Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, is celebrating the holidays at home in a cashmere blend sweater

The tree is up! I haven’t had time to fluff the tree, not one ornament is hung with care, and the price tag might still be attached. BUT, the tree is up, and I am a happy camper. Christmas is MY time of year! I love all of the celebrations, the decorations, the Christmas joy, and especially the Christmas music. I think that I might be related to Buddy the Elf! Lol!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, is celebrating the holidays at home in a cashmere-wool blend sweater

Now that the kids are no longer under my roof, a tiny bit of my Christmas cheer has left. I used to have large trees in every room of the house, even the bathrooms. We made homemade ornaments, spice oranges, hot cocoa, snow cream, candy and listened to Christmas music all day long. Now that it is just Joe and me, most of those festivities don’t happen. Thankfully, the grandchildren do allow me to participate with them in building snowmen and drinking hot cocoa.

Today, I am joining Jennifer from A Well Styled Life and Cindy from Cindy Hattersley Design to bring you a Holiday outfit post. We decided to style an outfit that we would wear for Thanksgiving or Christmas, whether it was a party or a stay-at-home look.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, is celebrating the holidays at home in a cashmere blend sweater and black velvet leggings from Spanx

Most years, we stay at home for Christmas instead of attending parties. Even when we go to a party at our friend’s house, it isn’t fancy, so a dressy holiday outfit isn’t required. In the past, I have been known to go overboard in my Christmas fashion. I’m not sure if I have ever shared that I love to paint, but I hardly ever have time anymore. But, I painted sweatshirts for Christmas, and I wore one almost every day. Lol! I might not have been the most fashionable back then.

I ran across this photo from 2010, so I would have been 50 in this photo. I still like this outfit; I love the vintage rhinestone snowflake pin, and who doesn’t love a velour Santa hat? I’m not sure what hair color phase I was going through, but it sure was dark.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, is celebrating the holidays at home in an ivory cashmere blend sweater

Fast-forward eleven years and a lot of things have stayed the same, and some things have changed. I no longer wear hand-painted sweatshirts, but I still love bling. The next time I go to Grundy, I’m bringing that vintage rhinestone pin back with me so that I can enjoy it this winter.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, is celebrating the holidays at home in a cashmere blend sweater with gold jewelry

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My holiday outfit will probably be a mix between party and loungewear. Lol! If you are confused by that, you’re probably not by yourself. I like to be “festive” looking, so for me, that means fancy. A sequin dress is fancy and festive, but it would be too much for an evening at the house. Instead, I look to fabrics for my “festive” fix.

This merino wool/cashmere blend cable knit sweater is the perfect mix between loungewear and festive attire. It is soft, cozy, and feels fantastic, but it looks so luxurious that you could wear it to a fancy party. The intricate details of the cable knit design are beautiful; in fact, everything about this sweater is special. I am wearing a medium in this sweater, and it is still oversized, which is the look that I wanted.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, is celebrating the holidays at home in black velvet leggings from Spanx

Whether you decide to dress up or be more casual in your holiday outfit, these black velvet leggings are perfect. These leggings are one of those items that can be worn in several ways, making them so versatile. I can see myself wearing these with a denim jacket and boots this fall.

I ended up going with a large, and I am glad that I did. There isn’t an inch of fabric to spare, but I wouldn’t want them to be baggy either. Now I am wondering if I should get a pair in burgundy also. What do you think?

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, is celebrating the holidays at home in a red cashmere turtleneck sweater and black velvet leggings from Spanx

I dressed these velvet leggings up with a red cashmere turtleneck. This look is elegant, semi-dressy, and I think the red turtleneck makes it perfect for Christmas. This outfit looks festive without having a snowman, reindeer, or flashing lights. If I had that vintage snowflake pin, it would make the outfit perfect.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, is celebrating the holidays at home in a red cashmere turtleneck sweater with gold jewelry by Kendra Scott

I usually try to buy several cashmere sweaters a year, and I try to wait until they go on sale. This one is $40 off, and it comes in a LOT of other colors. I am wearing a medium, and the fit is great.

I am wearing my usual Large hoop AVI earrings and the Layton Gold Statement Necklace from Kendra Scott. I’m also wearing a David Yurman cable loop bracelet and my Apple Watch. I need to buy a fancier band for the watch if I want to wear it to parties. Lol!

You might have noticed that my shoes are casual. I love these glittery faux-fur-lined house slippers, and I have also been known to wear them outside the house. Once, I forgot that I had these on, and I went to the grocery store in them. No one said a word, but I bet that someone noticed and was scratching their heads.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, is celebrating the holidays at home in a red cashmere turtleneck sweater, black velvet leggings from Spanx, and black boots

I threw on a pair of black ankle boots today. Most of my shoes and boots are at my other house, so I have to make do with what I have with me. I do love these boots, and I wear them a lot. The leather toe and the suede upper give the boots a unique look because of the different textures.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, is celebrating the holidays at home in an ivory cashmere turtleneck sweater and black velvet leggings from Spanx

Now that you’ve had a look at my stay-at-home be sure to go and check out Jennifer and Cindy also. I know they will have great outfits, and be sure to tell them that Tania sent you.

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  1. I am nearly 78 but love your style It has many clothes I like to wear but also shows me alternatives I can add to my closet or colors I’d never put together YOU always look so smart Bless you for the hints

    Posted 9.27.22 Reply
  2. Deb wrote:

    Hello! From the looks of the pictures you’ve lost weight. Can I ask how?

    Posted 11.18.21 Reply
  3. Audrey wrote:

    Great sweater choices, and love the velvet leggings.

    Posted 11.14.21 Reply
  4. Cathy wrote:

    Love your hair !!! You look so good. I feel the same way about Christmas since my children are grown! I still love to decorate at home and they tell me they love seeing it all!

    Posted 11.14.21 Reply
  5. Sue wrote:

    Love both looks. I thinks many of us will be more casual with our holiday clothes. Comfort is always good!

    Posted 11.14.21 Reply
  6. Debbie Brown wrote:

    Love both outfits!

    Posted 11.13.21 Reply
  7. Brenda wrote:

    You look beautiful in both red and white. I love both outfits.

    Posted 11.13.21 Reply
  8. Cathy Alves wrote:

    I love your outfit with the red sweater. It is so festive. It looks so great on you.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  9. Kim🍁 wrote:

    Love the first outfit especially! I would need to find a less expensive version of each, but great inspiration!
    You look absolutely beautiful and trim, whatever your doing, it’s working!
    Kim 🍁🍁🍁

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  10. I used to paint sweatshirts, too, and made Christmas presents for everyone one year! haha!! I love the gold slippers and never would have guessed they were slippers since faux fur is in abundance this year. The black velvet leggings are very cute. Burgundy would also be flattering.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  11. maeve wrote:

    Great look, but unless someone else is cooking, there’s no way that I would cook in a cream colored sweater. Even with an apron, I would be wearing the squash and cranberry sauce! Some women look classy, others wear their food with pride – LOL

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  12. Lorie wrote:

    Love everything about the outfits you styled today. I need those leggings for sure.
    Your message sure hit home today with me. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  13. Ginger Hiller wrote:

    If you had not told us, I would have not known that the glittery shoes are slippers. I just thought they were cute slip on’s! Burgundy is a great color for Christmas. My taste in Christmas attire has definitely changed over the years. Last year I bought Larry and I matching pj’s for Christmas, and I’ve already bought us new ones for this year.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  14. Mary Jo wrote:

    The velvet leggings are beautiful! Amazing holiday looks. I would wear the slippers out of the house as well…

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  15. cynthiahattersley wrote:

    Oh my goodness love those glittery slippers (and the sweater of course!) I wear my ugg slippers all day long. I have almost gone to the grocery store in them as well. So glad to hear someone else has done the same thing! Thanks so much for joining us! I haven’t even started my Xmas decorating!

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  16. Eve wrote:

    Loving your holiday glam. It is festive and fun and classy. I love burgundy for the holidays. Get those pants. Wear them with a gold top. 💕puppy love💕

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  17. Suzy Konda wrote:

    Love these classy yet comfy holiday styles! I really like the idea of the burgundy leggings as well! Always appreciate your daily inspirations of faith. Perfect start to my day.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  18. Lynn wrote:

    Love everything about you! Would definitely be interested in seeing some gold watch bands for Apple Watch. Need to bling mine up!

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  19. Charlcy Green wrote:

    Tanya I loved seeing the post from 20/20! And you looked great with the dark hair too. But I have to say that you look even younger and More Beautiful now! I love those glitzy shoes without outfit and I would never have known they were slippers. You always find the best things to go together and that outfit is stunning. So have you moved to the new house yet?

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  20. Jennifer wrote:

    You look amazing, Tania!! So slim. Bravo!! I love your sweater and velvet leggings. Those are right up my alley. I want everything you’re wearing. Including sweet Lucy 🙂

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  21. Vicki wrote:

    Love the velvet leggings. Not something I would normally wear but they look so good on you I might give them a go.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  22. Holly Pickering wrote:

    Love the velvet leggings!

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  23. Vicky wrote:

    Absokutely perfect outfits! Love!

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  24. MARLA campbell wrote:

    Love the pants!

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  25. Casey A wrote:

    Both are great looks! Love your style…

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  26. Denise Hasehuhn wrote:

    Hi Tania! Thank you so much for your encouraging posts. I enjoy reading daily your positive vibes on fashion and especially the Bible verses. I’m a true believer that God’s word in the morning sets the tone for whatever is thrown at me at anytime during the day.
    I’m a little past the “50 is not old” and in to the “60 is making a difference” realm. However, you have definitely gotten me out of my frumpiness and into a, and if I do say so myself, pretty hot looking Mimaw! 🙂 Bless your heart for taking all the time needed to inspire ladies from all walks of life. Keep it going sister!

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  27. Joy M. wrote:

    Perfect outfits for casual holidays that can be dressed up in a pinch! Love them both.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  28. Jeanette Hayes wrote:

    You are more beautiful than you were 11 years ago! Love the elegant simplicity of your holiday outfits. Change of subject, do you have any styling tips on how you get you brows to look so good?

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  29. Patricia Konze wrote:

    At first I didn’t realize that the glittery “shoes” were actually slippers. Too cute! Love them!

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  30. Barbara ingram wrote:

    You absolutely glow in today’s outfits, which r lovely. Lucy lu is adorable…we had a Yorkie for 15 years…loved him💕. Look forward to every post….your style and ideas. We have serious illnesses in our family…prayers appreciated 🙏💕😘

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  31. Joy M. wrote:

    Love these outfits! Perfect for casual holiday attire that can be dressed up in a pinch.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  32. jenice wrote:

    Thank you for the post, I was just ready to put my velvet legging, spanx, and a Jjill red chenille tunic sweater in donate bag. I got both right before Covid shutdown, and now keep reading they are past fashion. The outfits you showed, demonstrated they are not dated, and they will be prefect for festive parties and stay at home cozy. Have a great weekend.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  33. Julie wrote:

    Your Christmas tree is Beautiful, even without any decorations! Love both of your outfits, my kind of style.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  34. Patti wrote:

    You look so pretty in both outfits. I’ll take them both.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  35. Tracy wrote:

    Love these holiday looks! I have similar leggings and sweater so I guess I NEED the gold glittery slippers. Just placed my order!! Happy Holidays!!

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  36. JANE G wrote:

    You look great and I love everything about your holiday outfit! I was thrilled to see that vintage rhinestone pin. I have almost the exact same one and it belonged to my Mom. I think I will wear it this holiday season. (maybe even today!)

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  37. Linnie Z wrote:

    I love Christmas too! I love red for the month of December and wear it whenever I can. That pin is the cutest!

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  38. Amy Linsell wrote:

    Love the holiday looks. The red cashmere sweater is my favorite.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  39. Angelia wrote:

    No fancy parties here but want to look festive and comfortable. I have embraced the legging look and wear with tops that cover the rear area. I too, love bling and try to incorporate some in my outfits for the holidays. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions!

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  40. Joan wrote:

    Love the outfits and the tree!

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
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