50 Is Not Old | Grundy Blue and GoldI am now experiencing a fashion bloggers nightmare, where to take pictures while traveling. I am still fairly new to the whole blogging thing, and I am not comfortable dragging my tripod out into public to take my picture. I had thought I would slip outside, maybe around the corner of the building, and take some pictures and no one would be the wiser. Unfortunately, the weather has not cooperated for that to happen. Not only is the temperature in the 50’s, it has been pouring rain since I arrived. Well just great!!! That was sarcasm in case you missed it. Lol!50 Is Not Old | Grundy Blue and GoldSo today’s outfit is just in front of the window in my room. I have also been wearing this outfit for about 6 hours, so I would venture to say it might have looked better earlier, but probably not. The top has little flutter sleeves, but since it is so cold outside, I am glad I brought a little cardigan that I threw on.
50 Is Not Old | Grundy Blue and GoldThe top has a cobalt blue, white, and navy print. It is by Ann Taylor, and I think I bought it when I went to Florida this February. It is a feminine top, especially with the flutter sleeves.

Top: Maison Jules | Off 5th | Liz Claiborne

Plus: Lucky Brand | Eyeshadow | Michael Kors50 Is Not Old | Grundy Blue and GoldYou know I like to pair navy with yellow, so it should come as no surprise that I chose to pair the two together today. These ankle pants are Banana Republic, and they definetly where purchased at the Florida outlets this February.

Ankle Pants: Thalia Sodi | Ellen Tracy50 Is Not Old | Grundy Blue and GoldThe navy cardigan is very old. It is one that I have worn for the past several years in the summer months. I am cold natured, so I like a cardigan all summer long. Navy is a staple, if you don’t have a navy sweater, then you need to start the process to find one.

Cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger | Ralph Lauren | Plus50 Is Not Old | Grundy Blue and GoldMy wedge shoes are by Aerosoles, and they are so comfortable. The tan color will go with most outfits. I only brought a few shoes with me, so I wanted to pick ones that would work for pants and dresses. I think this pair works wonderful.

Shoes: Aerosoles | Aerosoles | Aerosoles50 Is Not Old | Grundy Blue and GoldMy jewelry, like my shoes, needed to be generic enough that it could go with any outfit. I picked out some of my favorite pieces, and the ones I have on today are all in gold tone. The necklace is by Stella and Dot. It is the Zuni Layering necklace and it is convertible. The wrap bracelet is by Chloe & Isabel and is the Aventine Fringe Multi-Wrap bracelet. I have on my Michael Kors watch that was a gift from the girls at work for my birthday.

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  1. Cynthia Rainey says:

    I LOVE blue/navy and yellow together! It is one of my favorite combos. Must be for the same reason as you – school colors! As a mother of a high school junior and an eighth grader, I have plenty of royal blue and gold in my wardrobe. It just so happens to also be mine and my husband’s alma mater.;-) I have been looking at the Aerosoles wedges and just need to decide which one I want. Decisions, decisions…

    Cynthia in IN

  2. Great outfit, I love how you always kick it up a notch or two! I used to live in Clintwood VA, and had an aunt (through marriage) who lived in Grundy. I love all those old towns in VA!

  3. Kathe Owen says:

    Love Aerosoles! Those are really cute, but I really love the handbag. So versatile.

  4. I know what you mean about taking pictures outside. I have it also with taking pictures of a beautiful item in a shop or something. I also don’t dare to ask beautiful dressed people of I may take a picture of them. Ha ha. That,, gold,, and blue is a great combination. Another wonderful blogger said to me that my yellow cardigan, from last Friday post, would do well on a blue dress. And now I can see how that would look like, the colors together! Have a great Sunday 🙂

  5. This is one of my favorite outfits on you. 🙂

  6. Just found your blog via Facebook! I’m new the fashion blogging world of women over fifty too! I, like you have a horrible time with “selfies” and pictures for my blog!
    Your outfit is adorable! You look great!
    I look forward to staying connecting!

    1. Welcome Mileah to the fashion blogging world. I hope you will enjoy blogging as much as I am. It is always good to hear from other bloggers in my age group.

  7. Cute outfit. Would love to see your pictures of you around town on vacation and in your home town, etc. Certainly someone can take the picture so you don’t have to do it yourself! Good luck and have fun!

    1. I do need to expand my rhelm of picture taking spots, but when you work full time and then are always volunteering with one project or another, finding the time is quite hard. Maybe, just maybe, one of these days:)

  8. Love the colors. You always have the best style! Photo tip: You want to face the window so the light is reflecting on to you. Moving in front of the curtains provided a diffused light. Good choice. I like shooting in natural light when I can.
    Love your blog!!!

    1. Thanks Crystal. I hope you had a lot of visits to your site. Your jewelry is very nice!

  9. As soon as I saw your title, I wondered if you were from Grundy. The only Grundy I know is here in VA, so is that where you’re from? I had a sorority sister from there.

    1. Yes, I live in good ole Grundy, VA. If your sorority sister is from there, I bet she would recognize the last name. My mother-in-law taught art for many years in all the schools.

  10. What a cute outfit while travelling! I am starting to think about what to take for several short trips this summer which should be easy but feel difficult. Love the comfort and ease of what you have on. Enjoy the trip!

    1. Thanks so much, Audrey. I hope you have some wonderful plans coming up.

  11. Super cute outfit and love the necklace!

  12. Color combination looks nice. You made good choice because it looks great on you. Hope you’re having a good time.

    1. A good time, but also a run your butt off, time. Haha

  13. Love the outfit. Your hair looks great. How do you get it to look so smooth?

    1. Thanks Vickie. I do use a flat iron to style my hair. But my biggest trick is to smooth it down with me hands, and quickly spray it with hair spray. Lol! I use Big Sexy (of course I would) Spray & Play hairspray.

      1. Thanks! You look great! I look forward to your posts.

  14. I need a photographer…can’t take my own photos. You are a pro!

    1. Hilda, it was either buy a tripod and learn to take my own pictures, or no blog at all. I have found that I am more comfortable when I am taking the pictures, than when someone else is taking them. I get all tight and tense with other people.

  15. I found your blog yesterday via Pinterest. I have always been a strong, confident woman and dressed accordingly. However, after turning 50, losing both parents, and losing the battle to save a 24 year marriage, I lost my mojo. I haven’t given much thought to my appearance in quite a while. But after reading your blog, and looking at all the pictures of a beautiful, confident woman, who not only says 50 is not old, but shows it, I feel inspired. Thank you for that. I’m a fan, and a subscriber.

    1. WELCOME Gina!!! I am so happy you found my little blog! It is a battle to not lose our “mojo” as we age. There are lots of reasons this can happen, but we need to remember we deserve to look our best. Women encouraging women, that is one of the reasons I am a GFWC Woman’s Club member.