Everything You Need For Summer At JCPenney

Summer will officially be here in a couple of weeks. I’m already starting to celebrate by soaking up as much sun as I can. Summer is the time to wear colorful clothing, dresses, shorts, and sandals. Today, I’ve found everything you need for summer at JCPenney. You’ll want to check out the JCPenney Friends & Family Sale (up to 40% off + an extra 30% off select apparel, shoes, accessories, fine jewelry, and home.)

Let’s talk about casual, comfortable, and colorful summer styles. I love wearing colorful clothing all year long, but it is especially fun to wear it in the summer months. Whether you are wanting a casual shorts outfit, a dress for a girl’s luncheon, or a running around town errands look, JCPenney has everything you need.

Memorial Day was a great opportunity to wear red, white, and blue, but that’s not the only time. The 4th of July isn’t far off, and any of these outfits would be perfect for the occasion. Plus, since there are no stars and stripes on the clothing, they can be worn at any time of the year.

I recently went to a wedding, and finding the perfect outfit to wear is stressful. I picked out several looks that I think would work for most weddings. The navy evening gown would be beautiful for a formal wedding, while the other two dresses would work for cocktail or casual ones.

Hot summer nights can rob you of valuable sleep. These cool and calm pajamas are stylish and feature moisture wicking, temperature control, breathable, and cooling.

Are you ready to hit the pool, go on vacation, or head to the lake? These swimsuits are stylish and flattering. The sandals are neutrals that can be worn all summer long.

JCPenney is a brand that most of you already know and love; they carry a wide array of products and have great quality items. JCPenney offers free shipping to your store for orders over $25 and free shipping to your home when orders are $75 or more.

JCPenney and Collective Voice sponsor this post, and I will receive compensation, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I LOVE the red dress!!! It is so difficult to find the perfect red dress. This one looks promising.
    Thank you! Hope Joe feels better soon. Hope you stay well.

  2. I was at JCP last week and actually picked out 2 of your selections. Crazy minds think alike! 🙂
    The floral sleeveless blouse and the patterned blue skort got lots of compliments. I also got a pair of floral capris but cut them down to long shorts. As we all know, capris cut you off at the most unflattering part of your leg! Total for all 3 was $44, a total bargain. I found a lot of other cute things but had to cut myself off (kind of like the capris)!
    We have 16 cases of Covid at my work now (in just a regular office setting) so please, everyone, don’t think Covid is gone, because here on the east coast it hasn’t. Hope Joe’s tests say negative!
    Sending healing vibes…

  3. Hope Joe feels better soon! Stay away from him 😅

    1. Hahaha! I’m trying my best.

  4. Ginger Hiller says:

    I sure hope that Joe gets well real soon and that you don’t get sick. I’ve heard that there is a pretty nasty virus around down here that requires prescriptions to rid of it. The medallion print dress is beautiful and now on my radar, since I am wearing more dresses now. At 8:30a yesterday it was 77 & @ 5:30p, it was 96 in the sun. I cannot take the heat well at all, so I’m ready for the summer heat to vacate.

  5. Hope you do not catch whatever Joe has, but even though he did not test positive, he still may have covid. Love the outfits. Best wishes!

  6. Sherli Morgan says:

    Sorry to hear Joe has the flu!! I’m currently struggling with pneumonia…oh joy!!! But I’m sure we’ll both be better soon.

    A lot of the clothes you showed today were awesome for summer. Penney’s usually has such a great variety of fashion options, as well as home options. Thanks for the post today!!

  7. Thanks for setting up your Amazon Store. It is a great idea. Sometimes I’ll remember an item you talked about on your blog and then I can remember which blog it was. I will boost your sales. I really enjoy your blog and have purchased some of the Amazon items ex. LaRochey-Pose lotion. I hope Mr. Joe feels better soon and that you don’t get it. Take care.

  8. Hope Joe is better very soon! And fingers crossed you stay well!

  9. JCPenney has kind of upped their game on clothing styles lately! That’s nice to see.

    I hope Joe is better soon! My husband and I had covid in early November. He tested positive on the home test immediately, and I took several but never tested positive on any of them. I ended up at the doctor, and the PCR test was positive. The doctor said that can happen sometimes. I guess the moral of the story is don’t necessarily always trust the home tests. I hope you don’t catch whatever he has!

  10. Dana Smithmier says:

    i hope joe ceels better soon!!