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Carry On Luggage That Will Make You Enjoy Flying

I admit it; I’m not a fan of flying! I like going places and being on vacation, but I don’t love airplane travel. Sigh. It would make things a lot easier if I did! But I do like luggage. How else can I get all my clothes, toiletries, jewelry, and shoes with me? Lol. Today, I’m sharing carry on luggage that will make you enjoy flying, or at least enjoy looking good WHILE flying.

Joe and I both use DELSEY luggage when we travel. I have this white version, and he has the chocolate brown set. This is one of the larger pieces, but we also have the carry-on size. It is available in 19″ and 21″, and both can be used as carry-ons.

The travel duffle is adorable if you prefer a soft carry-on instead of a hard shell! I love the quilted material, and the bottom section holds your shoes to keep them from getting the rest of your clothing dirty. This is the medium size, but there is a larger version if you plan on staying more than a day or two.

Carry On Luggage That Will Make You Enjoy Flying – Soft Side

I’m starting with a backpack because not every trip means a large bag. If you’re going for one or two nights, a backpack might be perfect for you. This version has a ton of room, and I love the two-tone color combination. Pack all your essentials in its well-organized compartments, which include a separate laptop section and a multi-pocket front pocket for easy access. It only weighs 2.2 pounds, making it easy to carry without sacrificing durability. Sized perfectly to meet most airline requirements for a personal item, this backpack measures 18x14x8 inches and features a 180-degree opening to speed up security checks at airports.

This stylish carry-on from SwissGear features smooth, 360-degree multi-directional spinner wheels (a MUST) and a sturdy retractable handle that locks into place. Not just about mobility, it offers multiple front pockets including a built-in ID tag. Measuring 22.75 x 14.25 x 10.25 inches with wheels and handles (packing dimensions are 21 x 12.75 x 10.25 inches), it’s designed to expand, providing you extra packing space when needed. It comes in other colors, but black tends to hide scuffs better. Tip: Put a bright piece of duct tape on the handle that you can spot from far away to help you identify it from the other black bags.

Carry On Luggage That Will Make You Enjoy Flying – $

This luggage comes with a 3-in-1 utility design that includes a built-in cup holder, USB port, and phone holder—everything you need for hassle-free travels right at your fingertips. Haven’t we all been there – trying to balance a cup of coffee, our ID, our ticket, etc? UGH. Glide smoothly through any terminal with four multi-directional spinner wheels that offer 360º maneuverability. Not only is it easy to handle with its top and side grips, but it’s also expandable, giving you additional packing space whenever needed.

Hit the skies with the Amazon Basics Expandable Hardside Carry-On Luggage, a 20-inch Spinner. This carry-on is a great size for domestic and international flights and features an expandable design that increases packing capacity by up to 15%! The blue is pretty and bright, but it also comes in navy, black, and orange.

Carry On Luggage That Will Make You Enjoy Flying – $$

Get ready to roll with the LEVEL8 Grace EXT Carry On Luggage, designed for those who need a little extra space. Who doesn’t??? This 20-inch expandable suitcase in a cool blue expands for additional packing capacity and features a handy front compartment for your laptop, making it perfect for separating electronics from clothes. Crafted from durable materials with a scratch-resistant textured surface, it’s built to handle the rigors of travel.

Quince doesn’t just sell clothing! This suitcase features an ultra-light yet super sturdy polycarbonate shell. Organize effortlessly with interior compression panels and a handy removable laundry bag for separating your worn garments. Quickly move around the crowd thanks to the Japanese-crafted Hinomoto 360-degree wheels. It’s equipped with a TSA-approved lock and telescopic handle. Plus, free shipping and easy returns make this an unbeatable offer. Check out the slightly smaller 20″ version for even more travel flexibility!

This is very similar to the one above—it has the same shell, compression, Japanese wheels, and telescopic handle. The big difference is that it’s not expandable. But if you’re a light packer or need something a bit more compact, this is for you. Plus, I really like the dark green!

Carry On Luggage That Will Make You Enjoy Flying – $$$

Have you ever tried AWAY luggage? It’s a bit more pricey, but it’s great quality! This suitcase comes highly recommended with an impressive 4.8-star rating from 129 reviews. Available in a vibrant Sorbet Orange, among other stylish colors, this carry-on offers an expandable design that adds 2.25 inches of space—perfect for those last-minute packing adjustments. The Carry-On Flex is versatile, transitioning from carry-on size to checked luggage with its expansion feature. Enjoy seamless travel with its 360° spinner wheels and smart interior organization. Go Vols! lol

This is the Mac Daddy! Not going to lie, it’s expensive. But it’s VERY durable, as it’s made of aluminum. It’s also detailed with leather, including a leather luggage tag. Roll smoothly through terminals with 360° spinner wheels and handle your luggage comfortably with slow-release handles. Packing is a breeze thanks to an interior compression system and a hidden laundry bag to separate dirty clothes from clean. Available in Onyx Black, Silver, and Rose Gold, you can personalize your travel style further by adding a USB charger for just $20 more.

Are you Gurls going anywhere fun? Let me know in the comments if you’re checking your luggage or using a carry-on!

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  1. Deanna Sourk says:

    Love the Delsey suitcases. They make a great case. I try to find mine at Marshall’s or tj max. Such a deal if you can fine one for less than half the actual price.

  2. Patti McDonald says:

    Love the cup holder!!!

  3. I love your wonderful and informative posts! I am severely style challenged! Haha! I have a carryon by Martha Stewart that I love! It’s moss green with rose gold accent and of course the required 360 spinning wheels! Tre chic!

  4. I love checking out luggage options. Hubby and I spent 2 1/2 weeks in Europe with one backpack and one European size carryon. We used compression bags to make space.

  5. You always post info that’s timely! I’m flying to England this summer, and the joggers you’re wearing in the first photo look perfect for a long plane ride. The link takes me to the cute, quilted duffel, though. Can you please check it? Thanks for your hard work. You are appreciated by many people!

  6. Thanks for all the choices.

  7. Headed on 14 day trip to Italy in October. Need to get into a backpack and carry on. Great ideas. Especially like the backpack.

  8. sue koren says:

    Will any of these help me with my issue of overpacking? ha ha

    1. Lol! Well, it will limit what you can take. Hahaha!

  9. I love to travel and normally use just a London Fog carry on and a travel tote. Wish I had a trip planned, but nothing scheduled yet. The green Quince carry on is so beautiful. It is going onto my “wish list”! And I love the throw back pic of Joe!!

  10. I love to travel and love some of these pieces

  11. The backpack is super cute

  12. The first bag is perfect for me! Getting it now!
    Thank you for the post 😊

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post!! 😊😊😊

  13. The cup holder one is so cute!!

  14. Diana Pierce says:

    Your post comes at a great time. I have been eyeing the Quince luggage & finally decided to go ahead & purchase the 20” carry on. Two of their cashmere sweaters also ended up in my cart as well 😉

    1. That always seems to happen to me too, Diana!

  15. While flying has gotten worse, luggage has gotten better! Great options!

  16. We are planning a trip to Alaska. All of these seem like good options. We need to replace a couple of our carryons.

    1. This post was good timing for you.

  17. Amy Alexander says:

    We are heading to Maine this summer for our 35th wedding anniversary trip, and I am torn between carrying on and checking. Because of some of the activities we have scheduled, we will need warmer/thicker clothes (sweatshirts, coats, gloves, etc), so I just don’t know if I can get all of that plus my regular clothes in a carry on. Plus, add in that we have 3 different flights to get there from Mississippi, and I’m really torn. It scares me to think of my checked luggage trying to get through all those different airports to my final destination! But thanks for all the suggestions – I’m definitely going to spend some time looking at each!

    1. Amy, I hardly ever, like never, travel with just a carry on. I always check my luggage. Only once has it been late, and they delivered it to my hotel early the next morning.

  18. Oh goodness, this makes me want to go somewhere! We usually use only a carry on. You can pack a week’s worth of clothes in one if you pack them right. I run into problems with shoes…I want options! Lol.

    1. Shoes are my biggest issue too. I try to pick only 3 pairs if I’m packing light. One for dressy outfits, one for a casual look, and one for comfort like sneakers or sandals. Since you wear one pair on the plane, you only have to pack 2 pairs.

  19. Linda Shearer says:

    I used to travel for business every other week and Delsy is all that I would use. Its great durable luggage for airplane travel.

    1. I love the Delsey luggage!!!

  20. I agree, I love to travel, but not a fan of flying. But, I am flying again soon, so the packing begins today!

  21. What a great idea the cup holder is! I have spilled more coffee trying to juggle everything. And Joe was pretty darn cute..still is!! You make a cute couple.

  22. Stella Gustafson says:

    I fly often to see my grandkids and my daughter and only travel with h a carry on. I fly with h my dachshund and his carrier sits right on top and slides onto the handle. I do have to say I love the carry on with the cup holder cause for some reason you never have enough hands

  23. We love traveling!!! In January we were in Ireland! We swore we weren’t getting any souvenirs, but ended up buying a bigger suitcase to bring home all our treasures! Love your choices of bags and suitcases!!

  24. monique dickerson says:

    heading out with a few of my ladies on a Margaritaville at sea cruise. Just a quick little four day trip but a much needed break. will use a carry on and a personal item for this trip. January seven day cruise will involve the larger checked bag +
    Love your posts

  25. Love the one with the cup holder.

    1. The one with the cup holder is genius! I fly often to see my grandkids and I almost always have to check a bag. I need all my stuff with me!