50 IS NOT OLD | EXCITEMENT IN A SMALL TOWNFor a small town, Grundy sure gets its share of excitement. I went to the bank and post office yesterday just like normal. They are used to me mailing so many packages at the post office that they know the last four digits of my credit card. Lol! I sure keep them on their toes by mailing out packages to Canada and Australia. After I left the post office I went to the bank. I rolled down the window at the drive through and then sat back to post my pictures to Instagram. Instead, I heard this, “Tania, roll up your window and lock your doors.” I looked at them like they were crazy and she said it again. I said okay and rolled up the windows while I looked around. I figured there must be someone walking around outside that they thought was “fishy.”50 IS NOT OLD | EXCITEMENT IN A SMALL TOWNIn a few minutes, they were done with the deposit and motioned for me to roll the window back down. They explained that there was a fugitive on the run. Someone from the next county over was running from the police and they thought he was in the sheds on the property next door. I looked and could see all kinds of police cars up there. I mentioned that he had probably hit the river and mountains and could be anywhere. I looked in my rearview mirror and could see 2 police cars right behind me across the river. A helicopter was also flying over searching for him. I don’t know if they ever found him or not but my son had fun making an ad for our company. Go and like Vansant Lumber Company on FaceBook and watch his ads. He is hilarious!!!50 IS NOT OLD | EXCITEMENT IN A SMALL TOWNI bought this top at the overstock store the day my “stalker” and I went up there to shop. You know I love a gingham or check pattern, so this had to come home with me. I saw a similar one in the J. Crew window one day when I was babysitting for Emersyn but I couldn’t go in and shop. It has plagued me ever since. This top is by Isaac Mizrahi and it is a tiny bit big on me so I opted to wear it half buttoned and let some color shine underneath.

50 IS NOT OLD | EXCITEMENT IN A SMALL TOWN I have a lot of jewelry on today, even for me. Lol! My knot jewelry is some that I recently got and like really well. The earrings are called AnyssaThe Abigail necklace is perfect for those who like a shorter necklace. I have stacked my bracelets today. The Wanda bracelet is a stretch bracelet with dangles. The charcoal bling bracelet is called the Ezra. It was a Halloween bracelet that was so popular that they brought it back in the spring catalog. I also have an inspirational bangle that says, “I Choose Happy.” 50 IS NOT OLD | EXCITEMENT IN A SMALL TOWN The pearl necklace is called the Noah. It doesn’t come with any attachments or charms, it is for a lanyard. I attached a cross charm and a GRACE charm. Then, on my left arm, I have on the Abela bracelet that says, “Blessed,” the Lucinda bracelet, and two magnetic bracelets that were specials and are no longer available. 50 IS NOT OLD | EXCITEMENT IN A SMALL TOWN I love my Virginia sandals c/o Nina Shoes. I think these were the first pair of shoes I received from Nina and I love them. I like that they are a neutral that can be worn all summer long but the black trim gives them that extra unique detail. I thought that the leather sole wouldn’t be very comfortable but I was wrong. I can wear these all day long and they don’t hurt my feet at all. They are on sale for 1/2 off so this is a great time to purchase them.50 IS NOT OLD | EXCITEMENT IN A SMALL TOWNMy black pixie pants and my hot pink tank top both came from Old Navy years ago. Black pants are like white pants to me. I wear them a lot in the summer and I try to buy a new pair every 2 years at the latest. The tank top is a longer version and I like them so much better. I went through my drawer and got rid of all the cropped ones I had. I suggest you do the same. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | EXCITEMENT IN A SMALL TOWNLet me know what you thought about the Vansant Lumber Company video. I am thinking about having my son help me to do a Rodan and Fields video but I can’t think of what to do. Do you have any ideas? I know he is the creative mastermind but he can be a little crazy. Lol! Maybe I can have him recreate the famous scene from Flashdance with all the water dumping on me in a chair. How is that for Hydration? LOL!!! That would probably give him nightmares. If you have heard all the hype about the Hydration Serum and need some more information, you can go here to watch this short YouTube video.

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  1. Your son was great in the video. Loved his play on the sotuation. ? Girlfriend, i love those sandles. Nina has them in 2 tone blue…. beautiful! Thanks for the tip. You ALWAYS look great! You’ve inspired me!

  2. Sooo jealous. You Northern Hemispheres are all breaking out your spring/summer wardrobes and us down under are settling in for winter.
    And did I read correctly that you have ‘drive-through bank tellers’? Doubly jealous now.

  3. You look great–as usual That’s a “me look”. I almost always have a shirt, jacket, sweater on or with me everywhere. I tend to get cold at odd times. Except the last 2 days here in Ohio…mid-high 80’s. Finally gave in & turned on the air today. AHHH! Love all the bracelets! Your son’s video is so funny. Hope you had a good day.

  4. Your son is a hoot. Must get his funny bone from you. Like the outfit, and love a big deck.

  5. I like your look today. I like you better in a more tailored type look.

  6. A bit exciting & scary! Great outfit, love pink to brighton an outfit!

  7. Your gingham shirt is fab, I’m quite green with envy!

  8. recordsmom says:

    Tania, you look great! I really like the checked top and love all the jewelry! The video was funny! Your son is talented. I don’t have any ideas for a Rodan and Fields one, but I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with! 🙂

  9. Love this outfit, that is so nice and bright looking, great colors on you!! Glad you didn’t have anyone try and jump in your car at the bank, that would have been a “wee” bit more excitement!! LOL And I had watched your sons video the other day, what a hoot, LOL , but I really like the “Hacksaw -Jim Duncan” one, whoaaa!! LOL
    Have a great day..

    1. oops spelled Jim Duggans, name wrong, hooa!!

  10. Charlcy Green says:

    Cute, cute outfit and very flattering! Makes me want to go out and buy some tips like that! And your sons as on th was hilarious! I love black and got pink together too!

  11. LOVE this outfit on you!

  12. Your son is too funny! I looked at several of his videos!

  13. ksharrison2013 says:

    I love this gingham top…and found it on Ebay! I love the jewelry too and might have to order two or three new pieces!

  14. We always love seeing you in Nina shoes, Tania! Thanks so much! That pair looks great on you! xx

  15. Great look today – love this top. Definitely going to copy??

  16. Gingham is one of my favorites as well, so of course I love this outfit! It looks so cute with the pink underneath. Can you tell me if the necklace is heavy or pretty lightweight? I’ve not purchased any Plunder jewelry yet, so I am tempted with this one. Have you found the silver requires a lot of polishing?

  17. Melesa Garrison says:

    Oh My Goodness! I thought maybe you were going to tell us about the movie I saw the other night, I can’t remember the name of it, but at the first of the movie it came across the screen…Grundy,Virginia. I said I know that town from somewhere…Oh yeah, Tania!
    I saw the video and your son is hilariousI
    I love a gingham shirt and wanted to wear one this week, but I was too lazy to iron it and didn’t have the time either.I get up two hours before I have to leave for work and I drink coffee, read and watch TV for an hour and get ready for an hour. You would think I could iron a shirt in that time, but NO…That’s all!

  18. Susan Stancliff says:

    Tania, I just love your blog! Everyday is a great story and outfit. I have seen some of your sons videos but not the latest. I will check it out! Have a wonderful day. It’s almost Fridy!

  19. Love your look today!! Do you and your husband own the lumber co.?

  20. Kim Dushinski says:

    I love your son’s videos! So fun. Is the knot necklace a Plunder piece?

  21. Cute outfit, Tania! Hope today is drama-free for you. (Glad you stayed safe!)

  22. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I love gingham but I don’t even have any yet—can you believe it??
    But when my shirts is a little big, I also tie the ends in front —you totally could do that!!

  23. Love the gingham on you! So cute! And the pop of color is perfect with the black and white!!! Great style! God bless!!

  24. Bonnie Henderson says:

    Great outfit! Black and white looks so crisp and clean. I always add a pop of color and it usually is pink. I love that combination. Life in a small town does have some perks. I can get to the bank, post office and pharmacy within 20 minutes before heading to work. Going to watch your son’s video!

  25. Sondra Koons says:

    THIS is MY kinda style. LOVE all of it Tania. I have several Isaac Mizrahi things too and just adore him. Wish I had gotten the gingham top! You and your son should DEFINETELY team up to do a spot for R&F!! He’s a stitch and a chip off of the old block! You look darling, as usual and glad you didn’t get shot or something at the bank!!!!

  26. Love the gingham top and all the jewelry too! My kind of outfit! Now I’m headed over to Facebook to watch your son’s videos!