Feeling a Little Royal

DSC_0019I should have taken a picture of me practicing my “Royal” wave. Purple always makes me think of royalty, and of course the sequins don’t hurt either. When I talked to my sister this morning (I talk to her every day) she asked what I was wearing. I told her, and she said, “Your wearing sequins to work at a lumber company?” Of course, silly girl, why not?DSC_0016My sweater is at least waving. Lol! This duster, long cardigan, whatever you want to call it, is several years old. I bought it one year, when I was in Tennessee, visiting my family. My son was a head football coach for a high school team, and my mother and I were going to attend the game. I talked my mom into wearing this sweater, even though she didn’t really like it. We stopped at Wal-Mart for something, and she got two or three compliments on the sweater. I loved being able to rub it in that I was right, and she was wrong.DSC_0020The beautiful sequin top is from Cato. I bought it a really, really long time ago. I was attending a Woman’s Club Regional Convention, and the theme for the dinner was, “Jeans and Bling”. I bought this top, wore my jeans, and had a great time. Here is one on Amazon.377573_284654408241776_1503011767_nMe and my bestie from the convention in 2011. It was held in Lexington, KY, hence the horse. Hahaha  I think I was having a hot flash, because I would NOT have worn this without a jacket or sweater. Holy cow, I mean look at those arms.
DSC_0011I am wearing silver jewelry with this look. The little silver bar necklace I recently purchased, and a handmade “spoon” necklace made by a co-worker. The purple bracelet was a gift from a lady in town who has an uncanny ability to remember people’s birthdays. I went into her shop a couple years ago, and before I left she gave me this bracelet, because she remembered that my birthday was in a couple days. Small town living, you can’t beat it.DSC_0007I’m not sure how your weather is, but it was just a tad bit on the windy side today. This may be a new look for me.DSC_0018My pants are a taupe color. Not really brown, and not really gray. I like the feel of the pants, they are a brushed corduroy. The pants are Ann Taylor modern skinny pants, and here is a link for a pair from the Loft. The suede boots are Clark’s, and are flats. My hips are smiling:)DSC_0002The little scene stealer is back, and still sporting his red sweater.DSC_0003Just treat me like you would any other Queen!  Hahaha

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  1. Well, I LOVE the sequin top! Not sure I’d have the guts to wear it to work, but you rock it! You are amazing at putting outfits & jewelry together. You must have a HUGE house & a HUGER closet! ha!

  2. Love it! Purple is a good color for you.

    1. Maybe I should have said, Feeling like “Barney” instead. Hahaha