Flare jeans, pointy boots, a burgundy camisole, and a navy blazer makes a great look Did you experience deja vu when you saw my outfit? It is almost like you’ve seen this before, but not exactly. Lol! I have a good reason for wearing these colors again today, and I’ll tell you about that in just a bit. But, right now, I am going to tell you about my laugh that I got when I was talking to Joe yesterday morning. Joe asked me a silly question; he said, “do you have to tell everything that you know?” He has been married to me for over 33 years, so you would think that he would already know that the answer is, yes! 😂
Flare jeans, pointy ankle boots, a burgundy camisole, and a navy blazer makes a great look The thing that I thought was so funny was what he considered was me oversharing. If you follow me on my personal Facebook page, then you would have seen to post that when I travel, I like to eat Chex Mix. Joe hates me to eat Chex Mix because he says that my breath stinks afterward. So, if I am leaving town for a few days, then I will pick up a bag and eat on my journey. That was what he thought was going over the line. Lol! Forget that I have told how tall that I am, how much I weigh, or what size I wear in everything. Forget that I show photos of me with foils in my hair at the hairdresser and that I frequently appear online with no makeup. The thing that is over the line is that he thinks that my breath stinks when I eat Chex Mix. LOL! 😝
A floral burgundy camisole, and a navy blazer makes a great look Now it is time to get back to “why” I am wearing the same colors as I did in yesterday’s post. A lot of you might look at an outfit that I am wearing, and get discouraged because you don’t have the burgundy pants like I wore yesterday. I wanted to show that you can take the “concept” and come up with your own outfit. Instead of the cable knit cardigan from yesterday’s post, I added a classic navy blazer instead. This classic piece is a great addition to every wardrobe because it is so versatile, and it will not go out of style. I have one that has a striped lining on the inside that is old, but I still wear it a lot in the summer so I can roll the cuffs and show the lining. This one is a new one from Tommy Hilfiger, but it has already sold out online. Here are several though for you to choose from.

A floral burgundy camisole, and a classic navy blazer makes a great look You don’t see me carry a handbag very often lately. I usually carry this small Louis Vuitton or the Neverfull. The Neverfull was an incentive gift to me. I set a goal for myself, and once I reached that goal, then I purchased the bag. The smaller bag (I have forgotten the name) was one that I bought off of The Real Real. That is a luxury consignment website that sells lots of nice clothing, jewelry, handbags, etc., and the reason that I like that website is that they authenticate everything.
Geometric silver hoops from Kendra Scott worn by fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old Did you see Monday’s blog post? I shared a photo of my niece, where she was dressed for a Gala that she was attending. If you noticed, she was wearing the same earrings that I have on today. These are the Easton hoops in bright silver by Kendra Scott. I love wearing round hoops earrings, but these geometric shaped earrings are modern looking. They looked amazing on my niece, and I love them on me also. The only drawback to these earrings is…your daughter/granddaughter might try to take them from you. Lol!.

The silver bracelets that I am wearing are the Madijeanne (large links) and the Sheridan cuff bracelet. The Madijeanne is on an elastic cord, and the Sheridan is a magnetic cuff. So, both of these bracelets are easy on and easy off. These bracelets are great if you have arthritis or if you have trouble fastening latches.
Flare jeans, pointy ankle boots, a floral burgundy camisole, and a navy blazer worn by fashion blogger 50 is not old The Fiora bootie from Sam Edleman was peeking out from under my jeans. I loved the look of the pointy toe, but I thought that you might like a closer look. These boots have a sharply pointed toe, and most of the time, I have to size up with this style. However, I am wearing my usual size 9, and they fit perfectly.
Flare jeans and pointy boots worn by fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old Yes, the heel is higher than you might like at 3 3/4″, but you can still get a “similar” look if you look hard. The flare jeans that I am wearing are from Kut From The Kloth. I love that brand, and I wear these flare jeans all of the time. I feel like they are a medium flare, and not the large flare jeans from the 70s. These are called Natalie.

Flare jeans, pointy boots, a burgundy camisole, a Louis Vuitton satchel, and a navy blazer makes a great look Yesterday I added burgundy jeans, but today my burgundy is coming from my floral camisole. The color scheme is similar, but I have switched the way that I incorporate the color. This is how easy it can be to shop your closet for a “similar” look. You can add burgundy as a cardigan, a tank top, shoes, or handbag. Just start thinking outside of the box and do your own version. Christie sent me a photo of her “version” today, and she looked fabulous!!! The cami is from the Loft Outlet, and I am wearing a medium. Here is the link.
Flare jeans, pointy boots, a floral burgundy camisole, a Louis Vuitton satchel, and a navy blazer makes a great look If you have ever toyed with the idea of joining me in my skincare business, then now would be a great time. Rodan + Fields is offering an incentive where you get up to 150.00 cashback n your enrollment kit. Here is the really amazing part…I am matching their offer. So, you can get up to 300.00 off of a business kit, become my partner, and start earning an income of your own. Here is the link to the kits, and you can email me to set up a time to talk. This offer is only good through January 31st, so don’t delay.

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  1. I think you honesty is part of your strength ax be the reason why you are so popular. We love real women!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Nancy. I am a normal, real woman. One that has a big mouth. Lol!

  2. MEN!! Hahaha!! I’ll just leave it at that!! I LOVE all of your stories. After all, this is real life and we ALL have similar stories. Your honesty is endearing and what we all love about you. Don’t stop!!

    • Tania Reply

      I am waiting to see if he reads today’s post and says anything to me. Lol!

  3. considering all the things you have shared about Joe, it is hilarious that he picked this as going over the line! ask Christie if we can see her version! that would be fun. and if I didn’t tell you before I LOVE those booties,

    • Tania Reply

      That is what I thought too, Mary. Lol! I’ll message Christie and see what she says about her picture.

  4. I a few months ago turned the lovely 4-0, I felt stuck in a rut with my wardrobe. I really enjoy reading Tania’s blog post but yesterday morning while reading, I got inspired to look threw my closet and create my version of the outfit from the post, as always I love your fashion sense, and keep the ideas coming!
    P.S. kinda excited me reading my name in a blog post!☺

    • Tania Reply

      Christie, it is hard for me to believe that you are now 40. I still think of you and Daphne as teenagers. Lol! Heck, I still think that I am in my 30’s!!!

  5. I love this look! Question – if you wear a blazer with your outfit, is that also your coat this time of year? Do you wear a coat over it? I love the look but never know how to wear it in the winter. I live in Chicago and winters are cold.

    • Tania Reply

      Margie, I understand what you are saying. It doesn’t get that cold here, so usually, the blazer is enough. However, if your coat is roomie enough, then you can throw the coat over the blazer and take it off once you are inside.

  6. You look fantastic! Did you change your hair a little? The color looks a little brighter and the cut so smooth. My hair is more coarse now due to all the coloring I do and my age. I have to use a smoothing lotion to keep it in line…lol.
    Your outfit is a winner, def. keep it. I see a lot of skinny jeans on older women like myself but I don’t like seeing the bulges. The straight and slightly flare jeans make a women’s legs look longer, plus adding the high rise waist…perfection. I typically wear bigger tops to hide my bulges but I am learning what a mistake that is:) Have a great week.

  7. Could it be that Joe only thinks it’s oversharing when it puts HIM in a bad light, lol?

  8. These are My Favorite earrings on you to date. They give squareness to the most narrow part of your face Imo. So flattering and edgy! Thank goodness for your transparency too! Your husband is so blessed to have you!

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