Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a bright red sweater, jeans, and red heels

I saw several comments from ladies asking me to post products that are not my favorites. Honestly, I prefer talking about items that I love since it is way easier, and I don’t like talking bad about an item since someone else might absolutely love it! Take distressed jeans for instance; I love them, but a lot of you are fans. So, today, I’m showing a hit or miss post and asking you, would you wear it?

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a red sweater, jeans, and red heels

In talking about if something is a hit or miss, I’m talking about the style mostly, but fit might also come into play. If you love the style of an outfit, you can always change the size that you are wearing to see if it will fit you better. But, if the style isn’t to your liking, then you have to ask yourself, would your wear it. If the answer is no, then let’s see what you can tweak to make it more your style.

There are a lot of elements to an outfit besides the top, bottom, and shoes. You also have accessories and a complementary piece that can change up the look, so don’t forget to think about adding or subtracting those.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a red sweater

Let’s start with this red ribbed crisscross sweater by Sofia Vergara. I bought this sweater for a couple of reasons, but mostly because I had Valentine’s Day in mind. The peek-a-boo openings are kind of a thing right now, and I thought they might add some sex appeal to my look. But, I’m not sold on the look.

I love the bright red color, and my bra straps aren’t showing through the openings, so that is a plus. Ribbed clothing always seems to run small, so I ordered a large, and it fits…snugly. It isn’t ridiculously tight, but it is very snug, as in you see the oreo I had for dessert tight.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing the back of a bright red sweater

The sweater’s length is just fine, and I don’t have any complaints about that. And, even though the top is snug, you can’t see back fat oozing out from around my bra, so that is another plus! Lol!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a bright red sweater with heart earrings

I added these Red Kyocera Opal heart earrings c/o Kendra Scott to my outfit to make it even more festive looking for Valentine’s Day. These drop earrings are super cute and the small beads around the heart add a little something extra. The stone is especially beautiful in person, but it was hard to show that in my photographs.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a red sweater from Walmart, jeans, and red heels

I love the modern ankle jeans from Talbots. There is something about these jeans that are spot on! They hit me at the right spot on my ankle, they aren’t baggy but they aren’t snug, and I even love the color. You see me wearing these a lot for a good reason, they are modern looking and fit great. I’m wearing an 8 since I usually size down one size in Talbots clothing.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Walmart red sweater, jeans, and red heels

Now, it’s time for you to get vocal. What do you think, is this a hit or miss, and would you wear it. Or, would you wear parts of it and switch out for something else?

Let me hear your inner fashionista come out!!!

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  1. Vera Yvonne Ballew wrote:

    I love the way you dress. Just found your blog. Denim to me is fabulous.

    Posted 4.23.22 Reply
  2. Tawnya wrote:

    Pumpkin is a hard color to wear near the face unless you have “warm” skin tone & hair color.

    Posted 2.4.22 Reply
  3. Tawnya wrote:

    You have great style!
    I don’t think the warm rust & caramel colors are flattering on you. Love you in red & gray. Your skin glows and those colors seem to better show your personality.

    Posted 2.4.22 Reply
  4. Michelle Hamric wrote:

    The red peek-a-boo top is a bit too busy for me. It could be an extra piece in my classic wardrobe to wear for a night out with my husband or girlfriends. To me, it’s not a style that would be in my wardrobe for more than a season or two. It’s definitely an extra fun top. Cute though. And, a cute top is nice to have just because!

    Posted 2.4.22 Reply
  5. Twyla wrote:

    I love your blog! It might be a big ask but would it be possible for you to show how to dress if you are small breasted or as in my case zero breasts at all – I had a double mastectomy a few years ago and chose no reconstruct or breast forms and I struggle with dressing so I look feminine and not to frilly on top -I don’t try to hide the fact I’m flat but flat or not I have always been fashioned challenged even more so now that I am over the 50 mark – I want to stay funky and playful without looking like I’m trying to hard to look younger then my age- you always look beautiful and put together fun!

    Posted 2.4.22 Reply
  6. Elaine Mejac wrote:

    Good Morning from SNOWY OHIO!!! I DO like this ribbed red sweater…looks great on you!!!!

    Also, I found the Chanel Red Lipstick that I absolutely loved in one of your posts!!!! Red is definitely classy, and a WINNER to me!!!!

    I really enjoy your daily posts!!!!

    Posted 2.4.22 Reply
  7. Lea wrote:

    You look fabulous! Gorgeous outfit. Would wear it in a heartbeat!
    If you love it…wear it. I don’t bother about what other people think (you can’t ever please everyone.. not ever). I dress for me….not for anyone else.

    Posted 1.31.22 Reply
  8. Sylvia Jackson wrote:

    I like the outfit. You should wear things that fit a bit snug. I think the red flatters you and I love the cut-out on you. This a cute date night outfit with the hubby.

    Posted 1.24.22 Reply
  9. Cathy Calabro wrote:

    I love the jeans and shoes but the top would be a no for me. You look beautiful in it but I just dont love it.

    Posted 1.21.22 Reply
  10. Kathy Henderson wrote:

    You look fabulous in this outfit but I would not feel comfortable or pull this off like you being the pear shaped girl I am. I need to at least do a half tuck on tops. I do not like cut out tops and to balance my small top to my bigger bottom I generally always wear a jacket or blazer. Even though the earrings look cute on you, I like your big hoop ones better. Since I’m assuming you are not wearing this outfit to do errands the red heels look fabulous. Wear pumps until you can’t anymore. Sigh. And the jeans, perfection. I prefer a darker wash, but with your hair and coloring these look perfect. I loved this post and all the comments. All that I read were respectful even if they didn’t like it.

    Posted 1.17.22 Reply
  11. Melanie wrote:

    I think you look fantastic in that outfit! The top is a cute look for Valentine’s Day but probably not something that I would wear since you said it is snug-fitting. I also wouldn’t wear the heels only because I have problem feet and most heels are uncomfortable to me.

    Posted 1.15.22 Reply
  12. Diane wrote:

    I love the sweater and think you look lovely. But I wouldn’t look good because the center circle cutout would show my wrinkles. I love the bright red.

    Posted 1.14.22 Reply
  13. Jennifer wrote:

    You look amazing and I can totally see your weight loss! I love the sweater. I would style it a little differently, perhaps with flared jeans.

    Posted 1.14.22 Reply
  14. Zuni wrote:

    Yes to the jeans and shoes. Top NO cutouts NO earrings NO.

    Posted 1.14.22 Reply
  15. Fran wrote:

    You look great, Joe will love it…. The top is not for me, at 72 it would look as if I was trying too hard. Love the jeans though. I have never been a fan of such high heels with trousers, I find a medium heel looks classier.

    Posted 1.14.22 Reply
  16. Charlcy L Green wrote:

    Tania, you are so beautiful that you could wear a toe sack & make it look good! But I really love this sexy outfit for Valentines! That sweater is gorgeous on you and w those beautiful shoes & perfect fit jeans! And I just love your hair!

    Posted 1.14.22 Reply
  17. Betsy Dimmick wrote:

    I think you look amazing since you lost weight! This outfit looks really good on you as it shows off your figure nicely. I see no reason for you to shy away from wearing it!!

    Posted 1.14.22 Reply
  18. Angelia wrote:

    I would say a miss. Color great, cut outs not so much. At 60, I now go for simple styles with bold color or accessories.

    Posted 1.14.22 Reply
  19. Cathy wrote:

    Love the jeans and the color of the sweater but the ribbed sweater is not something I would wear. I prefer something longer and less fitted. It looked pretty on you.

    Posted 1.14.22 Reply
  20. Nancy wrote:

    The top is a hit on you, but would be a miss on me. I generally don’t like cut-out styles, and being a bit busty, with a little extra around the tummy, I think this top would look ridiculous on me. Love the jeans and shoes and earrings for Valentine’s Day! Like some others mentioned, I would wear another style red top or sweater. Love red and love it on you. Your look is great!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  21. Jennifer Hostetter wrote:

    Hey! I would pass on the top. The top fits you perfectly and the color is perfect on you but something……
    Anyway, you look terrific and I would wear everything but change the top!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  22. kellie johnson wrote:

    Love the jeans. I agree with you about the top-not my style I would find another top in red that I was more comfortable wearing and you can’t go wrong with red shoes

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  23. KD wrote:

    I would wear this outfit.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  24. Leslie wrote:

    I love this look! The red is flattering, and although form fitting, it doesn’t appear too tight to me. The jeans and shoes are great too.
    I wouldn’t wear this because it doesn’t flatter my colouring or shape and I don’t wear heels.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  25. Teresa wrote:

    I love the jeans and the shoes are a nice touch, but that top is a miss for me. Not sure why I don’t like it. Red is my favorite color and it looks great on you.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  26. Patricia A Donath wrote:

    The outfit looks great on you, but it would show every ounce of fat I have so i will pass!!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  27. Holly Pickering wrote:

    Not sure why some gals don’t like your shoes? I say you look like a sharp, sexy, classy Valentine date for Joe! You look fabulous in this whole outfit…AND I LOVE THE SHOES! 😁. If I was thinner, I’d copy this outfit for sure!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  28. Donna Ratinoff wrote:

    I think you look great in the whole outfit. I, too, would wear it.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  29. Lori wrote:

    Whatever the sweater is trying to achieve, it does not. You look fabulous in red, but the sweater is lacking. Pass for me.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  30. Terry Shannon wrote:

    I do not love the top or the shoes. As for the rest, including earrings, I would wear it!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  31. Stella wrote:

    I love the whole outfit. Would so wear it

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  32. Janet H wrote:

    I think you fantastic in the entire outfit and if I were slimmer I would wear it also. The top fits you great. The earrings are super cute also. The shoes are the only part of the outfit I’m not a fan of. But on you they look good.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  33. Nancy wrote:

    I’m over 70, and I’d wear it unless it hugged my body too closely. I hate feeling and seeing tight clothing. The openings do not expose anything, so it keeps people guessing. (I remember Bridget Bardot’s sexiest outfit was an oversized man’s dress shirt. Nothing showed, but it sure made men wish they could see more!). Anyway, that red with your beautiful blond hair will drive Joe crazy.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  34. Lisa wrote:

    A hit! You look great! I cannot wear the heels, but I love them too. ❤️

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  35. Barbara Maxwell wrote:

    Sorry, but I hate the cutout top. It is too small and shows too much skin. It does nothing for you but the rest of the outfit looks great. You are a good looking woman.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  36. Gardening Mama wrote:

    Love it! Cute date night outfit, cld also go w/blue or black pants, or white in summer/warm months 🙂

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  37. Nancy B wrote:

    For me, the top is a miss. I’m not a fan of the cut out design. The earrings are adorable so definitely a hit! Love the jeans! Another hit! I’m a big fan of Talbots jeans. This was fun! Thanks, Tania. Hope you do more in the future.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  38. Lynn Laudeman wrote:

    I agree with Janet! Have you been on any certain eating plan or workout plan?

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  39. Lynn Laudeman wrote:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It looks so good on you! Everything about it! Color, style, fit, etc. I don’t wear heels so I would have to change the shoes for myself.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  40. Cyndi wrote:

    You look ready for Valentines Day! The jeans would be my pick of the pieces. Love the red color but peek-a-boo and snug, ribbed fit are really my choice in tops. I’d also switch out the stiletto heel for a different shoe although you look great in them

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  41. Jeanne wrote:

    Very slimming look and looks great on you. I’d wear the jeans, but probably change out the top for me. Not sure why, cause it definitely looks great on you.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  42. Karlee wrote:

    Hi Tania, You look so very beautiful in red! And in the outfit too! I actually have these jeans and love them as they are so very flattering. If I wore this outfit, I would not wear the sweater and jeans with heals. I would either wear some booties or stylish tennis shoes. Rather than a tight sweater, I prefer a more boxy, loose look bc I feel it is more modern.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  43. Janet wrote:

    You are looking so slim – your eating and workouts are paying off. I think the outfit looks great on you.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  44. Sharolyn wrote:

    You look amazing, but it’s a no for me.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  45. Donna wrote:

    I love the outfit …and you look fabulous. Happy Early Valentine’s Day.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  46. Diane wrote:

    Looks cute on you, but it’s not my style.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  47. Sheila wrote:

    I live the jeans, but I’m not a fan of cut outs.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  48. DoxyLover wrote:

    Love this outfit! So pretty on you! On me, I would wear with cute booties most likely. Heels are pretty much a no go unless a very special occasion. You look great! :0)

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  49. Kim Hoehn wrote:

    I don’t love the top, but I want to order the jeans! And you look great in the outfit!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  50. Kathy+in+Michigan wrote:

    Hi, Tania! I can’t imagine you need any more input–but I’ll give some anyway. 😉 First of all, you look dynamite in that outfit! And very trim! As for what I’d wear: I’ve always disliked the cut-out look, but it’s definitely a popular trend, so to each his own. And ribbed shirts always fit oddly–they’re always so clingy that even if you get a size that’s too big, they still cilng! So ribbed tops are another thing I stay away from. I like the jeans and the red heels together a lot; I’d wear that. I wouldn’t ever wear heels and jeans around the house, but would do it out to dinner, for sure. I think a more neutral top would make the red heels look even more chic. I’m not crazy about those earrings; believe it or not, I like them in your photo, but didn’t like them at all in the close-up view of them via the link. There you have it! Hope you have a sweet Valentine’s Day, whatever you wear!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  51. Alicia wrote:

    Stephanie Rodriguez comment was spot on!! You look fabulous !!!!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  52. Vicki Sheaves wrote:

    I love that outfit on you, however not a fan of those pumps with the jeans. Personally I think a pair of ankle boots would look better. You are beautiful.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  53. Janet Rector Bryant wrote:

    I don’t like the crisscross. If the top had a scoop neck I would love it. It looks really cute on you. Quite slimming.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  54. Carol S wrote:

    Sorry to say this would be a miss for me. And this is absolutely NO reflection on you, personally. Just the clothes. The red sweater with cut outs screams cheap. If trying to look modern and youthful, this isn’t it (I can’t imagine a younger woman that would wear this). It quite literally looks like something Sophia Vergara would wear as her Gloria character on Modern Family. Too va-va-voom, try hard, or whatever. I’m also not a fan of colored pumps, especially if color-matched to another part of the outfit. Neutral would be a better, more modern choice. The jeans look pretty nice, though I wouldn’t wear them with pumps, especially not red ones. Heeled boots, yes, in a neutral color. Sorry to sound so critical, but we are playing “hit or miss”!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  55. Elizabeth Tyminsk wrote:

    I like the outfit but don’t love it. I would probably buy it for the same reason but then not wear it. I love the earring peeking through. I think the top would look better with a dark wash navy jean. But overall it is very flattering on you.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  56. Sheila wrote:

    I think the top would look better with black pants, but the top isn’t for me with cutouts. I’d switch out red flats for heels.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  57. Jackie Young wrote:

    Nope, the top, in my opinion, looks cheap and just like what Sofia would wear. Cheap not classy. Like the jeans but I’m tall and know they would look like capris unless they came in talls. You look beautiful but don’t love this look. Remember, you asked. 😍

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  58. Cindy Williamson wrote:

    You look great ! The outfit looks good on you,I can tell you have lost weight . I am 4’9 117 lbs (59 yrs old) I wish I could wear tops like this but back fat would kill the sexy look on me LOL!! I was drawn to your blogs because you put outfits together I would never dream of and you look classy. Im like you described yourself re decorating a house when it comes to clothes. I loved reading as you give ideas for switching tops or pants for more outfit choices. I can see you are trying hard to please your viewers with your blog. Look how many followers you have from just being you and blogging your way. I have daughters that each have events I must dress for. I never know what to wear to fit in with lawyers, doctors etc. I look to you for inspiration as I don’t want to be over dressed or under dressed. Pull on old navy jeans or spanx jeans with a top have ruined me. Im looking at a year of social event with my youngest graduating from law school in May to her wedding in December and all the social events related to each. I just want to say I enjoy your blog and keep being you !

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  59. saraesmithcharternet wrote:

    I wouldn’t even try the top or the earrings. The jeans are awesome. But that’s me — I think the top with the slits in it is done in a way that is much more appealing and effective than most tops with slits. It’s rather elegant and the earrings are fun.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  60. connie s darnell wrote:

    I like the jeans and also have a similar pair from Talbots. The top I wouldn’t wear, but I think it looks nice on you. I don’t do heels, but you show me how they can really dress up an outfit! I would give your outfit a B+.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  61. Elizabeth Bienvenu wrote:

    Looking sexy…like this

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  62. Penny Jo wrote:

    You look good in the outfit and it fits your personality. The top is not for me nor are the heels. The top too cutesy an snug and the heels too high for me and seems like I’m trying too hard. I like the jeans and love the earrings. These are great posts – keep them coming.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  63. Stephanie Rodriguez wrote:

    I love this look. This sweater feels appropriate for day or night; shows “just enough” skin; and would also work for Christmas. I would keep this wash of denim and add leopard print flats for a day look or wear a darker wash jeans and the red heels for a night out.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  64. Holly wrote:

    You look fabulous ! Would not change a thing!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  65. Julia Gilbert wrote:

    This outfit is a HIT – you look awesome…

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  66. Jeanine Kesey wrote:

    I love the top. I love the color and look. I like a fitted sweater or top. The jeans are cute but this top would be adorable with a wide leg jean also. I would probably wear a pair of boots with this rather than heels.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  67. Lori wrote:

    I think you look Fab! Red is a great color on you, and I think this top looks great with distressed jeans. Your accessories complete the outfit.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  68. Joan wrote:

    You look fabulous! I wouldn’t wear the top, but I think it looks great on you. Love the jeans. And I need some red pumps! I love the earrings.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  69. Nancy wrote:

    Tania, you are so right about everyone having different taste. I LOVE this outfit & I think it looks GREAT on you! And those Talbots jeans ARE the best – I have them with crystals, with studs, and in every color.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  70. Gloria wrote:

    I really love that vibrant red on you! The cutouts are fun, and I would wear minimal jewelry since the top is doing all the talking and shining. You can never go wrong with jeans and everybody has the right color, cut, etc. for their body. Agreed that Talbots has amazing jeans. You look very cute and subdued sexy!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  71. Sarah wrote:

    Thankyou for all your jeans posts. I love these jeans too! Your jeans posts have so simplified the new styles for me! I would probly not wear the tight top. I would have in me youth, tho, lol! Just like you, Love the color, cute date night cutouts, but probly not for me.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  72. Loretta wrote:

    It is going back and forth in my mind. Prior to seeing the top on you I would have passed it by. Now if I saw it in a store I would at least try it on. My practical side would wonder how much use I would get out of it, but an occasional splurge can be worth it. I think it looks great on you and is a great choice for Valentines day.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  73. Linda wrote:

    It is a winner, top to toe!!!!!!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  74. Fiona wrote:

    Love the jeansand the shoes, not sure I would wear the top. Love the read sweater with the wee hearts though.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  75. Pam wrote:

    Love that top, but I would need to wear with high waist jeans (because, muffin top). Not a fan of heart jewelry, but Those red heels are perfect!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  76. Donna Carpenter wrote:

    Your commentary had me laughing out loud! I would be looking in my mirror and worrying about the same things! You look great in that top for a Valentine’s Day dinner date; however, it would not be my choice as I tend to be a overly modest when wearing tops, but I’m also 64 and busty 😉 Sometimes less is more when it comes to reveal, if you know what I mean!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  77. Amy Tuttle wrote:

    I love this outfit on you – cute top, love the jeans, and the red pumps are even ok with the outfit. I’m sure your husband would love it too! 🙂

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  78. Gail wrote:

    Top isn’t for me either. Not a fan of cut outs, at least at my age. Also I like a little looser fit, hate any muffins or rolls showing lol.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  79. Melesa Garrison wrote:

    I personally wouldn’t wear this top, but it looks really cute on you. I love the jeans and shoes.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  80. Bernadine wrote:

    Good Morning, the whole outfit looks great on you but you have to feel comfortable wearing it. The top is sexy without showing too much which is good. I personally would feel uncomfortable wearing the top though it might look good on me and my husband would love it 😊. Now, I do like those jeans so I think I’ll check them out at Talbots. Do they stretch out after wearing them during the day?

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  81. Nancy wrote:

    I really don’t like the top. That cut out thing seems weird. The jeans are great and are a good fit and length for all occasions. Your red heels are a bit much. Too matchy-matchy and I don’t too many of us that would wear pumps with jeans. Color looks great on you though.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  82. Charlotte wrote:

    You look good in the top, but I wouldn’t with my belly! I’m doing E2M, but I can’t get through the circuit training. Any advice?

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  83. DAWN ADAMO wrote:

    I love this on you. I a 54 years old , 5’2, 195 lb so the tight top would not work on me. I LOVE the earrings!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  84. Mary Jo wrote:

    You look great, but I am not a fan of cutouts unless they are simple/subtle. I do love the color of the top, but the style is a miss for me. I really like the earrings!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  85. Anne wrote:

    The top isn’t for me. I think the color is gorgeous and compliments your skin tone but the material and cut-outs aren’t for me. The outfit looks fabulous on you!
    Have a wonderful day:)

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  86. Caroline Spoth wrote:

    Topis a miss for me although I bet it would look great on my daughter. I would be pulling and tugging at it then changing out of frustration. These jeans from Talbots are too short on me in petite and too long in regular length. I have purchased the regular length and cuffed them. Short jeans from WHBM are the perfect length for me.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  87. MARY WISE wrote:

    At first it was no. Then maybe but not for me. Love earrings.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  88. Donna wrote:

    The whole look is just too “cutesy”. It looks overdone. I’m not a fan of such an obvious “theme” look. I went to a holiday concert recently and so many of the senior women there were overdone in this manner. Looked like a Talbots convention. I think understated and subtle is much more flattering.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  89. Pam wrote:

    I like this top for Valentines. I agree that rib knit sweaters do seem to run small. I would wear boot cut dark jeans with nude booties or black dress pants with black booties. You look great by the way!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  90. Trish wrote:

    Yes I would wear this outfit , probably with something like the red & black ruana wrap from chicos that is displayed today.
    Or even a cárdigan or chaleco as the weather is now báltic , & I live in Málaga ,Andalucía , Southern Spain !!
    Hate winter
    Adore summer
    LOVE winter fashion
    Summer is just for swimwear & pools

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  91. Prof wrote:

    Though I like it, I would not wear the red top. I am busty and the snug fit and cut outs are not personally flattering.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  92. Cathy wrote:

    Yes to the jeans and the earrings, hard no to the top. It looks like it’s not well made and the style strikes me as a bit odd – something about the halter neck and the cutouts.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  93. Marla wrote:

    Love the color, but not the style of the top. The jeans are super cute, and KS earrings are always a good investment!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  94. Melissa Bingham wrote:

    I think it’s a keeper! It really shows off your recent weight loss, and the color is gorgeous on you. Love it with the red pumps!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  95. Teresa Spalding wrote:

    I like this outfit on you and I would totally wear a variation of it. I just can’t do that kind of top — Thelma and Louise already call attention to themselves and that particular cut would be like a neon arrow pointing to them…..Not thrilled with the way the pumps tie in – I would go closer to the color of the top or a neutral.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  96. Janette wrote:

    This looks great on you! Personally, I love the cutouts on this top but the body of the shirt is a solid no for my curvy body. Much too clingy for me. I wish I loved how reds looked on me, but you can’t have everything. Please keep on showing us all the beautiful options that you do.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  97. Casey A wrote:

    I think it looks great on you but I can see your concerns about the top being a little too snug. It would be fine if you didn’t ever sit down. I personally love the cut out look, a little sexy without being too over the top. I only say this because you asked for our opinion, but I would not feel comfortable in the red heels. I’d pair it with red flats or a neutral shoe or boot.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  98. Tricia wrote:

    Wow, you look great! Yes, yes I would wear that outfit (assuming I don’t gain any more weight) I love both pieces, very sexy without showing too much flesh!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  99. Jo wrote:

    I love the red top with jeans and heels. I’d definitely wear this. Might opt for a different color pump – maybe a neutral.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  100. Donna wrote:

    This outfit is a total miss for me. Really dislike cut outs and tight tops. Gave those Talbots jeans a try earlier this year… found them to be I’ll fitting. Felt like the inside leg seams were too far forward and they pulled when I moved. Also, not a fan of the tiny front pockets Talbots puts in their jeans.👎 I don’t wear high heels and not a fan of wearing ❤️ jewelry. Other than all that, you looked great in the outfit, but it’s not for me.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  101. Regina Plummer wrote:

    I love the outfit. It looks nice on you. But for my body type the shirt would be a big no. You look gorgeous keep up the good work.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  102. CTherine wrote:

    I would absolutely try it on, I love red. I live in a very cold climate and I worry I would get cold. I would wear flats or low heals because my picky feet don’t like high heals anymore. You look great, I would just throw on some statement ear rings for some bling.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  103. Dawn wrote:

    Yes I would definitely wear this outfit! I love Red! You look great in this outfit! Can really notice your weight loss, you look terrific!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  104. Tammy West wrote:

    I love this look and would definitely wear it, you look stunning in red by the way!!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  105. DJ wrote:

    I read the other comments and agree with most that first, you look amazing. Second, I think the complete outfit is just not right. That top should be paired with black pants, not jeans. And the red shoes are too matchy, matchy. I’m not a fan of the cut out. And this top is too form fitting. You would need a really good bra if you want to rock this.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  106. Beth wrote:

    You look great in everything! However, I would not be comfortable wearing this top. It seems too tight and the cut outs seem too young and “trendy.”

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  107. Sandra S. wrote:

    I agree with Kathy about taking “it up a notch” with a more classic red sweater. While you look fabulous in it, to my eye this sweater reads as overtly sexy, and sometimes as we age, looking overtly sexy (even if we succeed) just doesn’t read right. It can read more try hard or bad taste. This top is an attention getter, so if it doesn’t read right, it can read really, really wrong! I think it might work for someone, like you, who it fits well, and is hosting a Valentines party and wants to sort of set a festive tone. Regular wear? Probably not. (Boy, it pains me to say that, because you really do look good in it, but there you have it.)

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  108. Georgia wrote:

    No – makes your bust look saggy, don’t like the fabric, don’t like the neckline – a one hit wonder.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  109. Linda wrote:

    I wouldn’t personally wear that red shirt because ribbed and fitted does not flatter me. I would definitely wear that colour red and those jeans and shoes though as I really like the overall look. I’d swap out the shirt for a looser top worn half tucked and I’d wear silver earrings and a long necklace. I’m not a but heart wearer. But you look great!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  110. Sharon F Johnson, John Mark Johnson wrote:

    red is not my color and I wouldn’t do the openings, but they look great on you!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  111. Sue E wrote:

    I absolutely love this outfit on you! I have the sweater in black from Belk clearance and love it. Very cute, perfectly put together! Happy New Year to you and yours

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  112. Lori wrote:

    I typically don’t wear cut out items or low cut items but I might wear this. I like clear reds though so this shade isn’t right for me. I like the jeans but would prefer black leather pants for Valentine’s Day. I would probably wear black or gold pumps and I would wear the heart earrings if the red matched the sweater.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  113. Ginger Hiller wrote:

    First and foremost, you look fabulous in this outfit! The reasons I would not wear this outfit are: the top is way to form fitting for me, my upper chest is not pretty enough for the cutout design, and I cannot wear heels of any height. I think the top would also look nice with black or grey pants that have a fuller leg.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  114. Lois wrote:

    You look smashing, but it’s not the look for me. Too revealing on top and don’t care for the jeans. Give me a red cardigan over a tee any day!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  115. Rita Duda wrote:

    Hey Tania. I love the red color on the sweater but not the cross straps. Although not a Kendra Scott fan, I like the earrings & I love the jeans. Bottom line, I’d wear the earrings & jeans with another red top.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  116. Karen wrote:

    You look great in that top and in everything! I’m a huge fan of red and I love this top. It’s unique and bold. But I wonder how comfortable it would be.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  117. Michelle Fitch wrote:

    T, I think you look great! Love the cutout red shirt and the heels! I’m not really a heel wearer anymore. On occasion ii will put a pair on.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  118. Rhonda wrote:

    Love the entire outfit, but not the red top with cut-outs. Maybe I’m too stuffy for that kind of look….looks great on you. It wouldn’t fit my personality and I would be uncomfortable….like I was trying too hard. Those earrings are adorable! Those jeans are perfect in every way😉

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  119. Sharon wrote:

    I absolutely would never buy that sweater let alone wear it😊I don’t wear red but the color looks nice on you…I shy away from any sweaters that are ribbed…I saw a you tube video and the lady talked about how cheap ribbed sweaters look and I can’t get that out of my head…also the cutouts look cheap IMO…but thanks for posting something you don’t love…😊helps me figure out why I don’t love it…

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  120. Marian Redlinger wrote:

    You look great. Definitely your style, but not for me. Not a fan of the cut out sweater or distressed jeans. I would prefer black pants and a longer, looser sweater.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  121. Pam wrote:

    The red top, even though is shows you have lost weight and there are no rolls, something about it, maybe because i like loose clothes, I don’t like. Do like the jeans and red heels! Wear what you are most comfortable in!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  122. Barb wrote:

    The sweater is cute but not for me. Too clingy and I’m not a fan of the cut outs. Also, reds are not really my color unless it’s a blue red. I do like the jeans. They are flattering and look comfortable. All pluses! This was a fun post. I liked reading all the different options. That’s what makes fashion fun!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  123. Cheryll wrote:

    I like the outfit on you and like the sweater. In fact,I have a green one that is similar but much longer and have worn it for three years or so. I can’t walk in heels anymore, but they look nice on you.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  124. Janice C wrote:

    Bingo…I would so wear that outfit exactly as is! I’m not a huge fan of cutouts but those are tasteful rather than trashy. Love the combo of the red top, jeans and heels and those earrings are just the cutest. Way to go, Tania!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  125. I wouldn’t wear the cut-out top, but you look cute in it.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  126. Kathy Strunk wrote:

    You look great, but the top doesn’t do much for me either. I love the Talbots jeans. I own a pair and they have been my “ go to jeans”. I live in NC and the weight of the jean is perfect, not too heavy for those warmer days.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  127. Connie J wrote:

    You look amazing in this outfit. I think that it looks wonderful on you. I can totally see myself in this outfit for Valentines Day. Its a hit in my opinion.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  128. Jane wrote:

    It’s a miss for me because of the top. It seems dated but your jeans are fabulous and you look beautiful.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  129. Jill C wrote:

    You look fabulous in this outfit!! I’m heading to Talbot’s today to try those jeans!!! The shirt isn’t something I would wear because I’m too busty, and cut outs aren’t my style! Love the earrings and the shoes. Cute Valentine’s Day outfit!!!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  130. Donna wrote:

    I am not a fan of the red top. I don’t like cutouts …tried cold shoulder tops a few years ago & ended up donating them.
    Red is so not color .
    But I love the jeans. In fact I put them in my Talbots cart to order later.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  131. Lori wrote:

    My first thought was, You look fantastic! I love the red on you! Then I start hearing the noise in my head from the outside that says cutouts and cold shoulders are dated or going to be dated. I wish the noise would go away because you look very nice in this outfit. I think its sexy done in a tasteful way. I would wear it but with heeled boots.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  132. Peggy wrote:

    The top is a hard NO. I am not a fan of cut outs. Love the earrings and jeans. You look fabulous!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  133. Audrey wrote:

    I like the style of the sweater, but would prefer it in a non-rib fabric then the back of the sweater would flow better. I would not buy the heart earrings but would prefer a bracelet.
    I like boot jeans better than ankle jeans.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  134. EllenL wrote:

    Jeans and red heels spot on – the top is trendy and I really am not. fan of the cutout look – but you look fantastic in this outfit for sure!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  135. Kirsten Carlson wrote:

    The top is not my cup of tea. At first I was thinking maybe for a younger woman, but then realized that my daughter and her friends are younger women and I can not imagine any of them wearing the top either.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  136. You look great! I love this outfit. I can no longer wear heels or the shirt due to surgery but I would have worn it in the past. Love the look!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  137. Sue wrote:

    Love it!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  138. Carla P wrote:

    Red is m favorite color but I don’t wear it all that often. For Valentines Day I am more likely to wear one of the tops you featured yesterday that have a heart pattern. I’m not a fan of the ribbed sweater especially one that shows the back rolls. I love your modeling of clothes; it helps me to imagine what might be a miss for me. I have purchased plenty of your hits, as well!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  139. M James wrote:

    You look darling. Love, love the jeans. The top is cute, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it. I would choose one of the cute red tops that you posted. Thanks for showing lots of options!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  140. Kathy wrote:

    I think you look fantastic in red! Love the heels with it. I would buy it. Great job stepping out of your comfort zone – you don’t have back fat – you look great!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  141. Debbie wrote:

    Not a fan of the peek a boo shirt. The rest of the outfit is fantastic!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  142. Emily wrote:

    I do better with tomato red, which I guess defeats the Valentine vibe. As for the style, I think the top that ties at the waist much better than the one with the cut-outs. I do like the jeans but prefer red tops with very dark wash denim, black or white pants. Somehow heels with jeans makes me feel like a little girl playing dress-up but look fabulous on you! Sorry…sounds like I’m bashing the whole look. All that said you are adorable and look amazing in everything you wear! I’m with Anne who said you look more beautiful every year!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  143. Susan wrote:

    Love the jeans and earrings. Not a fan of peek-a-boo, cut out, or cold shoulder tops. I do like every other top you posted though!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  144. Tina wrote:

    You look good yet I can tell by your smile you prefer not to wear the sweater. I have mixed feelings about ribbed tops. I’ve found it really depends which is different than when I buy knit tops. You always look fabulous in your heels and the jeans flatter you. I’m giving a “two thumbs up” to the fitness and nutrition program your using. I signed up and I’m in Week 2. I’m following the plan and in Week 1 lost inches on every area mentioned! No weighing until Week 8! I sooo appreciate your introduction to this program.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  145. Jackie wrote:

    You look great from head to toe! I might wear the sweater, love the jeans, but I can’t wear heels. (Glad to read in other comments that I’m not the only one to dislike the cold shoulder look lol.)

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  146. Mary wrote:

    The color is beautiful on you! I am uncertain about the cut-outs. It’s a fairly fitted top; I wonder how it would look with looser-cut pants?

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  147. Connie R. wrote:

    Didn’t care for the cutouts on top. I work for Talbots and can tell you these jeans are great! Heels no but sneakers yes. I am working and wearing casual these days. I get my wear plus cost numerous times over with these jeans! Always love you and your accessorizing! I even wonder if you still go to the vintage fashion show you used to visit. As I said before I relate to your approach to all fashion. Love to see it but adapt it to me. Tania and coffee a fun start to my day.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  148. Debbie P wrote:

    It looks great on you. Just not my style at all.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  149. Melanie Akin wrote:

    You look great in that outfit! I love the heels! The top wouldn’t work for me, looks great on you though. Love the earrings too!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  150. Carla wrote:

    I am not a fan of the form fitting sweater for me, or the cut outs. I prefer the other red tops you posted.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  151. Cheryl wrote:

    You look fabulous! I love the jeans and the top! The outfit looks great on you! I love red and I think for Valentines the top is perfect! Love the heels with the jeans too! I am a big shopper at Talbots I will need to try on those jeans.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  152. Delores Sadler Williams wrote:

    Love the jeans with the heels but not so much the top. The red top third one down on your list would look better I think

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  153. Sarah Warfied wrote:

    I love the red sweater with the cutouts! It looks great one you. I would choose a slightly darker denim though.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  154. Sue wrote:

    I’m just not a fan of cut out tops, personally. I feel like my eye goes right to the cut outs and stays there and doesn’t move up to your beautiful face. You always look so great, but this one doesn’t do you justice.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  155. Kelly Brooks wrote:

    Love the jeans and the earrings not a fan of the peek a boo shirt not my style. Looks great on you I just have never been a fan of that style.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  156. Gina wrote:

    I would absolutely wear the red sweater and the jeans, but not the heels. It all looks great on you, but I am not a “pumps” person. I love the more fitted look on you, and I always prefer more fitted tops. Flowy tops add 10 lbs to my frame. You look great.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  157. Bernie wrote:

    You are looking amazing Tania red is a lovely colour on you top really suits you for me personally I wouldn’t wear top as I have a large chest and it would just emphasize it I love the jeans and the shoes I would probably wear a nude heel and a red top 😁

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  158. Eve wrote:

    You look great but I’m just too busty to wear knit on top. I can go from sexy to obscene real fast. LOL

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  159. Whit wrote:

    You look fabulous. Love the jeans and the red heels are killer, but I’m not a fan of cut outs or the horrid shoulder cut outs that thankfully are going away. While I dig the red, the ribbed style is too form fitting for me (not you sister you look great).

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  160. Maribeth Conklin wrote:

    GM , I would wear THE shirt in black. Red isn’t my color. I don’t wear heels but I do love them. I need to go try those jeans on at Talbots. You look great.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  161. Anita wrote:

    I think you look great in the outfit. I would not wear the top because I find anything ribbed unflattering; shapeless and stretchy not in a good way. Love the jeans and shoes and would wear them.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  162. Christine F wrote:

    I think the top and jeans look great on you! Maybe the top with black pants? The heels don’t go with this out, IMHO. I’m so jealous of your recent weight loss….you look great Tania

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  163. Anne wrote:

    You look awesome!! You literally get better looking each year!! I love your hair and the hair color as well!!

    You keep getting younger too!! Thanks for doing these fashion posts! I’ve gotten a little lazy during the pandemic!! Seeing how stylish you are pushes me to try harder!!

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  164. Patti Smith wrote:

    I’m not a 100% sure about the red sweater but I’m not sure what I don’t like. Maybe because it’s not a staple, you really can change it for another outfit. Love the jeans & the red heel.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply
  165. Kathy wrote:

    This is fun! Your outfit looks cute on you. But I understand where you may not be sold on it. I would absolutely wear the jeans and the shoes. I’m not a cut outs fan. It’s a cousin to the cold shoulder look which I despise and grateful it is fading away. On top I would take it up a notch with either a red cashmere V neck or turtleneck. I prefer I looser fit and the silky-swingy sweater look is trending. Earrings are cute. I’m not big on hearts but appropriate for the day. I would wear one of my many wrap bracelets to add bling but not overdo it. Overall, cute outfit to build from.

    Posted 1.13.22 Reply