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Chico’s New Arrivals Try On Haul

I’ll be honest; sometimes, when I look at a store’s new arrivals, I’m not thrilled. Other times, a retailer will hit it out of the park, which is what Chico’s has done this spring. I couldn’t wait to show you these three looks from Chico’s New Arrivals since I know you’ll love them as much as I do.

Everyday! That is how often I could wear this entire outfit! I love this casual, chic outfit, and I know I’ll wear it a lot. Once I find an outfit I like, I remember the pieces and can pull them together quickly when I need to run out the door.

Who could forget this statement black Ribbed Flutter Sleeve Tee? I love this black tee so much that I also ordered it in white. This kind of top does not need a completer piece. The oversized flutter sleeves are right up my alley, but they might be out of some of your comfort zones. If you have broad shoulders, this is probably not a style you need. I’m wearing a size 1, and it fits me great.

I added the Black Stretch Raffia Belt to the look, making the outfit look more polished. Small touches like this can change the entire look of an outfit. I’m wearing an S/M, and it is plenty large enough.

Trouser Jeans are a style that I am embracing. I love their polished and dressier look, and I like the large hem on this pair. If you can wear jeans at work, this style of jeans would work perfectly. I’m wearing a size .5, and they fit great.

Chain embellishments on shoes are a big trend. What sets these Chain Link Leather Slides apart from all the rest is that the chain is two-toned. These shoes look great and are a pair I can wear all summer. The shoes run TTS, and I’m wearing my usual size 9.

You know I love color, and the bright blue of this outfit is stunning without being overpowering. The white jeans tone down the look, so it is the best of both worlds.

No Iron! I think that those two words speak volumes. If you’ve never tried Chico’s No Iron clothing, you need to give it a try. This is 100% linen, and we all know how badly linen can wrinkle, so having a no-iron version will be a lifesaver. I love how the navy stripes look like they are hand-painted; it makes the top look fun.

The top is legging and rear-covering approved. You can wear this top with jeans and shorts, but I loved how it looked with the white crops.

Adorable! This Blue Raffia Clutch is gorgeous! The clutch and top match my sun porch pillows perfectly! Lol! The clutch is perfect if you are looking for a pop of color, and it will look great this spring and summer.

The White Girlfriend Distressed has a small amount of distressing that keeps them modern looking without looking sloppy. I have them rolled, but you can also wear them un-cuffed for a longer length. I’m wearing my usual size .5, but they seem a little tight. If you are between sizes, then you might want to size up.

The Braided Leather Sandals remind me of raffia shoes, but they are soft and padded. Braided shoes are another huge trend in shoes, and I love the round heel that is covered with braided leather. These are an online exclusive, so you won’t find them in stores. I’m wearing my usual size 9, so they fit true to size.

This is another casual look that looks put together. I call the style of all these outfits elevated casual. The outfit looks like you put thought and effort into it, and the overall look is elevated.

This is another No Iron Linen Tunic, but in solid white. I love this top and have already worn it a couple more times. It is versatile, and if you struggle to style a white button-up shirt, be sure to tune in on Saturday when I show multiple looks with a white button-up.

I tied the waist of the shirt in the previous picture, and I wanted to show you how the shirt looks without being tied. Both ways look great; see what I mean about being versatile! I’m wearing my usual size 1, and the top fits me great.

The top is a little longer than this in the back when un-tied, but this photo gives you an idea of the length.

These Girlfriend Distressed Crops are just like the white jeans above, but they seem to be sized like usual. The white version was a little tight, and this pair fits me better. I’m wearing my normal size .5, and that was the correct size I needed.

I styled the Neutral Clutch yesterday with my Spring Tops From Amazon Try On Haul. This adorable dumpling clutch can be carried all spring and summer, so I’ll get a lot of wear from it. It will be perfect for a tropical vacation or a trip to the zoo. It doesn’t matter; it looks cute no matter where you choose to go.

I always look forward to reading your comments about the outfits. I’ve seen many of you commenting back to each other, which tells me you like reading the comments too. Let me know which look is your favorite!

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  1. Great tips! I went to Chico’s today and in addition to a sale on no iron shirts, they had an additional $30 off sales over $100 if you registered for the rewards program. Very nice surprise and I love my new shirts.

  2. Glada St. Clair says:

    I like those black sandals.

  3. Absolutely loving the ribbed flutter sleeve top and trouser jeans!! You look amazing in that outfit. You are right Chico is nailing it. Seriously considering this outfit, it just nails my lifestyle!
    Have a wonderful safe trip.

  4. Hi Tania,
    I just recently discovered your Pinterest posts! Great fashion and inspiration for us 50+ gals. Love your style and really enjoy the Bible verses.

  5. Maria A Kozan says:

    Love the blue and white stripe.

  6. I absolutely love my denim distressed crops from Chico’s. Will have to try this style in the white. Also love the braided nude sandals,

  7. Really like all the clothing today! I have the white linen shirt and like it although I still iron it after washing. trying to get used to the more relaxed and not- so-crisp look!

  8. Roberta S says:

    I love the stripped shirt.

  9. Love the Chico outfits today! I’m interested in the hoop earrings you have on. Where did they come from?

  10. Katherine says:

    Love the trouser jeans! It seems there has been no “ in between” everyday pant for a long time. It’s been the skinny , distressed, which I love, and the Mom, which I just can’t do again! Sometimes , as you illustrate, occasions call for a “ not too dressy” but not fancy, smancy slacks or a dress, lunches with friends, for me a casual Friday substitute teaching, ( I don’t want to look like I’m trying to be one of the teens!) . I’m purchasing these. Thank you, Tanya!

  11. Sue Quinn says:

    I have that pair of trouser jeans and love them! I wouldn’t mind if you did a whole post on how to style trouser jeans for different occasions. ❤️

  12. Love no iron Chico’s!!

  13. Ginger Hiller says:

    I would have never thought of you as being a last minute packer. You probably have plenty of clothes to choose from in your closets. Now that I’m only going to have clothes in my closet in colors that I love & look the best on me, I know that packing for a trip is going to be much easier. I love shopping Chicos when they are having a good sale. You look great in all of the outfits. I really like the flutter ruffle sleeve tee, but I have a feeling that ironing the ruffled sleeves would get under my skin. The blue striped no iron tunic is beautiful! The shoes you are wearing with these outfits are great, but since hey don’t have arch support and probably aren’t available in narrow, they are not ones for me to consider.

  14. I’ve been meaning to make a tank like that with tulle ribbon as the ruffles. I saw the idea last fall and just haven’t gotten it done yet, thanks for the inspiration! To be clear, I bought a tank and the only sewing I’ll be doing is adding the tulle ruffles, I’m not a sewist!

  15. Very cute outfits but I’m always confused about Chico sizes. I never know what size to order.

  16. Wow, all of these outfits look great on you and they also seem very “wearable” for lots of occasions! Thank you for sharing the information and I appreciate all of the work you do to provide us with photos and descriptions!

  17. I really like the Chico’s outfits you styled today! I have a Chico’s jeans jacket with embroidered patches that is 20 years old. I still wear it and get compliments every time. My favorites are the trouser jeans, chain link slides and braided leather sandals!!

  18. I am loving all these outfits and accessories! Chicos is one of my fav brands! You look pretty in all of the outfits.

    1. Cheryl Bilecki says:

      I loved these clothes. I especially liked the black flutter top. It’s something I would wear a lot in the hot summer months. You always look great and well put together!

  19. Melissa Palmer says:

    Those chain-embellished shoes are adorable!

  20. Kim☘️ says:

    All 3 versions look great on you Tania! I would like a classic white shirt, a little bit more affordable maybe though. I wear scrubs at work and basically jeans and leggings otherwise in my leisure and home time.

    1. I just looked and Walmart has a time and tru classic white button down, wrinkle resistant, priced under $16, in stock for pick up also, for anyone looking for a more affordable option.
      Plus white is difficult to keep in spotless condition, like white tees.

  21. THANK YOU ! Tania and Thank you Chico’s!! I went shopping literally all day Saturday for my birthday at many brand name stores (except Chico’s because there isn’t one here) I didn’t buy one single thing all day. Talk about feeling sad.
    The styles and cuts the stores had out were just…..a NO.
    I do love these styles tho from Chico’s and I do believe I am about to have a major online shopping experience!

    1. Pamela, I hate you had a bad experience, especially for your birthday. Maybe me and Chicos can change that!

  22. I was thinking about heading to Chicos to see what they have, so this post was perfect timing! The flutter sleeve looks good on you but with my broad shoulders I stay away from those and even a lot of the drop sleeve tops and sweaters. Really like the trouser jeans. I’m looking for a nice pair of white denim jeans…trouser, bootcut or flare. Enjoy your vacation…I’m sure you’ll find someting to wear in your closet! 🙂

  23. Doris Mitchell says:

    Absolutely beautiful outfits – I love them all !

  24. Sherli Morgan says:

    I love Chicos – they have a classic, polished & fun vibe!! While I like the idea of a clutch bag – I’m so practical that I stopped buying them years ago except for fancy special occasion ones.

    I giggled when I read your comment about standing in the closet saying you have nothing to wear! Lol. If you’re like me – you stood in there surrounded by clothing!! It did hit me to say a quick “thanks” to our Lord for His blessing of all these beautiful clothes!!

  25. Really cute outfits. Chico really does have great quality clothes. I have a pair of Ivory cords & an embellished denim jacket that I have had for years from Chico’s & always get compliments on them. Always love the Joe stories & the Bible verses & look forward to your sermonettes. Thank you Tania

  26. You look adorable! Enjoy your time away!

  27. Love all the outfits today. Plus they look fabulous on you too. Have a wonderful time on your trip.

  28. Great outfits! These should be perfect for your trip! Have fun!

  29. That black flutter too is gorgeous on you !!

  30. Sooo cute! Everything looks great!

  31. I always love that shopping is made easy from your ideas of what clothes go good together and all I have to do is tap on the link. Ty

    1. Yay!!! My job here is done. 🤣

  32. Mary Kinard says:

    The trouser jeans are my favorite look – and I love that they come in petite!

    1. I tried to pick a few things in my daily finds that were for petites.

  33. Loving the outfits, great inspiration for warmer weather. I love your you and Joe comments/stories, many of them are the same as I have with my husband. Have a blessed week!

  34. Love all of the outfits, they look great on you!

  35. I love Chico’s. I want the blue and white blouse. The top with the ruffles on the shoulders is cute, but I think I would need to try it on in the store, other than order online. I’m not sure it would look right since I am big chested.

  36. Nancy Finney says:

    Tania, I LOVE the bright greens Chicos put out this spring. Haha just bought the pants, Tshirt and V neck 3/4 sleeve top in the green and royal blue. Such fun spring colors! Keep up the good work!

  37. I do also love some of the Chicos items this spring! I just bought a puffy sleeve top after having sworn up and down I would not buy one! How do you feel about them? Maybe you could show a few of them here. I just ordered the blue stripe linen blouse. Do you feel linen shrinks? I read that you should expect linen to shrink 2% even if not dried in the dryer! I bought the no iron linen white shirt with the flowers yesterday in one size and then came home and ordered in a half size larger just in case it shrinks. It fits well in the smaller size but I would hate to have it shrink! The flutter sleeve top is not for me! I have broad shoulders and a size 3, so that would make me feel like I could fly! lol

    1. Linda, I’ve not ordered a lot of puffy-sleeve tops, but I thought about ordering some this summer. In the fall and winter, I don’t know how I could layer them with a jacket or sweater.

  38. I received my purple shampoo and conditioner, that you use, and it was a life changer! My hair has so much body and the highlights look beautiful!
    Also, ordered the small clutch quilted handbag from Amazon, which you styled last week…love it! Can’t believe the price point!
    Love Chicos! Great style and quality! Fit is always consistent! Have a great day!

    1. Woohoo! Gail, it looks like you are batting 1,000!

  39. I like all your chico outfits. You look fantastic!

  40. Louise Logan says:

    You always have such great ideas! Especially love the crops and the linen tunics!

  41. Louise Logan says:

    Great outfits! You always have such great ideas! Especially love the crops and the linen tunics!

  42. Karen Lunde says:

    Love Chicos fit and quality – however they can be a bit pricey – for me anyway! Trouser jeans so cute on you! Love the tops too. Thanks!