Thanks, everyone, for all of the get-well wishes. The weather front has seemed to have moved on, and the sun was out in full force. Fall is in the air though, and the temperatures today were in the high 70s which was very nice and comfortable.

  I ran into my Energizer Bunny Friend while I was out taking photos. She said that I had to be the only person that she knew that was wearing a black leather jacket today. You’ll see those photos on the blog soon. She was in a tank top and shorts, so we looked funny looking standing around talking. Such is the life of a fashion blogger, you burn up while taking photos in the early fall, and you freeze your tail off in early spring. Lol!  

  Today’s linen tunic is one that I bought on sale from Talbots a while back. I loved the color and knew that it would be great to wear this fall. Because Talbots has been having a HUGE ongoing sale for almost a month, almost everything that I’ve bought for myself is sold out online. So, this top is going to have to serve as an “inspiration” top, and not an “exact” top. I’ll link to tops below in a similar color, and, if you want, you can recreate the look with one of those.



  The jeans are brand new, so they should be in stock. This is the first time that I have purchased this brand, and I love the fit of the jeans. They fit a lot like the Wit & Wisdom jeans, and they have a lot of stretchiness to the material. The waistband is also very comfortable, so I’ll give this brand a big thumbs up.

This is an ankle-length straight-leg pair of jeans. I think that this style of jeans works great with flats, heels, and boots, and they are very versatile. The dark rinse color looks great against the lighter green tunic, and I even think this color makes me look thinner. Don’t burst my bubble, just let me live in my fantasy world. Lol! I am wearing my usual size 10, so these run TTS.  

  This convertible crossbody wallet clutch is a great shade of camel. This is a smaller version of the leather crossbody that I’ve been carrying lately. That one is sold out of the camel color and is only available in white now. This one is made so that you can remove the strap and use it as a wallet if you like.  

  I bought these Tory Burch sneakers when they were a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. When the Nordstrom Sale is going on, I like to take advantage of it by purchasing items that I wouldn’t buy otherwise. These sneakers are a great color, and they go with anything. They run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9.  

  The horn and shell adjustable necklace and the horn cuff bracelet just match the crossbody bag. These are part of the Faire Collection, which is made from eco-friendly materials. Your purchase will help support the artisans who create this unique jewelry.  

  The last part of my outfit is the gradient black fade sunglasses. These sunglasses are so chic looking, and they actually keep the sun out of your eyes also!  

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  1. Coburn Kuhl Jablonski wrote:

    Love that top and that style “tunic”. It is a great outfit and very flattering. Will definitely be looking out for that shirt! or the others you listed

    Posted 8.25.21 Reply
  2. Donna wrote:

    Absolutely adore the LOVE picture of your grandchildren. It’s PERFECT! They are just precious. A definite framed and desktop picture for sure.

    Posted 8.22.21 Reply
  3. Ginger Hiller wrote:

    You look so nice in this outfit! I like that while your top is a tunic, it’s not real long i length. I hope that you’ve had a fabulous Saturday.

    Posted 8.21.21 Reply
  4. Mary wrote:

    In your You Tube video you recently posted about applying lipstick, what brand of white eyeliner did you use? Was it liquid or a pencil?

    Posted 8.21.21 Reply
    • Chris wrote:

      Very cute outfit!! Love the picture of the grandkids!!!! That is adorable!!!!

      Posted 8.21.21 Reply
  5. Janet H wrote:

    It’s true, those dark wash jeans are super slimming on you. I “Love” the love pictures – are those all the grandkids? So cute!!

    Posted 8.21.21 Reply
  6. Cheryll wrote:

    Just got home from your beautiful state of VA, but unfortunately it was for a sad reason as my brother’s funeral was Thursday near DC. Love the early fall photos you have been doing and loved the mountains in VA and also WVA.

    Posted 8.21.21 Reply
  7. Van Marie Telfer Haburn wrote:

    I love all your clothing ideas. Where do you do all your shooting for your website !! Very cool. Thank you..

    Posted 8.21.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Good morning! I just find spots all over the county that I live in. These doors were the entrance to a courtyard at a restaurant.

      Posted 8.21.21 Reply
  8. BDT wrote:

    Hi Tania – Love the sneakers. Curious if you are left handed? I see that your laces go up and down instead of side to sidel. I am left handed and have been fighting that battle all my life. 😆

    Posted 8.21.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Haha! No, I am right-handed. But, the sneakers came already laced up, and I didn’t change them.

      Posted 8.21.21 Reply
  9. Eve wrote:

    Beautiful color in your tunic. I love the new pinks and greens this year. Fit right in with my color pallet. You look gorgeous in this outfit. It suits you. Hair looks great.

    Posted 8.21.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      It is so funny that this is the first year that I’ve embraced this color!

      Posted 8.21.21 Reply
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