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A Small Try On Haul From Loft

I have a large try-on haul from Loft that I planned to show you today, but daylight savings time got in the way. So, instead of bringing it all to you at once, I’m showing a couple of looks today, and I’ll post the other outfits when I can hold my eyes open.

There is only one word to describe this Chambray Ruffle Flounce Dress, and that is adorable! This dress is so stinking cute, and to all you ladies who have been asking for a shorter dress – this one is for you.

I was pleasantly surprised when this dress arrived since it was so soft. Sometimes when you get chambray items, they can be heavy and stiff. This dress is lightweight and incredibly soft.

I’m not a big fan of large ruffles, but there are some ruffles that I love. The ruffles add romance and femininity to the dress, but it doesn’t look girlie. At my age, I want to look youthful but not girlie.

Here is a view from the back so you can see the length of the dress. I’m wearing a medium, and the dress fits me great.

I’ve been carrying this vegan leather tote bag for about a month, but I’ve never shown you the smaller bag that comes with it. I love this tote in the cognac color, but I also wanted a lighter beige, so I ordered another one you’ll see later in this post.

These Sam Edelman Sandals have been what I’m reaching for most lately. They look a little dressy, so I wear them anytime I want to wear a dress. These Sandals are the ones I like to wear when I want a casual look.

For my second look, I wanted to style a pair of wide-leg jeans with the favorite blazer I bought this year.

This blazer’s color, tweed material, and style are exactly to my taste. I plan to wear this blazer with white jeans, dark jeans, and dress pants. It will also look great with dresses, and I know I’ll get a lot of wear from it this spring and summer.

I ordered a couple of different sizes of this blazer, and I’m glad I did. The blazer seemed to run a little big to me, and I ended up keeping the size 8 instead of the 10.

I wore an Oversized Everyday Shirt under the blazer. This shirt was one I included in my Classic White Button Down Shirts for Women Over 50, and I love the relaxed fit. If you like a slimmer fit, you’ll want to size down. I’m wearing a medium.

I wanted to show you the size difference between the two woven totes I was styling. The beige tote is larger and has a tie string inside where you can tie the sides to create the pyramid look like below. The cognac tote’s handle is woven, which is a nice touch. Both totes have an extra pouch, and both are great neutrals that will go with everything.

Which look is your favorite? Also, which handbag do you like the best?

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  1. Debbie Soetan says:

    Thanks for showing outfits at The Loft. I would love to see more outfits from The Loft. I really enjoy your posts.

  2. Cute details on the chambray dress! I’m always looking for casual dresses to throw on for a dinner out! And those Sam Edelman sandals are perfection.

  3. Pamela Sasa says:

    Great looks Tania. Thank you for showing various ways to dress!
    Your Florida Fan,
    Pamela Sasa

  4. The dress is cute on you. I like both bags and the sandals. The blazer is nice too. Very sharp. I bought the wide leg jeans last month. I wanted a trouser wide leg like the Chico’s you styled last week. Today I bought trouser wide leg jeans from Talbot’s at a consignment shop for $13. They are similar to the Chico’s ones. I just couldn’t believe that these jeans were in my size and petite length too. I’m so excited.

  5. Cheryll Sampson says:

    I like the blazer and the cognac bag. In fact, I bought it after you showed it a week or so ago but have not carried it yet.

  6. Loving the blazer outfit and lighter tote bag. I say it every time, but blue is your color!

    1. Tami, I love blue, pink, and red on me. It’s funny how we all have certain colors that we love.

  7. Roberta S says:

    I really like the chambray dress.

  8. Love that jacket.
    And, of course, todays Bible Verse.

  9. Tania
    My favorite outfit is the Chambray dress, & the sandals. I like the tan bag the best.
    The dress & sandals are perfection on you. Always love the Joe stories! Love the Bible verses & the sermonettes.
    Thank you for your blogs & the outfits you share

  10. Oh my, you and Joe had a lot going on just before your trip!!! Hope you can relax a bit now! I totally get it about the time change!

  11. Linda Ann Cassidy says:

    I love the chambray dress, I found one at a store here in Canada last year and it has been on repeat ( well it was for summer and fall, cant wait to get it back out)

    1. Linda, I think it is super cute also, and one that can be worn is lots of different ways.

    2. Could you tell me at what store in Canada you got the chambray dress?

  12. I adore a tweed blazer! Beautiful outfit on you!

  13. Catherine says:

    I LOVE that blazer but since it is boxy, and you a wearing a relaxed shirt, the proportions might be better if you pair it with a narrower pant. The wide legs just make you look…wide.

  14. Love the dress! The dress and blazer look great on you. Thanks for sharing Loft clothes.

  15. Vickie Dudley says:

    My sister gave me that dress. I wore it with cowboy boots a couple of weeks ago. So cute and comfy!

  16. Linda Shearer says:

    Both hand bags are cute but really love the beige one. Thank You for posting the comparison.

    1. I love both bags, and I even bought a black one too since I don’t have many black bags.

  17. Rhonda Matzke says:

    Love the tweed blazer look.

  18. Pam Bowling says:

    I love the dress!! Both looks are great, but the dress is more my style.
    I like the beige tote better, but both are nice handbags. I would probably order the cognac style though, for the price savings.
    I am loving your posts!!
    Thank you for fashion tips and for sharing God’s Word.
    God bless,

  19. Melissa Palmer says:

    I absolutely love that dress! Definitely worthy of a try-on. 🙂

  20. Love the dress! Perfect for transitioning into spring and into fall. Thank you for styling Loft, I really like their clothes, and the price point.

  21. I look so forward to your email every day! I always love everything you post! I love the verses too!

  22. I love the dress. I would be interested in how those ruffles launder. So many times they get smashed in laundering and are impossible to press back into their original cute shape. The dress is adorable!

  23. Hey Tania, the link for the white shirt keeps bringing me back to the jeans. I just ordered this blazer-love your review! Thank you!

  24. Patricia Sinacole says:

    Hi – not sure if it is me, but link to white shirt links to the pants. I love chambray too, but one drop of sweat or water is visible on the fabric. I would love to buy that for my son’s graduation in Atlanta, but I fear that one spec of water makes it look not so nice. Thanks. Love your posts.

  25. The dress is perfect! A beautiful spring/summer and fall look.