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How To Perfectly Style Black And White Summer Outfits For Women 50+

You might think a color-loving girl never wore black and white, but you would be wrong. Black and white is a timeless color combination that never goes out of style. Black and white is chic and sophisticated! If you are ever unsure about what to wear, choose black and white, and you’ll always look great. Here are several classic black and white summer outfits for women 50+ with a modern twist.

A Modern Twist On Black And White Summer Outfits For Women 50+

How Textures Can Keep Your Outfit Modern Looking

Sometimes classic styles can look dated, which is not the look we are after. There are many ways to keep your black and white summer outfits for women 50+ looking fresh and modern. Adding textures adds visual interest and elevates the look of the outfit.

Crochet is having a moment in the fashion world! You can find crochet hats, shoes, sweaters, etc., and this fun trend is a way to keep you looking modern. I styled this gorgeous crochet poncho in neutral last month in this post. I loved it so much that I also bought it in black. I’m dressed in monochromatic white, but I would probably wear a black tank under the cardigan most often. I like this Reversible Tank since it can be worn as a v-neck or a scoop neck.

Keeping Your White Items White

You might want to know how to keep your black and white summer outfits for women 50+ from looking dingy. Keeping your white items looking white can be a challenge. Chico’s has a no-stain line that I love. The No-Stain fabric is powered by Stain-Repel, Bright-White™ technology. These jeans can stay white for up to 20 washes and repel water-based stains. This saves me time doing the laundry and money since I don’t have to replace my white items as often.

These beaded sandals also add texture to the look, so don’t be afraid to mix your textures. They have a modern square toe that is trending, showing that you know the latest trends.

Modern Trends For Black And White Summer Outfits For Women 50+

Black and white summer outfits for women over 50+ can range from casual to dressy and classic to modern. This outfit combines casual and modern with the addition of several trends. If you want to recreate the outfit in a classic version, you could choose similar items without the trends. Here are the items I would choose for the classic version.

Flutter sleeves are a huge trend this year, and I love the frayed detail on the hem. The linen fabric will keep you cool even though you’re wearing black, and the sleeves are cute and fun.

Talk about cute and fun…how do you like this bow sun visor? We are all aware of the significance of reducing our sun exposure. Fortunately, this charming sun visor will allow us to stay safe and stylish. Because the visor is open at the top, it’s suitable for women who prefer to wear a ponytail. The visor rolls up for packing and has an adjustable velcro closure to fit different size heads.

Add A Modern Print For A Fun Twist

A Fedora is a classic item; the zebra print gives it a modern twist. I love adding prints to outfits, and I often choose to add a kimono to add visual interest.

Here is a closer look at the zebra print fedora. I have a big head (just ask my husband, lol), and this fedora fits me well.

These shorts also have a frayed hem and a casual look I love. Unfortunately, they are almost sold out completely. But, the 9″ version is available and would give you the same overall look. The straw handbag is a great medium size. The large bead handles are a gorgeous unique detail. They make this handbag stand out from all the other straw bags you see.

Kimonos Elevates a Black and White Outfit

Here are a few kimonos that would look great with black-and-white outfits.

Other Examples Of Me Wearing Black And White Summer Outfits For Women Over 50+

One Shoulder Bow Tankini || Straw Tote Bag || Prescription Sunglasses – Similar Sunglasses || Cross Necklace – Similar for less || Pearl Earrings (Tania15 for 15% off)

Even a tankini looks chic and sophisticated in classic black and white. Sizing details and links can be found in this post.

Sleeveless Tank Black Dress (Medium) || Linen 3/4 Sleeve Shirt (Size 1) || Kendra Scott Silver Hoop Earrings (Similar) || Michele Watch || David Yurman Cable Loop Bracelet || Michael Kors Isla Tote || Slingback Low Heel Pointed Toe Pumps (Sized Up a 1/2 Size)

How To Style A Casual Black Dress For Spring shows how to change the look of a casual black dress.

Sleeveless Tank Black Dress (Medium) || Double Breasted Blazer in Neon Berry (Large) || Long Single Strand Necklace || Kelly Statement Earrings || Floral Print Clutch Wallet || Hot Pink Pumps – Similar versions listed below

Adding a pop of color elevates the look and creates a huge statement. You can read about the sizing details in my How To Style A Casual Black Dress For Spring post.

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  1. Robin Osborne says:

    An old-fashioned way to keep whites sparkling white is to use blueing. It isn’t easy to find now but I believe you can order Mrs. Stewart’s blueing on Amazon. You just add a few drops to the wash water.

  2. I love the all white outfit with the black crochet top. I would think that having the crochet, even though open, provides some camouflage for disliked belly fat. LOL. I do not wear any white, even though I love the look. We are on well water and that yellows any white. The only way I could have it is if I dryclean any white items. We were camping for a week and I really missed your daily blogs. !!!

  3. When I open up your email and see you in Chicos clothes, I love it! It’s my favorite brand and you wear them well!!

  4. Ginger Hiller says:

    Yes, my hope is in His word! Your plate is full today, so I wish you calmness and organization as you tackle one task at a time. I like how you took all white outfits up a notch by adding interesting and textured pieces to them. We have rain in the forecast every day this week. Two of the days we will be out for appointments that Larry has. The outfits in this post is giving me ideas of what I can wear, so “thank you!”

  5. Tania, Love that black bow visor on you! Love black&white, it’s always classy! All the outfits look great on you!

  6. Sounds like a too busy day to me. Maybe try to scale it down so you can enjoy life.

  7. Rowena Sue Tillman says:

    I love the black and white outfits. I love the way you always give God the glory. And thank you so much for giving women over 50 the courage to not look old. I love your Podcasts.
    Rowena Sue Tillman

  8. Dana Smithmier says:

    Now you are speaking my love language!!!

  9. Love love love black and white!! Also could you or have you given a little tutorial on using a steamer or which one you use–I’m new to it and it hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be and my results aren’t very good, I still had to get out my iron!

  10. Tania, you hit it out of the park with this post. Love all your outfits, since I am such a black and white outfit person. Always looks classy and chic. I purchased the black and white tankini and it looks fantastic. That zebra Chico’s fedora seems to run a little large. I tried it on in my local Chico’s store and it was way too large for my head. Looks great on you though.

    1. Jan, I told you I had a big head. Lol!

      1. Ha. I did find a hack to make hats fit with elastic, so may try the zebra print fedora. Soooo cute.

        1. Jan, the hat is adorable. You’ll have to let us know what the hack is.

  11. I always love your email with the outfits. You were the final temptation with Chico’s outfits, and I placed my order, spending my birthday dollars from Chico’s. Have a blessed week! Thanks for all the inspiration.