Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is ready for St. Patrick's Day in a v-neck t-shirt, white jeans, and HV Havana sneakers

It is funny how we decide that we shouldn’t wear certain colors. When I was younger, I would never wear red, and now it is one of my favorite colors to wear. Green was another one of “those” colors that I would never wear. I still don’t care for Olive green around my face so, I wear that color on my bottom half. Today, I am showing you four casual outfits for St. Patrick’s Day, and they all include GREEN.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is ready for St. Patrick's Day in a v-neck t-shirt, white denim jacket, white jeans, and HV Havana sneakers

I know that a lot of people don’t like to wear white. Maybe the reason is that you are afraid that you can’t keep it clean. Or, maybe the reason is that it washes your complexion out.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is ready for St. Patrick's Day in a floral v-neck camisole, navy cardigan, white jeans, and HV Havana sneakers

I’ve learned to incorporate colors into my wardrobe in various ways. The colors that I love and look good with my skin tone, I’ll wear in tops, scarves, cardigans, and sweaters. The colors that don’t look good with my skin tone will be worn in pants, skirts, handbags, or shoes.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is ready for St. Patrick's Day in a green v-neck gingham top, white jeans, and HV Havana sneakers

My mother says that I never met a store that I didn’t like, and that is true with color also. I LOVE color! I am becoming known for color since so many bloggers stick with mostly black, gray, or navy. I love those colors too, but give me some green, pink, blue, brown, yellow, and the rest of the colors you can find in the Crayola box.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a casual St. Patrick's Day outfit of a v-neck t-shirt, white jeans, and HV Havana sneakers

St. Patrick’s Day may not be a holiday that you celebrate, but it should be. Think about it; it is the “luckiest” holiday there is. Lol! Get it – luck – four-leaf clover!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is ready for St. Patrick's Day with this green v-neck t-shirt

This look is about as casual as you can get. A v-neck green tee is casual; it is simple, comfortable, and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. This vintage tee is the berries! That means that I love this tee. It is so soft, lightweight, and it is affordable. I am wearing a size large in this tee, and I am ordering a couple of other colors for the spring and summer.

ashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the back of a green t-shirt, white jeans, and HV Havana sneakers

No back fat shows. That is my litmus test for determining if my shirt is too tight. It couldn’t possibly be because I have gained weight. Lol!

ashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a casual St. Patrick's Day outfit of a green v-neck t-shirt and a white jean jacket

All outfits start with a top and a bottom unless it is a dress or jumpsuit. To elevate a 2-piece outfit, add a third piece. Some of the time, I will add a scarf, but most of the time, it is a cardigan or jacket. Today, I added a classic jean jacket in the color white.

This jacket is one that I’ve had for a long time. I was eating in a restaurant, and it was freezing. There was a Cato’s next door, so I ran over and grabbed this jacket. I need to update this jacket since it doesn’t fit me correctly. The ones that I am considering are linked below. Normally, I will order a large jacket since I will be wearing it over the top.

ashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a casual St. Patrick's Day outfit of a floral v-neck camisole and a navy cardigan

This look is something that you could wear even if you don’t like green. This adorable floral print camisole is so stinking cute! I love how feminine it is, but it isn’t covered in ruffles. The gorgeous green and lilac combination is pretty, and I can’t wait to see if it will go with the orchid jean jacket that I bought the other day.

I love a camisole because it can be worn all year long. In the fall and winter months, I wear it with a jacket and a heavy cardigan. And, in the spring and summer, I wear it with a light cardigan or by itself. I am wearing a medium in this cardigan, and it fits me fine. It might be a tiny bit snug through the chest, but not enough to reorder a bigger size.

ashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing her silver jewelry, navy cardigan, and floral camisole

The navy cardigan that I am wearing was one that I bought at a final sale last fall. Navy and white are one of my favorite color combinations, and it is a classic combo. Here are some similar cardigans for you in case you don’t already own one.

ashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a casual St. Patrick's Day outfit of a green v-neck top

How cute is this top??? I love gingham, and this green and white v-neck Voile top is adorable. The only fault that I have with this top is that it is a tiny bit on the short side. The 3/4 balloon sleeves look very chic and stylish, and you would never know that this top is only $20.00. It also comes in several other prints and colors, so be sure to check them all out. I am wearing a medium in the top.

ashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing a close-up view of her green gingham top that is perfect for St. Patrick's Day

I am wearing the same jewelry in all of the photos. It is the Maggie small hoops, a horizontal cross necklace, the Shine necklace that I have been wearing so much lately, and the Maggie bangle bracelet.

ashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing white jeans and HV Havana sneakers

The chewed hem mid-rise white jeans are a pair that I bought last year, but they are still in stock. I am wearing my usual size 30 in the jeans, and they fit me great. Here are some others that you might like.

ashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing HV Havana sneakers with a green back

When I posted about Golden Goose sneakers, one lady commented that she had 2 pairs of Golden Goose sneakers, but she preferred HV Havana sneakers. When I saw this leather pair by HV Havana with the green heel, I knew that I had to try them. There were two reviews on the shoes. One said that they ran true to size, and the other said that they ran small.

I ordered my usual size 9 since there was no clear answer about sizing, but I think they run a half size small also. I could wear them, but they rubbed my little toe, so these will have to go back. However, they are super cute, so I’m thinking about trying another version. What do you think?

ashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing four casual St. Patrick's Day outfits

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Do you wear green on St. Patrick’s Day?

I am celebrating this month because it is Joe’s Birthday month. He told me that I couldn’t make a big deal out of his birthday. I don’t think that announcing for the entire world to see is making a big deal. Lol! So, randomly, each week, I am going to pick a winner for a gift. The gifts will vary in size and price, and I will pick the winner from the comments that I receive during the week.

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  1. Lisa CASTRO says:

    All great green outfits!

  2. Love the St Pat’s options! I went to Target just to get the gingham top.. I agree that it’s a little short but I’ll wear a cami under to elongate a little. Super cute!

  3. Cara MacNinch says:

    Hi Tanya,

    I love the gingham top and white pants. You look amazing.

  4. I love that top from Target – I think I will get it in the blue print.

  5. I don’t like to wear yellow or turquoise. Not sure if it’s because I don’t like those colors. I think the yellow would definitely wash out my face.

  6. Yes, I definitely celebrate. I am Irish and it is also my daughter’s birthday. I’ve always worn green and ate corned beef and cabbage for dinner on that day.

  7. Love these outfits, especially the gingham shirt!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!!

  8. Yes, we celebrate; usually just by going out to dinner, but the house is decorated! Yes, I always dress in green. Not my best color either. I love the outfit with the jeans jacket best! Looks great and put together.

  9. I love your posts! Keep on doing what you’re doing! Did you know March 27th is National Joe Day? We have a son named Joe and never knew about this holiday. Check it out!

    1. WHAT!?! That is wild! I can’t wait to tell Joe that he has his own day!!!

  10. The cami and cardigan are super cute! Not fond of the chewed hem, but the white jeans are great with the tops!

  11. Green is a must for St. Patty’s…..I am Irish!!

  12. Angelia Wampner says:

    I love the color green, I have a few pieces including a trench coat in a kelly green. It goes with white, Black, navy, Khaki, and blue jeans. Finding the tone that flatters is key. I always wear green and eat a form of cabbage on St. PATTY’S DAY. Its the luck of the Irish!

  13. Donna MRC says:

    My DIL told me that I look great in green. 🙂 I love the v-neck green T-shirt.

  14. Susan A Radtke says:

    Love the white and green checked top

  15. I love the color green! The green tee looks great on you with the white jeans and tennis shoes. The green floral is super cute too. I will wear green on St Patrick’s Day and possibly a couple days early.

  16. Love the camisole, though I cannot wear them, even with a cardigan. I do wear sleeveless tops, but only with a cardigan, except for when I am at home working in my garden. I do dress for all the holidays, even the small ones, Life is more fun that way!!

  17. Tracy Abraham says:

    Hi! Why did you say the Jean jacket did not fit correctly?

    1. The jacket is too big and bulky on me. I am always fidgeting with it, but I am conscious that it doesn’t fit me right.

  18. Kathleen OBrien says:

    While I’m very Irish, I’m not a complete fan of green – some shades make my skin look very yellowish. But I will wear some form of green on my favorite holiday – I do have a beautiful emerald and diamond four leaf clover pendant that will definately come out for a least the day. I do like the fresh combination of the green and white on you – looks very springtime.

    1. With the last name of OBrien, I would have never have guessed that you were Irish. Lol!!!

  19. Love the floral top.
    i am not a great green lover, but like the outfits you put together

  20. I wear a bright kelly green shirt every St. Patrick’s day. But the floral tank is catching my eye as something to consider that can be worn more often. I never heard of that brand of sneakers. If you get the larger size and like them, let us know.

  21. Dannie McGuire says:

    That green T-shirt is the perfect shade of green for me! I ordered it and the hot pink shade today. They will arrive just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

  22. Christine Simpson says:

    I have a distaste for a few colors from when I was younger and I am also trying to work through it lol green is one of them. Love the white jacket and pants with the green shirt!!

  23. Diane Hartford-Schulert says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. You nail it EVERY day! I love the floral tank, soooo cute! And the green shirt–adorable.

  24. I have never worn green but I may start after seeing this. The Havana sneakers are cute. I’m unfamiliar with that brand.

  25. I might have to try a pair of Vintage Havana sneakers since the price point is easier to swallow than the Golden Goose.

  26. I would wear every one of these outfits! I love that you style for the real world, and not aspirational dressing. Also love all the color – I’m with you on that. Happy birthday to Joe!

  27. Dina Dennis says:

    I love the green choices and the white jeans. There is just something so deep in my mind from my mom that white is for Memorial Day to Labor Day – but you inspired me I ordered a new pair of white jeans and I think I’ll wear them!

  28. Wow lots of ideas. I like the white as it seems fresh and crisp and just what I want as we leave winter months! I shall be pulling my white jeans out more to wear!

  29. Love the green! Since retiring and sheltering during the past year, the last couple of months I set a challenge: in February I wore red or pink every day through the 14th. This month I’m wearing green through the 17 th. Just a way to break up the rut.

  30. I do celebrate St Patrick’s Day. My dad was born in Ireland and we’ve celebrated it all my life. Unfortunately my dad passed a few years ago but we are carrying on the tradition. I also have a March birthday and wedding anniversary so March is a big month in my family.
    Love the outfits. You look great in green Tania.

  31. Linnie S Z says:

    Speaking of Cato’s…when I first started following you a few years ago, you had mentioned Cato’s. As I had never heard of them, I signed up for their emails. I see cute things there but have never ordered. Mostly because I HATE to pay for shipping.! Do you still shop there?

  32. I don’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day but I do wear green that day, if I remember! Green is my favorite color though. Loved the cami though I don’t do sleeveless but do wear them under cardigans. Always looking for ones that are polyester and don’t fit tight like a lot of the cotton ones do. Loved all your items today so thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday Joe!

  33. St. Patrick’s day can be so much fun! When I was a school librarian I would hide Lucky the Leprechaun sitting on a shelf & my assistant would play a little twinkling sound on her phone to let the kids know lucky was watching! If you don’t wear green on the day not only will the leprechauns get you but those elusive fairies may trick you! All your beautiful outfits work for my sunny SoCal climate! My sneakers are from Ecco & there’s a band of aqua on the back similar to the Golden Goose.

  34. Cheryl Chovich says:

    Happy Birthday to Joe! I hope he enjoys his birthday month. How awesome of you to celebrate your husband all month long! The St. Patrick’s Day outfits are cute. I will be wearing a shamrock scarf to celebrate the day!

  35. Jamie Mannin says:

    I love to dress for any special day. Yes! I will wear green.

  36. I love the green items and do wear it for St. Pats but I’m part Irish!

  37. I really love the gingham top. It’s so cute!! I am decorating my mantle for St Patrick’s Day, but probably not me.

  38. One of the things that drew me to your blog is that you embrace color. I love color, especially green! Have a good weekend.

  39. Michelle D. says:

    You look great! I don’t wear green near my face either. I can wear olive green pants. I have a couple of olive green jackets that are just the right tone that I can wear.

  40. Happy Birthday to Joe! Love the green in all the outfits, so cute!!!

  41. I’m one of those who thinks they can’t wear green, but your looks are so “fresh” and “Springy” that I’m going to give it another try! Thank you!!

  42. Like someone else said, I don’t want to get pinched for not wearing green on St. Patty’s Day. I like the outfit with the camisole and navy sweater and it looks very nice on you.
    Happy birthday to Joe.

  43. Kim☘️ says:

    I love the white jeans worn year round, as I haven’t been brave enough to try as of yet! So light and bright instead of gloomy!
    Kim ☘️

  44. I have very little green in my closet as it really has to be the right shade to go with my skin tone and it’s not a color I would wear on my bottom half to get it away from my face. Cute tops.

  45. Donna Ingalls says:

    Love the Kut from the Kloth pants. I have found they wash well too.
    Happy Birthday to Joe!

  46. Yes I do wear green in honor of St Patrick’s Day! It’s my husband’s and my sister’s birthday so it’s a given! (not to mention we are Irish too) Lol Love the gingham check blouse with the white jeans so cute.

  47. Love the outfits today, so fresh and springy!!
    The gingham top is my favorite!!

  48. Yes ! I don’t want to get punched!![

  49. Victoria Doudera says:

    Your comment that adding a third piece to an outfit elevates it is so helpful. I’ve never heard it expressed that way and it makes me realize why sometimes I put on two items and feel “unfinished.” Thank you Tania!

  50. Christine F says:

    Love love love how you are embracing St. Patrick’s Day ❤🍀

  51. Tania,Thank you for showing me how to dress as a lady.I am a very passable crossdresser who just loves your site because of the lessons you teach us and the deals you make us aware of.Thank you.Sincerely Michelle.