Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a red blazer with a lips graphic tee and jeans

It is the weekend, and we have survived almost a whole week with my daughter living with us. She is so much fun to have around, and I love her being here. We are starting to go to the gym each morning, so she has already incorporated one good habit for me. Hopefully, she will be able to keep me on track…I tend to derail pretty quickly.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a red blazer with a lips graphic tee, jeans, and sneakers

She brought her cat, Thomas, with her when she flew in. Tom is gorgeous (photo below), but he is also a cat you will never see if you come to visit me. The most you will see will be a streak of fur as he runs through the room. He lived with me for a couple of months, and I had hopes that he would remember us.

Thomas and Ashleigh

When we got to Abingdon, she took him upstairs and let him out of his kennel. I gave him about an hour to settle down, and then I went upstairs to see if he would let me pet him. I knew he was hiding, and I found him under a chair. The chair had a dust skirt around it, so he felt safe under there. I raised the skirt and called for him. He came right out and let me pet him to my surprise and delight. I even picked him up to love on him, and he was fine.

After I left and went downstairs, Tom decided to explore his new house. I was in my bedroom putting on makeup when I heard him coming. He walked into the room, looked at Lucy Lu and me, then turned and walked out to continue his exploration. Lucy looked at me like, “wait…what was that?” Lucy then went to see if she could find Tom; evidently, they remembered each other because neither cared that the other was walking around. It looks like everyone is off to a great start getting settled.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a lips graphic tee and a red blazer

I wear a lot of sweaters and t-shirts with jeans on Saturdays. That is my go-to casual style, but I wanted to step up my game today and look casual and chic. Instead of adding only a t-shirt, I added a graphic tee for interest and a bright red blazer to up my chic factor. This lips tee reminds me of a Rolling Stones tee, but this one is more feminine. Unfortunately, the tee is already sold out, but there are some similar ones that I think you will like.

I’ve been trying to share “what I have on order” with you, and I hope you take advantage of those. This is the second outfit that I was going to show today, and items are already sold out. It is frustrating for me and you both, so I’ll be sure to continue sharing what I’ve got on order.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a red blazer with a lips graphic tee

I wanted to play up the red on the lips, so I added this notch collar blazer. I’ve had this blazer for a couple of years; it is a classic that I wear all the time. This was one that I bought during Talbots Red Hanger Sale, and it is no longer on the website. Any time I can find a classic item on sale, I’ll take advantage of it.

Here is another red blazer that I wear a lot, but it is shorter in length. I love this blazer, and I also have it in white and bright blue. (see below) This is a medium-weight knit jacket that looks polished and chic. I have two different sizes in these blazers since I am between sizes. I think the large white one fits great and the medium red one fits more fitted. I’m not sure which I like best.

Gibsonlook jumpsuit on 50isnotold

I’m wearing a large blazer in this photo.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a red blazer with a lips graphic tee and jeans and white sneakers

I styled these jeans the other day on my Hit or Miss post. It was fun to see who loved the jeans and who hated them. Once again, this is all a fashion choice preference. These are NOT cheap or crappy, and wearing them does NOT mean that I have no class or style. Also, wearing them does NOT mean that you have class or are stylish; it DOES mean that you made a fashion choice that you liked and that you are aware of the current trends. You should never make character judgments based on fashion choices.

Since these jeans are not available online, I’ll link to other jeans styles that you might like.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a red blazer with a lips graphic tee and distressed jeans

Here are a couple of pairs that would give you the same look. Click on the photo to go to the website.


Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a red blazer with a lips graphic tee and ripped hem jeans

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  1. Johnna Kirk says:

    You are nailing it with the graphic tees & jeans. Maybe because it’s my kind of look. Casual, a little funky & chic at same time. Love, love, love it!

  2. Doris Edler says:

    T-shirt is adorable. Where is it from? Jeans are cute on you, but not for me.

    1. Doris, you can click on the red highlighted wording and it takes you to the store.

  3. You look amazing in everything you put on. I wish we wore the same size, so I could go shopping in your closet!

  4. krista rogers says:

    i love the look, but again am unsure about the jeans. I think they need to be shorter on you maybe… or less boot cutt’y…..

    but you rock everything you wear. it’s kind of annoying!!! 😛

  5. You know how you merge into traffic? It all about timing. I’ve got to wear a red jacket like that and get out there again. I’m a hermit now.
    It’s so good to have family around. 😊

  6. I love the sneakers with the outfit but then I have about 20 fashion platform sneakers 😁

  7. beth byrd says:

    Love the colors of the graphic tee and your jacket.
    Very fun, stylish and casual!!

    But, what is the word on the front of the tee?
    Can’t figure it out.

  8. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Cute look. You look great in red. Tom is handsome, too.

  9. I’m glad that your daughter and kitty arrived safely. I love cats but they are fickle creatures to say the least.

    I love your outfit. My motto is “if you like wearing something or feel good it in that’s all that matters”. Clothes shouldn’t be labeled for certain age groups. I often wear more youthful clothes, I’m not talking shirts that expose my midriff, (that would be scary, but jeans,leggings, jackets etc. that I think are youthful. Gone are the days of having to dress frumpy.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Cute look! That color looks great on you.

  11. Hi kitty and dog, Tania and daughter. Have a fun day. I really like the red blazer and t-shirt. Great look for today! Have a wonderful day.

  12. Love the look and the red blazer This look for me would be a everyday look thanks for sharing

  13. I’m several years older than you, and I love my frayed hem jeans! As long as they have been around, it’s hard to believe that anyone would equate the wearer with not having class. A nice thing about being my age is that I truly don’t care what others think. As usual, you are your outfits are perfect!

  14. Mary Cupp says:

    Love the look…except the jean leg bottoms. The jeans take me back to high school. Way back. Lol.

  15. Ginger Hiller says:

    I’m so glad that the fur babies seem to remember one another and are getting off to a good start. I like this casual and chic outfit. Since blazers just aren’t my thing, I would wear a red cardigan in its place. We’re lucky to be able to choose the fashion trends that we will and won’t participate in. Have an awesome day!

  16. Love the Saturday casual outfit with graphic tshirt. I have a couple pair of the distressed jeans, and apparently, like you , have gotten mixed reviews when I wear them. I love the ragged hem on your with the sneakers, I feel like it camouflages my ankles so the jeans feel longer than they actually are. Your outfit is a fun look, that I plan on copying when it gets back into the 50’s. Have a great weekend.

  17. I loved both of the outfits. I could not wear the white blazer because it wouldn’t stay white very long. It seems anything white I wear ends up with something on it.

  18. I liked these jeans better with sneakers compare to white booties you had on in another post. Loved the “Muah” print tee! Sure made me smile. Not sure it’s something I’d where but it is really cute!

  19. I like raw edged jeans and those are cute. Even if you style something I don’t care for, I always appreciate the look!! Wasn’t it Ricky Nelson who said you can’t please everyone so you got to please yourself?! 🤭😉

  20. Hi. It’s fun following you and your fashion journey. Of course, some of your choices are definitely my style while others not so much but it’s always interesting to see what you have put together. The big question is where you house all your clothes…….you must have cornered the market in closet space!! LOL.
    Thanks for all your fashion suggestions.

  21. Dena J Burch says:

    Hi Tania! I love the look and you look so Chíc! I have trouble wearing blazers and jackets like that and NEED your advice. I’m 5’2 and the twins I wear on my chest are DDD and I’m ScotsIrish so I don’t have dainty small shoulders even though I have a smallish frame. In my post menopause years I also gained a tummy. 😖 so how do us fuller gurls do all this and still look cute and Chíc?