Best Affordable Cowboy Boots for Women

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Today, we’re talking all about cowboy boots! Whether you’re gearing up for a country music festival, planning a rodeo outing, or just want to add a bit of Western flair to your everyday look, today’s post has you covered. I’m sharing my top picks for the best affordable cowboy boots for women in all different styles and colors that won’t break the bank!

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Best Affordable Cowboy Boots for Women

Brown Cowboy Boots

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a denim dress with a pair of brown boots 1
Denim Lace Up Shift Dress (Size 10) | Coconuts By Matisse (9.5) | Gold-Tone Circle Earrings | River Club Necklace 17″ Gold | Gold Tone Beaded Stretch Bracelet
Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a denim dress with a pair of brown boots7
Coconuts By Matisse (9.5)

If you’re looking for a classic cowboy boot, this is the one! It’s that traditional mid-calf height and a great medium brown that’s going to go with most things. I admit this is the style I gravitate toward.

Boots with bright colors, fringe, and different leathers, such as snakeskin, ostrich, etc., are beautiful. But, even though I like colorful clothing, I’m a plain Jane when it comes to cowboy boots. Lol! They come in several different shades of brown, as well as some other traditional colors, such as black, red, and white.

Dingo Womens Primrose Embroidered Floral Casual Boot

I love a shorter Western style bootie! Personally, I think they’re not too constricting on my calves and not too hot. This pair is absolutely adorable with floral embroidery. They would look so cute with a white sundress or a white denim skirt!

ROPER Women’s Short Stuff 1214 Western Boot

Sometimes, pull-on style boots can be hard to get on and off. If you struggle with this, then you’ll love that this pair has a zipper! They also have a really cute little floral design on them, but it’s a little more subdued.

Ditzy Floral Western Boots

These boots are stinking adorable! They are from a store called Altar’d State, and the stitched daisy pattern is perfect for spring and summer. Expect to be asked where these are from over and over again if you wear them to a concert or music festival because everyone else is going to want them too!

Black Cowboy Boots

SheSole Women’s Fringe Western Boots

We’re moving on to black cowboy boots! Fringe is so fun. When I was researching a country music concert outfit post, I found a bunch of fringe purses and vests, and I also found these fringe boots. You could wear these with leggings and a tunic-style top, a denim dress, and so many other items!

HISEA Rollda Cowboy Boots

If the fringe boots are a little too wild for your style and you’re looking for a more traditional black boot, check out this pair. They have a cushioned insole to help keep your foot happy and comfortable, which is important if you’re wearing these for a long day at a country music festival.

GLOBALWIN Low Heel Walking Boots For Ladies

Do you prefer a shorter style cowboy boot or a more traditional mid-calf boot? I like both, but I think shorter styles like this are cuter with midi and maxi dresses. This is technically the “gray,” and they have an even darker black style available. They also have a zipper, which makes them super easy to get off at the end of a long night!

White Cowboy Boots

 Knee High Boots Cowboy Boots

Okay, gurls… these white boots are soooo cute! They come in several other color combinations like white with gold leaves, light blue with white leaves, an all-white version, and even a lavender version. They are taller than other cowboy boots, so expect these to cover most of your calves.

Short Ankle Pull On Comfortable Cowboy Boots

I decided to include these short ankle cowboy boots when I read a customer review. She said, “
I wore these all night at a country music concert. I was worried that my feet would hurt, but I did not have any issues with foot pain! They were actually pretty comfortable.

A lot of reviewers only like to complain about products, so when one is signing its praise, I listen.

IUV Cowboy Boots For Women

I absolutely adore the floral details on these cowboy boots! I would probably pair these with a solid color dress so there aren’t any patterns clashing. They come in five other colors, but I think the pink is my favorite! Imagine the pink ones with a black or white dress and a pink handbag or earrings.

Unique Cowboy Boots

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a denim dress with a pair of brown boots3
Denim Lace Up Shift Dress (Size 10) | ROPER Womens Riley Round Toe (9.5) | Gold-Tone Circle Earrings | River Club Necklace 17″ Gold | Gold Tone Beaded Stretch Bracelet
Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a denim dress with a pair of brown boots6
ROPER Womens Riley Round Toe (9.5)

If black and brown are boring to you, don’t fear—I found cowboy boots in all the colors of the rainbow! This turquoise pair would be a great way to spice up an outfit. You could even add some turquoise jewelry!

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a denim dress with a pair of brown boots4
Denim Lace Up Shift Dress (Size 10) | Short Cowgirl Boots for Women (9.5) | Gold-Tone Circle Earrings | River Club Necklace 17″ Gold | Gold Tone Beaded Stretch Bracelet
Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a denim dress with a pair of brown boots5
Short Cowgirl Boots for Women (9.5)

If you were wondering if glam cowboy boots were a thing… they totally are, LOL! I found a lot of rhinestone cowboy boots on my searches, but this pair was my favorite! Wouldn’t these be cute for a country/western style wedding located at a farm or ranch style venue? Here’s another glam pair I loved!

Charles Albert Western Cowboy Distressed Boot with Pull-Up Tabs

A shoe with a unique color, pattern, or material can add the perfect pop of personality to your outfit. I found a lot of great cowboy boots with fun details, including these animal print ones! Don’t worry… if you love the boot but not the print, you can find them in a lot of great solids, too.

Madden NYC Women’s Embroidered Tall Western Boots

If you love the rhinestone boots, then you’ll also love these metallic silver boots! They also come in a gorgeous bone color. Even the heel and sole are bone colored, so they truly create a monochromatic look! Reviews say to size up, so keep that in mind when you are ordering.

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  1. MaryCarol says:

    Cute boots. I have some but they hurt my feet.
    My daughter leaves egg shells in the carton.
    My husband cooks his own breakfast too and reminds me of it all the time.

  2. I live in Texas but not really into cowboy boots anymore. You do make them tempting which the cute ones you show today.

  3. You two crack me up!!!! Happy Thursday ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Ginger Hiller says:

    Boy did you hit the jackpot with the cowgirl/western boots you shared! I have two pair that I love, but I never reach for them, so I know not to add another pair to my closet. The rhinestone pair is probably my favorite.

    1. I was surprised at how much i liked those boots.

  5. Love the denim dress! Never thought to pair my cowboy boots with something like that.

  6. sue koren says:

    I need to stick with sandals for right now!

  7. The egg container is very neat. Love the rhinestone boots and booties, too.

  8. Love a good pair of cowboy boots!

  9. Louise Logan says:

    I love all the boots! Especially the leopard!! Thank you for always finding such great choices!!

  10. Susan Weston says:

    Who knew there was so many!
    I love the dress, too!

  11. The boots are cute but I’m not a cowboy boots girl. I do like old western shows. Right now sandals are what I’m wearing.

  12. Joan Bullington says:

    Love the boots. My feet hurt so bad that I do t think I could wear them! They are pretty though!

  13. Not for me but thank you

  14. My daughter has a pair in red, white, and blue.

  15. Gosh–I love them all…I have a pair of just plain brown boots….I have to get them out and forget that I am a senior …….Ha…

  16. How about some patriotic red, white and blue? Love cowboy boots, but good ones are so pricey!

  17. Karen Johnson says:

    I’ve never worn cowboy boots but the polka dot ones from Altared State are pretty cute why does Joe save the egg shells?? Just curious

    1. He doesn’t save them, he just doesn’t like walking over to the trash can. Lol!

  18. Stella Gustafson says:

    Been loving you western wear dress and boots post

  19. I didn’t realize that there were so many different styles of boots. My favorites are the Ditzy Floral and the sparkly silver pair. I also own that egg container and love it.

    1. I’m glad to hear that I picked a good one to try.

  20. Love, love all the boots! I probably have 3-4 pair and my favorite is my Corral brand, I just had them resolved! Thank you for such a wonderful variety!!

  21. Wow-these are ALL soooo cute! Love the colors, different styles, and easy shopping❤️
    Will be looking for a pair to wear to Ft. Worth in January🤠

  22. I have a couple of pairs of cowboy boots – one for working outside and the others for dress up. I would love a pair like the short Ropers. Those are so cute.

  23. Tania, I have been wanting a pair of cowboy boots forever. I love the turquoise ones and the color aqua is my favorite color. I also love the tall white ones with blue they would look good to wear at a summer wedding. I thought at 60 I was too old to wear them but you proved me wrong. the egg tray is genius!

  24. Too funny about Joe! My husband makes his own eggs as well! Very nice egg container!

    Great selection of cowboy boots. I do not wear them but love them on others.

    But….I am a total boot snob so I cannot wait to see your selections when the time comes!

  25. so fun looking at what’s out there on boots! I bought a cute white pair bootie but western zipper at Walmart 30 dollars about 3 months ago. I will wear them in the winter. Don’t know if I will be comfortable in them for long walks but I will start with short trips.

  26. I don’t own any cowboy boots, but this post makes me want some! I love the turquoise boots. They look so cute with the denim dress.

  27. Wow, what a selection!

  28. Karen Daniel says:

    The pink Roper boots are awesome but I have to pass for now. I love and will likely buy the first boots shown in the tan color. Love cowboy boots!

  29. Carol Ann Jablonski says:

    My feet are already aching from looking at those narrow boots! The round toe boots are synthetic leather-meh (yeah, I know, affordable). BTW, if you start Joe on composting, the eggshell problem may go away. Eggshells can go into the compost pile.

    1. Same here! I have a wide forefoot (bunion) and would probably need something wider. Got anything for us, Tania?