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I am glad that everyone enjoyed the series that I did this past week. But, I am ready for a change, and I am actually happy to have something new to talk about. I have been dying to show all of you this colorblock cardigan, and I couldn’t wait until next week.

I am still in Nashville until Monday, and I am enjoying my downtime. The first night in Nashville, we went to eat at Jeff Ruby’s, and the food was delicious. I decided to eat a wedge salad with a shrimp cocktail appetizer, and for my entree, I ordered a Melted Alaska Sushi roll.

If you have ever eaten at Jeff Ruby’s then you know that the size of the shrimp in the cocktail is unreal large. They are like nothing that you’ve ever seen before! As I was dipping them in the cocktail sauce, I got a chunk of horseradish, and my nose burned and my eyes watered. You talk about clearing your sinuses!!! The ladies all got a huge chuckle out of watching my face.

I truly love this outfit! The soft colors are a little summery, but the cardigan has a touch of camel which is great for fall. This pale pink v-neck tee reminded me of the tee that I styled earlier this month with a long tank under it. The color is very similar, but the price point is much different. I am wearing a large, and it fits me great.

I am a huge fan of a colorblock cardigan/sweater. The different color combinations give you so much more options than wearing a solid color. I loved the pale pink tee with this cardigan, but you could do white, gray, and camel. Of course, you are not limited to the colors on the cardigan, and I think navy or black would also look great with it. I am wearing a medium, and it is plenty large enough for me.

This cardigan is on the longer side, so I wanted to give you an idea of the length from the back.

Now, about these bootcut jeans! These jeans are soo comfortable; they remind me of Wit & Wisdom. The waistband is wide and comfy, and they have a small amount of tummy control. If there is one that has a full girdle, that is the pair that I need. Lol! I picked the light wash, but these bootcut jeans are also available in medium, dark, and black wash. Plus, they come in 3 different lengths; I chose the tall length.

I’ve styled these driving loafers before because they go with everything, and they are extremely comfortable. This caramel color is great for fall, and I swear it goes well with everything I put on. Plus, if you need more incentives, they are 40% off and cheaper than when I bought them from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

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  1. Danielle Demars says:

    Hi Tania, I am new to your blog. I love your style and I am wondering if you’d mind telling me how tall you are and our weight that I may know if I can relate to you as fashion? I am 65 soon and 5’2″ for 140 pounds.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Danielle, I’m so glad you found my blog. For sizing reference, I am 5’6” tall, and I weigh about 155 lbs. I normally wear a 10 in jeans, a 12 in dresses, and a medium or large in tops. I hope this helps.

  2. Very pretty outfit! I really like the sweater. The loafers are growing on me. Have a great day!

  3. Love this outfit!! Perfect for Fall. Thank you for your devotions.

  4. Love the pink. The color block cardigan is perfect to complete the outfit. Thanks for the idea. The best always

  5. Love the post, Tania! I own a pale pink cashmere sweater and have only worn it with black pants. Now that you’ve mentioned camel color pants (which I own) I‘ll be styling them that way as well.Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Two questions:
    Are you growing out your hair?
    What brand are the cute two tone tennis shoes that remind me of men’s wing tip shoes?
    Enjoy your posts!

  7. Cheryl Tollefson says:

    That is super cute! I got those jeans the other day and they are great. Super comfortable. I’m 5’2″ so was happy they had length options. Thank you so much for all your great ideas. I have so much fun with it! Enjoy your day! Cheryl from MN 🙂

  8. Sharon Harrison says:

    Loved this outfit so much! I ordered the sweater and tee!

  9. I love this outfit!!!!!

  10. 🤔 I’m not getting a veck neck tee from link. I’m getting a crew neck tee.

  11. Love the way all those cardigans look on you but they look horrible on me! I’m short (5’2”) so as cute as that look is, it just makes me look shorter and dumpier. Makes me sad. 😢

  12. Love it. Ordered the sweater and tee! What a bargain at Kohl’s.

  13. Loved your color/block sweater so much that I had to order one! Adorable!

  14. For years I didn’t think I had a favorite color until I took a good look in my closet and discovered just how much blush color items I have! I’m thrilled to see you wearing it this fall. I’m a light/bright color gal. Living in Central Ohio where we go without sun for weeks on end during the winter is hard. I do have some olive and camo pants along with some burgandy and burnt orange items but it’s hard to find clothing items that aren’t navy, black and brown for the fall. I love reading your blog. I’m 61, our oldest has graduated from college and the younger 3 are seniors in college, so it’s finally “mom’s turn”. Thanks for keeping us over 50’s ladies on the right fashion track.

  15. Thank you for sharing affordable options from kohl’s. Love the cardigan and will be picking one up.

  16. So glad you’re having fun in Nashville. Love that city.
    Today’s outfit is great. I love all of it and the color combo looks great on you.

  17. I hope while you are visiting Nashville you get a chance to visit Franklin (just south of Nashville). It is a beautiful historic town and those of us who are lucky enough to live here, like to share it with visitors. There are some great restaurants (Pucketts, Merridees Breadbasket, etc) and fabulous shopping!!! Enjoy your stay in the great state of Tennessee!!

  18. Great cardigan and I love pink so much that I wear it all year, especially during October for breast cancer awareness. Those giant shrimp sound yummy!

  19. Wow! Went to the website and those sweaters are cute. I bought the one you styled, plus the tan cheetah, and navy color block. Plus I picked up a couple of the solid tees. I tend to buy patterns, so it’s great to pick up some inexpensive solids.

  20. I love this pink cardigan withe light washed pants. I think curvy means bigger in hips. Makes sense. I have no hips, Great price though.