Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a Sand colored sweater with a pair of girlfriend distressed crop jeans and brown leather sandals

Yesterday was sooo hot here in Virginia. I went outside and sat in the shade for a while to work, which is my favorite thing to do. I keep trying to talk Joe into adding a covered porch to the house so that I can sit outside all of the time, but he is not a fan of mosquitos, flies, and gnats. If you have any good reasons that I should get the covered porch, share them with me so that I can use them in my argument the next time.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a Sand colored sweater with a pair of girlfriend distressed jeans and brown leather sandals

When Joe got home this afternoon, he decided to take a dip in the pool. It was the first time that he has been in the pool all year, and he kept saying how much he loved it. Mind you, he never stays in the water but about five or ten minutes, but it was enough for him to feel refreshed. I had a tribal looking towel in bright red and orange for him to dry off with, and then he wrapped it around his waist to go into the house. I tried to snap a photo of him to show all of you how cute he looked, but he was too fast for me. So, instead, you can check out Jason Momoa to get a visual. They look like twins!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a Sand sweater

NEUTRALS!!! I am loving neutrals so much this year! They go with everything, and that can extend your wardrobe exponentially. Don’t get me wrong; I love having a statement item that will garner lots of attention. But, we all need things like this beautiful sweater to be able to wear all of the time. You can see that it is light and airy by the large knit stitches, and it is very roomy and comfy also. I am wearing a size 1, which is the same as a medium. The sweater has my favorite v-neckline and elbow-length sleeves. Start thinking of all of the ways that you can wear this, but don’t think too long. It is on sale for 50% off, but today is the last day of the sale. HERE is the link to the sweater.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a Sand colored sweater with gold jewelry

Look at my new Kendra Scott earrings!!! I love the movement of the pearls and the size of the hoops. These may be my new favorite earrings for the summer since they are airy and lightweight. I am giving these earrings away on Instagram this week, so make sure that you follow me on that platform. To enter for the giveaway, follow me, like each of my daily posts for the week, and leave a comment on each of those posts.

These are on sale at a $30 savings, but they are a final sale item, so make sure that you love them before ordering. HERE is the link to the earrings. The Reid necklace (HERE) with the Ivory Mother of Pearl and the Fallyn link cuff bracelet (HERE) are two items that you see me wear all of the time.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of girlfriend distressed crop jeans and brown leather sandals

These jeans are going to be for everyone, even those of you who do not like distressed jeans! I like girlfriend jeans better than boyfriend jeans, but I’ve never been a massive fan of either. I don’t care for the baggy look, probably because I think that it makes me look bigger than I am. However, I’ve found the solution when it comes to these type of jeans, I size down one size, and then they fit great. I love the light, worn-out style of these jeans. But, if you prefer a darker color or even a DARK pair, then you are in luck. The medium and dark color in these jeans are not distressed, so for those who prefer their jeans without holes, you are going to be a happy camper. I am wearing a size .5 in these jeans, which equals a size 6. I usually wear a size 10 in jeans, but I’ve noticed that I need to size down when I order from Chicos. HERE is the link to the jeans.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of brown leather sandals

The leather sandals that I have on are an older pair from Michael Kors. I like the crisscross design of the sandals and the gold buckle that adds some bling to the look.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a Sand colored sweater with a pair of girlfriend distressed crop jeans and brown sandals

I’ve been trying to tell everyone about the new monogrammed doormat that I purchased at Frontgate. It is super thick, and it is very plush and heavy.  HERE is the link to this incredible doormat. But, it just occurred to me that you might like a different option that was similar, but not exactly the same. So, here are a few more that you might like.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a Sand colored sweater with a pair of girlfriend distressed crop jeans and leather sandals

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  1. If you screen in the porch, the bug problem is solved

  2. Oh I LOVE your outfit! Thanks Tanya!

  3. Great sweater. I have days when I feel in a neutral mood. I’m 77 so I can just take so much excitement. LOL
    There are other days when reds, turquoise, hot pink just cheers me up. I think I have those sandals or a pair really close. I don’t know what it is about brown sandals and white pants bit I’ve always liked them together.

  4. Nancy Kenaston says:

    LOVE the colors today! I look better in dark rich colors (I’m a warm contrasting autumn, color wise) and neutrals work great! I turned 50 this year, so your site caught my eye.

    We put up a kit from Costco for our patio, and love it! Its a 12×12’ cedar gazebo. Way less spendy than having something built. Cant attach photo or i would.

    12′ x 14′ Cedar Gazebo with Aluminum Roof

  5. Great sweater, and I do the neutral colors, a lot. I think we all need a covered patio, because of the sun rays and being able to sit outside in a light rain and just listen to the calm. My hubby and I do it always. And it is great after, a great day of golf, to cool and he can talk about his game… 😉 I wish I had the pool, LOL!! Good luck.

  6. Julia L Hill says:

    I love the sweater and just ordered it! Perfect for our trip to Santa Fe in July.

    A screened in porch is the answer!

  7. Beth Crawford says:

    I agree a screen porch would be the perfect compromise. If you just hate the idea of screens how about a gazebo with attachable screens for the evening?
    I just love your style and I always look forward to seeing what you are up to!

  8. I have reclaimed our backyard by using a pest control service to spray for mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. I love my screen porch, too. But my patio table was sitting lonely all the time. I needed to spray myself or use bug bands to even grill.

  9. We’ve had a patio cover for 30 yrs. it extends from the sliding door out about 10 feet and is 30 ft wide. It has only support posts at the corners due to the large heavy beam across the long side. It’s covered in 2×2 slats that are 2” apart. Thus it creates half shade. Our redwood picnic table is under it and we put shade cloth just over the table to keep bird poop off the table. The patio covers that are a solid roof make the houses too dark especially in an older home with the 8’ ceilings. My mom had 12’ ceilings and her patio cover was an extension of the house roof and it did not make house dark. A downside of wood slats is the bazillion daddy long legs that are my nemesis. Plus it’s wood so it attracts wood bees and requires refinishing periodically. My bottom line is thus — my next house will have an architectural patio cover as an extension of the roofline and I’ll put a gazebo in an appropriate spot for other times of the day.

  10. Vikki Gentry says:

    I hate bugs so we have a screened in porch with ceiling fans and we spend a lot of time out there.

  11. I think you need a screened in covered porch! I’ve been begging for one too 🙂

  12. We have a 3 season (really 4 season since we have a small electric “wood stove”), and I love it. I take my computer and work to the sound of birds and a light breeze (if I am lucky). I also read there when I can. No bugs, the feel of the outside, year-round enjoyment. I wouldn’t be without one.

    1. That sounds heavenly!!! It is sounding nicer and nicer all of the time.

  13. FYI. Chico’s flipped me right over to a Canadian site…?

    1. Hmmm, I am confused. When I click on the links, they take me to the US website. Anyway, just click on the flag and choose the country that you wish to shop.

    2. I’ve never had a screen porch as we don’t have the bugs in our climate in Washington State, just a lot of slugs, haha!
      But, my mother-in-law has one and its the gathering space for all of us when we visit. We love it!
      What a darling sweater and pants you are in! I also love the sandals!

  14. I am with the others ..screened porch!
    When we had our lake house we had a large one with lots of comfy old wicker, a small dining table and a swing. It served as a family gathering spot!
    When we bought this our downsizing house it hada small covered porch which we screened in. It makes a great place to sit. My favorite place to be on a rainy afternoon!

    1. I love sitting outside when it is raining. This might become our winter project.

  15. Maybe a screened in porch!!
    I have worn the same cologne for years and looking for something new. What do you wear??

    1. Jeanie, I don’t wear perfumes. I have issues with smells, and they can give me a headache. So, most everything that I buy and use doesn’t contain perfume.

  16. I moved out of Virginia 3 years ago to be closer to family. It’s actually hotter here than Va. I had decks with umbrellas in Va but here I bought a house with a screen porch. It is heaven I can sit outside in the hottest part of the day with fans and survive. I’m one of those folks that likes the heat and not being closed up in the house.

    1. You sound pretty convincing. Lol!

  17. the only thing I miss about my old house is the screen porch, I LOVED it. You should definitely tell Joe that he would not want to miss out any longer on this option.

    1. I want a covered porch, but I am not sure that I want a screened porch. I can’t decide.

  18. This sweater looks so much better on you than the model! You need a screened in porch.

    1. Patti, I need to send this comment to Chicos. Lol!

  19. Yes if you get a porch it definitely needs to be screened. You will love it. My husband and I spend countless hours on our porch, especially spring thru fall. You can tell Joe that will be your special spot to spend together. ❤️ ?

    1. If it had electricity, then I would be so happy to sit outside all day long!

  20. How about a covered and screened porch! Negates the bug argument.

    1. That might be the answer to the cat problem also. But, I would prefer not to have screens. I’ll have to think on it some.