Have you ever thought, “I’ve worked hard this week; I deserve a break” Maybe you think you deserve a vacation, or you’ve been good on your diet, so you deserve a cheat meal? If I’m being honest, I’ve thought that I deserve attention, compensation, or even a new handbag.

I’ve tried to take “I deserve” out of my vocabulary. It is so easy to fall into a deserving mindset when we look around us and see what others may have. If you see your neighbor buy a new car, you might start thinking you work hard every day, and you deserve a new car. Maybe your co-worker got a raise or a promotion, which triggers you to feel that you deserve all of those things. Those thoughts will start to fester to the point you harbor ill will toward the co-worker or the boss. Why did they get the raise/promotion? Why did the boss not value you, was he blind to your efforts?

Joe and I have had a saying that we’ve used for years, and it is a lyric from a Rolling Stone song. It is, “You can’t always get what you want, But if you try sometime you’ll find You get what you need.” Need and want are usually two different situations, and what you deserve can be very different than what you think. You might think you deserve riches and blessings, but the truth might surprise you.

Romans 6:23

23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Since we are all sinners, the truth is, we deserve death. We deserve to be punished for our sins, especially since we sin daily. It is only through the grace of our Lord that we truly do not get what we deserve.

Psalm 103:10

10 he does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.

If we got what we deserved, it would be punishment and death. Instead, Jesus took on our punishment, and it is through His sacrifice we can have the hope of spending eternity with the Lord.

So, the next time the thought, “I deserve,” runs through your mind, stop and praise the Lord for NOT giving you what you deserve, but giving you what we desperately needed; Jesus Christ.

To God Goes The Glory!

Have A Blessed Day!

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  1. Angela wrote:

    So funny I sing the rolling stones song all the time, it is true you only get what you need.

    Posted 6.11.22 Reply
  2. DAWN ADAMO wrote:

    That was just what I needed to hear. Thank you.

    Posted 5.31.22 Reply
  3. julia miller wrote:

    I am also reminded of a country song, I think by Garth Brooks. I thank God for unanswered prayers.

    Posted 5.30.22 Reply
  4. Rhonda wrote:

    This as a great perspective. I sometimes think about why I follow some fashion blogs because they make me want things I really don’t need. There is a balance between what you want (just because someone else has it) and what we really need. The world is constantly telling us we need more of everything but what we really need is more of Jesus and His grace! Thank you for posting!

    Posted 5.30.22 Reply
  5. RORY wrote:

    Very well written. Your post spoke to me today. You are awesome.

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  6. Holly wrote:

    Amen Tania! Thank you for the reminder. It is a good one. I needed that!

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  7. Judy wrote:

    Amen! God is good! Thanks for your Sunday posts.

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  8. Lorri Creel wrote:


    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  9. Laurie wrote:

    Amen and Amen! We would all do well to remember what we truly deserve apart from the blood of Jesus. Thanks for the reminder, Tania.

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  10. Paula wrote:

    Great post. Something definitely to remember.

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  11. Wendy wrote:


    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  12. Tonja Rhule wrote:

    Wow…that hit home hard! Thank you for the reminder.

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  13. Ginger Hiller wrote:

    What a fabulous reminder! Thank you for this!

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  14. Kathy Hayles wrote:

    I love this post! Thank you for sharing.

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  15. Dorothy Graham Campbell wrote:

    Amen! I often say that if God doesn’t do ANYTHING else for me, He’s done ENOUGH! Thank you for this gratitude reminder, I ❤️ your posts and blogs!

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  16. Karen wrote:

    Amen! God’s grace to us sinners is amazing. I love your Sunday posts!

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  17. connie klappenbach wrote:

    Always enjoy your post.

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  18. Deborah wrote:

    So good!💗

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  19. Anna wrote:

    Great post and great reminder! 💕

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  20. Dianne wrote:

    Tania, I love your Sunday posts especially today. I believe that we all have issue of saying that we “deserve” things. I for one am very guilty of that. Sometimes I say that they are lucky and why do I have to struggle.. I hate struggling and I feel that I have been doing that for such a long time. But you know i have to remind myself that I should be grateful for what I do have. This is a something that I have to remind myself of all the time.

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  21. Marj imburgia wrote:

    I couldn’t agree more! I have really disliked all the advertising that focuses on that phrase, “you deserve it.” It festers greed and envy and a host of other sins. You are so right – what we deserve is far from the pampering we want. Thank God that He knows what we deserve, yet has given us the gift of Jesus who took on what we deserved in order to bring us into God’s kingdom. Love your Sunday posts – thanks for being a faithful follower of Jesus, pointing us to the one that can fill the void that we want to fill with things we think we “deserve.”

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  22. Nancy wrote:

    Great message today Tania. One that I think all of us humans need to remember.

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  23. Linda wrote:

    I’m pretty new to your blog but I absolutely love what you do! Not jut the clothes & beauty tips cause helping women feel beautiful is important but your inspirational posts on sundays are wonderful. As a Christian I find these a truly important reminder to our true purpose. So thank you again.

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  24. Liz wrote:

    AMEN! A timely reminder.

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  25. Cindee wrote:


    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
  26. Georgie wrote:

    Thank you for today’s post! I recently became one of the “gurls” and look forward to your posts each day. I am a fellow Christ follower and love what you’re doing for other women with your blog. Blessings! — Georgie Hitz

    Posted 5.29.22 Reply
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