Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow turtleneck sweater and gray skinny jeans with neutral ankle boots Y’all, I have been struggling. If you have been reading my posts for at least a month, then you probably know that I decided to quit having my nails “done.” My nails have always been weak and thin, so I have been getting gel or SNS powder applied to my nails. But, the upkeep associated with keeping my nails looking good finally got the best of me. So, about three weeks ago, I had my nail tech take all of it off of my nails.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow turtleneck sweater and gray skinny jeans I also had them cut my nails short in the hopes that they wouldn’t split or break. That has not been the result, however, and my nails have split, and split, and split. I have had to put a bandaid on two of my nails because they are into the quick and have bled some. I have been applying CND RescueRXx, but my daughter took that back to Alaska with her, so I have another bottle on order. Typing has been so hard since my fingertips are sore, so today while I was out shopping, I decided to apply KISS Acrylic nails that glue on. Some ladies that I know told me that the nails would stay on about two weeks. That should be enough time for my nails to grow out, and hopefully, they won’t keeping splitting.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow turtleneck Fairisle sweater from The Loft The weather threw me a curve this past weekend. When I travel to visit my sister down in the Atlanta area, I think of “Hotlanta,” and I believe that it is always hot and sunny, but that was NOT the case this past weekend. It was downright cold, and it rained almost the entire time that I was there. I was sure glad that I took this bright yellow Fairisle Turtleneck from The Loft with me because I forgot to take a coat. This sweater was enough warmth for me as long as I wasn’t outside for long periods.

The sunny sweater was part of my Loft try-on session last Thursday (here), and I mentioned how warm, and snuggly the sweater was. It was like a premonition of the weather that was to come. Lol! I am wearing a medium, and as you can see, the sweater is plenty big enough for me. Here is the link to the sweater that is on sale at 60% off.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow turtleneck sweater and gray skinny jeans with flats with fur If you guessed that I would choose to wear gray jeans with this turtleneck sweater, then you were right, and you were also wrong. Lol! Yes, I did end up wearing gray jeans, but that was not what I had intended to wear. I had meant to wear white jeans with this sweater, but because it was raining, I ended up changing my mind.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow turtleneck sweater and gray skinny jeans with house slippers with fur I took Ashleigh to the airport, and we were in a huge hurry because we weren’t sure what kind of traffic we would encounter. Plus, she was taking Tom back to Alaska as a carryon, and she had no idea how big a hassle that was going to be. So, we were trying to leave in time for her to have extra time just in case there was a problem. I got in such a big hurry that I forgot to change from my house slippers, and I drove to the airport and back in them. Lol! It was all good because these have a hard sole. My DIL has a pair of mules with fur lining, and they are adorable. I am thinking about getting a pair of them myself. I am showing you a few shoes like she has.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow turtleneck sweater and gray skinny jeans with ankle boots These pointy toe ankle boots by Sam Edleman were what I had intended to wear. I love the striking look of these Fiora booties, and how they make my legs look like they go on forever. I wanted to show these boots from the side so that you could see how the front of the boot is higher than the back of the boot. Plus, from this angle, you get to see the side details that have a tiny buckle on the side. The heel is higher than some of you like, so I am going to link to a few boots that have a lower heel. Here is the link to this pair.

birthday girl Another reason that I went to Atlanta this weekend was to celebrate the birthday of my beautiful niece. She is as pretty on the inside as she is the outside, and is an angel. She had a Gala to attend on Saturday night, and she asked me to do her makeup for her. She loves horses, but makeup is not her thing, and she hardly ever puts any on. Of course, when you are this pretty, you can get by without wearing makeup. Lol! Happy Birthday, Rach!!! Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow turtleneck sweater and gray skinny jeans with neutral ankle booties

I wanted to let you know that my DIL will be once again adding a lot of jewelry to my Too Much Stuff resale page. If you are interested in joining the group, then click here. If you are already in the group, then watch for the announcement for when she will start posting the items that are for sale.started using lash Boost 10-16 Last Friday, I mentioned that a lot of you were asking me about my eyelashes. I know that pictures are worth a thousand words, so I am going to let these photos say everything for me. This photo was in October 2016. I started using Lash Boost this month for the first time, and I had a slow growth process. As you can see, I had NO eyelashes when I started.
red sweater and black turtleneckThis photo may not be clear, but you can see that my eyelashes were starting to get longer. This photo was three months after I started using Lash Boost.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a yellow turtleneck sweater And, here I am years later still loving that my eyelashes get comments from strangers. When you go from NONE to WOW, you can’t help but be thrilled. I am still offering the 20.00 rebate back on a purchase of Lash Boost, but the purchase has to be as a Preferred Customer to qualify. If you have any questions about Lash Boost or what becoming my Preferred Customer means, then email me at [email protected] Here is the link to Lash Boost.

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  1. I love the press on nails. I have very thin peeling nails. I can afford the gel nails and they only lasted maybe 2 weeks. I usually get about 10 days with the press on if I keep my hands out of water. I use nail hardener in between sets.

    • Tania Reply

      I love the look of longer nails, but I have always had thin brittle nails.

  2. I vow to never wear artificial nails or gel nails or powder nails again. It ruined my nails after one application of powder. I had good nails before. It took 6 months to get my nails back. Nails need to breathe.

    • Tania Reply

      I had crappy nails before, so you can imagine how bad they are now.

  3. Walmart sales an amazing Cream product to help strengthen your nails. It’s by Onyx and it’s called Hard as Hoofs. My Sister is using it and her nails are really growing and looking beautiful! Just thought I would share that with you!

    • Tania Reply

      I saw that at Walmart on Saturday. I may go back and buy it, thanks for letting me know that it works.

  4. Highly recommend Nailtiques Formula 2 for your nails. One coat daily for a week, then remove and start over. Has always worked like a dream when I was taking a break from shellac. I have it up recently as well.

    Love the yellow sweater!!

    • Tania Reply

      I have been looking at the Nailtiques repair formula also.

  5. good luck with your nails, the transition can be so hard! I take calcium after I broke my wrist last year and I wish I had done that when I stopped wearing nails because now I have the best nails of my life.

    • Tania Reply

      I need to take calcium anyway, so I will look into that.

  6. You look great! Ive never had good nails so can understand. Your bright colors are my favorites.

    • Tania Reply

      It is such a little thing to give me so much aggravation.

  7. Nancy Gyles Reply

    Tania-as an RN, I can attest to nail problems; having to wash hands and use hand sanitizer hundreds of times daily! I struggled for years with dry, peeling and splitting nails. I would advise to avoid all those salon chemicals and artificial nails and instead try biotin, as my dermotologist suggested, 2500 mcg daily. I also added flax seed oil daily. This takes time for results, but I no longer have the abovementioned nail issues and my nails and also my hair has improved! BTW, enjoy your blog daily!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Nancy. I was looking at different vitamins, but I wasn’t sure which ones to take.

  8. penny Wilson Reply

    I’ve been using the press on manicure nails since I look my acrylic nails off in August. (I had been having my nails done every 3 weeks for over 20 years) The press on manicure nails (pre glued) are great and come in some stylish colors too! My nails are weak and thin. They will grow but break very easily. I don’t think it was the acrylics that caused the weakness as my toenails break very easily also.

    • Tania Reply

      Penny, I have always had thin nails which is the reason that I started getting gel put on my nails. I think it is the drill that they use to remove the nails that is a big issue.

  9. Neta Martinez Reply

    H, Tania, my nails sound exactly like yours – paper thin and I cannot go without having something on them. I had been doing the dipping powder (I also don’t think this caused my nail issues – maybe didn’t help, but didn’t cause it) and decided to quit about 9 months ago. Since then, I have used many different recommended products on them, plus I always have some brand of clear hardener polish on them at all times. I went the bandaid route too – not ideal…lol. I have started taking a hair/nails/skin supplement and that may be doing some good – nails are growing, but still very thin. I saw the Kiss pre-glued nails and tried those. They actually did help & looked nice for the two weeks I wore them but when it was time to change them out, I had a devil of a time getting them off:( Maybe some of the other readers on here can offer tips on the removal….I followed instructions but that glue residue stayed on forever! Good luck with yours – I definitely feel your pain!

    • Tania Reply

      Goodness, I hope that I don’t have any problem getting the nails off. Lol!

  10. Tania, I’ve recommended this to a couple of other bloggers who thanked me afterwards: Base coat of Nailtiques Formula 2, two coats polish, one coat Seche Vite. The Nailtiques will strengthen your nails like crazy, the SV dries your manicure almost instantly and keeps your manicure looking great. I do a weekly manicure but I could go longer. Even at the end of the week I rarely have any chipping and I almost always have to trim my nails back. If you use the Nailtique, follow the directions. I believe it is recommended to use only the Nailtiques for a few weeks, applying every day or every other day, until your nails are strong again. You’re welcome in advance. 😉

  11. I know where you are with your nails. I stopped getting mine dipped a few months ago. I would suggest a powder collagen peptide from Amazon (pink container). I’ve already notice a big change. There I no taste when added to my coffee.
    Hope those finger tips heel up soon.

  12. I used gel on my nails years ago; I did them myself with all the tools necessary. When my NAILS started to itch, if you can believe that, off came the gel and the nails left were paper thin; I could watch them come in thicker. It takes a while but I’m so happy I don’t use the gel; I am a believer in Orly Bonder, two coats of polish, and Seche Vite…just as Dawn recommended. I haven’t had luck with the Nailtiques Formula 2 but anything is better for your nails than the gel. I give myself a manicure about every two weeks and get many compliments on my shorter nails…try going shorter, Tania, you’ll get used them and your nails will be healthy and “love you.”

    • Tania Reply

      I love hearing about products that people have actually tried. Thanks.

  13. Do you ship the Lash product to Canada? Do you have an agreement with a company to ship at a business rate?

    • Tania Reply

      Lauren, Rodan + Fields does ship to Canada, but Lash Boost is not yet available to Canada. But, if you are interested in any of their other products, you can look at the Canadian website by going to my website, and then clicking on the flag to change it to Canada. They have a shipment facility in Canada, so you get the products quickly. Plus, as a Preferred Customer, you get FREE shipping.

  14. Try Hard as Hoof. I bought it on Amazon and it has over 3K good reviews. It has really strengthened my new nail growth. I’m 6 months post removal of fake nails. It a slow progress. Biotin helps but hair grows everywhere! Including chin hairs lol.

  15. June Zimmerle Reply

    Throw that sweater in the trash! Sorry I call things as I see them. You look great in purple etc but that color is offensive to my eyes. Let me go get my sun glasses on! LOL. That outfit is a miss for me.

  16. Denise Bulthuis Reply

    Tania, look into trying bone broth which you can purchase in a good grocery store or online. Extremely good for nails, hair and skin and many other health benefits. Amazing, healthy results! My nails looked awful and now are long and strong. Hope you check it out. Collagen, great stuff!

  17. Dena McKinney Reply

    The gelatin in jello is another hair and nail strengthening agent. Get in touch with those southern roots and eat more jello salads😉.

  18. Dena McKinney Reply

    I adamantly disagree with June and love the ray of sunshine sweater especially for dreary day. The bright yellow is very fun.

  19. Love this outfit and you look lovely in it. I too have problem nails. They are thin like tissue paper and used to peel & hurt. They’ve been thin as long as I can recall – like high school. I’ve damaged my nails with acrylics years back and more recently gel. I stopped in August & they are much improved. I did not have luck with any Nailtek or Nailtique products. It does work for some. I use CND Vinylux color & the top coat. I use Solar Oil each night before bed around nail bed and under the outgrowth. At this point there probably is no out growth for you but there will be. I needed to have some coating to make them stop hurting & give them thickness. I’ve also use CND Stickey base cost, Essie polish & Seche Vite top coat. I can get 4 good days then a quick touch up. Re-do at 7 or 8 days. My nails look nice and I get many compliments these days. Be careful of adhesives because they can strip a nail layer upon removal. My daughter does the adhesive nails & loves them. As do some friends. Your head must be spinning with all our input. Clearly many of us have suffered the same or similar. Good luck.

  20. Although I do agree that the lemon yellow of this sweater is not flattering with Tania’s coloring, I would never be so rude as to tell someone to “throw it in the trash”. Yellow happens to be my favorite color, but I know it is tricky. I do not wear it – except in mustard tones. Anyway…Wear what makes you HAPPY gurl.

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