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Black and White Dresses for Women Over 50

Let’s talk about a wardrobe staple that many of you may have overlooked… black and white dresses! Whether you’re packing for vacation, planning a night out with friends, or just want to feel effortlessly chic, black and white dresses always come through. They’re timeless, versatile, and oh-so-easy to style since they mix and match so well with all sorts of accessories! Today, I’m sharing a list of gorgeous black and white dresses for women over 50 from some of our favorite retailers, including some of my own personal favorites.

Why Wear Black and White Dresses?

Black and white dresses are reliable go-to options that never fail to make a statement. Whether it’s a sleek striped sheath dress or a flowy floral black and white sundress, they effortlessly exude elegance and versatility. The beauty of these monochrome dresses lies in their ability to be dressed up or down with just a change of accessories. Plus, they’re timeless classics that never go out of style, making them a smart investment for any wardrobe. With black and white dresses, I always feel chic and put-together, no matter the occasion.

My Favorite Black and White Dresses for Women Over 50

This is one of my favorite black and white dresses in my closet right now. I love all of the feminine details on this black and white dress, like puffy sleeves and a fun pom-pom trim running along each tier. I ordered a size medium, and it fits really well! I am a big fan of the midi length on myself. It’s not so short that it shows off the parts of the legs that a lot of us are self-conscious about (like cellulite or crepey knees), but it also doesn’t scream Little House on the Prairie, LOL! You can see all the details about this outfit in this post.

This black and white wavy geometric Wrap Maxi Dress is one of my favorites, and I’ve styled this year. I love the flirty style, which reminds me of a vintage dress from the 40s. This is a true wrap dress, and it overlaps nicely. However, anytime I wear a wrap dress, I usually add a safety pin to make sure the top layer doesn’t fly away and give someone the scare of their life. Lol! You can see more wrap dresses in this post.

This simple tank swing dress is versatile, comfortable, and perfect for keeping you cool this summer. It hits me right at the knee, and I think this is a great length for everyday wear. I’ve worn it under a blazer, blue jean jacket, and cardigan, but it looks just as cute all by itself.

Casual Black and White Dresses

Casual black and white dresses are absolute hidden gems to have in your closet. They’re like the trusty sidekicks that you can rely on for any day-to-day adventure. Whether running errands, meeting friends for coffee, or heading to a laid-back dinner, these dresses look great anywhere. The simplicity of their design makes them incredibly versatile, allowing you to effortlessly transition from a casual day look to a more dressed-up evening vibe with just a change of shoes or accessories. Plus, they’re insanely comfortable – like wearing your favorite oversized tee but with an added touch of chicness.

Elegant Black and White Dresses

Black and white dresses are the epitome of timeless elegance, making them perfect choices for more formal occasions like weddings, showers, or even somber events like funerals. The classic color combination exudes sophistication and grace, ensuring you look effortlessly put together regardless of the event’s tone. A sleek black and white cocktail dress can be just as appropriate for a black-tie wedding as it is for a funeral service, while a maxi length black and white dress is ideal for everything from bridal showers to family photos. Black and white dresses can be easily accessorized to match the formality of any event, whether it’s adding statement jewelry for a glamorous affair or opting for understated elegance with minimal accessories for a more somber gathering.

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  1. Yes, I agree with Jill. I need dresses that cover my arms also. would appreciate you sharing if see any you love!

  2. Jill McFalls says:

    I need a dress with longer sleeves to hide my arms. Elbow length.

  3. Love your fashion ideas, Tania! So chic and classy!

  4. sue koren says:

    All classic looks!

  5. Julie Lozano says:

    I love black and white as well! The wrap dress is amazing as well as the tank dress. I may order the Amazon Essentials tank dress that you’re featuring. Maybe it’ll fit my stumpy petite frame,,, 🥹
    Have a fabulous Tuesday, Julie.

  6. Janice Nagle says:

    cute dresses! I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable prices.

  7. Black and white are my favorite combination!

  8. I like you showed the picture of a total eclipse. I was wondering just how dark it would get. I’m in Texas and it should be dark for 4 minutes. it’s partly cloudy right now. I am just staying home. There’s too many people in our area right now and I don’t want to get stuck in traffic.

  9. I love wearing black and white. It is so classic and timeless.

  10. Jenniffer Groski says:

    I love the shirt dress and boho dress. Black and white is one of my favorite combinations. Enjoy the eclipse!

  11. Stella Gustafson says:

    Wow. Love the black and white dresses

  12. Black and white is a favorite!

  13. My favorite is the black and white, wavy pattern, wrap dress. It is beautiful.
    This is the perfect post for the eclipse day. Black and white!!

  14. Landy Laird says:

    Love black and white! I have those colors on today. It is going to be so cloudy where I live so I double we’ll be able to see the eclipse.

  15. Love the tiered maxi dress! I agree – black and white is so versatile! I find myself drawn to that when I’m out shopping and I really like color! But with black and white, it’s so easy to add those pops of colors with accessories.

  16. This gives me some good ideas to lighten up my typical black pants and blazers for spring with white too.

  17. Black and white are classic. My favorite go to colors.

  18. Loving the simplicity of the OSTOO maxi dress and the price is so good.
    I live in the Pacific Northwest so will not be able to see the eclipse in person but look forward to watching the coverage on TV.

  19. Love the chic black and white look!

  20. Black & white, very classy!