Yesterday morning, I woke up with a headache and a stiff neck. This is not unusual for me; anytime there is a change in the weather, I usually feel yucky for a day or two. I sat down at the table and opened up my computer to start work. Joe said, “why don’t you take off the morning and try to feel better.” I told him I would feel lousy no matter what, so I might as well get some work done.

Joe looked at me and said, “you must really love your work.” Oh, my gosh, yes!!! I love my work, and I feel blessed I’m able to do this for a living. Later that morning, I opened my email to read a daily devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministries. Wouldn’t you know the post was about working? I guess it is only fitting since this is Labor Day Weekend, so let’s talk a minute about work.

I’ve heard sermons talking on this subject before, and they have all said the same thing. Whatever your job, work it with all your heart as if you were working for the Lord.

Colossians 3:23

23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,

I’ve been guilty of slacking occasionally and grumbled about my boss more than once. Instead of being grateful that I had a job where I could help put food on the table, put clothes on the kids, and help with the bills, I complained. If I was asked to work overtime, I groaned. Can you work this Saturday? Not without fussing. What do you mean we only get one day off for Christmas??? My boss (aka my husband) was who I thought I was working for, not the Lord.

If the Lord had asked me to stay late, work on a Saturday, or go to my parents another time, I would have said enthusiastically, “Yes, Lord!” Obviously, I hadn’t read Colossians 3:23 or put the verse into practice.

Fast forward several years, and I now consider my job a blessing from the Lord. It can be long hours and has its difficulties, but I always feel like it is a blessing, and I try to honor the Lord for entrusting it to me. If you dig ditches, glorify the Lord by being the best ditch digger there is. If you are a teacher, honor the Lord by showing your students kindness and compassion. Some might say you are retired and no longer in the workforce. You clean the house, run errands, cook, and do a hundred other small jobs, so do them all as if working for the Lord.

Be aware that if you are working as if the Lord is your boss, then the evil one might try to attack you. This past Monday, I woke up, and before I got out of bed, I opened up my emails. I had three emails that made me want to stay in bed and cover up my head. One email I answered, and the other two I ignored. The two emails I ignored told me to quit putting scriptures in my daily posts. Earlier last week, a subscriber said that if I continued to put the scriptures in my posts, she would unsubscribe. I assume she isn’t reading this post.

Since I consider my blog a blessing from the Lord, I will continue to include scriptures to spread His word. Unless I get fired, I work for the Lord, not for man. And, by the way, so do YOU!

To God Goes The Glory!

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. Victoria Lee Van Beek says:

    SOOO thankful you include scriptures in your blogs. You are an inspiration for me in many ways . . . . I love and appreciate the balance you include with fashion, decor, faith, humor, real life, wellness, and reality. YOU go GURL!!!!

  2. I love your scriptures, thank you for sharing with those who appreciate them. Please continue. You Go Gurl!

  3. julia miller says:

    I love the scriptures you add to your blog. So glad you’re standing your ground!!

  4. Well said! I applaud you for sticking to your standards. Personally, I LOVE the scripture verses. And if those other ladies don’t, then they don’t have to subscribe. You are a blessing Tania!

  5. Beverly Schulz says:

    I signed up for the fashion advice, but love the short scriptures too! There is nothing wrong with trying to encourage people with kindness and love, our world needs this! Please don’t give in to the unfortunate few trying to dim your light.

  6. Love the scriptures! Please don’t remove them. God Bless! 🙏🏼

  7. I think the blog is fine. The fashion trips are great and everyone can use help in living a good life, even if they are not particularly religious. Besides that, it is YOUR blog and as long as you are not promoting violence or racism, it is your decision what to post. My only question about the blog is how on earth you keep track of your purchases and returns!!!??? I don’t think I am organized to ever do that. And I still hope that someday you will show us how you organize your handbags and clothes closets!!!

  8. I like your blog just the way it is. I look forward to reading the scriptures and your Sunday blog is always very special. Please do not stop what you are doing, it is perfect just the way it is. That is who you are, don’t change on account of some naysayers!

    1. Rita Duda says:

      I agree with Connie. I may miss some the Sunday scripture posts but I enjoy them. I can go back & catch up. Please don’t stop; your blog 365/7 is awesome just the way you write it now🙂

  9. The Bible verses each day are as important to me as the fashion tips. I love that God is glorified on your blog. Keep it up!

  10. Lunette Rawlin says:

    Love your daily scriptures!

  11. So glad you are still standing up for our Lord!! I enjoy the fashion, but your messages are the best. Sounds like someone was getting under conviction to me. Prayers she seeks the Lord!

  12. I’ll say this, if you stop the daily scriptures and your Sunday blog, I’ll stop reading. I really like your sites and help me and many other ladies. May God bless you and help with your ambitions!!

  13. Thank you for boldly sharing your faith and your fun fashion tips. Joe stories too 😉
    You can never make everyone happy. It’s nice to know that we only need to please the Lord.

  14. You bring in scripture beautifully into your blog! Work is indeed a blessing!
    “There is nothing better for a man than to eat and drink and tell himself that his labor is good. This also I have seen that it is from the hand of God.”
    Ecclesiastes 2:24
    Blessings to you!

  15. I feel very blessed and I look forward to the scriptures in your post. I’ll be honest and tell you that sometimes I skip right to them first Keep them coming!!

  16. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all! I ALWAYS enjoy the scripture verses! I am disappointed that some of the companies don’t allow posting of scripture. The Walmart in OPELIKA, ALABAMA has the cutest little lady greeter who sings hymns and greets with the love of CHRIST in her heart! She is such a breath of fresh air and so are YOU!! Keep it coming gurl!!!🌺💐🌻

  17. your scriptures are one of the reasons I read your post. Thank you !

    1. I feel very blessed and I look forward to the scriptures in your post. I’ll be honest and tell you that sometimes I skip right to them first Keep them coming!!

  18. I love the daily scripture! Keep up the great work!

  19. I like the fact you’re adding Scriptures now

  20. Kristi Tandy says:

    God bless you, Tania! I look forward to the scriptures you leave on your email everyday!! (:

  21. I love your posts ! Better than going thru a magazine looking for outfits .You have great taste and your posts are fun ,and informative . The daily scripture are refreshing and ground me to start my day very thankful ! Keep the scriptures coming !
    Thank you

  22. Tania, I love the daily scriptures as well as your Sunday inspirational messages. I assume those that want the scriptures removed actually read them…God’s Word will not return void. 🙂 They just might come to know Him and His Love through one of your posts.

  23. Good for you Tania. Your daily scriptures and Sunday message is always uplifting.
    There are many more out there that enjoy it than those who don’t.
    These 2 people don’t realize just how much they need it.
    Bless you

  24. Absolutely true! Be joyful in your work, especially for he Lord!

  25. So far, I have really enjoyed your clothing tips. It is not easy as a short woman in my 50’s to find clothing that works together. Also, your scriptures from the Bible encourage me.

  26. Gardeningmama says:

    You go Tania! Sharing Bible verses is sharing a little light & hope with others – people who are uncomfortable w/that need to question why (there is power & Spirit in the Word). Thank you for yr bold faith, you are blessed to be a blessing!

  27. Keep those scriptures coming! The complaints are sure to continue, but as women of faith, we know compassion for this.

  28. Marin Mattingly says:

    Those scriptures are the reason I leave yours until last; I go into the rest of my day with the Lord’s words in my mind. Much as a enjoy your posts from Walmart, I am always disappointed because there is no scripture. I also look forward to your thoughts on Sunday. ]You have found your way to share the Good News.

  29. Thank you so much for what you do! I’m
    A newbie to the group and I look forward to posts and especially your
    Scripture quotes and how it relates to our world! Love, one of the “gurls”
    Keep up the good work! Happy Sunday😀

  30. I love reading your posts, and the included Scriptures. I look forward to reading them. I agree, “You are a blessing to us”! Keep it up!

  31. Love your posts and your scripture verses. We are all bound to offend someone regularly in these days so don’t let it change your style.

  32. Keep putting scriptures in all your posts! And… keep your Sunday inspirational posts coming as well!! They are always thoughtful and relevant. I look forward to reading them!

  33. Gina Kothny says:

    I‘m blessed every Sunday to read your post as an added devotional moment. Thank you for all you do for us „gurls“! You ARE our blessing!!!

  34. I appreciate today’s reminder of who we work for. There are some days when I only have time to read the scriptures in your blog post—I’m grateful you include them!

  35. Amy Murray Henning says:

    I love reading your scriptures that you include. They are so encouraging and spot on!! Thank you for all you do!

  36. I love your daily posts. I will pray (and I hope everyone else will too) that God softens and captures the hearts of the two ladies who wrote the emails to you.

  37. Thank You for what you do,love the blog!

  38. I’m with Julie. I love it too. I think it’s sad that if someone doesn’t want to read it that they would rather unsubscribe but I guess that is their choice. You do what makes YOU feel good. Enjoy your day! Thanks for all that you do!

  39. Tania, your blog, your faith, your Sunday messages are some of the best I have ever heard, better than a lot of the ones I have heard in church, which seem to be just canned messages rewritten for a sermon. So your faith, fashion and family/life stories are why you are who I choose to follow. I do not have the time for multiple bloggers. I am still busy working full time in nursing with a husband, family, children, and grandchildren.
    You are a blessing to all of us! 💕

    1. Remember that mustard seed that grew into a mustard tree! 💕

  40. Every Moring I click on your blog to begin my day with To God Goes the Glory. I always answer AMEN! Couldn’t begin the day without your scripture. Puts my feet walking in the right direction! Thank you for all your hard work in helping all of us looking our best! Love and blessings!

  41. A wonderful Sunday post! And scripture and story. Thank you!

  42. Don’t let the minority rule you. Your scriptures and thoughts are a light to many people. Keep up the good work.

  43. I love your scriptures and your Sunday posts! Don’t let the enemy (working through other people) squelch your LIGHT!

  44. Lori Duncan says:

    Your scriptures are one of the reasons I love your posts! Thank you for being a blessing to me and so many others!

  45. Ginger Hiller says:

    Well, I sure needed this reminder about who I work for. Too often I find myself fussing about having to do 95% of what’s required to keep our home & life up and running. Then I stop and kick myself in the backside because my husband is fighting an incurable cancer, so he deserves every ounce of compassion, love, and understanding that I have. Now that you’ve made me aware that I am working for our Lord, I can really work on my attitude. I’m glad that you are keeping a scripture verse in your daily posts and I know that the Lord is as well.

  46. I absolutely love what you wrote. I try my best to to everything into the LORD. I love getting your blog daily. You brighten my day. You glow with the love of Christ.

  47. It’s challenging in today’s world to PTL but it’s more important than every before.
    I open your email each day to read the scripture verse first. After that I may leave my iPad but return later to read your post.

    God first🙏❣️

  48. Love the inclusion of the Scriptures. I suggest we pray for people that are
    so “sensitive” to even the mention of
    God & His Word.

  49. You keep being you and include scriptures. We all need a little more faith during these difficult days

  50. Keep the scriptures coming..they are one reason I enjoy your blog so much! To God goes the glory! Thank you for regular daily inspiration!

  51. I’m glad you include scriptures in your posts!!! God bless you!

  52. Jodi Riddle says:

    I enjoy all of your posts, but I treasure your Sunday ones. I also appreciate your standing strong in your convictions. Christians are not meant to be slaves to this world, but rather to glorify and worship The Creator of all good things.

    1. Enjoy your blog and fashion tips and advice. So thankful for the Scripture each day and for sharing your faith and being strong enough to stand up for your belief in this evil world we live in. May God continue to bless you!

  53. Don’t let those negative keyboard warriors steal the joy in your heart. I love reading scripture every chance I get, so keep doing your good work and all the rest will settle in the dust 😊. Have a beautiful, and grateful Sunday!

  54. Don’t let those negative keyboard warriors steal the joy in your heart. I love reading scripture every chance I get, so keep doing your good work and all the rest will settle in the dust 😊. Have a beautiful, and grateful Sunday!

  55. I love that you post scripture from the Bible, but more importantly God loves that you’re posting His Word. The fashions are temporal, His Word is eternal. Keep pressing on.

  56. I look forward to reading your posts including the scriptures. Wouldn’t change a thing.

  57. Leave the scripture passages in! I may not always like the outfits but, I always love/need/want the scripture passages 🙂

  58. Mary T. Winslow says:

    Hi Tanya,

    How are you? I hope your head ache has gone away and you are feeling fine!
    I have followed you for several years. My daughter was working in the fashion industry in NYC and suggested I check out your blog. Her fashion house was following you! I am 65. Besides learning how to “dump the frump” I am more current with the trends. I credit this to following you! I love the scripture additions and your Sunday post. I appreciate your crediting God for your success. Keep up the good work!


  59. I love the way you just say it like it is. I am “retired”, so I only work 5 days a week, haha! grandbabies to watch, thank God I get the time with them. Yes, patience is a virtue I pray for daily. Cook, clean, and a hundred other chores daily, you got that right! Your blog will help me remember for Whom I am working!

  60. Thanks for keeping the Scriptures in your blog. You are very appreciated!!

  61. Cynthia Murphy says:

    Thank you for your post this morning Sunday September fourth. I have been blessed by reading the scriptures in your posts as well as your wonderful attitude about aging and beauty. Please never stop sharing the word!

  62. Continue to be a light for the Lord! I enjoy your blog!

  63. I love your blog just as it is, Tania! Keep doing what you do!

  64. I love the scripture verses and your sweet spirit! Sad for those complainers and grumblers, but definitely their loss if they unsubscribe. Keep letting your light shine bright!! 💡

  65. The scripture verses are why I read you everyday. There are still some of us out here!

  66. The scriptures are one of the many reasons I read your blog. It amazes me people feel they have the right to tell you what should/shouldn’t be in “your” blog. If they don’t like your content, they should simply stop watching it. There are thousands of other blogs/channels that might fit them better. I love your blog and look forward to reading it. Keep up the very hard work you do for those of us that enjoy it. 💕

  67. I really enjoy your blog since you stay true to yourself. I look forward to your daily scripture verses and LOVE your Sunday devotionals. The Bible tells us to go make disciples and that’s exactly what you’re doing every single day. Thank you!!🙏

  68. Celeste Harrington says:

    Keep including Scripture. Don’t stop. Continue giving him glory.

  69. connie klappenbach says:

    love all your daily scriptures

  70. Keep being you, Tania! Ignore the naysayers! There will always be naysayers. Ignore them.

  71. Love your blog.
    Kindness……it’s hard to do on some days.

  72. I love your blog and I love the scripture! It’s an encouragement each day!

  73. Thank you for being Faithful and giving God the Glory with your blog! Praying for you to always Honor God in everything you do!

  74. Thank you for not listening to that subscriber! We are to be light in the world. The darkness cannot stand it!

  75. Tania, if we honor the Lord, we get Satan’s attention! You’ve got his attention! You belong to Jesus! You keep posting his words! And expounding on them on Sundays! God will honor you, your family and this blog. I appreciate your words and is one of the reasons I follow you.

  76. I love the scriptures in your post.

  77. I love your blog. so keep putting in the scriptures from the bible. honor the Lord with them .

  78. Cathy Alves says:

    I love reading your blog and your scriptures. I look forward each morning to reading what wonderful messages you have each day. Thank you for being you. Have a blessed day

  79. Beverly Walley says:

    Thank you for always including scripture. Love your Sunday posts the most!

  80. Keep honoring the Lord!! Don’t stop putting scriptures in your posts. To God be the Glory!!

  81. Keep the scripture! I always look for it first when I open your blog. Those two emails must bother you, but you listen and follow a higher Voice. I follow about 5 bloggers who are witnesses as well. The Lord’s word adds to their fashion blog not detracts. You are amazing and I support you 100%.

  82. Thank you for taking a stand for our Lord. We are all called to be a witness each and every day.

  83. Violet OBrien says:

    It is her loss to stop reading your blog. You are a blessing and I thoroughly enjoy reading your scripture passages and how you relate to them. God bless you!!

  84. I love reading your blog and I love the scriptures!!

  85. Don’t feel threatened to change who you are. My Dad always said, “if you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing. Please stay who you are and include God’s word.

  86. Cathy Flanagan Nulliner says:

    “I assume she isn’t reading this post.” LOL
    You keep doing your thing. There are lots of us that will continue to support you.

  87. I love your positive attitude and fun, informative fashion updates. Personally, I would UNSUBSCRIBE if you stop including the Bible verses. You keep me focused on what is really important and point to real wisdom. Thank you for that!

  88. I love that you add a scripture to your post! Please continue doing so. I look forward to them!

  89. Tammy Skaggs says:

    Continue your witness. God is pleased. Folks that don’t want to read have the choice to leave. God will bless your faithfulness

  90. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Keep on just as you are. I look forward to your daily scripture, and people who don’t want to read God’s Word need our prayers.

  91. I felt the need to make a comment today. I love reading your daily emails. I appreciate your daily scripture! You keep doing you because you can’t please everyone! Have a wonderful day!

  92. Thank you for your honesty, and I so enjoy the Bible verses you share! God is and will continue to bless you for your faithfulness.

  93. Tracy Klensch says:

    So we’ll said, Tania! I for one am so encouraged by your scriptures posts. When you share your faith, it affirms my own. Love your fun and meaningful blog!

  94. Leave scripture in every blog. I love it.

  95. The audacity of some one to threaten you! I don’t see where anyone has been told that they can’t unsubscribe. I am so sick of other trying to fit someone into their mold of their own lives. I just want you to know I have grown in my faith through your post and read everyday. I love fashion but I also love the lord and think those who have the opportunity to share are truly blessed from the lord. I am right here with you daily and want you to know your faith shared is good to see in our troubled world. I am proud you give God the glory. I encourage you to keep doing what you do best!

  96. Elizabeth says:

    Your blog is literally the only one I read each day – because you do honor the Lord and include scripture. And your Sunday posts are my favorites! Keep on keeping on!

  97. Gail Medeiros says:

    Have a blessed Sunday and thank you for your scripture quotes and your Sunday blessings.

  98. Louise Logan says:

    I love that you include scriptures in your blog!! My favorites are you Sunday posts each week!

  99. I appreciate and look forward to the scripture you include In your daily post. Thank you

  100. Thank you for adding Scripture to your posts. God will honor it, I do believe. I love your Sunday blogs. It’s the first thing I read as I have my coffee on Sunday mornings before getting ready for church. Sending blessings and hugs.

  101. Thank you for being such a blessing and keeping everyone up to date on the latest fashions for those of us over 50! I particularly love your anecdotes, verses of scripture and each Sunday can’t wait to see what verse you will highlight. Keep up the good work! You are a ray of sunshine!!

  102. Maribeth Conklin says:

    I’m sorry you got those emails.That might be discouraging, I doubt that is true for you. Maybe The ladies will just move on or find a blog more to their liking. Enjoy your weekend. Back to work for me on Tuesday.

  103. I am not a Christian nonetheless I read all your scriptures; there’s a lesson in them for everyone no matter with or without faith. It’s also very easy to ignore them if they are only there for fashion.

  104. I usually take a minute to read the scripture you’ve shared….I find it inspiring and thought provoking…I think of it as an added bonus to your blog!
    Really enjoy your blog….🙋‍♀️Very relatable.

  105. Oh my dear…thank you for including scripture in your posts and for sticking to your guns!
    I actually unsubscribed from you quite awhile ago…no particular reason other than spending too much time on the computer. Then I was sent an email saying you were using an old list as your current mailing list had been lost (or something) and I’ve stayed and enjoyed your content ever sense, especially when you talk about your vulnerabilities and tendencies to be a plain old human, warts and all…just like the rest of us.
    Blessings to you!