You gurls know that I’ve been painting the interior of the house. It is probably boring to most of you since I decided to paint every room the same color. Before that, my rooms have been different colors, but they all flowed together in one way or another. But, all of the rooms were dark, and I was ready to lighten up my house. I get so much more done when it is light and airy. Because I’ve been making the house appear brighter and lighter, I’ve been purging and cleaning out all of the clutter. I guess this is a Marie Kondo cleaning. If it is not an essential item or doesn’t spark joy, then it is finding a new home. So, for today’s Friday Favorites, I am going to share with you some of my favorite finds when it comes to organizing. I bet you never saw this post coming. Lol!

Baskets for storage

Storage is a huge issue for most of us. I have way too many blankets and throws, but I don’t want to part with them. So, I have a couple on a bed, couch, or chair, and the rest are on display stored in a gorgeous basket. For me, mine is in one or two of my hundreds of Longaberger baskets. Lol! But, I’ve seen so many cute baskets online that I’ll share a few of my favorite ones for you. But, before you order anything, make sure that you check out the dimensions on the product and also the area where you plan on locating it. Photos can be deceiving.

Bathroom organizers

Last week on my Friday Favorites, I showed you some of my favorite beauty products that I use. I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes, lots of blushes, brushes, and lipsticks. So, I’ve been looking for a way to store and organize those things to make my bathroom look better. Here are the things that I am considering ordering for myself.

Jewelry Organizers

I have loads of jewelry. Keeping it all organized is not easy, but I do have a system that I use. For all of my vintage jewelry, Joe bought me a vintage chest that I converted into a large jewelry cabinet. I try to have each drawer color-coded so that I can pick the drawer with all of the red or blue items. All of my other jewelry is in a huge over the door organizer. The first one is like mine, but I’ll do some others in case you want something smaller or different.

Store things under the bed

If you are like me, you might not want all of your organization out on display or even in your drawers. That is where under-the-bed storage comes in. I use under-the-bed storage for things like my winter or summer shoes, large winter sweaters, or my totes that I use just occasionally.

Getting my drawers in shape

Drawer organization is also another area that I am tackling. I organized a lot of my clothing drawers last year, and for the most part, they are still nicely organized. However, I’ve noticed that because I didn’t add “organizers” to the drawers, the clothing has shifted, making them look messier. So, these are the items that I have in my cart to try.

Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers

While I am organizing my clothing drawers, I am also working on my kitchen cabinets and drawers. Some of these are things that I already have, and some are things that I am ordering also.

Pantry & Fridge

I am also slowly organizing my pantry so that I can find things better. Some of these food storage containers have been here for years, and I am just now putting them to good use. Lol! So, here are some ideas for the pantry and refrigerator.

You might have noticed that I’ve not been near as engaged in comments, FaceBook, Instagram, or Instagram Stories. I have been burning the candle at both ends and am simply exhausted. We are having the house painted, and every room is in shambles.

This is what my bedrooms look like.


This is my kitchen. I usually don’t have an armoire sitting in my kitchen. Lol!

This would be my dining room. I don’t think that we will be eating on the table any time soon.

My living room is becoming a catch-all room. Most of this stuff is either going into the garage or going up into cabinets.

This is my eat-in area. This is where We spend most of our time.

This is what my office looks like. I can’t blame this on the painting; instead, it is all the Nordstrom stuff that I bought.

UGH!!! If you don’t hear from me for another day or two, just remember that I will be back eventually.

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  1. Ainsley wrote:

    Oh, my goodness — I just now ordered baskets for my closet (the foldable, fabric baskets from Amazon). Thank you for doing the research!

    Posted 8.25.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      That basket looks amazing!

      Posted 8.25.20 Reply
  2. Elizabeth Tyminski wrote:

    Thanks for keeping it real and showing us inside your home. Good luck!

    Posted 8.22.20 Reply
  3. Nancy K. wrote:

    My jewelry organizer looks like a large 20″x20″ photo frame, with 9 photo spots in it. It’s got nice dark wood around the edges. The front door swings open to the left, and inside are place for earrings, necklages, bracelets, pins, etc. It was a Christmas gift several years ago. I love it! It hangs over my dresser. If a thief gets in, they may not even notice it. Not that I have lots of spendy jewelry. It’s like this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hives-Honey-Black-Collage-Jewelry-Storage-and-Organization-Photo-Frame/649722324?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0

    Posted 8.22.20 Reply
  4. Lashell Creager wrote:

    Thanks for showing us the “real.”. Can’t wait to see the done!!

    Posted 8.22.20 Reply
  5. Liane wrote:

    I may have missed this but what color is your gray?

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      It is a Valspar product, and the name is Mountain Boulder.

      Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  6. Anne wrote:

    Lol!! This is why we love you!! You are very real and transparent!! Thanks for sharing those photos with the whole world!!

    I have seasons when I go through clutter- and have to stop and rest- it’s mentally draining-I have found “the fly-lady” who is online and gently coaches people to get their house under control-she uses a zone system that has been revolutionary for me!! And I’m 58 years old!!

    You might want to check her website out- after the painting chaos is done!

    That reminds me-one if the things she teaches is how to recover from “chaos” – Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome”

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  7. evegpt wrote:

    I feel a declutter coming on.

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  8. Nancy M. wrote:

    Great fun post! If there’s one thing I love next to fashion, it’s organizing! I “feel your pain” of having everything in an upheaval! That’s a lot to paint all the rooms at one time, but it will be so satisfying after all is said and done and put back! Good luck and thanks for the tour of your home!

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  9. ARNA B BRONSTEIN wrote:

    What a great post today! We will be selling our house (hopefully in the spring) and buying/building a house close to our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. So many ideas here that I will be able to use. This year, as I finish my last year of teaching (after 40 years), will be deciding what we will be taking and what we will be getting rid of (as we get the house ready to sell.) Moving from New England to North Carolina means I will be paring down on winter clothes!
    Thanks for all the ideas! (I love containers!)

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  10. Susan Kepner wrote:

    Wow! I feel your pain! Hang in there. It will all be worth it when it’s done!

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  11. Patti wrote:

    You REALLY have to be in the mood to reorganize a closet much less the whole house! Can’t wait to see the final results!

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  12. Chris wrote:

    Love your organizing ideas! Your house will be awesome! Just love the the paint color and white woodwork and cabinets!!! So light and bright!!! You will love it!

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  13. Sherry L Jackson wrote:

    Oh my !! What an undertaking!!! I’m contemplating the same “adventure” What iare the paint colors you used ?

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  14. Deanna wrote:

    What a huge undertaking painting the whole house at one time. I think you will love having it all one light color. So many projects going on all at once, and still taking time to blog. You are an inspiration. Take care of yourself, get those kids/DIL to help you! All the chaos will pay off in the end with a serene, cohesive, organized home.

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  15. Julie wrote:

    I love your home Tania, even with all your things everywhere. Please share a home tour when everything is in its place. We just built a home and moved from our home of 38 years. I collected alot of things over the years and I’m trying not to bring all the clutter into the new home. Just unloaded my china dolls at the Goodwill Store. Even my kids don’t want my stuff. By the way, I painted my whole house one color also. Too many decisions to make all at once.

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  16. Nancy wrote:

    We just finished a bathroom remodel and I felt that everything was mixed up and out of place. I can’t imagine having the whole house torn apart. Good luck and I’m sure you will have it looking lovely soon.

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply

    What color were your walls previously? I’m getting ready to paint, too. Yay!

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  18. Sue Epling wrote:

    We are currently painting our kitchen walls and cupboards, I can’t imagine doing more then one room at a time! Most of the things were moved into the dining room, so two rooms are torn up. I cant imagine living like this for long! Thanks for the organizing suggestions, I plan to check them out…..when I get things back together ❤

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  19. Angela wrote:

    Loving the paint color you chose. Thank you for sharing…makes me remember that even the most put together people have a bit of chaos sometimes. I hope you share the ‘after’ pics too! Love it!

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  20. Rhonda wrote:

    What great ideas! It will look wonderful when you are finished and will bring you great joy!

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  21. Gayle wrote:

    I love organization and am a very organized person. I’m so happy for you to be getting your house organized. You will like it so much better that way. I also love love love your wall color. Gray is my favorite and I have the same color paint throughout my house. Please share pics of your finished organization efforts.

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  22. Teresa wrote:

    What a helpful post – bit all your posts are. I’m heading into a giant painting of kitchen cabinets and all new floors mess in a couple of weeks. While I actually thrive on organization, this job will be overload like yours. Thanks for the links they will be helpful.

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  23. Did you have white trim before? We have the ugly 1990’s oak trim and I would love to paint it. Your house will look so fresh and beautiful when it’s finished!!

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  24. Lidia wrote:

    Thanks for ‘organizing’ all those organizers. I saw several that would work well for me and I’d never seen them before. I look forward to seeing your posts…

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  25. Becky wrote:

    I love your new paint color! Will you share the color?

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  26. Judy wrote:

    I love the color of the walls! I don’t know if I missed; what is he color?

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  27. Marilyn S. wrote:

    You weren’t kidding! There’s A LOT going on there . I love the the new paint . When it’s all done you’ll have to do some before and after posts. In case you were considering changing the tile color on your fire place surround – I painted mine a medium gray about 4years ago and it’s is lovely and has held up perfectly.

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  28. Mary wrote:

    this is an impressive endeavor! good luck, I hope it turns out even better than you imagine.

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  29. Robin wrote:

    My walls are a dark brown and I have been wanting to lighten it up. How did you chose a color?

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  30. Kathy wrote:

    Hang in there! Too much “stuff” clutters our homes, our minds and simply weighs us down. It is freeing to let go. A wise person told me once to only keep what I need and love. When it’s usefulness is gone replace it. That’s helped me to stop accumulating things. Hang in there and get some rest!

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  31. Janet wrote:

    I love organizing! I just put a slat wall in the garage and I am so excited about organizing it! I moved into a new house last year and starting fresh so I feel your pain but the after will make you feel amazing!

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  32. kristin greene wrote:

    That is a huge undertaking! I love a good purge and organizing. I wish you energy to press on. I would come over and keep you company if I could, a good laugh would be so fun. I saw at least 4 Christmas things in your pictures. You are definitely all in! I wish you the best!!

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
  33. Kathy wrote:

    Oh my word, Tania. Just remember, it gets bad before it gets beautiful. The paint color is gorgeous with your white trim. I painted 4 rooms by myself during the Covid lockdown. My husband started working from home so I kept myself busy. Really, really busy. Thought I was going to get Popeye arms from rolling all that paint. Once everything is put in place, you’ll be so pleased. It will look so fresh and up to date. Good luck.

    Posted 8.21.20 Reply
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