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Best Affordable Denim Jackets for Women Over 50

If you’re wondering how many denim jackets one woman can own, the answer is A LOT. This is just one of those staples that I think every closet needs, and no, they are not all the same. Lol! I posted not long ago about Best Denim Jackets for Women Over 50, but today’s post is slightly different. These are The Best AFFORDABLE Denim Jackets. I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for, but A) I don’t have to spend a lot of money on every version/color, and B) Budget is always a consideration.

These jackets are all under $70 dollars with some of them in the $20s!

Best Affordable Denim Jackets from Amazon

I love this jacket because it’s so versatile. I can wear it with a dress and tennis shoes and look current. It doesn’t matter that I’ve owned it for several years; a basic denim jacket never goes out of style.

Wrangler Authentic Women’s Denim

Here’s the same jacket styled in a different way. Yes, it’s hot outside, but the weather is nothing if not unpredictable. This is a great jacket to throw in your car and have when you find yourself in a chilly store or restaurant.

Vetinee Shacket Short

I love, love, love the light wash color of this jacket. This is an example of a jacket that’s a little more trendy because it’s not the standard denim jacket like the Wrangler one pictured above. The sleeves are much more feminine, and I like the 3/4 length. I typically roll up my sleeves anyway!

Levi’s Original Denim Jacket

You can’t talk denim without mentioning Levi’s! This is an Original Trucker’s Jacket. Yes, they actually have Original Trucker, Ex-Boyfriend Trucker, Trucker Plus, and a Sherpa Trucker Jacket. Sorry if you’re waiting on an Ex-Trucker Boyfriend version. lol This is one of the higher-priced jackets, but you can wear Levi’s forever.

Best Affordable Denim Jackets from Walmart

Funicet Jeans Jackets

Walmart puts the “affordable” in Best Affordable Denim Jackets! This is under $30 dollars when you buy online. It’s a great basic at a great price.

Riders Jean Jacket by Lee

Like Wrangler and Levi, Lee is another brand that is synonymous with denim. This jacket is a little pricey for Walmart at $62.00 dollars, but you know what you’re getting with Lee. This is for those of you who already have a basic blue jean jacket and want to elevate the look with a color version.

White Denim Jacket

Another alternative to the classic blue jean jacket is white. I wear my white denim jacket all summer long. This is one of the least expensive jackets in this post. I had to double check, but yes, it’s actually only $22 dollars!

Port Authority Ladies Denim Jacket

As much as I like the light wash denim and trying the jacket in other colors, I love the classic blue. Dark denim looks a little dressier than the light wash. It’s true of jeans, too. This jacket is cut in a more fitted silhouette than the typical Levi’s jacket. It’s available in plus sizes, too.

Jo Hannah Women’s Denim

I really like this jacket, too! Are you starting to understand why I started a fashion blog? lol. I never met a denim jacket I didn’t like. Seriously, a black denim jacket can be worn with so many things, and I like the cropped length of this one. Best part? It’s $32 dollars.

The Best Affordable Denim Jackets from Target

Alpine Classic Trucker Jacket

Here’s Target’s version of the Trucker Jacket. What is it with truckers? Do they ALL wear denim jackets? If you have a trucker in your life, comment and let me know if this is a standard uniform in their industry. I mean, I get it if it is. This is a super cute jacket!

Plus Size White Denim Jacket

Here’s another great denim jacket in white. I like the buttons on this although I can’t tell if they’re brass or brown plastic. Either way, I like the contrast. It is 100% cotton and is available to 4X.

The Best Affordable Jacket from Nordstrom

Topshop Denim

I like this jacket, but I have to wonder what look the model was going for. She has an “I just rolled out of bed and don’t appreciate having to run your errand” vibe. lol. The description says that a slimmed-down fit and cropped length refresh a classic denim trucker jacket partly made with nonstretch cotton denim. I think this would look great on those with a narrow frame who tend to get swallowed by the traditional boxy denim jacket.

Let me know what you think of these affordable denim jackets! Are you as in love with them as I am? For a look at how I’ve styled them in the past, watch the video below.

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  1. Teri O’Brien says:

    Love them! Bought the wrangler jacket to wear on vacation in Nashville- it was perfect!!

  2. I do love my denim jackets, they go with so much.


  3. I love denim jackets. I have them in the colors above. I’m glad I don’t ever get rid of them. They’re classics. Many places where I live in Texas don’t feel that cold to me inside. Maybe if I have been out in 100 degrees the cold inside feels good. It’s weird because I am cold natured.

  4. Carol LaRochelle says:

    Love the jackets but want to know what dress you have on in the post…..the pink one?? Looks so cute!!

    1. Lol! Carol, that is an old one that I bought at Target.