Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wondering if this Loft black jumpsuit is a Hit or a Miss

Yay! My favorite time of the week is here!!! It is Wednesday, so that means that the week is half over, and the weekend will soon be here. AND, it also means that it is time for my Hit or Miss post. I am showing an outfit each Wednesday and asking for your input. Is the outfit a HIT, or is it a MISS? Plus, would you wear the outfit or parts of the outfit?


Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wondering if this Loft black jumpsuit is a Hit or a Miss19

If you’ve followed me for very long, you will know that hats aren’t my friend. I’m not sure why I don’t look great in hats, maybe it is because my hair is so thick. I would love to be able to wear baseball-style hats, they look adorable in summer months with a pair of shorts, a tee, and sneakers. My head is also large (insert Joe’s eye roll here), so a lot of hats won’t even fit my head. So, that is why I have chosen a raffia fedora for my Hit or Miss post.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wondering if this Loft black jumpsuit is a Hit or a Miss5

Before we get to the fedora, let’s start with Tie Waist Cap Sleeve Black Jumpsuit. There are several things that I love about this jumpsuit, but one thing that I dislike. First off, the jumpsuit is very comfortable, and I find the v-neck and cap sleeves to be flattering. The jumpsuit comes with a tie-belt, but I have it tied in the back because the jumpsuit is too big for me. I love that this jumpsuit has pockets, and I think the wider legs make my waist look smaller since it is cinched. HOWEVER, this exact jumpsuit is completely sold out, so I can’t reorder in a smaller size. I found several similar ones and I’ll link them below.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wondering if this Loft black jumpsuit is a Hit or a Miss7

Now for the Fedora and all of my accessories. I’ve mentioned (I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it) that I have a vacation planned for April, and I need a good hat to keep the sun out of my eyes and off of my face. I have a HUGE sun hat that is great for when you are walking about, going out to eat, etc., but I wanted one that was smaller also. This Raffia Fedora is super cute, I love the size and the contrasting black band. I’m wearing the M/L, and it fits my big ole head great. Lol!

I bought the Raffia Stretch Belt years ago from Loft, but it is no longer available. I ordered a 4-pack of belts for Amazon that are great, they just have a round buckle instead of the square one. This 4-pack is great since it has a black, and a multi-colored belt as well as two different colors of brown.

The raffia earrings are also old, I can’t even remember where I bought them. I bought a 4-pack of straw earrings to take with me on my vacation. They are lightweight and a little smaller than this pair, and one even has tassels. The long coin-style necklace is an old one from Chicos that is no longer on their website, but the Adeline Link Necklace and the Gold Vermeil Cross necklace are both still available.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wondering if this Loft black jumpsuit is a Hit or a Miss6

The straw clutch is an old one that was a gift from Rodan + Fields when they sent me on a trip to Los Cabo. I recently ordered a similar clutch to take with me on vacation. I’ll be taking the similar clutch with me because I can carry it as a clutch, a wristlet, or use it as a crossbody.

I wore this same denim jacket yesterday, and I warned you that you would be seeing a lot of it. Lol! A denim jacket is so versatile, and it is an essential item that everyone needs in their wardrobe. If you would like for me to do a Spring Essentials post, be sure to comment or email me to let me know. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I thought that the denim jacket by Wrangler would be stiff and thick, and I wanted something for fashion, not roping cattle. The jacket ended up being one of my favorite denim jackets ever! It has some stretch to it, it’s lightweight and unlined, and I love the fit and style. I am wearing a large and it fits great.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wondering if this Loft black jumpsuit is a Hit or a Miss16

Here is the back view of the jacket. You can see the seams and the tabs at the hem for adjusting the fit if needed.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wondering if this Loft black jumpsuit is a Hit or a Miss10

You can see that the jumpsuit has pockets, and you can also see the tie belt hanging down in the back. I was too lazy to take it off since the jumpsuit was too big and I was sending it back. Lol! This isn’t a great photo of my raffia wedge shoes, but these espadrilles are great for Spring and Summer. These sandals run TTS, and they have a 1 1/2″ platform, so be aware of that. I don’t want anyone twisting an ankle and hurting themselves. I’ll link to some lower espadrilles below if you don’t want to try a platform shoe.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wondering if this Loft black jumpsuit is a Hit or a Miss 1

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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wondering if this Loft black jumpsuit is a Hit or a Miss11

Now, it is time for your input…Hit or Miss? What do you like about the outfit, would you wear a fedora or a jumpsuit, and what would you change?

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  1. Mary Ann Williams wrote:

    First of all…either the hat or the earrings need to go. When wearing a hat pull it straight down not on the back of your head. It emphasizes your eyes. Accessories are great but not too many at one time. I love your blog and purchase many of your items

    Posted 8.16.22 Reply
    • Charlcy wrote:

      Ooh, this outfit really rocks! You look fabulous & I think it’s perfect for date night or a fancy luncheon w friends!

      Posted 9.24.22 Reply
  2. Evangeline wrote:

    I love the graphic tee. I also think the browns look awesome. Overall I love the outfits. However I need flats.

    Posted 4.2.22 Reply
  3. Diane wrote:

    Yes, I love it! I would not wear the wedges, I need a lower flat for my lifestyle, but the whole outfit is lovely on you. I especially like the fedora, I’ve searched for one like that!
    Usually I don’t like jumpsuits, but I think you may be changing my mind about those with this outfit!

    Posted 4.2.22 Reply
  4. Lori wrote:

    Hit! Very cute outfit

    Posted 4.2.22 Reply
  5. Robin wrote:

    It’s a total hit!! I love the whole outfit. 💗

    Posted 4.2.22 Reply
  6. Lynn Watson wrote:

    The hat really suits. You love your jean jacket like I love mine.

    Posted 3.31.22 Reply
  7. Joann Czarny wrote:

    This is a big hit! Great outfit that looks great on you.

    Posted 3.31.22 Reply
  8. Jan wrote:

    Omg!!! You look great in this outfit!! Hat and all!

    Posted 3.31.22 Reply
  9. Mindy K Slama wrote:

    I like the outfit alot. Its’ a fun summer outfit

    Posted 3.31.22 Reply
  10. Lori wrote:

    It’s a hit! I love this color combination in you, and I love the hat. You look fabulous

    Posted 3.31.22 Reply
  11. Priscilla C Herrera wrote:

    Its a Hit!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  12. Kathy Henderson wrote:

    This is a big hit, love everything about it, the textures, the color scheme, those earrings- swoon…while I probably wouldn’t wear the hat, this fedora really does look great on you and I love your big head Joe joke. Husbands…..

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  13. Tami wrote:

    Adorable! Definitely a HIT!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  14. Nancy wrote:

    I don’t know… I think the outfit is a little too much and I’m not sure why. I don’t love the hat; I look terrible in hats, and I think the black with the jean jacket and then the light accessories and huge earrings somehow don’t jive for me. So, a miss in my eyes.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  15. Alicia wrote:


    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  16. Patti Smith wrote:

    I would t but it is definitely cute on you.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  17. Donna wrote:

    Definitely a HIT! Love the entire look.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  18. Nancy wrote:

    Yes, please do an essentials article!
    I think that wearing a hat requires confidence and an attitude. If you feel silly and uncomfortable, you’ll probably look like that too. Just throw your shoulders back, and walk with an attitude! I like the straw with black. Very sophisticated.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  19. Janet wrote:

    Love this look! I have always loved black with “natural” accessories. The jacket is great too

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  20. Jo wrote:

    Love the outfit! I ha a similar jumpsuit and plan to add belt and denim jacket! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  21. Gay wrote:

    This look is definitely a HIT! It’s a fun look, I like the black with the lighter accessories too…sure wish you had ordered a smaller size! youve lost a lot of weight and look great…I bet you’re a least two sizes smaller if not 3!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  22. Lora wrote:

    I love this look! And I would wear the hat as well. A black maxi dress would give the same look without having to remove jacket.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  23. RORY wrote:

    Yes, love the look today and that jumpsuit looks very comfy. You nailed it.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  24. Josephine Riddle wrote:

    I like the outfit, but.. I would wear smaller earrings, and while I think others look cute in hats, I don’t. I also tend to think that if you are not on the beach, or in the garden, a hat looks somewhat “costumy”.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  25. Cheryl wrote:

    You look great in the fedora! I don’t tend to like hats either. I love the use of the denim jacket, I also purchased one recently, seems like I always want to wear it.
    I do have a question about summer looks, I’m in Florida and it warms up real fast here so there is not too much time to wear jackets. What do you recommend for summer that looks put together ? I really like the jacket/sweater look

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  26. Manda wrote:

    It’s a definite HIT. I think you look fabulous! I would buy this outfit

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  27. Holly wrote:

    Ditch the hat & the belt, they distract from your beauty

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  28. Love the outfit, but not sure I would wear the large round earrings with the hat. I bought the jacket from yesterday and did a try on with the dress. The jacket has already arrived and I love it. My arms are a little large and the sleeves are a little tight, but not uncomfortable. I think if they were larger it would make the jacket look oversized and not give the same polished look. You look adorable. Enjoy your blog!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  29. Nancy B. wrote:

    Today’s look is mostly a hit for me. Love the black pantsuit and denim jacket! I’m not a hat person either, however, I actually have one very similar to yours because, like you, I need the sun protection. The only tweaks for me are, no belt and a lower wedge sandal.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  30. Rena Berowski wrote:

    Yep, this is a hit.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  31. Kathy wrote:

    Every piece of the outfit is a winner and looks great on you. If I were your height and weight I would definitely wear it.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  32. Ann wrote:

    Love this outfit! Looks so chic but comfortable. I wear hats all the time in summer and will add this one or one similar to collections.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  33. Regina wrote:

    This is a HIT! You look darling in that hat. If I was not short and round that outfit would be coming home with me right now.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  34. Gayle M Davis wrote:

    I like the outfit on you but I don’t see myself wearing it! Love the denim jacket, though. That I would wear! I agree with Abigail, tilt the hat down a little farther towards your forehead.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  35. Stella wrote:

    Love he entire outfit definitely a Hit

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  36. Terry Shannon wrote:

    This would be a “vacation” outfit for me! Love the hat & belt!!!
    I have never been a fan of jumpsuits, but this one is really cute!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  37. Veronica Davenport wrote:

    I think you look adorable!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  38. Audrey wrote:

    This outfit is a hit!
    Definitely wearing the belt instead of the self tie made a big statement.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  39. Cathy Nunez wrote:

    I love the look! I can see myself wearing the same look vacationing.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  40. I think the hat looks very nice on you! But I feel I look terrible in every hat except for a winter stocking cap! I have a big head and my husband eye rolls me saying this too!
    Love the outfit on you. Wear your hat proudly!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  41. ShazaC wrote:

    Hi Tania – I don’t wear black but this jumpsuit really flatters you. I would simplify the straw accessories and go for hat and shoes only. Big earrings are too much for me and the light belt is an extra vertical line that I don’t need at the waist.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  42. Kristine wrote:

    I know the exact jumpsuit is sold out but can you still tell us there brand.?
    Love the look, only change for me would be the earrings are a little overwhelming.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  43. Miriam wrote:

    This outfit is a HIT! I love all the pieces which could be worn in different ways. The hat looks great on you!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  44. DONNA A CARPENTER wrote:

    Smashing! I would use a white denim jacket with this when on vacation, as well. Hats are not my thing; however, I started wearing them when at the beach or out in the sun and I love them! I found a great ‘smashable’ hat similar to yours that will go in a suitcase and pop back into shape! Countdown to vacay! 😉

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  45. Debbie wrote:

    Love the entire outfit!! Always live a great hat

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  46. Gina wrote:

    This outfit is a big hit! I would wear it all.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  47. Lori wrote:

    Jumpsuit is nice on you but I avoid due to having to redress in bathrooms lol
    Would like to see a spring essentials list. I love the different options of espadrilles that you provided.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  48. Marsha Elizabeth Williams wrote:

    Huge Hit! Love this look on you. However I could not pull it off.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  49. amy ricketts wrote:

    Love the whole outfit!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  50. Marilyn Comstock wrote:

    Cute outfit. Personally the earrings are way too big for me, but the ones linked to are a better size.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  51. Debbie wrote:

    You look great!!!!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  52. Roxie wrote:

    😍😍 Precious look!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  53. Vicky wrote:

    Love everything about this!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  54. Allison Keiser wrote:

    This is FABULOUS!!! I CAN T WAIT TO COPY!! you look great. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  55. Erin wrote:

    Totally a hit. Love this outfit!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  56. Dema wrote:

    Love love this outfit on you! I also have a big head and a small forehead so hats are hard for me too. Think I’ll try this one and see what happens. Also love the earrings! You look vacation ready!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  57. Dee wrote:

    Looks super cute on you but I would never wear it. I hate hats and look horrible in them, and I would absolutely never wear a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are far too much trouble in the bathroom!!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  58. Trish wrote:

    Love each piece separately but all together I thought it was too much rafia. I’d probably loose the belt and/or the rafia earrings and I thought the outfit looked better without the denim jacket. Love the hat, I have one that I always wear in the hot sun. As one reader commented you need to angle it a bit forward and down

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  59. Marian wrote:

    Love the fedora, it looks fabulous on you.
    It’s a keeper.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  60. Wise wrote:

    Hit all the way Tania!!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  61. Susan Haggerty wrote:

    It’s a definite hit! I agree that the fedora needs to be pulled down more in the front & then would look perfect. It will protect your face more also. I love that jumpsuit on you! Too bad it’s too big. You look fabulous! I have 10 pounds to lose & I just can’t get there &it’s so frustrating. I need to borrow your daughter to go to the gym with me. 🤣🤣

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  62. LINDA THOMPSON wrote:

    This outfit is a hit. A great big hit. And it just so happens that I bought a similar one from Old Navy for the summer and I also have a raffia belt and earrings.
    Now I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear it.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  63. Abigail wrote:

    Love this outfit!! I
    Wear many different hats and I Have thick hair too. The Fedora is sitting to far back on your head. Needs to be pulled forward and down a bit more in the front. Then it will look perfect!!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  64. kATHY BOGAN wrote:

    I love your hat and jumpsuit! Everything is super cute and I could see myself wearing it.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  65. Patricia wrote:

    Really like the outfit, jumpsuits are not for me but I do wear a fedora with sun protection.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  66. Arna wrote:

    I love the hat. I have the opposite problem as I have a “pin head”! I have such problems finding hats that aren’t too big for me. I hate to shop, so shopping online is a must for me, and shopping for hats with a small head online is very difficult. I was able to find a nice straw hat at Nordstrom last year (in a small), and that works! Cannot wait for warmer weather to wear it this year.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  67. Susan Stancliff wrote:

    A Big hit for me! I love jumpsuits but being 5′ nothing can’t find one that fits. I wear hats all summer long. I think you need to push this one down on your head more (if it will fit). Love this entire outfit!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  68. Patti wrote:

    I can’t wear a hat… I’m the only person at the Kentucky Derby hatless! 🏇🏼

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  69. Marianne wrote:

    Love the outfit and the hat! I also suffer from big head syndrome. Lol. I would do different earrings and take off the longer necklace. Too much going on. P.s. I finally found a hat that fits my big head. No small feat.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  70. Cyndi wrote:

    Fedora is a HIT: I think hats look really good on others but wear them only for function (sun protection) not for fashion; if that makes sense, and they usually fit my head. I like raffia but the hat, earrings, belt, bag and shoes would be too much for me…maybe because they’re such a color contrast from the solid black jumpsuit and denim jacket or maybe pick 3? For myself, I’d go with a black belt (I don’t like to call attention to my waist) and gold earring (since your necklace is gold) The hat and espadrilles would then ‘bookend’ the outfit

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  71. Elizabeth A Daley wrote:

    Love the jumpsuit with jean jacket, I would switch the earrings out for hoops as well.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  72. Jan3tte wrote:

    This is a hit! Completely classy! The fedora looks great on you. Funny, I have the same feeling as you about hats, especially baseball caps. I have short, pixie cut hair and baseball caps just don’t look good. The jumpsuit is so cute. I hate the bathroom issues jumpsuits create, so I avoid them.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  73. Julia Gilbert wrote:

    Great outfit! Definitely a HIT…

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  74. Mindy wrote:

    Love the black jumpsuit. Thanks for reminding me of how versatile it?

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  75. DJ wrote:

    The Hat is a HIT!!!! And so is everything else about the outfit! You are rockin it girl!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  76. Kathy wrote:

    Omg! This is so me! You look adorable; relaxed but very chic. The hat makes the outfit. I have to find a jumpsuit now!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  77. Stephanie Rodriguez wrote:

    This outfit is a total hit! Love everything about it.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  78. Diana VanWinkle wrote:

    You look adorable, but I wouldn’t wear any of these items except the jean jacket. I just don’t believe it’s my style, and pantsuits are the worst when you have to use a public restroom! Lol

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  79. Sherry Pennington wrote:

    It’s cute for you but there’s too many accessories going on for my taste.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  80. Joan wrote:

    I look ridiculous in hats and caps. I would definitely wear the jumpsuit with the belt and earrings.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  81. Linda wrote:

    A bug hit for me. Love it. I’d carry a crossbody bag instead of a clutch personally (I like to have my hands free) and I’d wear gold hoops rather than more raffia but otherwise I think the outfit is super cute and definitely something I’d wear. You look great in the hat!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  82. Mary k Hall wrote:

    I would definitely do the Hat!!!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  83. Beth wrote:

    I would vote “No” on the hat.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  84. Gail Salyers wrote:

    I feel the same way about hats on me and my head is big too! I think you nailed it with this one though!!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  85. Brenda S wrote:

    Hit!!! Everything about this outfit is great!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  86. Casey wrote:

    Its a hit! Although not a fan of jumpsuits so would sub out for a cute black t-shirt dress. But the overall look is great! Haven’t liked hats much since I have short hair but they are becoming my friend. This one is cute.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  87. Elizabeth wrote:

    Ditch the earrings and purse for something softer. To much going on with the tan shades. Maybe black purse and gold earrings?

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  88. Sally wrote:

    Love the outfit and the hat! I am usually not a hat person, either, but I just got back from sunny Florida for a week and am so glad that I had bought a cute, packable hat for the trip.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  89. Shari wrote:

    I purchased a similar hat recently. Have never worn one. But I am going to this simer. I think it’s an adorable accessory

    Jumpsuits are so popular this year. Just afraid I won’t make it to the bathroom in time. Lol

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  90. Sarah wrote:

    This can be cute and-or elegant. I am more of a minimalist, and wouldn’t do the accessories, except for the chic cute hat. So I would wear the jumpsuit, hat, and shoes(in a lower heel). Of course the denim jacket is great too. You actually look really good in the hat -and I think it would also look good on you if you pulled it down a bit on your forehead (if it isn’t too tight for your comfort )- I personally think you could wear alot of different hats, in different ways, and look divine. I hope you find more that fit you. You certainly have the face and hair for hats!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  91. NANCY C COLEMAN wrote:

    Love the outfit !!!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  92. Caroline wrote:

    I like all the components of the outfit but there’s too much accessorizing going on. I think it looks best when you remove the jacket. Too much raffia going on too. I think this outfit intact screams tourist. The jumpsuit is great just remove/replace some accessories. Wasn’t it Coco Chanel who said to accessorize an outfit then take one away….then you are complete?

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  93. Kay wrote:

    Love the fedora…I have a similar one…spectacular!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  94. Phyllis D Larr wrote:

    This is absolutely a hit! Great look, comfy and chic!
    The hat looks great on you!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  95. Janice C wrote:

    You nailed it Tania… love the outfit, including the hat, and I’d wear every item. Definitely a hit!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  96. jenice wrote:

    Winner! Totally love this outfit, I am a huge hat fan, received a new summer/beach hat for Christmas that was on my Christmas list. I also, after reading your article put this straw hat in my shopping cart. I would recreate the black jumpsuit, using a black tank/tshirt and flowy black pants, because I don’t do jumpsuits. The only part I could not recreate is the shoe, I cannot wear any platform type shoe, but I have some great 3-4″ block heel sandals that would be perfect. Have a great week, and thank you for all your style inspirations. I also saved this to my pinterest board for spring/summer 2022!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  97. Jennifer wrote:

    Love this entire look!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  98. Laura Berry wrote:

    Definitely a hit! The hat looks great. I love the jumpsuit. It makes you look long and lean. Too bad it’s sold out 🙁 I do agree with some of the other comments about the accessories being a bit much, especially the earrings.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  99. Martha Williams wrote:

    Love the outfit with the belt. The hat is definitely a hit with me.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  100. christine wrote:

    Hi there, I love everything about this outfit and the hat looks great on you.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  101. Judy C wrote:

    This outfit is a hit. Love the hat. Too bad the jumpsuit is sold out. Looks so comfy. Looks like you’re ready for your vacay!!!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  102. Amy wrote:

    I also feel that there is too much going on overall. I am petite and could never wear all of those accessories at once without looking like a Christmas tree. I usually pick a “star” accessory and keep the rest more subtle.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  103. Lisa wrote:

    The fedora is very cute and looks great on you

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  104. Pam wrote:

    You look stunning! it is a HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  105. Vicki Lemine wrote:

    That is a fabulous look! You will look chic on vacation.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  106. Stephanie Rutkowski wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE this look!! I would also enjoy seeing a Spring Essentials post.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  107. Helen Botelho wrote:

    Love the outfit. Looks awesome on you.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  108. Sharon wrote:

    I think you’ve found your hat! It looks really cute on you…but there is a lot going on with that outfit (IMO) I would definitely wear the jumpsuit and the hat and cute shoes but I would wear different earrings as those are competing with the hat and belt and shoes…a little too matchy matchy..no necklace for me and lose the jacket. The outfit looks so light and airy but the jacket seems to weigh it down..and yes I would wear the belt also…or maybe the one from Amazon with the Black and Tan…all that to say I love the entire outfit but not all together…

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  109. Kelly McCann wrote:

    I love the Hit or Miss posts! This is a Hit!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  110. Nicola wrote:

    This is almost a hit but there is a lot going on and too much contrast among the black jumpsuit, the light colored hat, belt, and earrings. I would say smaller earrings OR a dark belt OR no necklace, etc. Otherwise, the outfit is a hit – the accessories are just a little too much contrast for my taste.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  111. Becki Z wrote:

    I LOVE this outfit on you! The hat works. Hats ARE tricky! For travel, I have a squishable one. 🙂 The jumpsuit is fabulous. You look long and lean

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  112. Trish wrote:

    Hi , LOVE the look. I am not a hat person either.
    Would wear this outfit , PROBABLY with ankle boots.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  113. Pam wrote:

    It’s a hit! I think I have every item in my closet but the hat. I usually only wear a baseball cap, but the fedora looks great on you. Would love a post on several ways to style the jumpsuit.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  114. Susie Stover wrote:

    Love the black jumpsuit and fedora…. But in my opinion would look better without the straw earrings. They take away from the cuteness of the outfit. Something a little more understated would be better.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  115. Carla wrote:

    So cute!! I’d absolutely wear the fedora and the jumpsuit. I’d probably make a different jacket choice as the denim rings more casual Rock on, gurl! And enjoy the vacay!!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  116. Angie wrote:

    I love everything about this outfit! I can’t wear hats either but I like them on other people! Perfect vacation outfit.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  117. Kathy Hayles wrote:

    The outfit is cute but not something I would wear. I’m not a hat person at all. I do like the color combo.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  118. Laura wrote:

    Love it except the hat. I’m with you I love the hats but can’t pull them off.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  119. Dee wrote:

    Loving today’s very chic and up to date western look. Love the Fedora.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  120. Maribeth Conklin wrote:

    Love the entire look on you.I would not be able to wear THE jumpsuit due to bathroom issues.lol I do love it though.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  121. Lori M Black wrote:

    I love the jumpsuit, hat, belt and shoes together. I would probably wear smaller earrings and carry a black handbag. Instead of the jean jacket, I’d wear something with more flow to it like a ruana.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  122. Carolina Gomez wrote:

    Hello Tania! I just love love love your complete outfit! The denim jacket looks great with the jumpsuit. I like the way the hat along with the earrings brings the whole out stand out. Those espadrilles do look comfortable to wear. I think you are ready to go on a vacation with Joe. Enjoy your Wednesday!

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  123. Elaine W wrote:

    I love the black jump suit with the denim jacket. I have similar items but haven’t thought about putting them together.

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  124. Kathy wrote:

    Hit! It’s as if you’ve raided my closet. Haha. Love the hat, shoes, jumpsuit, denim jacket. I would not wear a belt because they don’t flatter me – at all. Smaller rattan earrings, necklace and similar purse. You look so nice in this ensemble & you do look good in a hat! I’ve bought some beautiful hats from Sunday Afternoon website. Look for the Kauai style, it has a slight rolled brim & built in sunblock. I have each color and get compliments whenever I wear them. There’s also similar style with a larger brim but I forget it’s name. I have a large head & these fit great. Fav to ask when you show a jacket. Please, one pic buttoned. It helps to gauge size. Particularly helpful for winter & raincoats. Great hit today. Thx

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply
  125. Patricia wrote:

    Like outfit but must say NO to the hat. I have a small head , short hair and all hats look horrible on me

    Posted 3.30.22 Reply