Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black sweatshirt that says LOVE with a pair of ankle jeans and white booties

Have you heard the song, “what the world needs now, is LOVE sweet LOVE, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of?” That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this sweatshirt. I grabbed the shirt as soon as I saw it because I wanted to spread as much LOVE around the world as I can.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black sweatshirt that says LOVE, a pair of ankle jeans, and white booties

I know that a sweatshirt, nor a song, will spread the amount of love that the world needs right now, but maybe it is a start. Maybe I will make LOVE my word of the year instead of THRIVE. Hmmm, that is something for me to consider.

When I look at this sweatshirt, it is a gentle reminder to be kind, show some grace, and extend a comforting word. We are all under a lot of stress, this year more than most. Christmas is looming and our celebrations are going not going to be the same. Normally, I would be going to Tennessee to visit with my family, but like everything else this year, this trip is not going to happen. It has been a year since I’ve seen my son and grandchildren, my parents, my brother and sister, and all of my relatives that live there. Every fiber of my being wants to load up and head out, but that dang brain or mine is overruling my heart. I told my brother the other night that I intend to go for at least a week, maybe longer, as soon as I am free to travel again. It can’t happen soon enough.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing her black sweatshirt that says LOVE

If I am going to wear a sweatshirt, then I want it to be cute and comfy. This relaxed fit sweatshirt is thick and cozy, and I like the boxy fit of the shirt. I would have liked it even better if it had been longer in length, but I still like it a lot the way that it is. I like my sweatshirts to be oversized, so I ordered a large in the top and it fits me great.

I have worn this sweatshirt several times by itself, but today I decided to add my tartan plaid button-up to the look. This plaid shirt is all sold out except for XXS sizes, but I’ll link to another option for you. I am wearing a medium in the plaid top, and it fits nicely. If you are not a fan of the plaid, you could always add a chambray shirt or a white button-up like the Liverpool one that I wore last week.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of ankle jeans and white booties

I ordered two pairs of the AG Jeans when I caught them on sale. Even on sale, they were a splurge item for me, but I had seen them on some other bloggers, and they looked so nice that I wanted to try them. Note to self, “don’t order expensive items unless you are prepared to like them.”

The truth of the matter is, I like nice things, but I LOVE a sale. So, I try to find the items that I want to wear at a discounted price. Right now, these style jeans are on sale for up to 46% off. I sized up in this pair of jeans and ordered a size 31 instead of my usual size 30. They have a 28 1/2″ inseam, and I find this length to be perfect to wear with high shaft ankle boots. These come in two colors, and I am wearing the 10 Years Alliance color. If you feel like a splurge, these are a really flattering pair of jeans! If splurging is not on your radar, then here are some of my other favorite skinny ankle jeans that are easier on the bank account.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black sweatshirt that says LOVE and kicking up her heels in a pair of ankle jeans and white booties

I’m kicking my heels up in these Marc Fisher White Swan leather boots. I tried to kick my booty, but this was as high as I could kick. Lol! Evidently, my booty kicking days are behind me, but I can still wear the boots. I loved all of the chatter about these boots the last time that I wore them. It seems like you either loved this look or you hated the look. There didn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground with them.

I think a lot of us were reminded of the Nancy Sinatra “These boots were made for walking,” era, and it might take a while to get used to the idea of wearing the look again. Some of you are still clinging to “no white after Labor Day, and you can’t make yourself break free of that rule.

For me, I wasn’t on board with the look either, to begin with, but now I am loving the look of these boots. I like the look so much that I bought myself a pair of white mules so that I would have them for spring and summer. Lol! I sized up in these boots, and I am wearing a size 9 1/2 which fits great. They are on sale for $25.00 off right now, and I’ll see if I can find some other ones that might work for you.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black sweatshirt that says LOVE, a pair of skinny jeans and white booties

Are you excited that this is the last weekend before Christmas? I just sent out the last of my packages even though I am not sure that they will arrive before Christmas. I still want to send a few “gift baskets” or something similar from online retailers to some relatives that haven’t been feeling well this year. Do any of you have any suggestions?

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black sweatshirt that says LOVE, a pair of ankle jeans and white ankle booties

I was online shopping at Nordstrom, taking advantage of a few sales and the Holiday Bonus Points event. It is only available until the 20th, so I thought that I would bring it to your attention. This is for Nordy Club members; if you are not already a member, it is FREE to join. There are lots of perks associated with a Nordy membership, and these type of events is a great example.

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To God Goes The Glory!

1 John 4:16

16 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

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I would love to hear from YOU!

  1. Diane S. wrote:

    Hi, I absolutely love the sweatshirt and you have wonderful ideas on how to wear it! Thanks for all you do,…I LOVE your blog, especially the Bible verses at the end! Merry CHRISTmas!

    Posted 12.20.20 Reply
  2. Linda S wrote:

    great outfit – thanks for sharing the love !

    Posted 12.20.20 Reply
  3. Charlcy L. Green wrote:

    A fabulous outfit! SO much classier than a normal sweatshirt! Those booties ad alot too!

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
  4. Barbara W. wrote:

    Love your outfit!!! Now for the white boots, they remind me of the 70’s, and I just can’t see me wearing them. They look great on you, though. Yes, LOVE is what we all need, and I’ll add lots of PRAYERS too.

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
  5. Patti wrote:

    This is adorable on you. ❤️

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
  6. Debbie B wrote:

    Hard no on the boots – the same boot in navy wouldn’t break up one’s leg line.

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
  7. Joy wrote:

    I’m usually pretty open minded about fashion, but I just can’t get into the white boot craze. But they look really cute on you with this outfit. They remind me of a pair of white gogo boots I received for Christmas when I was a child probably in the late 60’s. Boy I thought I was something in those boots, they even had a tassel on them! 😀

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
  8. ragain1 wrote:

    You look absolutely darling and I love your boots! But I love the sweatshirt and top more! You make everything look so easy, but we all know how hard you work to make it look that way! Merry Christmas to you and your family, let’s just pray we can all be with our love ones soon.

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
  9. Cheryll wrote:

    Can’t get used to white boots-they look good on you but remind me of the Gogo boots of the 70s. I, too, have not seen my son, DIL and grandchildren since last Christmas. Mine are almost grown, but I will miss them this year.

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
  10. Linda L wrote:

    I have been buying fleece blankets/throws for friends as a gift. I found ones in cute prints at Walmart for as inexpensive as $5! I package it with a few homemade cookies & box of tea. Your blog is an inspiration and I love when you find a bargain!

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
    • Lorie wrote:

      Cute outfit and enjoyed your message of showing more kindness and love. We have to definitely be mindful of that all the time but especially more so this year. Take care! Thanks for letting us have a connection with your life.

      Posted 12.19.20 Reply
  11. Linnie S Z wrote:

    I cannot find the link for the sweatshirt. Where did you buy it?

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
  12. Where did you find the sweatshirt?

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
  13. Christi Domingue wrote:

    You have been looking especially thin. Have a secret?

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
  14. Mary wrote:

    You look great and I adore the sweatshirt!

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
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