

    Posted 1.7.21Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Yes, I’ll share those with you. I actually have some graphics showing the order to use all of the products that I use, and I’ll post those.

      Posted 1.7.21Reply
    • Janet Williams wrote:

      Love the plaid!! Bring on the colour!

      Posted 1.7.21Reply
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