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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is carrying a hot pink handbag that she found on Amazon

I don’t know about you, but I have an Amazon delivery truck in my driveway almost daily. Between Joe and me, we are placing orders all of the time. We buy everything from paper towels and toilet paper to books, spices, tools, and gadgets. Like any website, you have to be careful who and what you order, and I always try to order from vendors with a good rating.

So, I’m going to share with all of you my favorite things that I’ve bought from Amazon since the first of the year. I posted about everything on YouTube in more detail, so be sure to watch that video when you get a chance.


I’m starting with this Pink Synthetic Leather Tote. This tote is an excellent size for carrying everything, but not so large that you hurt your back carrying it. Lol! They used to weigh my handbags when I worked at the lumber company. Hahaha! This tote comes in several colors, so hopefully, you can find one you like. Since this handbag is under $36.00, you can grab a bag in a fun color. (BTW, I’ll be showing this outfit soon, so don’t ask about the sweater. Lol!!!)

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is carrying a navy and white sweater that she found on Amazon

This navy and white sweater is terrific for drawing your eye inward and creating a thinner look. I love the deep v-neck, and I thought it looked great with a white button-up shirt. Since the sweater has tiny holes in the pattern, I thought wearing a shirt underneath it was a smart move. I ordered a medium in this sweater, but I should have ordered a large instead. It is too tight for my comfort level.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a colorblock sweater that she found on Amazon

I like a casual day look, so this casual crew neck colorblock sweater works perfectly. I don’t go out to work in an office anymore, so my weekday outfits aren’t as dressy as they used to be. I still wear comfortable/casual outfits over the weekends, and jeans and sweaters are usually what I wear. I might switch out the sweater for a sweatshirt or the jeans for a pair of leggings, but the overall concept is still the same.

This sweater is way nicer in person than it looked on the website. The material on the website looked like a loose weave, but this is tight-knit and looks polished and high-end. The sweater is available in several colors and prints, but I loved the coffee, pink, and camel color combination. I’m wearing a medium, and I think it is perfect.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a windowpane sweater that she found on Amazon

The first sweater is this windowpane cowl neck sweater, and I’ll let you know that I was pretty amazed at the quality of the sweater. It is a nice weight, and the material is like a fine gauge sweater, but it does run a tiny bit large.

I ordered a medium in the sweater, and I thought it fit great. I saw that some complained that the arms were too long, but they were fine for me. I do have pretty long arms, though, so consider that. If the arms are too long, you can scrunch them up or cuff them. For those who are picky about seams and patterns, you’ll be happy to know that the lines match up at the seams.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a faux sherpa sweater that she found on Amazon

This casual top is soft, comfortable, and super cute; plus, it has POCKETS! Hahaha! This sherpa sweatshirt is one that you won’t want to take off. I might have worn this sweatshirt two days in a row, but as my granddaughter tells me, “don’t judge me.” Lol! The same fuzzy sherpa on the outside is on the inside and in the pockets. I’m wearing a medium, which is plenty big enough for me.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is carrying a printed handbag that she found on Amazon

I love this satchel handbag with leather trim, but I ended up giving this to my mom the other day. She mentioned that she would like a handbag that could be worn with anything, and I knew this would be a great size bag for her. She is super picky, but she loved it and is already carrying it every day.

I love this pattern which reminds me of a Michael Kors bag or my Louis Vuitton bag, but at a fraction of the cost. Also, I love that you can carry it with the leather handles or attach the wide printed shoulder strap, which lets the bag be used as a crossbody handbag.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing shoe organizers that she found on Amazon

I did a post the other day about How To Clean And Organize Your Closets. I mentioned that I had ordered these shoe stacker space savers that would allow you to fit more shoes in a limited amount of space. They actually work (you can see a video on my YouTube post), but the material is kind of flimsy. They do the job, so I guess that is all that matters.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing shelf dividers that she found on Amazon

As you can see, I have a lot of handbags, and this is only a fraction of how many I have. Handbags that stand up by themselves are easy to store, but the floppy ones and fall over are a colossal pain.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing clear shelf dividers that she found on Amazon

Look how well these clear acrylic shelf dividers worked!!! They help to keep everything in its place, and I’m thinking about using these in my armoire for my sweaters. The material of these dividers is much more sturdy, and they do a great job.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing spice shelf organizers that she found on Amazon

I have two tall cabinets in my kitchen, and they are narrow and deep. It makes it hard to find anything in the cabinets, especially if everything is the same height. So, I ordered two of these expanding three-tiered organizers to put in my spice cabinet and one for my medicine cabinet. I might end up ordering one for every shelf since these worked so well.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing vanity organizers that she found on Amazon

The drawers in mine and Joe’s vanity are deep and narrow. They make it hard to keep your toiletries organized, so I ordered acrylic drawer organizers for both of us. I was surprised at how happy this made Joe since I didn’t think he had that much stuff. He immediately put it in his drawers and organized it precisely as he wanted.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing vanity drawer organizers that she found on Amazon

My drawers are a little more packed than his. Lol! The organizer works excellent. Can you imagine how big a mess this would be with everything in piles?

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing mascara that she found on Amazon

If you look closely at my drawer, you will see two tubes of the mascara that I wear daily. I started using this mascara a couple of months ago, and I’ve been impressed with how good it works. The blue tube is waterproof, and the green is a regular mascara. I use the green one unless I am going to be in the water.


Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a beige and white sweater from Walmart a pearl necklace

Since I mentioned mascara, don’t forget my Valentine’s Day Lash Boost special. Some of you might not know, but I never had long lashes before October 2016, when I started using Lash Boost by Rodan and Fields.

Lash Boost is a clear lash serum that you use nightly. This serum is applied like eyeliner; you let it dry for 90 seconds, then head to bed. Longer-looking, fuller-looking, and younger-looking lashes can be yours! Rodan and Fields are sure this product will work for you. However, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t, so you are never stuck with products that don’t work. Every Lash Boost order placed through the 15th will get a gift from me. I’ll send you a tube of the mascara that I use every day and a lash comb that you’ll need in a couple of weeks.

There are three ways to make a purchase. A retail customer where you pay full price and shipping, or as my Preferred Customer where you get a 10% discount and free shipping, or you become a consultant like me where you can get the best price. Message me if you have questions.

To become my Preferred Customer and take advantage of the 10% discount and free shipping, be sure to check the box at checkout that says JOIN PC PERKS.



Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a long navy and white cardigan with a white shirt

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  1. Me too. I far prefer to shop local!

  2. Thank you for very thing you showed ! love the navy stripe sweater you look great in everything I might order that sweater thanks again love your posts🙏 ❤️

  3. I must be the odd one here. I do not buy from Amazon/Bezos….don’t like supporting how he treats employees. I order as much as I can from local people/businesses who are trying to stay in business in spite of the past 2 years of COVID challenges.

  4. DAWN ADAMO says:

    I got the shoe slot organizer. LOVE them so much. Great space saver!!

  5. Doris Mitchell says:

    I LOVE the idea of an Amazon capsule of great finds !!! Thank you

  6. Ginger Hiller says:

    I wanted to order the bright pink tote, but that color is not showing up as an option. 😟 Like y’all, we order from Amazon a lot. In our neck for the woods, Wal-Mart provides faster delivery though, so I use them whenever possible.

  7. It’s amazing to me how different those Amazon sweaters look on you than on the website. It’s like they go for the same slouchy, retro vibe photo on every single one. Thanks for taking one for the team and finding out what they’re really like! Love them!

  8. Thanks for your Amazon post. I like everything! Even the organizers. I especially like the blue v neck and the sherpa sweat shirt. Great prices too. Thanks so much.

  9. I order great stuff from Amazon. They were a lifesaver during the pandemic. The essence mascara has a new one out that is all pink and has a better brush. It’s much better. You’ll love it. I love all these sweaters, especially the Sherpa. Looks so cozy. I’m trying to look ahead to spring. Looking forward to non-sweater weather!

  10. Pam Baker says:

    I ordered and received and LOVE the color block sweater! I have been admiring the windowpane sweater for awhile. Finally decided to bite the bullet and lo and behold it was on lightening deal this morning! Thanks for always being a bright spot in my day!!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Always love your posts! Will you please share info on the beautiful blue/gray turtleneck sweater pictured with the pink handbag?