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Chico’s Spring and Summer Styles For April

I’m so happy Spring has sprung that I could burst out in a song. Since my singing voice is not something anyone wants to hear, I’ll settle with showing you some of my recent Spring and summer finds at Chico’s.

Don’t let the sunshine fool you…it was cold today. However, this spring and summer style from Chico’s still managed to bring a smile to my face.

The Eyelet Smock Sleeve Tee is available in several colors, but I grabbed the white since it will go with everything. An eyelet top is an item that I associate with Spring and summer. I love the eyelet pattern, and the smocking looks adorable.

I’ve always thought that unique details elevate the look of any item. These Girlfriend Crops are gorgeous, and the double fray hem detail sets them apart from all other crops. The crops are soft and slimming, and the colors are perfect for Spring. The aqua pair may have to join these pink ones in my closet.

If you prefer to dress in clothing without lots of details, you can still elevate your look with accessories. This statement necklace can elevate the look of any top. Since the “stones” are resin, the necklace isn’t extremely heavy.

I love the look of this Mixed Metals Watch. It looks expensive, but the price is affordable. Mixed metal pieces make it so easy to wear silver and gold together without worrying if it is alright.

The fringe detail on this Crossbody Bag is super cute. It adds a little whimsy and a boho vibe to the look. This crossbody will look great with a denim jacket and a pair of linen pants this Spring.

This spring look is super cute and versatile. You can wear both pieces in multiple ways to get your money’s worth from the purchase.

I couldn’t decide which shoes I liked with the outfit, so I’m showing you both of them. Braided shoes are popular, and this neutral leather pair will go with everything this Spring and summer. These look great with shorts, jeans, and dresses; you can dress them up or down.

The green top has a square neckline and puff sleeves. These details are modern and help you to show that you keep an eye on fashion. I love this rich shade of green, and the top is also available in magenta.

Here is a better look at the puff sleeve. The sleeve isn’t too puffy and does a good job of hiding your upper arms.

These gold-tone hoop earrings are medium-sized, and they aren’t heavy. I love large earrings, but this link-style earring is so pretty and looks fabulous. Did you notice my Tort Sunglasses? I love the pink shades in the tortoise print and the wide sides. These are gorgeous and do a great job of keeping the sun out of my eyes in style.

Wide-leg jeans and pants are one of the hottest trends this year. This is a trend you either love or hate. My husband isn’t a huge fan of the style, but I’ve come to embrace it, and I love the loose, relaxed fit. These Navy Wide Leg Crops are dressier than jeans, and they look great with the Embroidered Floral Mules. I also love wearing heels with crop pants since the shoes can really shine.

Let me know which of these outfits you like the best, or if you like parts of both looks.

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  1. I’ve been looking for cute tops that I can wear spring and summer to the office. I love this white top.

  2. Please share where you purchased the poles for the patio lights; I really need something like that.

  3. Tania I read your blog everyday and have used so many of your tips so thank you. I hope I can help you. I live in Houston suburbs (hot, sunny and humid) I have Kimberly Queen ferns in large pots on each side of my front door. The ferns get the hot west afternoon sun and as long as I water (soak) them about once a week they do fine. When we get freezing weather they do not make it. I bought mine @ Lowe’s or Home Depot.

    1. Betsy, I bought two Kimberly ferns today at Lowes. Lol!!! I plan on putting them in the basement over the winter since we get a lot of freezing weather.

  4. In Texas, ferns need shade and lots of water.

  5. patti karshis says:

    Your patio and surroundings look like something in Italy! Very nice ❤️

  6. Yes, I have grown ferns in bright sun. You’ll have to look and ask the folks at a garden center.
    Your patio is so lovely! I’m rather envious of how peaceful and comfy it looks.
    I agree with Joe, partly; I don’t care for wide leg jeans or pants, unless brightly patterned pallazo pants.

  7. Love the embroidered mules!
    There is a fern that can stand the heat. It’s called (don’t laugh) Macho fern. They do really well in heat. I’ve had several over the years and had no problem with them. They will stay green until the first hard freeze or you can overwinter them indoors. I live in northeast Georgia and I would guess our climates are similar. Hope you can find them, they would look great on your patio!

    1. I bought two of them today. I went to a greenhouse and asked about ferns for full sun, and they sold me Sword Ferns. According to Google, they don’t do well in sun.

  8. Kellie Johnson says:

    I have the wide leg crop in black. Love the fit. So far, I’ve only worn with heels but will style with flats soon. I also have the double fray crop pants in black and white. Many compliments received on both. The crop pants are very comfortable.

  9. Beautiful patio. You & Joe did a great job 😉🙌.
    Don’t go with ferns. They’ll be okay for a short time but once the sun gets hot lingers all day, they will curl up brown & dried up no matter how much water you try to give them. I’m in Northern Illinois & NE Wisc and they only thrive in what seems like moist “forestry” grounds.
    Love the white top. So fresh!
    Happy Weekend.

  10. I’ve had luck here in the south/southwest with holly ferns in the sun. Boston ferns burn up if they get too much.

  11. Paulette Levy says:

    Just love the vibrant green with navy! Gorgeous.
    I think you will find ferns do best in low sun-more shady areas with wet ground. That’s what I see around here (southern New England). But good luck creating your shade. It may all work out just fine!

  12. I really like the style of the navy wide leg crop pants. They seem to have a little more structure than the flowy pants that are popular now. I think the navy pants might work okay on someone like me who is shorter than you. The pink crop jeans are super cute too!!

  13. Since I love green and wide leg pants, my favorite is the green top and navy wide leg pants with the nude sandals. I wonder if the Chico Outlet has a version of them. I’m going to an outlet mall tomorrow. If they don’t I’m keeping my eye on the pants.

    I enjoy your email and this blog. I’m glad JoLynn linked your blog.

  14. I like the pink crops with the white eyelet top on you the best. I gotta say love the patio and lights, looks like a great place to relax. thanks for the Bible verse, always great to get God’s words at the end to put this life in perspective to eternity.

  15. Doris Mitchell says:

    Love these Chico ideas ! Your patio looks so beautiful , I always buy Kimberly ferns for the pots on my front porch. They take the hot sun and look great all summer long. Try them!

  16. Joe did a great job on the lighting! Your patio looks very inviting. Nicely done! Cute Chico’s outfits. I miss my fancy watches…I have FOMO if I’m not wearing my FitBit🤣 I need to get out my watches and pop them on when I’m going out for lunches or social gatherings.

  17. Deborah Leggett says:

    Loving this look on you! I love the wide leg crops!!!

  18. I have two pair of the double frayed pants from last year…may need to get these spring colors. Not a fan of the wide legged pants since I am only 5’ tall and need to lose several lbs. But you inspire me each day and thanks for the Bible verses…great way to start my day.

  19. Vickey Vaughan says:

    We tried ferns in the sun and they did not do well. They need mostly shade and lots of water. My husband adds a small amount of epsom salt – 1/4 cup to large watering can weekly and the ferns are gorgeous, green and very large.

    1. Thank you for the tip of keeping your ferns lush! I’m going to try this!

  20. Linda Shearer says:

    The green top is already sold out unless your an xs or xxl. But love this crop pants.

  21. Hi Tania,
    We have ferns in our yard and they seem to grow best in shade/part sun. They like moist soil and warm weather. You might want to look for something else that likes full sun😎

  22. Great outfits and your patio is lovely. Joe did a great job. Where did you get your fire pit? It’s propane right?

    1. The outside of the pit was there, but it was built for wood fires. He fixed it for gas, and then ordered the pan, etc. to create it.

  23. Jill Buchanan says:

    Patio and lights look great! Way to go Joe!

  24. Your patio is beautiful and so inviting! I hang ferns on my patio and they get partial sun and do well!
    Of course, Chico clothes are my favorite no matter what!

  25. Boston ferns cannot take the sun. Kimberly and asparagus ferns love it! Lots of water

  26. I too love spring! These outfits look great. My fav is the green top and blue slacks. I like a square neckline. But not always sure about puff shoulders as I like to layer and wonder how it would look under a cardigan or light jacket? I am so with you in showing off shoes with crop pants! I love my shoes. Also your lights look great on back patio, good job Joe!

  27. Tania,
    A Kimberly Queen Fern can take full sun. Just be sure to give it lots of water. Your patio and new lights look great. Love the pink pants and white top. And those mules are sooooo cute. Gotta have those.

  28. Patio and lights look beautiful. Kudos to Joe ☺️

  29. I love both outfits! The accessories are especially cute. Please continue to show us tops with embellished sleeves. I’d like to find tops without the electric at the sleeve.
    Your patio is beautiful and looks so usable! Enjoy!
    Thank you,

  30. Donna Ray Anthony says:

    I love the pink pants and necklace. ordered both

  31. Sherli Morgan says:

    The fire pit and lights area looks great. I’m sure you’ll continue to enjoy it all years round as weather allows.

    I smiled when you mentioned going to pick up plants at the nursery. Years ago I finally gave up getting new plants before Mother’s Day as I often wasted money because of late snows or freezes …. But I hope if you get pick up plants today there’ll be no cold freezing, snowy weather in sight.

    Have a blessed day!

  32. Patti Wagner says:

    Your patio looks great. Love the lights. We enjoy ours all year long. I love watching the snow fall in the winter too. I’ve not had any luck with ferns in full sun. Be aware that there are two types of coleuses – sun and shade coleus.

  33. Nice outfits today! So fresh and spring like.

  34. I have not bought a puff sleeve top yet. I wore one in my 1983 graduation picture! Do you think they will be around for a while? I am warming up to them. The wider leg pants are refreshing.

  35. The braided sandals look better to me with the green. 😊