Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is ready for celebrating Labor Day in her red white and blue top twist top, distressed jeans, and Sperry sneakers

I am not in the Marines, but I think that I am adopting one of their pieces of training. It seems like this entire year we have all had to learn to ADAPT AND OVERCOME. There have been plenty of challenges, unexpected situations, and chaotic environments this year, and adapting has become essential. Even the simple act of celebrating Labor Day has become more complicated than in previous years.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is ready for celebrating Labor Day in her top twist top, distressed jeans, and Sperry sneakers

Today, a few of my blogger friends, Jo-Lynne and Deborah, and I are taking the time to look at how we will be celebrating Labor Day, and what we will be wearing. A typical Labor Day at our house might include having friends over for swimming and a cookout. We have gone to the lake, the beach, and even the mountains in the past for a long weekend getaway. However, this year I think that we will simply be chilling at home. If Joe plays his cards right, he might get ribs on the grill, which is one of his favorite meals.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is ready for Labor Day in her red white and blue top twist top

No matter how we end up celebrating, I know that I will opt to dress comfortably. My Labor Day style is usually very casual and comfortable. I want to be able to relax, run after the grandchildren, or eat until I am about to bust in comfort. This Twist Tie Tee from Loft is a perfect example of combining comfort with style. This soft tee features the twist-tie that is the ideal way to help create a waist and hide the tummy area! Do you see me over here celebrating??? Plus, the straps are nice and wide, which will hide most bra straps, and when it cools off at night, adding a sweater will be easy because this tee is sleeveless. AND, as a bonus, the red, white, and blue design will be perfect for celebrating Labor Day. I am wearing a medium in this top, and it fits me perfectly.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is ready for celebrating Labor Day in her distressed jeans, and Sperry sneakers

You might remember the post that I did (here) showing you a lot of the jeans that I bought in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. There was a pair of jeans that I wanted so badly by Frame that I ordered in two sizes to make sure that I would get them before they sold out. Unfortunately, I listened to the website and ordered up, and BOTH sizes were too big for me. Now, they have sold out. I have been on a quest since then to find a “similar” pair of jeans to give me a look that I want. The ripped hem and the cropped length are the two outstanding details that I am looking for in the jeans.

These destructed high-waist flare crop jeans are pretty darn close to the look I am after. These jeans are soft and stretchy, and I love how they fit. They have a higher rise than most of my jeans, and they go above my belly-button an inch or so. That seems to be the trend since several of the jeans that I ordered lately are the same way. I am wearing my usual size 30 (same as a size 10 misses), and the inseam is 27″ long. These do come in curvy and petite sizes also, so I am sure that you can find something to fit you.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a tweed blazer and distressed jeans

These were the jeans that I wanted so badly. What do you think, are the “similar jeans” similar enough? Here are a couple of more ones that I was considering.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is ready for celebrating Labor Day in her Sperry sneakers

Sneakers were never something that I wore before. I prefer heels, wedges, and even loafers over sneakers. If I did wear sneakers, then it was Chuck Taylors, so something that I would consider “fashion” sneakers. I ordered these Crest Vibe Sneakers earlier this spring, and I am now HOOKED! I find myself reaching for this pair of sneakers all of the time. The modern and sleek these sneakers are stylish, and I think the no-tie laces are part of the reason that I love these sneakers so much. I had to size down in these and order an 8 1/2 instead of my usual size 9.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is ready for looking to the side and wearing red white and blue top twist top, distressed jeans, and Sperry sneakers

Just because I am dressing casually doesn’t mean that I don’t want to wear my jewelry still. I think that accessories make an outfit. Accessories will take a blah outfit and take it to the next level. I picked jewelry that I consider “casual” and the simple silver-tone hoops will go with dressy looks also. I also added this beautiful multi-strand adjustable beaded necklace. This necklace can be worn short or long, and that gives you a lot of options on how to style this in your wardrobe. I wore this same necklace earlier this week with another outfit that would be great for Labor Day also.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white twist top, embroidered jeans, and blue beaded jewelry

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is sitting on her porch in her red white and blue top twist top, distressed jeans, and Sperry sneakers

Celebrating Labor Day from the shade of my front porch is something that I am looking forward to. I hope you and your family have a great 3-day weekend and that you enjoy relaxing while watching your hubby grilling the food.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is ready for celebrating Labor Day and drinking her Sprite while wearing a red white and blue top twist top, distressed jeans, and Sperry sneakers

I’ll just be sitting here, drinking my Sprite until Joe brings me my food. Make sure to visit Deborah and Jo-Lynne today, and see what they are suggesting for a Labor Day outfit.

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  1. Kathy Lee wrote:

    I took your advice and ordered Wit and Wisdom jeans. I have such a hard time finding comfortable jeans. I love these! Such a great fit!

    Posted 8.27.20Reply
  2. Kitty Spence wrote:

    Hi Tania – I’m starting my annual fall handbag search and would love to hear your suggestions. As I have back issues, I really like the cross-body styles and preferably with an organizer so I don’t have to carry a wallet as well. Love your blogs and comments about your grandkids! Keep them coming!

    Posted 8.27.20Reply
  3. bonniebes wrote:

    That twist tee looks great on you!

    Posted 8.27.20Reply
  4. JOYCE wrote:

    Labour Day must be a different weekend in the US. We will be celebrating it Sept 7 in Canada. Have a nice weekend!

    Posted 8.27.20Reply
  5. Hi Tania, Well don’t you look comfy and ready for a great time! I love a twist tie tee. They’re so figure flattering and that color is really pretty on you! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

    Posted 8.27.20Reply
  6. Claudine wrote:

    Prefer the rolled up jean hems to the torn ones. More classy. Cute top. Sneakers are great. I wear them all the time now too.

    Posted 8.27.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I love cuffed jeans also, but I do like to wear my distressed jeans occasionally. I am really starting to embrace sneakers also. Lol!

      Posted 8.27.20Reply
  7. I love this casual look, and I think I might like the LOFT jeans better than the Frame. (I too ordered the Frame and returned b/c they were too big.)

    Posted 8.27.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I was so disappointed that the Frame jeans didn’t work, but I’ll get over it. Lol!

      Posted 8.27.20Reply
    • bonniebes wrote:

      I agree . . . I think I like the “substitutes” better!

      Posted 8.27.20Reply
  8. Mary wrote:

    Great casual outfit today, perfect for the weekend, still stylish enough to run shopping but comfy enough to stay at home. Love it

    Posted 8.27.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Mary, that is exactly what I thought too!!! Great minds!

      Posted 8.27.20Reply
  9. Sherli Morgan wrote:

    You threw me off when I was reading today’s post about Labor Day. I thought for a minute that I was mixed up and that this weekend was Labor Day. Lol
    Phew…a quick look at my calendar and I’m relieved.

    I like the side tie top a lot…very pretty. I was never a sneakers girl either until arthritis took hold in knees and hips….sometimes comfort has had to take over for sure. I recently had knee replacement surgery on my left knee, so I’m wearing what’s easy to out on my feet and body right now, progress is happening, and I’m on the mend for sure,

    Have a blessed day!

    Posted 8.27.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Sherli, I usually try to give everyone a week look ahead of the actual date just in case they want to order in the same outfit that I am wearing. Also, I had bursitis in my hips once and the Dr. told me that if I wanted to get rid of that, I would need to start wearing sneakers. He was right, so now if I feel my hip bothering me, I’ll wear my sneakers for a day or too.

      Posted 8.27.20Reply
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