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Come Get Ready With Me This Morning

Do you go to your closet each morning and look around, trying to come up with something to wear? I either do that, or I used to be guilty of wearing the same things over and over again just because I knew the outfit looked good. There is nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit more than once, but switching things up is what keeps your outfits interesting. Come along with me, and get ready with me this morning.

There are outfits I like better than others, but I can always find something about the outfit I like and tweak it the next time. That is what I would do with this outfit. I call these outfits my Chicken and Dumplings outfits. I love all the parts, but they don’t go together the best. Lol!

Shaping Lip Liner Makeup, Dusty Rose | Revlon ColorStay Satin Ink, 008 | Maybelline Lifter Gloss, Ice | Panorama Smudge Resistant Mascara, Blackest Black

I usually lay out the outfit I want to wear on the bed and see if it is pleasing to the eye. Then, I put on my makeup before getting dressed. I finish off my makeup with a lip liner, lipstain, and a tiny bit of gloss. I’ve been using this trio of products for a while, and I like the neutral color, which is more mauve than brown. I’m trying a new mascara, and I admit to being shocked at how well it performed right out of the tube. It usually takes a couple of uses before the mascara works properly, but this one was good right away. I only use one coat of mascara because I don’t like clumpy lashes, and this one really coated well and stayed put all day long.

I wanted to create an elevated casual look by pairing this navy Cardigan Sweater with a pair of Straight Chino Pants. I love wearing navy and khaki together, so I thought this would be an outfit that was a home run…instead, it was a double.

I like this cardigan sweater, but I don’t love it. The sweater isn’t right for the look I was after and looks “off” when worn with the chinos. I also think I would have liked the sweater if I had been longer and if I had ordered a larger size. It looks like the sweater is almost sold out in all colors, so I’ll have to send this one back. When I was looking on the website to reorder, I came across a few other options that I think would work even better. They aren’t as dressy and would suit the chinos better.

The chinos fit me well, and I even like the look of them from the back. They are a little loose, but I wouldn’t want them any tighter. The sweater was too short and boxy for the chinos, but they would look great with a button-up shirt and a denim jacket.

While I like ALL the parts of this outfit, I think it would be better worn with other items. I love that each of these items is versatile and can be worn in lots of ways. Let me know what you think. Am I being too critical, or do you agree that this is a Chicken and Dumpling outfit?

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  1. Mary Frances says:

    This outfit that missed the mark is a great example to show of what not to do. Would love to see more. But I would have really enjoyed your showing each piece worn another way that would have worked. The shorter sweater needs to be worn unbuttoned with wider and longer pants…..just to dismiss it because it is “cropped” is to lose a chance at a really great outfit. I would have also like to have seen an outfit with those sandals with those shorter pants….I can’t think how I would like that with any top, but would love to see it if there is one. We all know how to make mistakes, just need to know how to fix them.

  2. Good post. Sometimes we’re so sure an outfit will work – but when we put it on, it just doesn’t work. Once – only once – I put some outfits together for a vacation without trying them on and it was a disaster. I agree that the jacket/sweater is too dressy, too short and a bit small and doesn’t work well with the chinos.

    1. Yes I agree chicken and dumplings. Would love to see how you now change up these pieces and sandals.
      Looking forward to more posts like this and how to recreate without returning or throwing out everything.

  3. I didn’t like the outfit. I agree the top was to short.

  4. Terri Hester says:

    Love the make up suggestions and tutorial!! I’m always on the hunt for new mascara to try!!! Thank you, Terri

  5. Laurie True says:

    Great idea in showing what you think doesn’t work together. That’s very helpful and interesting to most of your readers I’d think.
    To me it was the sandals that didn’t look right with the outfit and made it look like something was missing.

    1. Shoes have always been my Achilles heel.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Love the wedge sandal!

  7. I love the sweater and Chinos but not together! I’m looking forward to see how you’ll style each piece.
    The mascara looks great but darn, no brown. Black is just too harsh for this very pale redhead!!

  8. sue koren says:

    Loreal makes the best mascara!

  9. I love that you also show us outfits you don’t think are greatest and tell us why. I’ve put stuff together before I thought would be great but just didn’t like the final result. Thanks for helping me understand how the different components can be good but still not great together.

    1. I’ve done this way more times than I can count. 🤣

  10. Love navy and khaki together. I am not a fan of crop tops or sweaters that make me look frumpy and dumpy. I look forward to your e- mails every day and love how you coordinate all your clothing

  11. Cathy Alves says:

    I like the pants but not the sweater. I think the sweater is too short.
    Cathy A

  12. Sharon Buchanan says:

    I like the Chino pants!! The sweater is a lovely color but I agree with other I don’t feel I can wear crop tops well. Flats would look great although I like the sandals too. You look great in all the outfits you try on! Thanks!

  13. Susan Mckenzie says:

    Cute outfit— great suggestions!! Thanks!!

  14. More chicken and dumplings posts, please! This was fun, and a reminder for me to take a good, long look at myself in the mirror after getting dressed each day. What may seem like a great look in theory might not pan out in real life.

  15. Jacque Abell says:

    I think this chino color would look good with red also.

  16. This was really helpful! Is it possible to split up the two pieces and show us something that works better with each? And please do more like this. Thank you Tanya!
    Yes, chicken and dumplings, lol.

  17. Dana Hunt says:

    I don’t care for the sweater. It is too short. I think you can do better.

  18. Diane Holley says:

    I am going to try the mascara. I use to do the lash extensions. I stopped doing them because they were ruining my lashes. Love the outfits and glad you got to go to the game. Have a blessed day!

  19. I agree totally I like the pieces, but not together. As I get older I don’t want tops that stop at my waist.

  20. Phyllis Martin says:

    I think a deep navy sweater and chinos in more of a stone color would hit the mark !

  21. Ginger Hiller says:

    I totally agree with you on your perspective of this outfit. I get my clothes out each evening for the next day. My plans for the day impact what I’m going to wear.

  22. I’m not a fan of the sweater, but I don’t like cropped tops, so it would be a given for me anyway! The pants are nice looking though.

  23. Both pieces are fine just not together. I would wear the crop cardigan with wide jeans or pants. I just checked and it’s sold out. I would have liked it for me. It’s not a petite size but it would work for me because it’s crop. The pants because they are straight I would wear with a longer cardigan or blazer or button up shirt.

  24. You look cute in the outfit. I don’t really love crop pants with a crop sweater. If my top is short I like long pants so my legs look longer. I want to try the L’Oreal mascara. Is it really smudge proof?

    1. It didn’t smudge in me at all. I even had a hard time removing it later that night. 🤣

  25. Joann kelley says:

    look forward to reading your post with my morning coffee you make all these outfits look amazing.

  26. Laura Garrett says:

    I just love your honesty and humble approach to life, Tania. Thanks for being real. I agree with everything you posted and think you’re beautiful, even if it was a “miss.” Haha. Have a super day!

  27. I also love kaki and navy but agree the sweater doesn’t work well. I think the sweater is to dressy for the chinos. “Chicken and dumplings” – that’s cute!

  28. I have two cropped sweaters but don’t reach for them often.

  29. Karen Nau says:

    Button up jackets or sweaters always seem to pull and look too small. I would have liked to see your outfit more put together with a white t-shirt and the jacket unbuttoned. Khaki’s worn with a longer blazer look amazing. I am in Northern California, where we have great weather and can wear Khaki’s all year. Just add a pair of sneakers to pull the outfit together.

    1. I had on a white shirt under the sweater, but it didn’t look right. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  30. Joannie Russo says:

    Love the article, will try the mascara.

  31. I have a lot of clothes & I wear different outfits a lot

  32. Diana VanWinkle says:

    When I get home from work at night and change out of my work clothes, I immediately pick out what I’m wearing the next day and hang it on my closet door. Then in the morning I just grab the hangers and walk into the bathroom with everything I need. It saves me so much stress, and I’m not a morning person, so this helps me avoid wearing a “Chicken and dumpling outfit” all day at work! There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes all day.

  33. Thank you for showing your misses and explaining why you think they don’t work!

  34. Liz Osborn says:

    I tend to agree that the navy sweater and chinos are great color wise together, but style wise…not so much. I actually think the sandals look off with the chinos and a pair of flats would look better. You have a gift for style and knew this outfit missed the mark. Blessings!

  35. I love your blog! Lots of great ideas! I agree the outfit was a chicken and dumpling! We need to know how to correct the mistakes!

  36. This outfit is cute but I agree that a longer top would look better. I do love the navy with the khaki pants. I do want to try to lip gloss.


  37. Not a fan of the sweater. It’s cropped and a bit chunky, not flattering. I would like it better if it were longer.

  38. Good morning, I am not a fan of cropped sweaters or tops. They don’t fit me, hit at the wrong place. I do like navy and khaki together. I have to be careful with gapping in my tops.

  39. Vickey F Vaughan says:

    I agree with you that this is a chicken and dumplings outfit. The other alternatives look so much better especially the button up shirt.

  40. Debbie Morrison says:

    Chicken and Dumplings LOL! I love your posts, and I appreciate your insight. The pants are great, but the top bugs me when the buttons pull like that. I would be trying to “fix” it by sewing a seam up the front, and wind up not liking that either, and eventually donating it. You are right, the proportions are off and boxy top takes away from how cute the pants actually are. Glad you still have the option to send the top back. My New Years resolution is to try and leave the tags intact as long as possible because something in me just wants to rip them off!

  41. Debbie Hall says:

    I did receive my $50 Amazon gift certificate, Tania. You can be sure that I will enjoy using it!!! And browsing Amazon! Yay!! I, too, love navy and khaki, but agree with you about this outfit, although it look good on you!! Thank you so much!

  42. I agree. I like all the parts and pieces, just not together. I love the shoes!

  43. Debbie Hall says:

    Thank you, Thank you for the $50 Amazon gift certificate, Tania. You can be sure that I will enjoy using it!!! And browsing Amazon! Yay!! I, too, love navy and khaki, but agree with you about this outfit, although it look good on you!!

  44. I’m not a fan of anything cropped…that is a trend I would like to see go away. just my opinion… I’m happy you got bonus time with your family! Happy Monday❤❤❤

  45. Yup, you’re right, Tania. Definitely a chicken and dumplings outfit! Nice pieces, just not together.

  46. Linda Shearer says:

    YES interesting post. I love how you said the proportions were off. Gives me something to think about. I love the color combination and love the pants.

  47. Mary Corl says:

    I agree, not very flattering. However, I think if you wore navy blue flats with it, it would elevate the look.
    Chicken and dumplings, made me laugh!

  48. I like the pants but the sweater is too boxy and cuts off at a weird spot adding bulk at the waist which I would not like as I carry weight in my middle section. Usually love your outfits just not this one. Have a blessed day!

  49. I look forward to reading your posts every morning.
    Thank you for sharing!
    God bless you!

  50. You always look so polished, I aspire to that. It is the part of being retired I miss, getting dresses up a bit. I will check older posts, but how does a grandma that babysits young kids(6 mo and 3yo), look polished without looking like I will be cleaning house all day? I need easy to move in pieces and sadly sneakers are my everyday shoe. Thank you for all of your inspiration.

  51. Patt Dyal says:

    Can’t wait to try the mascara and lip liner and gloss!! Thank you for sharing! It is a rainy day in Georgia!!

  52. Louise Logan says:

    Love this. So easy breezy!!

  53. Another great post! I can’t get into the cropped tops. I prefer longer to cover the yuck.

  54. I bought a few of those sweater jackets this year and I have yet to wear them because they are boxy and short. Also, the sleeves hit at the bottom of the jacket which adds width to your silhouette- right where we don’t need it. I find if I push the sleeve up, it looks a little better, but not a lot.

  55. June Lewis says:

    I like the khakis!

  56. I would like to see the sweater with a long flared pant, but it misses with the short chinos. Thanks for showing this outfit, I’m guilty of doing the same, and the pieces are good, but the combination just doesn’t work.
    You are so inspiring,, even when you’re not!
    Thanks for so many great ideas!

  57. I like these pants. I’ll be looking into them. Do they wrinkle bad? I have a hard time with certain style of pants, especially jeans, cause I have a flat bottom. 🥲 I’m glad to see the lip ideas. I will try these too.

    1. Any time you have clothing that is mostly cotton, there will be wrinkles.

  58. Going to try your makeup, mascara and lip products. Yours always look yummy!
    Love a good pair of chinos! Love my Chiefs!

  59. Whew I was glad to read your notes-I thought it was ok but I didn’t love it, and your expert opinion was obviously the same! Thank you, Tania!

    1. Lol! I think it is just as important to show “misses” as it is to show hits!

  60. I agree these pieces are fine on their own but just ok together. Love your concept for the post! Fun to see what makes some things work together and others not.

  61. When I saw the first picture, I thought “this outfit doesn’t look nearly as polished as I am used to seeing”. A longer length sweater would make a big difference. I also feel that a cute pair of ballet flats would look more balanced with the pants.

    1. I almost didn’t show the post, but I love each of the pieces. It is important to show how outfits can have all the right components, but still not look great.

  62. I agree. Love all the parts but not together. I learned this lesson the hard way in traveling for work. Just because an outfit works in my head doesn’t mean it will work on my body😂. Love the blog!

  63. Grandma Judy says:

    Did you try putting a white t shirt under the sweater and then leaving the sweater unbuttoned? It looks like the sweater was pulling across your bust line. and maybe sneakers with the casual pants? It is a cute sweater and you will figure out how to wear it.

    1. I did. I had on the white body suit, but the white was too stark for the look. It would have been better it the undershirt had been striped or printed.

  64. I agree that it is a chicken and dumplings outfit. They are ‘eh together, and don’t shine together like most of your outfits do. Thanks for sharing this moment with us…we all have them 🙂

  65. Ellen Sorensen says:

    I love the idea you had with your outfit, and especially navy and khaki together, but agree that maybe the sweater is a bit too short. You look pulled together and I love the way you styled it, definitely would say it’s a nice look!
    Have a great day!

  66. Pam Bowling says:

    I do see what you mean about wearing a longer sweater and changing up the look with another type of shirt, but I did think the outfit looked nice on you.
    The sweater is too short for my liking. The pants are great!

  67. Mary Kinard says:

    The pants are a great versatile wardrobe staple!

  68. Linda Buchanan says:

    Makeup is great and I like the pants. Love the Bible verse

  69. Shelia Wharam says:

    Yep, you have a true chicken & dumpling outfit with this one! I love wearing a crisp white or denim blouse with chinos. And chinos are a perfect option for colorful spring tops!

    Have a great day!

  70. Linda Buchanan says:

    The pants are great, sweater not my favorite. Love the sandals

  71. Linda Buchanan says:

    Love your style and makeup.

  72. Good morning 🌞 agree the chinos would look cute with a chambray top or shorter denim blazer. The sweater is not my favorite not sure why, maybe the fit. I know because you always look fabulous in all your outfits.

  73. Nothing like grandkids.

  74. The outfit isn’t bad, but I’d pair it with either a striped buttoned shirt or a navy and white striped tea shirt. Love navy and khaki together through.

  75. thank you for this! I usually take pictures of my outfits once I am dressed so I can remember the pieces that go well together.

  76. I look funny in anything short, because of my large bust and short stature so for me a longer cardigan would be my choice. You are tall and have long legs, so I think it looks ver nice on you. I struggle when coordinating colors with khaki, and probably would pick a warmer color. What did you think of the body suit?

    1. The body suit was very nice. I was surprised at its quality.

  77. I agree. The sweater is too dressy for the chinos and I don’t like how it sat right on top of waistband. I don’t like to draw attention to my belly. Pants look comfortable too, that is a plus, at my age.

  78. Nancy Ingalsbe says:

    I agree with your thoughts of a “chicken and dumplings “ outfit. The sweater looks too short cutting your look in a bold half. Stretching the eye down to the pants with a longer top would look better. Keep digging in your closet and I am sure the right top will show itself!

  79. Connie Nunn says:

    I agree the outfit is nice but a longer sweater would look better. H

  80. For some reason it’s “off.” Even the sandals.

    1. The outfit is not you !The short sweater is hard to wear and the whole outfit didn’t go together! 👎

  81. Loving the khakis – navy is great with it but yes – maybe a lil longer would be better.

  82. I really like those pants and they would be so wearable! They would go with so many tops this spring.

  83. Donna Ingalls says:

    Agree with you that a longer cardigan would be better, but it’s very pretty and versitile.

  84. Debbie Goepper says:

    I agree, it isn’t a chicken & dumpling outfit. I do like the pants, the sweater not so much.