Happy Monday everyone! I know a lot of people are enjoying a day off since it is President’s Day. Instead of taking the day off, I am actually going to go in and work for a bit. Yesterday was my day of leisure, and I spent it with Emersyn taking photos and videos for an upcoming try-on session that will probably be on Thursday. She had to get in on a video, so you will be entertained on Thursday in one segment if you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories. After Emersyn left, I sat down and did a lot of shopping. I never thought that shopping could be work, but it takes a long time to go over the sales at the stores and decide what are the best deals. I finally narrowed it down to four stores, even though there are a ton of stores having sales today. Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Kohl’s are having fantastic home sales, Macy’s and J. Crew are both having sales up to 60% off, but there are only so many stores that I could shop. I ordered a lot of the items that I have linked to below, so you will be seeing me styling a lot of these very soon.

I tried to only link to items that had multiple sizes in stock, and I believe that everything is under 100.00 or less. Also, I tried to only link to items that I think you would be able to wear now and for the next several months when it is spring. There were a lot of nice winter items that are discounted tremendously, so if that is something that you are looking for, be sure to check it out. To go look at any of the items, just click on the photo, and it will take you to the store.


Old Navy



I hope that you got some good deals, I know that I sure did. Also, because R+F decided to waive all of the enrollment fees for becoming a Preferred Customer until the end of the month, I have also decided to continue giving a 20.00 discount. But, instead of the discount being on Lash Boost only, it can do on any order placed as a new PC.

Step 1, go to the website and put any product that you are interested in into your cart. If your order totals 250.00, then R+F will also gift you a FREE Micro-dermabrasion Paste jar. Step 2, go to your shopping cart to checkout. For Step 3, be sure to check the box that says JOIN PC PERKS. Step 4, fill out your billing and shipping info and continue the checkout process. You are done!!! I’ll be sending out all of the reimbursement money once the special is over.

How is your memory???

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  1. Sue Epling says:

    You found some very cute clothes, thanks for making it easy for us!