50 IS NOT OLD | TRYING NEW THINGS WHEN YOU ARE OLDER | FASHION OVER 40How many of you have seen other bloggers do those “try-on” posts? Those are posts where they go to a couple of stores, and they try on several different outfits, and then show all of us what they tried on. They make posts like that look so easy and like a lot of fun. So, I decided to try to do one of these types of posts, even though I HATE trying on clothes when I am shopping. Let’s say that it was an epic fail!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | TRYING NEW THINGS WHEN YOU ARE OLDER | FASHION OVER 40First off, those dressing rooms are tiny. Secondly, taking a picture with one hand while looking into a mirror is an art that I have not mastered. Third, it is hard trying to keep makeup from getting on the clothing. Fourth, your hair takes a beating with all of the putting tops on and off constantly. And, fifth, when I got home and looked for the items on the website, some of them weren’t even there. This try-on post was probably a two-fer…the first and the last time that I will try doing that. These photos were taken after I got back home and I look like I have been “rode hard and put up wet.” For those of you not from the south, that is a term that refers to a horse, but that is precisely how I felt after the experience. Hahaha!
50 IS NOT OLD | TRYING NEW THINGS WHEN YOU ARE OLDER | FASHION OVER 40Oh my stars, I love this muted leopard print cami! It is so feminine with the neutral coloration, and I feel that this look might be something that you might like better than the brighter traditional leopard print. I love anything different, and this feels “fresh” for the lack of a better term. It feels modern, contemporary, and current. This top is made from 100% polyester for a soft feel, and it is lined so that no peep shows will be happening. Lol! Also, because of the length of this top, you can wear it loose or choose to tuck it in your pants or skirts. This cute top is excellent to wear by itself or layered so that it will be a seasonless item. It is an excellent buy for under 18.00, so click here to get yours. BTW, I am wearing a large for sizing purposes.
50 IS NOT OLD | TRYING NEW THINGS WHEN YOU ARE OLDER | FASHION OVER 40This is the same necklace that I wore in yesterday’s post, and I tried to get a better photo of the pendant for you. But, once again, I think that I might have failed in my attempt. The Shannon pendant has a silvertone screen set in a goldtone setting which makes it easier to mix and match gold and silver jewelry together. This is a longer necklace that measures between 34 and 37 inches. I am stacking my bracelets today since I haven’t been doing a lot of that lately. I added the Rochelle leopard cuff bracelet, the Lelani gold link bracelet, and the bracelet that was part of this month’s Posse Plunder set. I have ordered in a large box of the new spring collection, and I hope it comes in today. I can’t wait to see it in person myself, and I know that you want to see me wearing it for reference.
50 IS NOT OLD | TRYING NEW THINGS WHEN YOU ARE OLDER | FASHION OVER 40The leopard print top matches my favorite gray pants from Old Navy. These are mid-rise skinny jeans, and they are my favorite pair of jeans that I own. I don’t know if it is the fit or the color that I like so much, but I love these jeans. They are still on sale, so be sure to grab a pair while they are available. Here is the link to the jeans. I added my gold Natalya mules by Sam Edelman since I had on gold bracelets. And also since I have on tan clothing. I like these slip-on shoes, they are comfortable to wear, and they match almost anything. They come in several different colors, but here is the link to the gold pair.


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  1. Thanks for trying to do a dressing room try on show for us. I can see where it would be tough in many ways, just as you mentioned. Sometimes at home I’ll put together an outfit and wonder if it looks okay – even though I’m looking at my reflection in the mirror. I’ll snap a selfie of myself in the mirror and I always laugh because the pics are hideous. Oh, it does help me see that different shoes may be better or some other detail, but overall, the photo is a mess. I always marvel how bloggers can snap those selfies. No matter, you do you Tania. That’s how & why we like you. On the porch, in your yard, the beach, a barn, and even at Walmart. One outfit, well put together, is Tania. It’s your thing and that’s perfect.

    • Tania Reply

      I hated the whole experience! I can’t stress how bad I hated trying on the clothes, and that makes me laugh. After I cropped the photos, they didn’t look as bad as I thought, but I would have to take 5 photos to get one that was usable. Then, when I went to find the items on the website, they were not even there. I’ll just stick to ordering and trying on at home. I can still take pictures of everything, even if I ultimately decide not to keep everything.

  2. I really like the sweater, but I didn’t see a link to it. Could you please tell me where you got it? Thanks a lot.

    • Tania Reply

      Gina, I think that sweater was from Old Navy. It was an old one that I have had for years

  3. Earline Gualdoni Reply

    This is cute, but it seems to wash you out. You have beautiful fair complexion & need a pop of color in my opinion.

    • Tania Reply

      Earline, the reason that I look so washed out is that all of my makeup had been rubbed off. My lipstick is gone, the blush is gone, and the life was gone from my eyes. Lol! I think that the Vampire had sucked the life out of me when she took a small sample of blood. Lol!

    • I love the cami and the print. You make me want to spend too much money. Lol. I ordered that necklace yesterday and can’t wait to get it. I too don’t like trying on clothes at the store. I guess that’s one reason I buy most things online. You made me laugh this morning. We use that expression all the time.

  4. Great outfit!!!
    Not gonna lie, there was a split second where I went, noooooo, don’t do it!! I love your blog style. I do follow a couple that do try on sessions occasionally but something about it doesn’t appeal to me. Just know that you are still the only gal I have morning coffee with. #butfirstJesus #ourdailybread

  5. this is a cute outfit that i could wear to work we are casual a office. but dont see any info on the sweater ?

    • Tania Reply

      Nicki, the sweater is an old one and I think that it was from Old Navy.

  6. Thanks for trying the dressing room pictures. I can’t imagine trying to take good photos in some of those little rooms. I have a question. How do Old Navy Jeans run in size? I would like to try a pair but need to order them and I have no store near me to try them on.

    • Tania Reply

      The jeans run true to size. The Pixie pants are different though. I wear my normal size in a Pixie pant if it is the chino style, but if it is the stretchy style, then I size up.

  7. Melesa Garrison Reply

    Tania, you crack me up! I used to love trying clothes on…ugh! I would rather be rode hard and hung up wet than try on clothes. btw, you definitely don’t look rhhup! Lol

    • Tania Reply

      Lol! Did you “have” to order the matching earrings? Haha

  8. Love this look! The link to the jeans seems to go to a different color and style (distressed, blue not gray). Are yours the Rockstar “sculpt” jeans (most sizes sold out now) or the regular ones?

  9. I hate to try on clothes!!! I usually order & hope for the best. If I know the brand, I’m good. I’d like to try Zulilly, but not sure of the quality. (Any thoughts?)
    LOVE the cami. It’s in my online basket!
    You look good…casual & relaxed.

  10. I just cracked up laughing after reading your post ! I’ve been in similar dressing rooms in similar situations. I feel your pain! Did you ever get stuck in a dress halfway off? Once I had to ask for help! I guess I underestimated my size! ??

    • Tania Reply

      I feel your pain, Bernadine. That almost happened to me tonight, but thankfully, I was in my bedroom. I was afraid that I was going to rip the seams. Lol!

  11. Kathy Whitaker Reply

    Tania, I really like this knocked it out of the ballpark! Now, about those earrings…are they Plunder?

    • Tania Reply

      They were part of the Plunder Posse one month, Kathy. I can’t remember which month it was, but there were 3 earrings that month.

  12. As soon as I saw the cami, I thought ‘I have got to have that’. Sold out of Large…bummer for me.

  13. Hi Tania. I do like that muted leopard top. Very nice. I also wonder who takes your photo? Is it on a timer? Haha! Just wondering.

    • Tania Reply

      If the photo is on my porch, then I took the photo with a timer. I have a tripod, and I set the timer, and then I pose. Lol! I am sure that the neighbors think that I am crazy. Lol!

  14. I would like to give a tip I discovered years ago to protect hair and makeup when trying on clothes and/or dressing at home. I have several small silk, rayon, etc scarves. I drape the scarf over my hair and face (holding two ends between my lips. The clothes slide right over your hair and doesn’t get makeup on the clothes or smears on your face. Take the scarf off, look at yourself if are trying on clothes, then put scarf back on and take clothes off. I always carry one scarf in my purse in case of a sudden shopping trip!

    • Tania Reply

      Carol, that is a great tip. I have used a scarf for putting on jewelry before that is a little too tight. It helps bangles slide right on easily. I’ll have to remember to take a scarf with me and also for when I am taking pictures, etc.

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