Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white button down shirt, a red plaid puffer vest from Talbots, dark wash skinny jeans, and pointy toe ankle boots

I know a lot of us are not going to celebrating Christmas in a big and grand style. More than likely, there will not be any large gatherings, office parties, or splashy events to attend. Many of us will celebrate Christmas across the table from close family members or via ZOOM, and the need for dressy Holiday fashions will be over-kill. So, today, I am bringing you TWO casual Christmas looks that you will be able to wear all winter long.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a red sweater with two penguins on it from Talbots, skinny jeans from AG Jeans, and plaid loafers

Christmas colors are traditionally red and green, and I also include white since it represents snow. Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Snowmen, and Reindeer, are typical characters that you will see on tee shirts, and since Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus, you will also find manger scenes. When I look for outfits to wear for Christmas, I try to pick items that I can wear all winter long, so I nix Santa Claus and Rudolph and will instead go with snowmen or deers without the red nose.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white button down shirt, a red plaid vest from Talbots, dark wash skinny jeans, and pointy toe ankle boots

This outfit is a perfect example of looking Christmasy but also being appropriate for the rest of winter. This gorgeous plaid vest is festive, but it is also perfect to wear at any time during the winter months. This plaid puffer vest is from Talbots, but I just saw that they sold out of this color, but they do have an indigo blue plaid one that is just as cute and festive. I’ll link to that one below also.

Talbots Plaid Vest 

Crown & Ivy Plaid Vest

J Jill Down Vest

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white button down shirt and a red plaid puffer vest from Talbots

You might recognize this white button-down shirt from yesterday’s post. This oversized shirt is fabulous for an easy-going style, and it is going to be so versatile all year round.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the back of a white button down shirt, a red plaid puffer vest from Talbots, dark wash skinny jeans, and pointy toe ankle boots

You can see that the shirt is PLENTY long to cover your rear, which is a good thing in my book. I am wearing a medium in this shirt, and it is still plenty roomy and oversized.

The ankle jeans that I have on are from Banana Republic, and they are so flattering! I am wearing the color Dark Indigo, and I think the dark-colored jeans look dressier and more polished than the faded variety. I still love the lighter colored jeans, but I don’t think they look as dressy. These are a mid-rise jean, and they run true to size. I am wearing my usual size 30 in the jeans, and they fit me perfectly.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a red sweater with two penguins on it, skinny jeans from AG Jeans, and plaid loafers

This is another example of being festive without having a Christmas tree on your shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas items that are very Christmasy, but I like getting more wears for my money also. If something has Christmas items on it, then I only get to wear it one month out of the year. If it is wintery, I get to wear it as long as it is cold outside, which is much longer than one month. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a red sweater with two penguins on it from Talbots

Who doesn’t like penguins? They are so cute in their little tuxedo suits!!! This soft red penguin crewneck sweater is adorable, and you will love wearing it this winter. Be prepared for comments because people will think the sweater is too cute! The sweater had just a touch of cashmere, making it very soft to the touch. I am wearing a medium in the sweater, and it fits me great.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing skinny jeans from AG Jeans and plaid loafers

You might recognize these jeans from the post with the green sweater and plaid scarf. That was another example of a festive style outfit that can be worn all winter long. These are AG Jeans, and I will warn you to sit down before looking at the price. I will say that these are extremely flattering and comfortable jeans, and if you like them, click on the red heart to make sure that you get an alert when they go on sale. I love buying nice clothing, handbags, jewelry, etc., but I love it when it is at a discounted price.

The cute tartan loafers are perfect for the holidays. I can’t make up my mind about these shoes though, should I keep them or send them back? I keep trying to decide if I will wear them enough to justify my purchase. Although they are on sale for 60% off, so the price is great. These run true to size, and I am wearing my usuals size 9. What do you think; keep or send back???

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white button down shirt, a red plaid puffer vest from Talbots, dark wash skinny jeans, and ankle boots

I forgot to mention the ankle boots that I am wearing with this outfit. I have had an old pair very similar to those I’ve worn for years, but they were getting dingy and needed replacing. I was thrilled to find these boots, and I love the pointy toe and the chunky heel. I have several shoes in this color; it is my favorite neutral color when it comes to shoes. I am wearing my usual size 9, and I think they fit true to size.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a red sweater with penguins on it from Talbots, skinny jeans from AG Jeans, and plaid loafers

There are still some great sales going on, so I linked to them below. I am still making purchases, and I love a sale, so I thought you might like to see all of the sales that I am looking at.
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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing two festive and fun casual Christmas outfits

I am having a giveaway that will be announced on Monday. To enter, chime in on whether I should keep the plaid shoes or send them back. How easy is that???

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  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog for several months now. Love many of your outfits. I would send back the plaid shoes.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
    • Cheryll Sampson wrote:

      Keep the shoes. They are adorable and will go with several outfits not just at Christmas but all through the winter.

      Posted 12.11.20 Reply
      • Karen from Como wrote:

        Keep them if you love them!

        Posted 12.11.20 Reply
      • Susan De wrote:

        Hey keep the shoes!! Very stylish -that’s You!!

        Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  2. Christine Flaherty wrote:

    I love the plaid shoes. I was going to buy them but they are out of my size 😞

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
    • Sharon P wrote:

      The outfits are cute! And keep the shoes. You are so good with adding just enough flair to an outfit to make it fun. I know you’ll use these occasionally to spice something up!

      Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  3. Lori Wrabel wrote:

    I love the shoes and I think you should keep them!! Your festive looks are perfect!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  4. MaryLu Belote wrote:

    Keep the shoes. Trust me, you won’t be sorry!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  5. Angelia Wampner wrote:

    The plaid shoe is okay but not a shoe I would get the most bang for buck. I usually buy neutral colors that can go with multiple outfits.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
    • Sandra wrote:

      Keep the shoes!

      Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  6. Mary Anne Piascinski wrote:

    I think that the plaid shoes are festive yet classic! A definite keeper!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  7. c wrote:

    Your outfits are cute but not overboard Christmas. The shoes would limit you too much. Not sure you would wear after this month.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  8. Maria T. wrote:

    The shoes are so cute, but I wouldn’t wear them enough to justify keeping. 🙁

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  9. Anita Karl wrote:

    Yes, keep the shoes!!! I would wear them during them during the winter months too. You will be able to wear them year after year during the Christmas season & winter. The shoes will never go out of style.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
    • Anita Karl wrote:

      I did not realize i already typed “them during” it is early and i need another cup of coffee!! LOL

      Posted 12.11.20 Reply
    • Lori💕 wrote:

      You look great, as always! Keep the shoes! How exciting will it be (next year) when you pull them out to wear during the holiday season???

      Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  10. Susan wrote:

    Super cute shoes! Keep em 🙂

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  11. Claudine wrote:

    I like the plaid loafers. Something new and different. Plaid is so popular right now. Like to see more.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  12. Janet wrote:

    Love both the shoes and booties but I’ve learned to trust my instincts. If you are uncertain you’ll wear them don’t buy them.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  13. Paula Lee wrote:

    I’d keep them. The penguin sweater is adorable.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  14. Lori T. wrote:

    I love the vest and so sad that it is already sold out in the color you have on. Don’t especially care for the plaid shoes so I would say send them back.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
    • Beth wrote:

      Keep the shoes! I like to wear fun shoes when I wear an outfit that doesn’t have other patterns – seems to give the outfit a pop & I always get compliments!

      Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  15. Karen Miller wrote:

    Keep the shoes! I think they are adorable!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  16. Holly wrote:

    Love your Christmas casual outfits! I can see you wearing the shoes, so keep them!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
    • Lori wrote:

      Your hesitation is the answer; send the shoes back. Too many other pretty ones out there that you will wear more. LOVE the penguin sweater. So glad to see curvy girl sizes in that..Plus on sale 💕

      Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  17. Lezlie wrote:

    Keep them! You will giggle each time you wear them … they are FUN shoes!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  18. Laura wrote:

    I love the tartan shoes too but I would send them back as I don’t think I’d wear them often enough to justify the purchase. Love the looks though!!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  19. Kelley wrote:

    Definitely keep the shoes! I think plaid is soo fun for December and Christmas!! 🦌🎄❤️You look great in them too!!!!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  20. Susan Radtke wrote:

    Keep the shoes. They are adorable

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  21. Ann H Pavlicek wrote:

    I would send them back. Cute, but you wouldn’t get to wear them enough.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  22. Kathy wrote:

    Th plaid loafers are adorable!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  23. Helen Circosta wrote:

    I think the plaid loafers look a little like slippers so I would send them back

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  24. Joanne W. wrote:

    Keep the shoes! They are so cute!!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  25. Michele wrote:

    I would keep them, they are adorable!!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  26. Debbie P wrote:

    I hate the vest you are wearing is sold out. I LOVE it!! The shoes are super cute too but I don’t think I would get a lot of wear out of them. I would say send them back.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  27. Sheryl wrote:

    I’m a boots kinda gal for winter so I would be returning the loafers personally.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  28. love, love, love the plaid shoes…. I’m heading out to the site to see if they still have my size!!!!! Thanks for the tip on true sizing.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  29. HELEN STENSON wrote:

    I enjoy reading your blog. But send back the shoes.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  30. PENELOPE wrote:

    Life is short. Keep the shoes!!! lol

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  31. Linda S Ziccardi wrote:

    My opinion? Send them back. Although they are adorable, I often regret these purchases because I do not wear them enough to justify. Then again, fashion is your business, so… (LOL-I am no help.)

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  32. Judy C wrote:

    Love this outfit. If the shoes are comfortable then I would keep. If not then I’d return them. I think we’ll all be dressing more casually this year and this is the perfect outfit for it.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  33. sandy wrote:

    That penguin sweater is so cute…I would send the loafers back as to me they look like slippers and with them being plaid, I think too it would limit you as to how much you would wear them.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  34. Kim wrote:

    If you like them, keep them!
    I love both outfits, casual, comfy, and cute!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  35. BJ McElroy wrote:

    Have spent WAY TOO MUCH money at Talbots this holiday season! Wish I could say it was shopping for others! Their plaids! When I visited a store, in person, it was filled with delightful displays and the colors were out of this world! Love, love, love that red puffer vest! I bought it in the quilted jacket!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  36. Janelle Bracken wrote:

    Hi! Since March, I’ve lost 50+ pounds and am enjoying being a size 10 again (since college days, sigh), and I’m really enjoying your blog as I rebuild my wardrobe! I love your festive looks – except for the shoes…Sorry! I think one gets more bang for the buck out of solid colors, including shoes. I love being festive on top – closer to my face – instead of down at the floor level. 🙂

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  37. Karen wrote:

    Keep the shoe’s,they’re so cute and you could wear them as a slippers around the house. 😊

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  38. Julia Gilbert wrote:

    So Festive! You look great in RED…

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  39. Sheri Fancher wrote:

    I would send them back❤️

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  40. Kim🎄 wrote:

    I have to add, I just looked on kohl’s site and purchased a tartan plaid vest very similar to the one you have on, and with 30% off out the door for $11.12! If you want the look and to treat yourself and not break the bank.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  41. Linda wrote:

    Keep the shoes. They just top off the outfit and make it dressier.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  42. Jackie wrote:

    Life is short, keep the shoes!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  43. Denise wrote:

    I love love love these outfits! Fun, good looking and relaxed! And very festive! Thank you for posting “real” outfits for those of us who aren’t able to attend “dressy” celebrations this year but still want to celebrate the season….just in a less formal way!!!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  44. Diane R wrote:

    Merry Christmas. I agree with buying winter themed to get longer wear during Christmas season. Send the shoes back, looks like you kept your house shoes on and forgot to change. LOL

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  45. Debbie wrote:

    I read all your recent comments after joe’s weight comment. I just want to add I think you keep looking better and better on your blog. Your photography, make up, fashion, all of it! I’ve been around since nearly the beginning. Btw as an extensive shoe collector I say keep them if they fit your budget!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  46. Sheryl Siedhoff wrote:

    I recently found your blog and I love it! I am not 50 yet but knocking on the door. Lol. I think send the plaid shoes back. Love the print but it looks like they are open on the back and that doesn’t excite me

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  47. Beth Hughes wrote:

    The shoes look Christmasy to me so I likely would return them. Super cute though.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  48. Teresa wrote:

    I like the shoes, if you got a good deal, keep them. Many times I wear a really simple outfit and the shoes are the star of the show. I think these would jazz up simple outfits, but your instincts are usually right, do what feels best for you. Red is a great color for you!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  49. Charlene wrote:

    Love everything today EXCEPT the plaid shoes. Wear them working at home but in my opinion, they detract from the rest of the outfit.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  50. Kelly wrote:

    I would return the shoes. Although fun, a solid red pair would be more versatile and keep the fun factor. Merry Christmas

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  51. Patti wrote:

    Keep the shoes ….. they are dah-ling! You can wear them til March. Like your hair in these photos too. I would like to know how pair of jeans you have in your closet?🤣

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  52. RORY wrote:

    LOVE the tartan shoes. Keep them! I like your hair off your face. NIce

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  53. Cristy wrote:

    I am enjoying your blog so much this year! You really brighten up my days! Keep those darling shoes!!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  54. Michele wrote:

    Definitely yes 👍 to the shoes! Who doesn’t live festive footwear!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  55. Carla wrote:

    Love both the looks Tanya! Keep the shoes! They are cute and go with lots of outfits!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  56. Anne Morrison wrote:

    I probably would send back the plaid shoes. The boots look so much more stream lined and flattering!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  57. Ellenburg Kathy wrote:


    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  58. Joy wrote:

    I would keep those cute shoes!! They would be perfect for wearing around the house at Christmas. Have a good weekend!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  59. Kari wrote:

    Keep the shoes!!! The plaid vest is a keeper too.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  60. kristin greene wrote:

    I love both outfits. I definitely am wearing more casual outfits these days. The plaid shoes look great with that outfit. In my neck of the woods my weather in winter calls for socks and shoes so they would not be warm enough. So for me I would return them. But I guess you have to decide if you would wear them…..

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  61. Janet wrote:

    Keep the shoes. They are cute and very different. I’ve never seen a pair like them.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  62. JOYCE wrote:

    They’re cute but I would send back lol

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  63. Melinda Goukd wrote:

    Keep the shoes! They are so fun!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  64. Leslie K Kozinski wrote:

    Keep the shoes, they add just the right amount of interest and color splash.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  65. Susan wrote:

    I am grateful I stumbled across your blog. Being an enthusiastic shopper myself, I enjoy your tips and love your personal style. Thank you!

    PS. The tartan shoes are a keeper.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  66. Darlene Ramirez wrote:

    I think the first question to ask about the plaid shoes, is are they comfortable? If the answer is yes, KEEP them!! They are absolutely adorable and with your savvy sense of fashion, you will find many outfits to pair them with 😊

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  67. Jennifer wrote:

    Keep the loafers 👞. As long as they’re comfortable- they are adorable!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  68. Anne W wrote:

    Gurl, keep the shoes! They are so cute.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  69. Leslie B Balme wrote:

    Definitely keep the shoes, they are so cute, and a great price!!!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  70. Karen Barton wrote:

    Keep the shoes!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  71. Janice Bullitt wrote:

    Love the shoes! Definitely a keep!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  72. Beth wrote:

    Keep them…they’re adorable!!!!🌲

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  73. Kathleen McDermott wrote:

    KEEP THE SHOES!! Love the Crown & Ivy vest you linked to. At $29 with coupon, had to order all 3 plaids, plus a red and a navy. Reviews said it runs small, so I ordered L. Love Christmas and Winter sweaters. The penguin 🐧 is so cute.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
    • Sandy wrote:

      I say toss the shoes!
      The “lift” that a heel brings to an outfit is undeniable 😊

      Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  74. Cindy Roth wrote:

    Keep them! I think anything that slips on gets worn more, just for the convenience. Of course, comfort is king for me so that is the dealbreaker. If I didn’t have foot issues, I’d order them.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  75. Pat Ferguson wrote:

    Send them back! Love the vest!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  76. Mary wrote:

    I recently signed up for your blog, and have enjoyed reading it each morning. I would keep the plaid shoes, they are cute and you can wear them all winter.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  77. nickie wrote:

    I love the plaid shoes!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  78. Phyllis Robertson wrote:

    Keep the shoes, you can’t be practical all the time!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  79. Debbie wrote:

    I love the tartan loafers. Keep them. i want a pair!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  80. Patti Karshis wrote:

    Definitely keep the plaid shoes! They are adorable!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  81. Diane S. wrote:

    The shoes can be worn with a lot–I would KEEP THEM! You can wear them with a jean skirt, or green, red, or blue skirt, plus jeans red/blue/green pants or white even! You looked fabulous today as always!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  82. Mary Jo wrote:

    Love both festive outfits! The shoes are cute, but I would probably send them back.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  83. Susan wrote:

    Your hair is amazing! Growing out? Send back the shoes.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  84. Deborah wrote:

    I would keep the shoes. They are super cute!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  85. Terry wrote:

    Tania, the shoes are festive. Great for the holidays! Here comes the “but”…they are not “winter” shoes to wear outside and get some use from in your neck of the woods with winter weather, in my opinion, of course. Really cute outfit today!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  86. Janet wrote:

    I love the tartan loafers, so for the right price I would keep them. I so enjoy reading your blog. I look forward to seeing your email each morning.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  87. Holly wrote:

    If you feel you would not wear them that much, I would return them

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  88. Merri Baldermann wrote:

    Tania, keep the shoes. They are just so stinking’ cute!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  89. Carolyn wrote:

    Keep those cute shoes! Especially since they are only $43. I’m off to check on my size.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  90. Sharolyn wrote:

    I think they are super cute. Keep them.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  91. Jacki wrote:

    Keep the shoes they are really cute!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  92. Karen wrote:

    Love, love, love the plaid shoes…they are a keeper!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  93. Jj wrote:


    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  94. Jena wrote:

    If the shoes are as comfy as they are cute, keep ’em! Love the red plaid vest.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  95. Pam wrote:

    I like the plaid shoes. I would wear them.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  96. Karee wrote:

    As far as the shoes. They are not my typical style I like. But if they were I’d definitely keep them. Good for fall thru winter. K

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  97. Cindy wrote:

    The plaid shoes are cute and fun. I’d keep them.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  98. Gayle wrote:

    Life is short…Keep the shoes!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  99. Janice Tinch wrote:

    I adore those tartan shoes! They look,very nice and festive! Good for it girl add a little space for them in your spacious closet!!!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  100. SANDRA H SMITH wrote:

    yes, keep them. too cute!!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  101. Lauren wrote:

    Keep the shoes! You can never have too many shoes!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  102. Bonnie Boles wrote:

    Enjoy your blog. You always have a variety of cute outfits at reasonable prices. I would send the plaid shoes back.

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  103. Linda Lennon wrote:

    I still wear a red plaid puffy vest from Talbots I purchased about 5 years ago. This year I bought the black & white buffalo check one. In this SoCal climate vests are about all I need for warmth. Keep the plaid shoes; they’re a great price. Talbots has a pair with silvery snowflakes that are very tempting!

    Posted 12.11.20 Reply
  104. Mary Ruth Harden wrote:

    I love the plaid shoes. I have a pair of red plaid and autumn plaid I love wearing. Not the brand you are wearing but so fun to wear!

    Posted 12.12.20 Reply
  105. Barbara Hoy wrote:

    If it were me, I would return the plaid shoes. Although I love plaid, they are too busy and I would require a neutral shoe.

    Posted 12.12.20 Reply
  106. Barbara wrote:

    I love your hair slightly off your face for a change! Your hair always looks perfect! However, it’s nice to see more of your face – pretty lady! Happy Holidays!

    Posted 12.12.20 Reply
  107. Donna Ingalls wrote:

    Keep the shoes. They are so festive. Those shoes brighten up any outfit.

    Posted 12.12.20 Reply
  108. Deanna wrote:

    Keep the shoes! Cute, comfy, and on super sale? YES!!

    Posted 12.13.20 Reply
  109. Kara Mannino wrote:

    Shoes are nice, but I think a bright red pair of sneaks would be even cuter. I vote for send them back.

    Posted 12.13.20 Reply
  110. Stacia wrote:

    I have been going back and forth on whether to order that penguin sweater. I think you made up my mind for me.I love these jeans. This is a little off the subject, but I am looking for a red PVC trench type coat with reptile texture. I saw one on a tv show and can’t figure out where to find one similar. Do you have any idea where I could look? Thanks!

    Posted 12.13.20 Reply
  111. Valerie wrote:

    Merry Christmas 🎄
    I am enjoying your posts!
    So excited to wear the new things I have now to wear from some of your posts!
    God’s richest blessings to you and your family.

    Posted 12.14.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks, Valerie. One of the reasons that I love Chicos is because there is something for everyone.

      Posted 12.14.20 Reply
  112. Cynthia Baca wrote:

    Please keep the cute loafers as long as they are comfortable!
    Those jeans and penguin sweater makes you look younger. Love them on you. God bless you!

    Posted 12.15.20 Reply
  113. Kim wrote:

    I’ve learned with menopause that a down vest keeps me more comfortable than a sweater in my house.

    Posted 12.25.20 Reply
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