50 IS NOT OLD | A SUMMER OUTFIT WITH A LEOPARD CAMISOLE | FASHION OVER 40I am going to channel Rodney Dangerfield today, “take my husband…please.” Lol! He has been a real pain in the rear, if you know what I mean. Lol! I messaged him yesterday while I was getting my hair cut and colored. (You’ll have to wait to see that unless you are on Instagram, and it is on my stories) He gave me a very short, somewhat smart alec, remark. I might have responded back in the same manner. Isn’t that what happens; we are like mirrors. Instead of taking the high road, I jumped right in with both feet.
50 IS NOT OLD | A SUMMER OUTFIT WITH A LEOPARD CAMISOLE | FASHION OVER 40When I got home, he was here with one of his friends. They came inside for some lunch, and his snarky attitude continued. Finally, his friend looked at me and said, “how do you put up with him?” Even Joe had to laugh at that because he knew that he was not being nice.  I said, “if I only had a $1.00 for every time that I have been asked that.” The friend said, “I guess that you would be a millionaire.” I saw Joe look up to see what my answer was going to be, so I said, “I’d have two whole dollars.” You could see the difference come over his face, even though nothing else was said. It is so easy to diffuse a situation, why don’t we do it more often???
50 IS NOT OLD | A SUMMER OUTFIT WITH A LEOPARD CAMISOLE | FASHION OVER 40This muted leopard print camisole is one that I bought back in early spring. I found this at Target, along with a huge haul of other clothing. Unfortunately, this top has already sold out, and I can see why. I wore this top back in April (see here) and even though the colors are the same in the outfit, the result is completely different. Today’s look has the dark gray jacket anchoring the look, and the look back in April had the focus on the lower half. Look at the two posts, and let me know if you can see what I mean. One look might work for some, while the other look would work for others. It is all about finding out what works best for you and your body shape. Here are a few leopard camisoles that you might like.

50 IS NOT OLD | A SUMMER OUTFIT WITH A LEOPARD CAMISOLE | FASHION OVER 40How do you like my silver dangle earrings? I love the movement of these earrings, and with a 3.25″ drop, they are quite a statement. Lol! When I wore them to a photo shoot, my photographer said that she loved them. I am going to have to remember to order her a pair the next time that I place an order. They are called the Webber and they are only $11.00. The large beaded bracelet with the black tassel is the Becca. I love the marbling on the beads, it makes each bracelet a little different. The necklace that I have on is priceless, at least to me. It was a gift that I received when R+F flew me to San Francisco at the first of the year. It has the coordinance of the RF  headquarters engraved on one side, and Rodan + Fields on the other.50 IS NOT OLD | A SUMMER OUTFIT WITH A LEOPARD CAMISOLE | FASHION OVER 40 Are you getting tired of seeing these shoes yet? I told you that I have been wearing them a lot since I bought them. They slip on easily and they are the perfect neutral to go with almost anything. They are Crocs, and I can’t believe that I am wearing Crocs…again! Lol! Here is the link to the shoes.
50 IS NOT OLD | A SUMMER OUTFIT WITH A LEOPARD CAMISOLE | FASHION OVER 40The dark gray jacket has rusched sleeves, and it is a knit material. I like wearing a jacket, even in the hottest part of the summer, because I might get cold. I can take it off if I get too hot, but I can’t produce one if I am freezing. Lol! The beige pants that I have on are so old that I have no idea where I bought them. They were stuffed waaaay back in my closet, so I dragged them out to see if they even fit. I was shocked that I could button them (I have gained some weight) so I decided to keep them on for the day.

50 IS NOT OLD | A SUMMER OUTFIT WITH A LEOPARD CAMISOLE | FASHION OVER 40I had the pleasure of talking to one of my Preferred Customers today, and it was great to hear her voice. I love how this blog, along with my skincare business, has allowed me to become friends with people all over the World. I am glad that you are loving your products, Gina. And, congratulations again on becoming a grandmother for the first time!!!

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  1. I love how you handled that! Wise advice. You are a very good, funny writer in general. I really enjoy your blog even though our coloring is so different & I could never wear most of the colors you look good in.

    • Tania Reply

      Trace, thanks for your comment. I am not much of a writer, my sister is the writer of the family. But, I enjoy sharing my life with all of you. Also, you can take ideas from my looks, and make them your own. Pick the colors that work best for you.

  2. Pamela Reynolds Reply

    From a natural redhead, I think you would look fabulous as a redhead! Saw instagram could see a slight bit if change. I say go for it! ❤

    • Tania Reply

      Pamela, I am heading toward red. But, I am going to do it over the course of a few months, instead of all at once.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Robin. It was not as much of a change as I originally wanted, but I didn’t want to give Joe too much of a shock. Lol!

  3. I’m on Instagram and see you there but email is still the first place I check for you each day. Smart move taking the high road with Joe. These things can easily spiral out of control if we don’t.

    • Tania Reply

      There are times when the high road sure fills like an uphill battle. Lol!

  4. Man, I wish I could handle a ‘situation’ like you did but I’m one of those…jump in with both feet!! ARG!! I promise to work on that! Lol Love your look BOTH ways….last April and now. I give you an A+ on todays ootd. I love finding new ways to recreate a look with what I already own! You always give us excellent ways to do that.

    • Tania Reply

      Sondra, I don’t “always” handle the situation like that. Lol But, it was amazing how sweet he was for the rest of the night.

  5. Cheryl Peffer Reply

    Ahhh, husbands. Can’t live with them , can’t live without them.

  6. Sometimes the longer we are married, the easier it is to fall into the trap of being “short” with each other. This is something that I have to work on also and I have been married for 45 years. My husband is the best but even sometimes he gets on my nerves!! Thanks for the reminder that instead of mirroring comments, we should take the high road. Many times it is not the message but the tone of the message and it goes both ways!! Also many times it is just the mood that we are in as to how we receive the message!! Have a great day!! I LOVE your blog and look forward to it each day!!

    • Tania Reply

      I agree, Meredith. Would I have reacted the same way when we first started dating? NOPE! It is easy, as you said, to fall into that trap of being short with each other.

  7. Tania, I love your blog!! I look forward to reading it every morning. You help me to start the day with a smile! I love your style. You inspire me to create outfits with what I have in my closet and give me courage to try new things. Thank you so much!!

  8. kristin greene Reply

    I love that you share about real life on your blog! I have so been there with my husband too. Life is all about choices. Sometimes I have a hard time taking high road, but your example is a great reminder to me how much better it is to take the high road.
    I looked at April post and once again am reminded of your amazing talent to take a shirt and give it a whole new look! Love that you included both in today’s post.

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