50 IS NOT OLD | A RED CARPET EVENT | FASHION OVER 40 Our first night in Cancun was ah-mazing! This place is so opulent and over the top with luxury. When Joe and I first got to our room he said, “wow, we have NEVER been to any place this nice.” I had told him that Rodan + Fields rolls out the red carpet for these trips but I don’t think he had a clue what was coming our way. There was a welcome reception for everyone and there was food everywhere, a bar for beverages, and live music. 50 IS NOT OLD | A RED CARPET EVENT | FASHION OVER 40 I wasn’t sure what to wear to this since this was my first time getting to go on the trip but Joe decided on the black and white dress for me. This is a linen blend sheath dress by Eliza J which I thought would be perfect for the hot weather of Cancun. I think of linen whenever I think of hot and summer. Lol! The drawback of this dress is that it has to be dry cleaned but sometimes it is worth it. I love the crisp look of the black and white and the stripes along the hemline and the neckline give this dress the visual unique details that I love. The way the neckline is made frames your face and the deep v elongates your neck. Unless you are a giraffe, you will want to have a longer looking neck. Lol!!! 50 IS NOT OLD | A RED CARPET EVENT | FASHION OVER 40 I didn’t wear hardly any jewelry. I have on some earrings and one very simple bracelet. The earrings were silver with the pearl drops from Plunder. They have been retired and are no longer available. I didn’t need to add a necklace with this dress, I let the neckline be the star of the look. The simple bracelet was a gift from my Energizer Bunny Friend with I hit Level V. It is a simple silver bead bracelet from Tiffanys that has a small hangtag. 50 IS NOT OLD | A RED CARPET EVENT | FASHION OVER 40 I am not a fan of shoe cleavage but I couldn’t resist these adorable hot pink suede shoes. These are a recent purchase and probably not the best choice for taking to the beach. Lol! They thought about all of us ladies in heels and had a huge shoe valet to leave your shoes with when you walked on the beach.

50 IS NOT OLD | A RED CARPET EVENT | FASHION OVER 40 The back of this dress is just as cute as the front. This is one time that I didn’t mind taking a “from behind” shot.  50 IS NOT OLD | A RED CARPET EVENT | FASHION OVER 40 After we ate our dinner, we walked down to the beach. R+F had the beach all decked out for us down there too. They had several fire pits with lots of oversized cushions to sit on as well as some benches. They had several swing sets set up and lots of lighting and places to gather and talk. 50 IS NOT OLD | A RED CARPET EVENT | FASHION OVER 40 Here are Joe and I at one of the fire pits. We met a lovely couple from Canada there and had a great time just hanging out and talking to them. I opted not to sit on the cushions on the ground because I was afraid that getting up would not be pretty. Lol!  50 IS NOT OLD | A RED CARPET EVENT | FASHION OVER 40 Just a swinging! Lol! I am enjoying my feet in the sand, the ocean breeze in my hair, and being able to be the one to treat Joe. I have always worked since our kids got old enough to start school. But, even though I have worked, Joe has really always been the breadwinner. I love the fact that Rodan + Fields offers women the opportunity to contribute to their families income and feel better about themselves. I love anything that boosts confidence! Don’t forget my CANCUN special! Take a leap of faith! Look better and see where it will lead. If I can do this business then anyone can! But, you’ll never know until you say that three letter word, YES! Join me in business this week with the 695.00 or 995.00 kit and I will give you a sign-on bonus of 100.00 or 150.00. Don’t miss out, join me and see if you can surprise yourself.

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  1. You look absolutely fabulous! Are you at the Moon Palace?

  2. LOVE this look!! Simple and elegant. You and Joe both look tres chic

  3. You look awesome! Good choice on this dress!

  4. You knocked it out of the park in that dress! Just left very. So glad you and Joe are having a great time in Cancun. Looking forward to more of your outfits.

    1. Supposed to say just lovely! Gotta love autocorrect.

      1. Charlcy Green says:

        I absolutely love Cancun and you look so beautiful on the beach, relaxing and being pampered! The dress looks so classy on you! What a handsome couple! Yay, R&F!

  5. LOVE this look on you 😉 Have fun!!

  6. You look stunning! That dress is perfect on you!! Hoping that you and Joe have the best time!

  7. You look beautiful. That dress is perfect. The shoes are darling, too….however, being a coastal girl, I would’ve worn wedges. ; ) So glad you all are having fun!

  8. The pink shoes with that dress were fabulous! Joe did a great job picking out the dress, you did a great job picking the accessories! Have fun and don’t get sun burned.

  9. Beautiful dress and you looked so much more comfortable when you were wiggling your toes in the sand and out of the high heels….maybe because I know “I” would have been more comfortable! You and Joe looked so co-ordinated with your outfits!

  10. AMAZING dress you look so good I’m sure Joe is having a good time with his beautiful wife

  11. Girl you could make a grass sack look good. You and Joe have a great time!

  12. Alicia Giess says:

    You look gorgeous!

  13. Sherrie G says:

    Very nice, very well put together. Enjoy your trip.

  14. Gina Reid says:

    Simply beautiful. Love the whole outfit!! Have a great time!!!

  15. Yvonne Weimer says:

    You look fabulous! “Less is more” works with this outfit! Cancun is fabulous…enjoy! You deserve it!

    1. That is a good thing to remember, Yvonne. In fact, that works for most places.

  16. Stunning! I love, love this outfit from head to toe. Hope someone got a shot of the two of you looking do cute during daylight hours. Enjoy?

    1. Margo, I don’t think that we did get a shot of the two of us. I wish I had my tripod with me, I hate having to have others take my pictures.

      1. Judy Myers says:

        Agree Margo…you look fabulous and so slim with that dress and not to much jewelry.

  17. Wow! A few thoughts that come to mind are: divine, adorable, dyno-mite!(i could go on) I guess I don’t have to say ‘have a fabulous time’ because it looks like you already are!! Joe, who looks very handsome by the way, did a great job of picking out your dress! ENJOY!

    1. We are having a fabulous time, it is so nice that I have to pinch myself.

    1. Joe picked me, Dianne, so of course, he has good taste. Lol!!!

    1. Thanks, Susanne. I can’t wait to hear how you like Rodan + Fields!!! Btw, your blog is looking great!!! But, I would add R+F to your gifts for Mother’s Day. Hahaha!

  18. Marilyn S. says:

    That outfit is a winner ! From head to toe you killed it !!!!! I can’t wait to see all the outfits you’ve packed for this trip. You and Joe are as cute as can be together too.

    1. Marilyn, it is really hard to get pictures while I am here. Joe is not the best photographer and he doesn’t like taking pictures. I am all the time having to say, take my picture. Lol!

  19. You look great and ready for the balmy weather. Have fun!

    1. It is supposed to be cloudy today but it looks gorgeous so far.

  20. Veronique Paquette says:

    I have been following your blog for a quite a while now. I look forward to opening my mail each morning to see what your latest outfit is and read about your fun adventures in life. I truly enjoy reading all your funny stories. They make me laugh!! Your granddaughter is delightful! How I wish I could have her in my classroom each day to enjoy her love of life. I definitely can see where she gets it from! Please keep up the great writing and fun outfit combinations. You are awesome!!!

    1. Thanks, Veronique. I am so glad that you are liking my blog. My granddaughter is a mess and yes, she is a lot like me. Lol!

  21. Wow! girl you look amazing. I would never have thought of adding pink to the outfit but it looks great. Enjoy your stay in Cancun and love seeing Joe too x

    1. I like adding a pop of color and the shoes or a purse is the easiest way to do that.