What’s New From J.Crew Factory For Summer

I haven’t styled clothing from J.Crew Factory in a while. Today, I’m changing that by showing you three different looks from one pair of cropped jeans. Each outfit is different and special in its own way, and I’ll be interested to hear which one is your favorite. Here are three outfits that are new from J.Crew Factory.

New From J.Crew Factory For Summer – Lightweight Cotton Shirt

It is that time of the year. If you are wondering, that means it is “sold out” season. People are replenishing their summer wardrobes, and items are flying off the shelf before I can link to them. You are irritated, I am irritated, the stores are elated!

Thankfully, a few things are in stock, and I’ve been able to locate similar items for the items that are sold out. This Lightweight Cotton Shirt is gorgeous, and the colors are perfect for summer—bright and bold and statement-making! I’m wearing a large, and the shirt is available in several colors.

The Jack Rogers® Cork Wedge Sandals are a new purchase for me. I’ve heard great things about Jack Rogers shoes, so I thought I would give these a try. I love the design, but they are a little heavy. It might just be because I’m not used to wearing them. I’m keeping them to try and break them in.

I’ve had the neutral-colored Foldover Clutch for a long time. I love that it can be carried with anything. It looks great with a dressy outfit as well as jeans.

I was so disappointed when I saw that the jeans from J.Crew Factory were sold out. After pouting for a while, I decided to see if I could find a similar pair. I was shocked at how much the Madewell Vintage Wide-Leg Crop Jeans looked like them. I could have said I was wearing these jeans; you probably wouldn’t have known the difference. Lol!

New From J.Crew Factory For Summer – Sweater Set

I’ve always loved a sweater set. It looks chic and put together, and it is a classic fashion statement. There are times when sweater sets are trending and times when they aren’t. But they will always be classics that can be worn anytime.

Over 50 Fashion Blogger is styling clothing from J.Crew Factory For Summer8

Pink is one of my favorite colors. I read somewhere that blondes look great in pink, so I decided to embrace the color. I’m wearing a large Cable Cardigan and Cable Sweater Shell, and I think they fit me perfectly.

You can wear the items separately to create more outfits. This would be a great item to put in a capsule wardrobe since you could mix and match them with other things.

The turquoise Statement Necklace and Earrings will surely get you noticed. They aren’t called statement pieces for nothing! Turquoise looks great, especially in summer and fall. I’ve been seeing lots of turquoise lately, so if you are wondering about trending jewelry – check out turquoise.

New From J.Crew Factory For Summer – Polo Sweater

When I hear about polo shirts and sweaters, I always think of Ralph Lauren and the horse emblem. If you are like me, you grew up wanting a horse or an alligator (IZOD) on your shirt. Instead, I got a Lemon Frog on mine; it was from Sears. Lol!

This Linen-Blend Short-Sleeve Polo Sweater is lightweight and perfect for summer. I love the collared shirt; it is an elevated casual item. You look a little more put together with a collared sweater than one that is a v-neck or a scoop neck. The navy has sold out, 🙄 but several other colors are still available. I like the olive version; you could wear it in the fall.

The COACH Leather Tote is gorgeous. Coach is a brand that means quality; their bags last for YEARS! This one is a great medium size and will hold everything you need.

Ignore the fact that I applied a little too much tanner to my feet. Lol! I used a different method of applying it and was a little too heavy-handed. Oh, well, it washes off easily. Instead, look at the Nine West Wedge Sandals I’m wearing. They are super cute, and they are very comfortable. I love the rafia strap and the espadrille wedge sole. These run true to size, I’m wearing my usual size 9, and they fit me great.

I’m sorry for all the sold-out items. I’ll try to link to other items below that are still in stock.

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  1. Pink outfits are my favorite! I love the wallpaper in the bathroom. Too much
    for anywhere else but love it..not that my husband would be a fan of that going in our house!

  2. The wallpaper is a lot for that small of a room. I think MAYBE if the print was smaller it would be ok. I still think a little color in there would make it less “frightening.” Ha. The flowers do look a little hungry. HAHAHA

  3. I have the blue top in pink and green……love it!
    You look good in all of it!
    That wall paper is over powering. Just too much for me.

  4. Jackie N. says:

    Forgot to mention the wallpaper! Although the black & white print is tasteful and would be nice in certain situations, I have to agree with your mom and daughter. It’s a bit much for me in a bathroom.

  5. Always love your choice of clothing styles! With this post, you have also inspired me to add the gold JR wedges (which I’ve been eyeing online for the past year) to my growing Jack Rogers collection! 😁

    1. I know a lot of women are Jack Rogers fans!

  6. Love the beautiful dark pink button down with jeans. Like another commenter mentioned, I also remember the Izod knock off copy cat fox shirts from JCPennys. J Crew is one of my favorite stores.

  7. Deborah Leggett says:

    Love the pink sweater set with the jeans! Very chic looking!

  8. Love the pink cable sweater set with turquoise jewelry. I also like Jack Rogers but my feet don’t LOL

  9. 👎 The wallpaper is overwhelming. The clothes are awesome. And you do look great in the pink.

  10. Chris Falk says:

    It’s so funny you mentioned the desire to have an Izod shirt when you were young! I wanted an Alligator shirt so badly! Mine were must less expensive Fox shirts from JCPenn-ay. Lol!! 🤣

  11. Shirley watkins says:

    👍 Yes, love the wallpaper in bathroom! Black/white is one of my favorite color combinations!

  12. I agree with your Mom- that wallpaper is awful! It would make me claustrophobic.

  13. Ginger Hiller says:

    I hope that you felt better today. The wallpaper is a bit much for me. I really like the bright pink blouse and the polo sweater!

  14. Sheryl szostak says:

    I love the wallpaper in the bathroom.

    1. Lynda Brown says:

      Mom gets my vote. Love the polo sweater.

  15. I really like the pink and turquoise combo together….looks great on you. I enjoy wearing turquoise with orange or coral, red, black and white as well. I wear my turquoise jewelry on repeat in the spring, summer and fall. I vote “no” on the wallpaper. I agree it is scary looking. I would feel like someone is peeking behind one of those large flowers 😳🤪. ~Lisa~

  16. Mom knows best … thumbs down on wallpaper!

    You look gorgeous in that pink color!

  17. Wow !!!! I thought I was the only one that got every outfit I owned from Lemon Frog Shop !!! LOL
    That’s a throwback for sure !
    Sears was my fashion world !! Ha ha!!

  18. Janelle Bracken says:

    👎It’s a little too large of a pattern for the room, and I would get tired of it quickly.

  19. Louise Logan says:

    Love that wallpaper! And your choices from JCrew!!

  20. Sherrie Garcia says:

    I’m team Mom. That wallpaper is 👎.

  21. I love the flower wallpaper! It is a small space but looks wonderful!! I vote YES!! 🙂

  22. I side with Momma. It is a beautiful print, but overwhelms the small space. I am sorry it scares her.

  23. I can see where the wallpaper may look a little “Alfred Hitchcock” like.

  24. The wallpaper looks dated. 90s vibe. It’s a thumbs down.

    1. That’s interesting. It is very one trend at the moment.

  25. Christine Curtis says:

    No, I don’t love the wallpaper. Not sure where this wallpaper would fit in but definitely not in such a small bathroom.
    You look great in every one of the J.Crew Factory shots. I wish the navy linen polo was available.
    Great job!

  26. My vote on the wallpaper is 👎. We had wallpaper in the 90’s; it’s over for me.
    Your color choices match mine perfectly! Loving All of the pinks, blues variations.

  27. The Wallpaper 👎 too much. I’m with your Mom! 😊

  28. I love the wallpaper but not in that small bathroom. It overpowers everything else in there.

  29. Patt Dyal says:

    Love the wallpaper!👍However, way too busy for a small bathroom so I vote with Mama!!

  30. Becky Massicci says:

    LOVE the bathroom wallpaper!
    Chic, love the black and white, love the peonies

  31. I always like the classic sweater set. I wouldn’t want the wallpaper in my bathroom, but I do think it looks nice. Definitely not scary to me.

  32. Dorothy Terwilliger says:

    That’s a no from me. I think the pattern is too big and bold for a small bathroom. I think a long sundress in that material would be stunning.

  33. Teri Butler says:


  34. The wallpaper is too much. It looks like are ready to attack from all sides.

    Surprised I never had a lemon frog on my shirts as Sears along with Montgomery Wards was my mom’s go to place to shop.

  35. I like the bathroom wallpaper as long as it goes with the rest of the house. Having it in a modern styled entry with a black/white kitchen would look great. Having it with traditional furnishings would look out of place.

  36. I’m not a fan of the wallpaper in that size room – might be good in a larger room. Love the wedge sandals.

  37. Susan Wiley Grim says:

    The wallpaper is a bit much, maybe incorporating some bold colors might help.

  38. I’m with Mom! (Thumbs down!) Have a great weekend!

  39. I just realized it’s wall paper not a shower curtain. lol. Definitely a no. (I had a previous comment.)

  40. I don’t think the shower curtain is scary just strange. I vote 👎. J Crew factory is one of my favorites for classic pieces. I returned and exchanged the polo sweater because it was a huge small. normally I fit in their small sweaters but this one was so big. I’m hoping the extra small fits. On you it looks good not like it did on me. I ordered the dusty ivory. Love the jeans. I’ve noticed they bring back their clothes that sell out.

  41. Lisa Mary Luciano says:

    The wallpaper is striking! But, I think the large print is too overpowering for a small room 🙂

  42. The wallpaper makes me dizzy. 👎 😵‍💫 But love all the looks you modeled!

  43. The wallpaper is a big “no”.

  44. Sorry a “No” for the wallpaper. Maybe if the bathroom was much larger.

  45. Kristine Flannery says:

    Happy Belated birthday! You deserve it! I looooooove the bathroom wallpaper, so chic and noir!

  46. Very cute post today! I too, was disappointed that the J Crew Factory jeans are sold out….I looked at them recently and almost bought them…I have an J Crew outlet about an hour away…oh, well. Classic with an edge is my vibe and definitely yours as well. Have a great weekend!

  47. I love it! I work as a florist so anything floral is my jam. Thank you for helping style us 50 and fabulous ladies (actually 60 years young!).

  48. Karen Johnson says:

    Love the pink sweater set

  49. sue Koren says:

    The wall paper is scary – flowers are way too huge!

  50. I like the variety in this post from tops to sandals to the Kendra Scott turquoise necklace. I’m with your mom. I don’t care for the wallpaper, but not because it’s scary. The pattern just seems to be too big for the small space.

  51. Vicki Farrell says:

    Hmmm no for me on the wallpaper but love the outfits!

  52. I like the wallpaper but I wouldn’t use it. It’s not ‘scary’ but rather imposing.
    I need to check out J Crew factory more often. I could use a linen blend sweater.

  53. Julie Lozano says:

    Hi Tania, sorry I’ve been out of touch. Loving the pink cardi and shell! Going to look into the Madewell wide legs.. Madewell jeans are my fave. Hoping the wide legs come in petite.
    You’re looking great. Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Julie

  54. Pam Bowling says:

    I liked all the looks today. I especially loved the pink cable knit sweater outfit. The turquoise jewelry goes so well with it. It is such a pretty, feminine look.

    I am not a fan of the wallpaper-too much for me.

  55. The wallpaper is too big in that room for my taste but the real draw back is the toilet paper holder in the middle of the wall.I love J.Crew Factory. Thanks for the try-on haul!

  56. With your mom on the wallpaper, definitely scary!!

  57. No for me on the wallpaper. it looks like you’re going to be swallowed by a dark jungle of peonies.

  58. Suzie McCullough says:

    I liked the wallpaper 👍🏻 but I wouldn’t select this for my own home. 😆

  59. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I love the wallpaper!

  60. Umm…no, on the wallpaper. I gave up on wallpaper in the early 90s and am not looking back. I love J. Crew Factory and despite things being sold out, I usually find something I absolutely must have🤗

  61. Bridget H says:

    I absolutely adore the lightweight cotton shirt. Very chic, especially for here in Florida! Now about the wallpaper… LOVE. LOVE. LOVE IT! As we say here in the south, BOUGIE!

  62. 👍🏻👍🏻Two thumbs up for the wallpaper!

  63. Beverly Black says:

    Love the wallpaper and all the looks you shared!

  64. I think if the wallpaper was a smaller print or the bathroom was a lot bigger, I’d like it better. As it is, it’s sort of “the attack of the peonies”. LOL Love J. Crew factory.

  65. Love the pink tops. So pretty! The bathroom 👎🏼 too much! It would give me a headache. The floral pattern just seems to be too massive for that small room. 🫣

  66. Sarah Fister says:

    I think the wallpaper is too busy. It makes me dizzy to look at it. 😊 I have the pink sweater shell and a white one. Great minds!

  67. Sandra Grogan says:

    I agree with your mom! The scale of the print is far too large for such a small space. By the way , pink is your color!!

    1. UGH! Y’all are supposed to be on MY side. 😉

      1. Big 👎🏻 on the wallpaper.

  68. I am with your Mom on the Bathroom Wallpaper…. scary! Haha
    I absolutely love “Sweater Sets”!!! They are so versatile! Sadly, they are hard to find these days.
    In German we used to call them ” Twin Sets”. I’ve been in the US for 30 years, and i still search the Internet for “Twin Sets” , wondering about all the links for Bed Sheets that come up! Lol

  69. I agree with your sister on the wallpaper. I think it looks chic.
    My favorite outfit fit was the pink sweater set. The turquoise necklace and earrings really make it stand out. honestly, I never thought to pair turquoise jewelry with pink. he looks really nice. I also love the wedge sandals from Kohl’s. They are versatile.

    Thank you for the fun post. Have a good weekend.

  70. Pink and turquoise are a fun color combo – since I’m a brunette, I wear brighter pinks as the soft pink looks too washed out on me. Love the linen blend sweater and the olive color is pretty. I like wedge sandals, so comfortable!

  71. Thumbs down on the wallpaper, too overpowering. Love the pink cotton shirt, and the cork wedge sandals.

  72. While the wallpaper isn’t my style, I think if the flooring was closer to the background color I would like it better. It’s not something I would have in my house though. I like a more traditional look.

    My favorite outfit is the last one with the polo shirt.

    1. Laura, I love the wallpaper. Probably because it is so unexpected and gives a WOW factor.

  73. I wouldn’t say the wallpaper is ‘scary’, however it’s not my taste and I feel it doesn’t match the floor. But…to each his own!!☺️

  74. I love J Crew Factory! Unfortunately, often every item I look at is unavailable. this spring I was even on a list to notify when back in stocks. I got the notification a few times, went in immediately and still not available. Their jeans I really like so hopefully they will make more so we can enjoy their great styles! Thanks for all you do!

  75. The wallpaper is not my thing.

  76. Susan Williams says:

    Sorry, but I’m with your mom on the wallpaper. Definitely a 👎 . I am positive anyone who goes in there will never be seen again.

    1. 🙄 You get the eye roll emoji. Lol!

  77. I agree with your mom, the wallpaper isn’t my cup of tea. But I like the j.crew selections.

  78. Nope, that wallpaper is too busy and large for a small bathroom. I agree with your mom, it does look kind of scary!!

  79. I really like the wallpaper! I agree with your sister…it’s chic!
    Turquoise jewelry with the pink… so cute! Love it!

  80. I don’t care for the wallpaper that much because it’s such a large print for such a small room. I love true pink and you look great in it with your blonde hair!

  81. The blue polo sweater outfit is my favorite. And I’m with your Mom on the wallpaper! It doesn’t look great with the color of the floor.

  82. Carole from Canada says:

    Love the wall paper..looks chic

  83. I like the wallpaper but can see how it could be a little intimidating. It’s a bold choice.

  84. I am 👎🏻 on the wallpaper. Maybe if it was not black-and-white it would look a little better. I think it’s cute that your mom said it was scary! I love the pink sweater set. I used to have many, glad they are back in style.

  85. Sorry, I’m with your mom……over whelming. Guess it’s the going trend, I feel pattern too large for small space. Love the pink sweater set,looks great on you!

  86. The wallpaper is a little too much for the space. Love the pink set with the jeans.

  87. Good morning, I would also agree with your mom. Definitely not a fan of the wallpaper. But I am a fan of the pink sweater set on you!

  88. Good morning 🙂 at first glance at The peony bathroom wallpaper, I loved it and thought it was chic. But after looking at it for a little bit, I would have to agree with your mom! I love Peony flowers, but those look like monster peonies! Like giant Venus fly traps that could absolutely suck you in and destroy you! I don’t think I would want to spend much time in that bathroom lol too many conflicting emotions brought by giant flowers!

  89. My favorite outfit is the sweater set one. I have the icy mint set which I love. As for the wallpaper, it’s too bold for my taste. However, I’m a big fan of wallpaper in powder rooms and will have my powder room wallpapered soon. Only I’m going with a smaller print. Your mom is so cute!

  90. Wallpaper is too big at for me. I agree with your mom. Love all your f these looks!

  91. 👍 the wallpaper is beautiful!
    Love the blouses!!

  92. When I got my first Big Girl job a purple IZOD was the first thing I bought with my first check. The second was Lancome nail polish in the color Pinque! I thought “this is the life!” Love the styles today and blondes do look great in PINQUE.

  93. Love the wallpaper and this entire post! J Crew Factory is one of my very favorite stores. I’m very small boned and thin and they are one of the only stores that have pants that fit me! So thanks so much for these outfit ideas…I used to love sweater sets and am excited for their return! You looked great in every outfit…modern casual but elevated.

  94. Linda Hayes says:

    I’m with your mom. I usually love wallpaper but this is a bit overwhelming for me! 👎🏼

  95. Love he wide leg crop jeans and the turquoise jewelry. I was a Sears lemon frog girl too. I had forgot all about that brand. Thanks for the memories!

  96. I think the wallpaper is too large of a print for the bathroom! I agree with your Mom!

  97. 👎 for the wallpaper & I like the necklace & earring set.

  98. Peonies are my favorite flower and I would like the wallpaper if it was a smaller print. Love the pink sweater set. I have a similar set in light blue that I have had for 20+ years- I don’t think they ever go out of style.

  99. Gay Manning says:

    Two of my favorite colors pink and blue!

  100. Stella Gustafson says:

    Thumbs down on the Wallpaper to busy. I used to wear wedge shoes a lot now I am afraid I will loss my balance do you ever feel like that

  101. Gina Moore says:

    I love J Crew. I don’t like the wallpaper in the bathroom.it is to busy.i agree with your mom.👎

  102. The wallpaper print is far too large for such a tiny bath. Just like a petite gal would get swallowed up by an over large print. I side with your Mom.

    Love, love those Nine West wedges. They look great on you and you’ll be able to wear them with everything – dresses, shorts, capris, jeans – pair with straw bag. You are summer ready!

  103. The wall paper is over-powering and certainly doesn’t make me feel relaxed. I don’t like it.
    Love the outfits you shared!

  104. I agree with your sister LOVE the bathroom wallpaper! So chic!

  105. I’m siding with your mom. The wallpaper is not scary but I would feel claustrophobic in a room with flowers that large.
    I love the pink sweater set!

  106. Vicki L Werley says:

    The wallpaper in the bathroom, looks very feminine, restful and relaxation.
    Love the outfits. My style of clothing.

  107. Jennifer S says:

    I love the wallpaper – makes a small space fun!

  108. Love the shirt and coach bag! So enjoy your posts everyday! Thanks, about the wallpaper, I’m just not sure, it’s pretty loud.

  109. I love the cable sweater set. Pink with turquoise is stunning

  110. JCrew is one of my favorite stores. Love the pink sweater set with the turquoise necklace.

    Like the wallpaper, but not for the powder room. It definitely makes a statement and is very chic. Sounds like I can’t decide 😄.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  111. Stephanie says:

    Have to side with your mom on the wallpaper. It does look scary.
    Really like the look of the pink sweater set with the jeans. And anything from Kendra Scott makes an outfit.

  112. I’m siding with your mom. Not a fan of the wallpaper.

  113. Mary Smith says:

    The bathroom wall paper is stunning. Definitely a thumbs 👍. Thank you for styling looks from various retailers and price points.