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50 Is Not Old | Home Again Home again, home again, jiggity jog. Did I just make up that little song, or is it from my childhood? Have you ever heard that little rhyme? I know I don’t normally post on Sunday, but I am heading home and wanted to post my traveling outfit.50 Is Not Old | Home Again It may not look it, but it is 40 degrees outside. I am literally shaking it is so cold. I don’t think they got the memo that this is Florida. The high for the day is supposed to be in the 60’s, so that makes it a little easier to head back north.50 Is Not Old | Home Again I bought this graphic t-shirt at GAP while I was shopping. I haven’t bought a lot of t-shirts in the past, but I am really liking graphic t-shirts. You can wear them with jeans and sneakers, or you can dress them up with a blazer and capri’s. They are a easy way to add a little fun to your outfit, and a little “youth.” Here is a v-neck t-shirt from zazzle that I like, probably better than mine because of the neckline.50 Is Not Old | Home Again I thought you might want to see my manicure.  I tried to read the name of the bottle, and from memory it was called burning flame. I found this one on amazon, and it looks like the bottle they used. I love the color because it is not a dark red, but it is not a coral either. It is a blend of the two.50 Is Not Old | Home Again I know you were just sitting there on your Sunday morning wishing I would share a pic of my toes. Hahaha   I got the same color on my toes. It was wonderful having a pedicure after the long winter. I never seem to take the time for one, probably because the piggies never show in the winter. But, it is going to be spring before you know it. 50 Is Not Old | Home Again I could let you go on believing that I don’t have on shoes so that I could show you my pedicure. However, that is not the true picture. What really happened? I was busy helping to pack and load all the bags on the gurney (or whatever you call that thing) and wanted to grab a quick picture for the blog. I sat everything up, grabbed these pictures, and then sent Joe off to load the truck. That is when I realized I FORGOT to put on my shoes. Lol!  Just use your imagination and picture these shoes on my feet. Hahaha

Be sure to check my blog on Monday, I will be linking up with Mrs. American Made for a East Coast meets West Coast post. Ana is from the west coast, brunette, petite, and wears only products that are american made. This should give your gurls a different perspective.

ALSO, I will announce my 5 month giveaway item. I think you will like it!!!

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  1. I remember that song. I too am on the hunt for a few graphic tees. I like yours (you look adorably comfortable) and you’re right it does inject a little youth in a wardrobe. I so enjoy reading what you have to say. Sounds like you enjoyed your time in Florida. It’s 50 here this morning so yeah I’m wearing my boots to church! Safe travels.

  2. You look adorable! I love the tee. Do you know if it’s still available for purchase?

    • Tania Reply

      Lori, I looked on their website and couldn’t find it there. Possibly because I bought it at an outlet mall?

  3. I like your graphic t-shirt; it’s really cute with the jeans. One of my graphic shirts has a sunflower on it; I like the ‘whimsy” (did I make up that word?) of wearing it. Safe travels.

  4. I’ll bet if you could stick around for a couple of hours, you’d see more than a few women our mom’s age wearing their fur jackets, stoles or coats – especially the female snowbirds !

  5. I love your tee – and I look for graphic tees too (60 is not old!) I live in Florida and right now am wearing a blanket and furry boots – in the house. : > You look marvelous, full of energy. xox


  6. Definitely my kind of outfit : ) Very cute and comfy for a long ride… it’s 30 here in Georgia so you are on target with the temps even though we all think of WARM when we think of Florida. Appears you had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing your new purchases on future posts…
    Yay for 60 is not old either!!
    safe travels for you and hubby…

  7. Kathy Terry Reply

    To market, to market, to buy a fat pig…home again, home again jiggity jig!
    It’s supposed to be 81 in my part of Southern California today…I want more chill…50-60s…so I can wear my winters sweaters. Sigh…
    I really enjoy your style, and your narratives!

  8. I like the graphic tees, especially if they have just a touch of bling on them. Great outfit for traveling. When we travel I make sure I have on a pair of shoes that come off my feet easily. I hate sitting in the car for long periods of time with my shoes on.

  9. Ginger Cohen Reply

    To market, to market to buy a fat pig.
    Home again, home again jiggity jig.
    The things we remember!

  10. Target actually has a great selection of graphic tees. They do add interest to an outfit! Love the one you are wearing!

  11. I live in north Florida, about 30 miles south of the Georgia line, and the current temperature is 49 after a low of 36. I’m sitting in my recliner wrapped up in a heated throw suffering with bronchitis. Safe travels home. (Oh, by the way, my husband and I say that little rhyme every time we get home from a trip.)

  12. I’m glad to see graphic tees are popular! — Good to see you had such a nice little getaway, with girl time for a little retail therapy, dressing for a nice dinner out, and even a gorg new mani-pedi! Woo-hoo!!?????. The resort looks really nice!?

  13. Love graphic tees. Wear them often during the spring / summer. Love the one you are sporting you brave girl weathering the cold like that!
    Xoxo Celia

  14. I too like some of the graphic tshirts and have actually been on the hunt for some cute ones. Seems like when I find the one I want online, it is sold out. Day late and a dollar short it would seem. That looks like a relaxed outfit for traveling in. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

  15. your new tee — I was thinking that you’re going to freeze if you’re traveling like that! Hope you took a coat along…and you’ve found those shoes – cuz here in Virginia it’s COLD outside! Looks like great fun you’ve had gathering treasures

  16. I know this is an old post, but it was linked to a link (LOL) Anywho – I love LOVE graphic t-shirts and I happen to have a dear friend that makes t-shirts so I have a great collection. My question is – do you happen to h=remember the brand of jeans you have on in these pictures? I love the fit and distress! Thanks in advance!!!! Have a terrific day!

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