Boyfriend Cardigan

DSC_0026Don’t you just love this cardigan? I love this baggy, slouchy style. This is actually a man’s cardigan, so I have deemed it the “Boyfriend Cardigan.” DSC_0031You can see that I have the sleeves rolled up, but I think that just adds to it’s appeal. I loved this oatmeal color as soon as I spotted it. This is an Eddie Bauer sweater, and another thrift store find. Yep, this beauty cost me $5.00! The belt is just a cheap belt that came attached to something, who knows what, and I just hung on to it. It gets the job done.DSC_0021You won’t normally see such a large close-up of me, but I wanted to show off my cute little vintage pin. This is a wooden mouse. It has blue rhinestone eyes and a leather tail and ears. I can’t tolerate real mice, but this little guy is too cute.DSC_0027I carried my Dooney & Bourke purse and put on these leather boots. I love the color of these boots, it reminds me of  little carmel candies. I even like the height of the heel, it doesn’t bother me to wear these all day long. However, they are a little tight in the calves, so I have to watch what pants I wear. I just am careful not to wear anything that is too thick and bulky.DSC_0024Makes you want to go raid your husband’s closet, doesn’t it?

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  1. I think you have one of the best fashion blogs because you are creative with clothes and they are practical outfits. You inspire gals to take a fresh look at what they already own but put things together in an interesting way. We all need to shop our own closets first!

  2. Love the look! Would you please tell us a little more about the thrift store you shop? I have visited a couple here in my area but the stores smell and I just haven’t considered buying clothing there. Maybe I need to re-think that but when I shop, I usually have something very specific I am looking for to complete an outfit or add to my wardrobe. How do you afford all the great handbags?

    1. Sharon, thanks so much for asking about the thrift stores. We actually have a couple here in town, and to tell you the truth, I was a little reluctant to visit them. However, I went, prepared to find nothing, and came out with several things. Some for me, and some for family and friends. At my last visit, I came home with an Izod, tags still attached, black velvet blazer. As for my handbags, we also have two QVC and HSN overstock stores in town. All shoes are 25.00 and handbags are at least half priced. I guess living in a small town sometimes has it’s advantages????

  3. This whole look is spot on for you Tania. The colours are great for Autumn but also harmonise with your skin tone. I like the various shades of cream and brown. The ensemble looks expensive and I like the addition of the belt. Your boots are stunning!

    1. Thanks Lorna!! You know how to make a girl feel good????

  4. Love the sweater… what thrift stores do you frequent? Great outfit!!

    1. Thanks Nancy! I shop some little local thrift stores. We are such a small community, we don’t even rank a Goodwill. Lol

  5. You are too cute! I love it.

    1. Thank you, stranger????????????

  6. Great look! I love a guy’s sweater too. So glad you linked up to Vis Monday, as now I have discovered you! And fifty is for sure not old, not even close : >


    1. Patti, I love your site! Thanks for hosting Visible Monday????

  7. This looks perfect on you! I’m in love with all of the great sweaters and sweater coats offered at all the stores this year. They make transitioning into fall so much nicer. Good thing you saved that belt. It looks great with the sweater.

    1. Thanks Diane! I appreciate your taking the time to comment????