Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gorgeous bright green sheath dress, zebra and cheetah print shoes, and a vintage green necklace This morning I was surfing on the internet trying to find something funny. The Ostrich in me didn’t want any more depressing statistics, and instead, I wanted to laugh and enjoy my morning. It was pretty, so I went outside to sit in the sun to get some Vitamin D the natural way, and I found a video of a lady who decided to cut her bangs. The fact that she cut her bangs was something that I considered brave, but when she enlisted her hubby to cut the back of her hair, she went from brave to crazy. Lol!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gorgeous bright green sheath dress, high heel shoes, and a vintage green necklace I was telling Joe about the video as he was getting cleaned up. He came out of the bathroom and told me that “I” was going to have to start cutting his hair again. When the kids were young, I would cut Joe and Joseph’s hair with clippers that we bought. The clippers had a hose that connected to a vacuum cleaner so that hair didn’t go everywhere. That was a long time ago, and I wasn’t very good at cutting hair. He asked me if I would do that for him again, and I told him that I would…once. He knew what I meant. In the past, if I didn’t want to do something, I would mess it up sooooo severely that you wouldn’t want me to do it again. Lol! I don’t see me cutting his hair anytime soon. Hahaha!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gorgeous bright green sheath dress and a vintage green necklace Today, I felt like putting on a dress. There was no reason and no place to go, but I “needed” to get dressed up for my sanity. I have enjoyed wearing my lounge pants and soft tops, but I was starting to feel blah. Then, I saw a friend of mine post that she and her husband were going on a NetFlix date. I loved that idea, and I thought that maybe that was something that you gurls might like also.

While we are confined, why not take the opportunity to have a date? You don’t HAVE to wear a dress, but put on some makeup or perfume, and wear your good robe. Lol! What if you “set” the table, or play some music with dinner, or go outside and have a picnic? Shoot, just jump in the car and drive around and enjoy seeing mother nature coming to life with the trees budding and flowers blooming. Or go for a walk with your husband and enjoy some fresh air. Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright green sheath dress and a vintage green necklace Before you even ask, my necklace is vintage, and I purchased it at a vintage fashion show years ago. Can you believe that the green in the necklace was the exact same color as my dress? Finding that I have things that match precisely is not uncommon for me. The reason that I have that happen a lot is that I buy items in colors that I like. This shade of green is a color that I love, so it makes sense that I would have other things in the same shade. I found a couple of necklaces on eBay that I thought were similar in color.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gorgeous pair of zebra and cheetah print shoes I bet a lot of you remember these shoes from my Thanksgiving post. (Here) These Jessica Simpson shoes are real showstoppers! No, they are not “comfortable” for long periods, but they are gorgeous when you do have them on. I love the combination of the zebra print and the cheetah print, and if the heel wasn’t so high, I know a lot of you would jump at these shoes. Well, I found some similar shoes that might get your attention. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gorgeous bright green sheath dress, zebra and cheetah print shoes, and a vintage necklace I meant to wear this dress to church on the 15th, the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day. Well, that didn’t happen thanks to a virus that shall go unnamed. But, I still wanted to show you the dress for a couple of reasons. One, it was too pretty to sit in the closet and not see the light of day. Two, green represents balance, growth, abundance, and youthfulness. I don’t know about you, but I want ALL of those things, and if wearing green will help me get them, I am all in! Lol! Three, I think that this sheath dress is flattering, and I wanted to let you know where you could grab one for yourself. There will come a day when you are going to want to throw on a cute dress and strut your stuff. The green color is sold out, but here is the link to two other colors. BTW, I am wearing my usual size 12 in the dress, and it fits great!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gorgeous bright green dress, zebra and cheetah print shoes, and a vintage green necklace

I hope that all of you enjoyed a break from jeans and sweats today. I can’t remember if March came in like a lamb or a lion, but I know that it is ending like a lion this year. We all need to call on our inner lion tamer and send it back to its cage.


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  1. Cynthia H Adams wrote:

    That dress looks great on you!

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  2. Pam wrote:

    What a great idea, a date! Love it. And love your shoes! You are an inspiration in these trying times.

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  3. Those shoes are fantastic! Amazing! And they fit so perfectly with the dress! Green is such a good color!

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  4. Bernie wrote:

    You look gorgeous Tania That is a beautiful shade of green OMG those shoes are fab love them !

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  5. Sherli wrote:

    Green is my favorite color – the dress looks great on you.

    I wasn’t thrilled to hear the extension of the shelter in place order by the President to 4/30, but I’m equally not excited about the loss of life with this virus. Our faith is being tested. All we can do is trust God during this time.

    Have a great day!

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  6. Sandy wrote:

    While I love the dress, i had to laugh when you mentioned “the virus that shall go unnamed”! My daughter is considered essential so is working. She and her co-workers have started calling that virus Rona and referring to her as a bad coworker – Rona, could you get that for me, oh never mind I’ll do it myself; Rona, did you just pass a sink without washing your hands; Rona, why are you even here!
    Just a small way to make the day lighter.
    Keep the faith and thnKs for always helping me feel connected to home from far away.

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  7. Janice wrote:

    Good morning Tania. You rock that dress and those shoes and the necklace is perfect. I have a few vintage necklaces that belonged to my late mom that I treasure and get many compliments on. Keep strutting your stuff and making us smile during this difficult time ?

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  8. Joanne wrote:

    Beautiful outfit! I also love that color green 🙂 I have been using my commute time (I have been working from home for the last two weeks) to do yoga in the morning. It has helped a lot with my sanity. That and walking the dogs on my “lunch hour”. Thanks for keeping it real and keeping our minds off what is going on around us.

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  9. Connie wrote:

    Hi Tania – am I understanding the offer as20% off my regimen and lash boost plus 10% off as a PC and you have a code for $20 off?? I’m in!! Please send me the code!

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  10. Dotti DiFiore wrote:

    A gorgeous pick-me-up post with you looking sensational and great suggestions for feeling better during this time of confinement. Love those shoes – but probably can’t wear those heels. I might try the platforms though your shoes are so sexy and flattering. Thank you for continuing to encourage and brighten our days!

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  11. Diane wrote:

    Beautiful! Thank you for bringing color back into this temporary darkness. Those shoes!!

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  12. spacegeek wrote:

    Those SHOES!!! But you are right…waaaay too tall. I too got dressed with a full face of makeup this morning. So that I can sit in my living room and take umpteen number of videotelecons. Sigh–maybe next week I’ll add back the shoes and the jewelry. I think I’m going to be here for awhile.

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
    • Debbie wrote:

      Love that color green on you! Way to usher in spring.

      Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  13. Gwen Marie Ewing wrote:

    That color green looks great on you! Your hair is gorgeous, I love how you have it flipped on the side, looks amazing! Color brightens the day!

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  14. Johnna wrote:

    Love that color green. So pretty and “springy”. If that’s a word. The shoes… what can I say. Hot stuff!

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  15. Lori wrote:

    That dress…those shoes…just perfection! Green is fabulous on you. I like it too..will keep an eye to see if they restock the dress. I (hopefully) have a few events this summer that I could wear it to! And funny that you posted this today – I spent my weekend in dresses. They were very casual ones, but it was such a nice change from the sweats that I’d been wearing. Today I’m in jeans and a white blouse! Sometimes you gotta be comfy, and sometimes step it up!

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  16. Janet Williams wrote:

    Thanks for a bright light in my day! The shoes are gorgeous too!

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  17. Liane wrote:

    I hear you on the getting dressed and all. I’ve actually done it for decades. I had the adorable book in the 70s when my daughter was a baby and I went to a La Leche League meeting. The leader of the group recommended it — it was Side Tracked Executives and it really took off as a concept in the 90s when a woman called FlyLady got permission from the authors to use their material. Anyway, in the book, one of the writers says you should get up and get dressed to the shoes and if you wear makeup outside the home you should wear it inside. You won’t find me in a lovely sheath dress but I’m dressed. With shoes.

    I did create a shortie makeup routine that takes 2 minutes. I call it my walking the dog makeup. Not that I’ll get close enough to anyone these days LOL.

    I do foundation, brows, mascara, lips and cheeks and skip the eye liner, the contouring and highlighting. I can always add later and frequently do. This way I don’t give the UPS guy heart failure when I open the door.

    Your green dress is truly beautiful and I looked at the top necklace on eBay. LOL it’s Uranium Glass. My gran had some of that. Crazy.

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
  18. Katmar wrote:

    The dress looks great on you and LOVE the necklace. Green is your color! I agree, we are all aware of everything going on and we can benefit from stepping back and doing simple things to make us feel better.

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
    • Charlcy Green wrote:

      Tania you look fabulous in that color I’m that dress is so very flattering! no shoes are to die for and I wish that I could wear them. No matter that we have nowhere to go it is fun to dress up and pretend that we do on these dreary days. Thanks for keeping us going!

      Posted 3.31.20 Reply
  19. Eve wrote:

    Everyone needs a LGD. I am moving away from black and this shade of green just looks like just what I need.

    Posted 3.30.20 Reply
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