Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is in the mood for spring with this Kelly Green cardigan from J.Crew Factory and faded flared jeans from WalmartI want to start by saying that my heart goes out to all of the families affected by the tornadoes that hit Tennessee. I am originally from Tennessee, and most of my family still lives there. In fact, Livingston, my hometown, is about a 15-20 minute drive to Cookeville. My son that lives in Tennessee is only about 5 minutes from Cookeville, so I was thrilled to hear from them this morning. Seeing the devastation on the news outlets was just heartbreaking.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is in the mood for spring with this Kelly Green cardigan from J.Crew Factory and faded flared jeansHow many of you ladies only have cell phones? I know that Joe and I got rid of our landline about a year or so ago. We got tired of getting all of the telemarketer’s calls, and we finally had it disconnected. Here is the biggest problem with only having a cell phone; I tried calling my mother and my son this morning, but I couldn’t get a phone call through. I tried again about an hour later, and I still didn’t have any luck. Finally, I called my brother, who lives in the same area, and he told me that the cell phone tower in Cookeville had been destroyed. I was able to text them over wifi, which made me feel much better. My parents still have a landline, but since so many power lines were down, it didn’t work either. It sure makes you feel vulnerable when you can’t get ahold of loved ones. Please say a prayer for the area.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a Kelly Green cardigan from J.Crew FactoryIf this post doesn’t make you get in the mood for Spring, then something is wrong with you. Lol! Green is not a color that I like, except Kelly green. I LOVE this bright Kelly green color, and I couldn’t wait to show all of you this gorgeous cardigan. I bought several green items that I’ll show you later in a St. Patricks Day post, but I “had” to wear this today.

The cardigan comes in several different colors if green is not a color that you like. This is a cotton cardigan, and it is machine washable. I am wearing a size medium, and I think that it fits great. Here is the link to the cardigan.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is in the mood for spring with this bright green cardigan from J.Crew FactoryI added a few silver pieces of jewelry to my outfit. I wanted to keep it simple, so I added the Easton earrings and the Myles Bangle Bracelet from Kendra Scott. The rhinestone circle necklace is one that I wear all of the time. It was a vintage find on Etsy, and here are some that are similar. Be sure to read the description before you purchase and also email them if you have any questions.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a high waisted pair of faded flared jeans from WalmartDon’t I look ten feet tall in these jeans? Honestly, they seem to go on forever!!! These high-waisted jeans are so soft that they feel like I have owned them for ten years. They are a retro style, but you would think that they have been worn since then because of the faded color and softness. These jeans have a lot of stretch in them, so they fit nicely. I am wearing my usual size 10, and I love the way they fit.

HOWEVER, these are very long with a 33 1/2″ inseam. I like long jeans because I love wearing high heels with mine, but I would suggest that most of you think about getting the short version. My mother bought these when I posted about them here, and she bought the short version and loved the jeans. You don’t know how hard my mother is to please when it comes to clothing. LOL! Here is the link to the jeans.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is in the mood for spring with this Kelly Green cardigan from J.Crew Factory and flared jeans from WalmartI have on a white microfiber tank/shell under the cardigan. This is from Chicos, and it fits like a glove. I am wearing a size 1, which is fine for wearing under something. However, if I wanted to wear this tank by itself, then I would size up to a size 2 for a little more room. Here is the link to the top.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is feeling springy with this Kelly Green cardigan from J.Crew Factory and faded flared jeans from Walmart

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  1. I have just recently found your blog and I love it!! I do love the infinity circle necklace you always wear. I saw in you post that you got it on Etsy. I am trying to find something similar. Can you tell me the diameter of the circle? Thank you!

  2. Tania, you are so pretty and I enjoy your posts each day. I must say, I love your hair!!! Especially in today’s post with the green cardigan! I’m actually taking this pic to my hairdresser! What does the back of your hair look like? Is it layered? A bob? A stacked cut? Please tell me or show me!!

  3. Wow! Green is such a spring color. I have to make sure my green doesn’t have a yellow lean but I really like it with jeans in blue or white. You look very nice. You always do.

  4. Linda Mack says:

    Hi & so sorry to learn about the devastation in Tennessee. I’m glad your family is safe.
    I love the green cardigan, especially combined with white. The cardigan is a nice fit and length. I appreciate your insights into style. I’ll take a look at the other colors of the cardigan as I’m drawn to blue. Thanks again.

  5. What is the length of the short version of the jeans? I couldn’t find it on the link. Thanks.

    1. Jacki, I am not sure either. I sent a question asking, and I’ll let you know if I get an answer back.

  6. My son lives in East Nashville. He and his wife live a half mile from where all the destruction was in East Nashville. I was able to phone him yesterday. Unfortunately for so many, the tornado occurred during the night and the sirens did not go off until after touch down Prayers are definitely appreciated, I am sure!

  7. That Kelly green is a fabulous color on you! Glad your family is okay ??

  8. Beautiful! – You and the outfit. I LOVE that color. 🙂

  9. Sandra Vise says:

    So glad your family is ok. I ordered the top & jeans from Old Navy. The red print & I love them both. I like the outfit today but would definitely need shorter length jeans.

  10. What makeup are you wearing in today’s j crew Kelly green cardigan blog? You have a very pretty youthful “glow.” That I also noticed in yesterday’s loft blog

  11. Marcie Warnock says:

    Glad your family is ok. So sad to see all of the destruction shown on television.
    I love the outfit and especially the sweater….so I have ordered one for myself.
    I enjoy your posts.

  12. You are drop dead gorgeous!! Love your post!!

  13. Glad your family is ok. This green is so pretty on you. I love the color of the shoes too..info??

  14. Maryblair Svarverud says:

    Adorable outfit! I’m going to copy it! ?. Glad that you’re family is safe!

    1. Thanks! You will love this look.

  15. Anne Haslam says:

    I’m sorry Tanya, I see the sweater is a medium.

  16. prayers for all those effected by weather!

  17. Anne Haslam says:

    Great looking outfit. Love the Kelly Green sweater. Is the sweater a 1?

    1. Whoops. I was must have got confused with my Chico’s sizing. It is a medium.

  18. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    So glad your family is ok, prayers for all the family’s that lost loved one’s, we here in Oklahoma have been thorough this alot and our hearts go out to them.
    Love this outfit it is very pretty on you, I hardly ever any color of green but this one is pretty, and your legs look like they do go on weed forever.

    1. Monica, I am sure that you’ve seen your fair share of tornadoes since you live in Oklahoma. My son went to volunteer today in Cookeville, and he said that there were thousands of people showing up to help. Tennessee is not called the volunteer state for nothing.

  19. I am happy for you that your family is okay. What a shock it s must be when you heard that news. Praying for the people there.

    1. It is terrible when you see an area that you know so well being demolished.