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Finding shoes to wear when you have foot issues isn’t difficult. Finding CUTE shoes when you have foot issues is a challenge! Since so many people seemed to enjoy my recent post on having younger-looking hands, I thought I’d take today and discuss another area that gets neglected – our feet! I get so many emails and messages from women asking for alternatives for high heels because, due to foot issues, they can’t wear them anymore.

Never fear, Gurls, I am on the case! I’ve done some research and put together a list of super cute shoes for three common issues, but as always, be reminded – I’m not a doctor. LOL. Please do your own research, read the reviews, and let us know what works or doesn’t work for you!

Shoes to Wear When You Have Morton’s Neuroma

Are you familiar with Morton’s Neuroma? It wasn’t until recently that my sister mentioned that she’s had the issue for years. According to FootHealthFacts.com, it’s a thickening of nerve tissue “which occurs between the third and fourth toes.” According to my sister, it feels like a pebble is under the ball of her foot, and that pebble is on fire. Yikes!

While she could have corrective surgery, she has opted to minimize the pain by wearing foot inserts such as these:

Metatarsal Foot Pain Cushion Pads

High heels are out because they put too much pressure on the ball of the foot, but here are a few recommendations.

Athletic Shoes for Women with Foot Issues

If you play sports or need a good walking shoe, my sister loves Asics because they have a wide toe box. Tight shoes make the problem worse, but by using the insert I mentioned above and using a wide tennis shoe, she’s able to play pain-free. Since she plays tennis about 72 times a week, I’d say she’s a pretty good resource.

Flats for Women with Foot Issues

Beale Flat

Black Leather Beale Flat Loafer

I love these chic flats from Nordstrom. They have a tiny small heel, cushioned insole, and come in wide, so there are no pinched toes.

Sketchers Flat

Sketchers Flat in Taupe

These are so cute! They’re walking shoes but anything but boring. They come in wide and extra-wide, plus the material stretches.

Platform Sandals for Women with Foot Issues

platform sandals

Espadrille Platform Sandals

According to my sister, she can wear a very slight heel without too much discomfort. These platform heels elevate your shoe game but aren’t exactly what I’d call heels.

3 Tips to Reduce the Stress on Your Morton’s Neuroma

  1. Use a very cold plastic bottle or fill one with ice. Roll the bottle back and forth along the bottom of your foot. This can reduce the inflammation.
  2. Sit on the floor with your leg straight. Using a towel, hold each end and put the ball of your food in the middle. Gently book your forefoot back toward your shin for a gentle stretch.
  3. Strengthen your foot by sitting in a chair and with your foot in front of you, make a figure eight with your big toe.

Shoes for Women with Plantar Fasciitis

Boy, do I know a little something about this issue! I’ve been battling this painful condition for several months. For those who don’t know,  plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. The inflamed tissue runs across the bottom of the foot. To me, it feels like a stabbing pain in my heel!

In researching shoes to wear with this condition, I’ve learned that you’re looking for shoes with ample arch support and a firm but flexible midsole.

Athletic Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

I love a sneaker that says I’m fashionable and athletic, not I HAVE PLANTAR FASCIITIS! These fit the bill nicely. They come in a variety of colors, but I like the teal.

Orthofeet Sneakers 

Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

Look how cute these are!

Vionic Sandal

Vionic T-Strap Sandal

This Macaroon-colored sandal is a classic and would look amazing with white, black, or even a cute pair of flared jeans. Plus, there are other colors to choose from if you don’t need a neutral sandal.

Flats for Plantar Fasciitis

It’s easy to find flats for your average day; look for shoes with good arch support and deep heel pockets. But what about when you want to spice it up a bit or go to a fancy dinner? Birdies to the rescue!

Birdies flats

Birdies Slip On Flats

These come in classic prints like a mini cheetah, black and gold, but also have fun seasonal varieties.

3 Exercises to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Spread your toes out as wide as possible, hold and release. Do each foot twice, several times a day.
  2. To strengthen arch muscles, place a towel on the floor, grasp the towel with your toes and pull it toward you. Repeat with each foot 5x.
  3. Stretch your calf muscles. Stand with hands against the wall and one leg behind you with your foot on the floor. Tilt your hips until you feel the stretch in your calf. Hold for 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat 3x.

Cute Shoes To Wear When You Have Bunions

This is one foot issue that I don’t have yet. I say yet because according to the internet, it’s VERY common, with 3 million people diagnosed with it each year. What is it, and what causes it? Mayoclinic.com says it’s a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe and is caused by tight shoes, foot stress, and arthritis.

Athletic Shoes When You Have Bunions

Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe
Like Morton’s Neuroma, women who suffer from bunions need a shoe with a wide toe box. It’s also helpful when the shoe is made from stretchable material. That’s why I like these running shoes.


They are stylish and seem to hit all the “must-haves” for bunion sufferers.

New Balance Running Shoe

I also like these white sneakers. You CAN’T go wrong with a white tennis shoe!

Flats When You Have Bunions

Ladies, I’m not going to lie. Finding flats that are wide, have good arch support, come in a stretchable fabric, and are CUTE was very difficult. But never fear – I think I have got you covered!

Mesh Flats with Pointy Toes
I don’t love every version, but the black and beige is a classic look. There is a white and beige version and many other colors. While they look narrow, the description says they are wide, and one reviewer said they fit well over her bunions.

Sandals When You Have Bunions

Thankfully, there are a lot of options in sandals for women with bunions. These are a very inexpensive option, have good reviews, and look great.

Toe Ring Slides 

Bow Knot Orthopedic Shoes
Here’s another option. I like the added detail of the knot.

Platform Sandals

These are absolutely gorgeous!


Birkenstock Cork Wedge

Birkenstock has a “contoured footbed to provide support and weight distribution and deep heel cups for proper body alignment.” And although these say they are narrow, the reviewers say they are actually quite wide.

Tips to Prevent Bunions

  1. Wear the correct shoes. They should fit comfortably, even a little loose on your foot, and have a wide toe box, good arch support, and heels that are less than 1-2 inches. 
  2. Maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight, your foot and big toe joints are under more pressure than they should be.
  3. If your feet are tired, elevate them and give them a break.

Since feet don’t get the sun like our hands, they don’t tell our age as badly, especially when we take care of them. Live it up, Gurls! Paint your toenails, gets a toe ring, and pamper those piggies!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens has her feet propped up on her desk1

So many are asking about the shoes I’m wearing. These are by Aetrex, which are so comfortable and perfect for people with foot issues.

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  1. Thank you for the foot care article and ideas. I’m ordering the cuticle oil! I’ve been looking for a new one so hoping this one will be great!

  2. Leslie Balme says:

    Girl, you get me in so much trouble!!!!! Love the Skechers with the bow, but can’t find them anywhere, not even on the Skechers website. I need to start buying some lottery tickets.
    Thank you for all your styling tips.

    1. Lol! Leslie you made my day!!!

  3. I enjoy your posts! Thank You for featuring stylish shoes for those of us with foot issues. I would love to find a place to find stylish narrow (very narrow – 4A or 3A) shoes. Also, many narrow shoes are very pricey so shoes in that $100 range instead of $200-$250 range. I have worn Birkenstocks for years and love them. I find they are worth their price because they last for years. Their sandals are amazing! Again, thank you!

  4. I love hearing about comfortable shoes that look smart! One issue that wasn’t mentioned was very narrow feet. Since I was a teen wearing “old lady” shoes was so embarrassing and even now it’s difficult finding trendy narrow shoes that aren’t super expensive! Help!

  5. I also have Morten’s Neuroma and have purchased the wide ASICS runners based on the information above. They are the most comfortable runners I have ever worn and would never have know without reading your blog. I’m wondering if I can now ask what type of winter boots your sister wears for this same foot condition as this winter season is upon us. Thanks so much.

  6. Thanks Tania! You’ve really given us some great shoes to look at! Appreciate it!

  7. Janus Emory says:

    I have Hammertoe. Most leather shoes are too tight. High heels are a no no (sob). Even sandals can be painful. I’m relegated to wearing athletic shoes. I do suffer with shoes when I’m dressed up for date night.

  8. I highly recommend Birdies shoes! I have worn them for years. They are very comfortable and quite stylish.

  9. I love most of these shoes, but I have had bunion surgery on both feet, and every foot surgeon will tell you don’t ever wear shoes with pointed toes…..they push your big toe inward, which makes bunions even worse….the same with sandals that have a strap right over your big toe that pushes it inward. I love vionic shoes as well.

  10. Tania, thank you for addressing Morton’s Neuroma! I have never seen anyone discuss this issue when recommending shoes. I have had one for many years, had surgery but is slowly returning!!
    Love the pads mentioned. I attach one to a foam insole (Dr Scholl’s) and switch them out in my shoes. Of course not sandals😊
    Vionic insoles have also been helpful. Lastly, no more sandals with toe strap between big toe and first! Will continue to aggravate neuroma.
    Thanks again, love your blog😊

  11. Fortunately my plantar fasciitis doesn’t bother me much any more but….I wear vionic pointed toe flats (one pair leopard and one pair silver) which are perfect for my flat feet. I also have several pairs of vionic slip-ons in light blue/gray camo. I’m always watching for their sales since they’re pricey. My foot doc suggested Asics for sport shoes I love Vionic and even bought their slippers since I found that inexpensive thongs and flat flippers were aggravating my fasciitis. Sales…sales…sales. Keep looking and you typically can find something appealing!

  12. Cameron Russell says:

    I wear nothing but Vionic shoes. They have the arch support and cushioning. They saved my life when I had plantar fasciitis for almost 2 years. The Orthofeet orthotics and Vionic have been great. And finally Vionic is making fashionable good looking shoes, sandals, boots and heels.

  13. I have had mortons neuroma and plantar faciitis.

    I too have found Ascics Nimbus to be best for walking distances and sports. It took me 2 years of returning different running shoes to find these.

    I take a 7 1/2 but wear an 8 for the wider toe box. I never even feel a twinge now.

    For PF, always a soft sole and an arch.

    I was wondering Tanya, do you wear the shoes you style in your daily life or just for the blog?

    They’re very cute but with PF I couldn’t wear them.

    1. Marlene, I wear most of the shoes I style on the blog unless I’m going to be doing a ton of walking.

  14. Great blog today. I had (inherited) bunions, but no longer have. I finally had surgery on both feet and I only wish I had done it sooner. I can wear just about any shoe I want now with no problems. The flat that you picked out for bunions are great and I would have liked to have that option when I still had them. They are cute and stylish and look so comfortable.

  15. Thank you for this issue about stylish shoes for people with foot problems. I got plantars fasciitis last year and it took about 5 mos to get rid of the pain. Exercise stretching of the toes and feet really help and I’ll not wear shoes unless they have arch support and cushiony insoles. I feel sandals without a strap at the ankle are easier for your foot to slip out of the sandal and cause problems. I’m having an issue with getting rid of my cute shoes and sandal that don’t have good support. 😒

  16. Karen Lyon says:

    I suffered with plantar fascitis for several months and then tried laser therapy..after 5 sessions, I was cured!

  17. Great post. I can highly recommend all the Vionic shoes! Since I was diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma years ago, I have found wearing Vionic shoes and sandals are the answer for me. I never go barefoot anymore, and my feet have never been happier!

  18. J C Harrison says:

    Great post! I have narrow feet with a high arch, but began having issues after my second pregnancy and my undying love of flip flops didn’t help. (I even wore them in the winter!) I suffered from plantar fasciitis and developed tailor’s bunions. I was cured of my plantar fasciitis, but my little bunions are not so easy eliminated. After years of trying to find cute shoes, I discovered that Dr.Scholl’s has the most amazing shoes that alleviate my foot pain, but come in a plethora of ADORABLE styles. If you’re looking for something fashionable, comforting, but won’t break the bank, try them out.😉

  19. Tania, Thank You ! This was such a Great Post. I have several of these issues. My podiatrist tells me it’s from years of wearing heals. Again, thank you.

  20. Loved this post. And showing more future pix with comfy shoes. The Walking Company has closed but I can still get their ABEO brand online and they are great for my arch and bunion. Love your Bible verses always, put today’s was especially perfect. Thank you!

  21. Susan White says:

    I have several pairs of Hush Puppy Chaste flats that do not irritate my bunions. They come in various colors, some patterns and cost about $80.

  22. Ginger Hiller says:

    The Birdies flats are so pretty! I have feet issues because my feet are really narrow and paper thin, and I have high arches. Finding stylish shoes that are narrow, even in the heel, and that have arch support is very challenging. I also have very weak and bad ankles, so wearing my platform shoes can be painful.

  23. Great post. I have a bunion and ordered the sandal on Amazon. It has great reviews. Thanks and I will let you know how they work. If they do I will shout it to the mountains as I get excited when I find a shoe I can wear! Sometime could you find some good tote bags for traveling on airplanes? My purse is inadequate.

  24. HI Tania,
    I started to have a lot of foot pain in my early 20’s dues to bunions. Somehow, I seemed to inherit all the bad traits from my parents! I splurged a couple of years ago and purchased a pair of Rothy’s rounded toe flats and they wear like a dream. They are a flat that wears like a sneaker. I wear them all day long without discomfort. Thanks for your ideas!

  25. Wonderful post, Tania! Thank you for all your hard work behind the scenes to give us this post.

  26. You did a post where you had on yellow jeggings from Talbots. It was earlier this month. I can’t seem to find it a d I would love to see how you styled them. Can you send it to me? Thanks

  27. Hi Tania. I had a bilateral bunionectomy about 5 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I can now wear most any shoe I choose. Bunions are also hereditary. They were very prevalent in my mother’s family. In the summer everything was fine because I could wear sandals but when the weather would turn cool and closed toe shoes were necessary the pain was awful. I know many people do not want to go through the surgery but I am glad I did. Have a great day!

  28. Great post! Where did you find the blue sandals at the end of your post?


    Ah! Fun shoes for aching feet! My podiatrist recommended a slight wedge for my bunion relief. Vionics are so comfy! I also recommend all leather shoes so they stretch. Purchase a shoe stretcher on Amazon to slightly adjust the toe box area. It was much less than paying for my new shoes to be stretched each time! Combine that with having to find size 5.5! I’m searching for a unicorn 😉

  30. Michelle James says:

    Great info! I have very narrow feet! Finding shoes in a narrow width has become much more difficult over the years., especially when plantar fasciitis is an issue. Munro Shoes is a family owned company in the US that has fabulous shoes for all widths and sizes. I have been able to find stylish shoes that fit well and are comfortable from Munro. They do have some “frumpy” comfort styles, but lots of cute shoes too. They are expensive, but soooo worth the money. I highly recommend Munro Shoes if you wear a hard to find size/width, or just want fashionable, comfortable shoes. (I’m not a stakeholder, just a HUGE fan!)