Office wear by fashion blogger 50 is not old. Leopard print skirt and black knee boots If anyone had been watching me last Thursday, they probably got a good chuckle. Joe and I left for Tennessee on Thursday, and we had one extra passenger when we pulled out of Grundy. Emersyn wanted to ride with us since her parents wouldn’t be leaving until her dad got off of work. So, the three of us got on the road around 1:00 pm for a five-hour drive. If you have ever traveled with a child, then you know we got the normal “how much longer” question a lot. Lol!
Office wear by fashion blogger 50 is not old. Leopard print skirt, black blazer, and black knee boots About an hour into our trip, Emersyn declared that she was starving. At almost the exact same time, her mother messaged me that Emersyn might be hungry since she hadn’t eaten much that morning. So, we stopped at McDonald’s to grab a bite to eat before we finally got on the Interstate. We decided that it would be easier to go inside and eat instead of trying to juggle everything in the car. This restaurant had to be 50 degrees inside, and Emersyn sat there shivering, so I ran to the car to get her jacket. It was pouring outside, so I was probably hurrying to get back inside the restaurant. I stepped on the “drive-thru” painted lettering, and my feet started slipping. I think that I fell for five minutes before I finally ended up on the ground. Lol! After I picked myself up, I went inside with a wet leg from the fall. I told Emersyn what had happened, and she said, “did anyone see you fall?” I had to laugh because she was way more concerned about me being embarrassed instead of the fact that I could have hurt myself. How many of us have thought the same thing? 🙋
Outfit for an office setting by fashion blogger 50 is not old. Leopard print skirt and black knee bootsWhen I asked for suggestions for blog posts, several of you mentioned work attire and skirt outfits. This outfit takes care of both of those suggestions. The black Ponte blazer from Court & Rowe is the perfect blazer for a work outfit. The four brass buttons at the cuff and the one closure button, pop against the dark black background. I think the buttons make the blazer look very elegant and rich-looking. The description on the website says that the jacket has faux-leather elbow patches, but I don’t think that is accurate because mine didn’t have them. I like the classic peaked lapels on the blazer, and I think the whole blazer is a classical style that you will be able to wear for a long time. I am wearing a size 10 in the blazer, and it fits me great. This blazer is a dry clean only garment, so consider that if purchasing. Here is the link to the blazer.
Outfit for an office setting by fashion blogger 50 is not old. A black blazer and a wine camisole with black beads This floral v-neck cami is one that I found when I was at the beach last month. I loved the two-tone monochromatic coloring and the subtle floral pattern on the camisole. I found this at the Loft Outlet, and I knew that I would be able to get a lot of wear from this item. The deep wine color (Rioja) is the same color as these pants that I wore in this post here. I bought the two pieces together intending to wear them together, and I probably still will at a later date. I am wearing a medium, and with a relaxed fit, it fits me great. Here is the link to the cami.
Outfit for an office setting by fashion blogger 50 is not old. A black tweed handbag from Chicos with a gold chain How cute and stylish is this tweed handbag? I saw this while I was at the beach, and I ordered it (as well as a few other things) once I got back home. The gold braid link around the flap of the purse is elegant looking, and the bag can be worn as a cross shoulder bag or like I am carrying it today. I hardly ever switch handbags since I bought my Neverfull by Louis Vuitton, but I do like a “dress” bag to carry also. Here is the link to the handbag.
Outfit for an office setting by fashion blogger 50 is not old. Styling black knee boots with a wine leopard print skirt I hate showing my winter white legs, and I hate applying faux tanner all the time. So, the alternative for me is to wear knee boots or over the knee boots. I think that they are very stylish and on-trend, and they take care of my phobia about white legs. I have a couple of black knee boots, but today I decided to wear a pair that is a couple of years old. These are suede boots with a chunky heel, so they are easier to walk in for me. My only suggestion for ordering this type of boot would be to pay close attention to the calf size if the boots aren’t made from a stretchy material. Take a measuring tape and check the size of your calf and then look online in the description of the boots.

Outfit for an office setting by fashion blogger 50 is not old. Leopard print skirt, a black blazer, a tweed handbag, and black knee boots Guess what is super cute, wine (Rioja) colored, and has black and white leopard print spots on it? You are correct if you said this midi-skirt from the Loft Outlet. I love the length of this skirt that hits me right below the knees. I also love the color, the print, and the fact that this has an elasticized waist. The skirt that I am wearing is a medium, and it fits great. Here is the link to the skirt.

fashion blogger 50 is not old wearing a leopard print skirt and black knee boots That look that you get when you almost slip off of the sidewalk. Maybe it wasn’t the rain’s fault that I fell the other day. Maybe my middle name should be clutz. Lol! I haven’t mentioned the jewelry that I am wearing yet. I am wearing the Sophee earrings from Kendra Scott in gold-tone. These are a great size, and I think that they go with any look. They are feminine looking, but they also look great with jeans, which makes them very versatile. These are a nice weight earring, and I know that you will be able to wear them a lot. Here is the link to the earrings, and here is a link you can use to go to the website and get 20% off your first purchase with Kendra Scott. The black glass long strand of beads are a vintage pair that I have had for over ten years, and the magnetic gold bracelet is the Starley. I like the magnetic style bracelets since they are easy to put on and take off.
Outfit for an office setting by fashion blogger 50 is not old. Wine leopard print skirt, a black blazer, and black knee boots


    • Tania Reply

      Isn’t it funny how we worry more about our pride than our backside? Lol!

  1. I tripped on a step in a Wendy’s restaurant on a trip from Texas. Not ONE person even looked at me or asked if I was ok! I’m almost 70! You’d think SOMEONE would check! And I slipped off a tiny raised sidewalk once & fractured my ankle. Talk about klutz! I love the outfit. Colors are fantastic. And if I was still working (Yay, I’m retired!), that would be the perfect outfit. Or maybe with tights & booties?

    • Tania Reply

      Oh no! I am glad that you didn’t hurt yourself worse. I have done the same with a sidewalk, just thankfully I didn’t fracture my ankle.

  2. I’ve been looking for a similar belt and ordered one of the belts you suggested. Thanks!

    • Tania Reply

      I wear stretchy belts a lot, and I have them in several colors. They expand with my waistline. LOL!

    • Tania Reply

      I thought that it would be great for work, church, or any type of professional meeting.

  3. Glad you didn’t hurt yourself! I am falling more often but saw a shirt that said I don’t fall, I perform random gravity checks. Your outfit is gorgeous, love the colors. I am retired and still keep looking at outfits like you are wearing.

  4. Super cute outfit! If I still worked in an office, I would definitely be wanting this.

    • Tania Reply

      Sally, you can use an outfit like this for going to the bank, to court, to church, out on a date, or any type of professional setting.

  5. That is a perfectly gorgeous outfit. Love the color combinations. You look wonderful. as always.

  6. I just LOVE this outfit. You look so chic! The colors all look great and perfect together. I too like to wear long skirts with tall boots.

  7. kristin greene Reply

    You look great in that style of skirt! I love how you pulled all the pieces together, it looks great together. I am not as brave at mixing prints. That is one thing I love about your posts, how you inspire me to try new things.

    • Tania Reply

      Kristen, thanks so much for the comment. I experiment a lot; some are hits, and some aren’t.

  8. Melesa Garrison Reply

    First and foremost, I’m glad you are ok, but I found it funny that Emersyn (at her age) would ask if anyone saw you? She’s a hoot! You always look great

    • Tania Reply

      I know, Melsea! Isn’t it hilarious that she was more concerned about someone seeing me? Lol!

  9. I love these colors. I am bringing in wine, burgundy into my wardrobe inspired by the wine flats and other pieces you have worn in that color. It’s just the punch my black, gray & navy things need. Sorry about the fall. I’m just glad you weren’t seriously hurt.

    • Tania Reply

      You are right about wine being a perfect complement for those colors.

  10. Wow! Love this entire outfit! You definitely should wear skirts more! You always look wonderful, but this outfit was GORGEOUS!!!

  11. (First time commenting – regular reader) Love your posts and the color combinations in your outfits.You are inspiring me to “change up” a bit. Glad you are ok and I’m praying you find the cat….

    • Tania Reply

      I am so happy that you decided to comment!!! Thanks for thinking of us and Tom.

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